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Being A Vampire Is So Much More

Being a vampire in The Sims 4 is not an easy thing. Despite the regular sunlight, you also have to deal with the obvious shortage of household items, clothes and appearances that makes you feel like a real vampire. For that reason alone, we’ve completed an entire list of the most interesting mods for the game. We’re sure that you’ll find great additions for yourself, so let’s start!

The Best Vampire Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Black Velvet Vampire Jacket for Males

Even in the darkest of night you still need to look cool! That’s why you’ve got to try this velvet jacket for your male Sims. You can find it at The Sims Resource or you can download quickly from this link.

KM Vampire Eyes In Many Colors

Vampire eyes are in shortage in the base game too, so here we present an entire pack of them! Red, green, black or pink – you can have them all! Hurry up to The Sims Resource to find out more and thank Kitty.Meow there for creating the mod. To take a shortcut and download the CC directly, click here.  

Romantic Vampire Room With Tomb

If you’re missing some vampiric ambience, we suggest this red and white room CC. The tomb in the middle is a genius touch enriched by the red roses. All in all a wonderful chamber for a dark Sim, so if you have one of those, then you’ve got to have it!

Cute Vampire Dresses for Toddlers

Starting with vampirism early? No, problem – here are the cutest dresses for your toddlers! In black, white and red, they share numerous different designs of bones, webs, bats and so much more! They can all be download from this site. Hurry up!

Adorable Vampire Jogger for Toddlers

One more amazing addition is this pack of joggers for your youngest Sims. The dark outfits don’t look scary on them but totally adorable instead. There are many different designs and we promise that there is something for everyone there!

Vampire Braids With Sidebangs In 3 Versions

At we found this exquisite hairstyle. The blood red color is just killing and together with that thorny bandana… ah, it is really something else. But tell us, do you like it more in black and black?

Sexy Black Vampire Bralette Top

To spice things up in the vampire world you’ll also need the right gear. One proper item to just that is this provocative piece of clothing that could tempt anyone! It goes well with every bottom and on every Sim. Thanks to Cherryberrysim for creating the mod which you can download here.

Vampire Glowing Eyeshadow Mist – N17

Eyes amidst black fog! To create the overpowering look for every vampire is not an easy thing to do, but that is why this mod is here! It has just the right amount of thickness to be scary and seductive at once! To download it quickly, visit this link.

Vampire Female Hair Recolors

Even the darkest of us want the best hairstyle that there is. In this mod pack you’ll find a brilliant rework of the base models, mainly in color but with other touches as well. Every type of hair is is simply gorgeous and all of the work was done by Annett. You can follow her on her Instagram page.

Vintage Vampire Lord Victorian Vest

The male vampire in the base Sims 4 haven’t been so unlucky when it comes to clothes, but they definitely miss this outfit! The old-fashioned vest just speaks of historical secrets, intrigues and eras that won’t come back. The amazing maker here is Sylvanes and you can download her CC from here.

Follow this link to find even more Victorian custom content!

Perfectly Pale Vampire Skin for Males

Just because vampires don’t get themselves exposed to the sunlight, it means that their skin would be perfectly pale, right? Well, to get that perfectly pale skin option for The Sims 4, you must download this mod by Remussirion. And you can do that here.

Vampire Blood Tear Lines

When the base vampire makeup doesn’t satisfy us while creating a new Sim, we turn to this mod! The two blood lines are sometimes just the right look when coming up with their dark forms, so you should definitely give it a try. Already popular on The Sims Resource, nearly 70,000 downloads, you can get it for yourself from this link.

vampire mod

Gentle Vampire Teeth for Teen Through Elder

Looking for a gentler kind of vampire teeth – here they are! On male or female, teen or elder, the mod looks extremely good inside the game and we love just how well it hides the dark secret! It’s definitely something that every vampire player must have and if you are one of those, click here to download the CC.

vampire mod

Vampire Needle Teeth for Toddlers – Version 2

Little deadly needles! A scary look on cute little Sims is a hard thing to achieve, but this mod is able to do just that! Combined with some eyes and makeup, you’ll have the ultimate toddler villain! For a download, go to The Sims Resource or use this quick direct link.

vampire mod

Vampire Classic Teeth for Toddlers – Version 1

And to add one more classic set of vampire teeth for toddlers – here you go! Whenever we go for a vampire family, our toddlers get this set, but that’s just our personal preference! Which ones do you like better? Tell us in the comments and download this particular set from here
vampire mod

Spiky Set Of Vampire Teeth

A new and modern addition to the vampire teeth are these spiky ones. They’re scary enough on every normal face but they truly shine in the dark form! The amazing creator is Remussirion who has made them available for download at this page.  

vampire mod

No Drinking Limit Vampires Mega Mod

Ever had that boring problem where two vampires can’t feed on the same Sim because he has been already bitten? Well, this mod solves just that! Now you can drink plasma without end, but be careful because if you drink it all… well the Grim Reaper is sure to show up! This popular mod was found at ModTheSims and can be download from here.

vampire mod

Vampires Weakness Point Gains Removed And Reduced

And one more quality mod for vampire characters is this wonderful one which removes the necessity to pick their weaknesses. It is truly an invaluable mod to have in your CC collection and we recommend it 100%! Visit ModTheSims to find more info about it and take this download link to get the CC. Be dark and grow even darker!  

vampire mod

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