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The Tiny Home Residential Lots introduced in The Sims 4: Tiny Living may look incredibly minuscule, but these mini houses sure pack a lot of fun! After all, the little details inside these houses are what matter most! In this list, we compiled the ultimate Tiny Living CC packs you need to make your gameplay more delightful. Read on and download our top 15 Tiny Living CC packs below!

sims 4 Tiny Living CC

Tiny Living CC for The Sims 4? How Cool!

Since its launch on January 21, 2020, The Sims 4: Tiny Living had such a *huge* impact on the game. As the sixteenth stuff pack, it introduced the Tiny Home Residential Lot challenge, which prompted Simmers to create small yet entirely functional homes in the game. Simmers could take the said challenge in these three-sized tiers: Small Home (100 tiles), Tiny Home (64 tiles), and Micro Home (32 tiles).

So, if you are up to take the Tiny Home challenge, we are here to help you with your tiny living builds. Go and check the 17 tiny living CC downloads that we have in store for you! Please note that most of these CC packs require The Sims 4: Tiny Living stuff pack installed to work.

17. Wooden Shelf by The Farmhouse Simmer

Tiny Living CC

For number 17, we have these wooden shelves created by The Farmhouse Simmer. These rustic shelves are a simple yet stunning addition to your wooden-themed tiny living residential. With intricate inclusions of a kettle, a cookie box, mittens, and tea tin cans, this is the perfect embellishment for your little kitchen wall. Download the wooden shelf here.

16. “To The Moon and Back Painting” by Ghostly

Tiny Living CC

Your tiny space does not have to be bereft of design! Adorn it with this stellar painting crafted by the cc creator Ghostly. With its sophisticated style, this luminescent moon artwork is sure to brighten any Sim’s home. It comes in a single swatch and is available for 150 simoleons in Build Mode. Download the painting here.

15. Tiny Clutter by Pixelunivairse

Tiny Living CC

For number 15, we have this tiny living cc created by Pixelunivairse. This is an adorable tiny clutter that is designed to fit snuggly in any area of your tiny home residential. With its soft and homey vibe, your Sim would feel relaxed just by viewing it. Plus, plenty of new meshes come with this cute CC. Download this into your mods folder from here.

14. Murphy Bed Recolor by BerryConfetti

sims 4 tiny living custom content

Ah, murphy beds. With their all-in-one function, these beds are probably one of the most interesting pieces of furniture introduced in the Tiny Living stuff pack! Creator BerryConfetti made refreshing recolors both for the murphy bed and the murphy bed/love seat combo. You’ll have fun choosing which ones to purchase with over 100+ swatches available. Download the recolored beds here.

13. Kitchen Clutter by BrazenLotus

kitchen clutter

This tiny living CC from BrazenLotus is a redesign of the kitchen clutter that comes with the Tiny Living stuff pack. It comes with a teapot, a cookie box, and other kitchen goodies. Place this clutter freely on a Sim’s tabletop or counter to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen! Download the kitchen clutter here.

12. Rug Recolor by Ashuria

tumblr 4ca4422122f73c76a108a67298773b8a 4272072f 1280

What better way to perk up your little space than by making the most out of every area, including the floors? Yep! You can maximize your floor space by using these rug recolors by cc creator Ashuria. With their bright geometric patterns, these rugs are a fantastic complement to any room inside your tiny home. Download the recolored rugs here.

11. Semi-Home Building Kit by Pepperoni-Puffin

tumblr cca343265919f58527508ace7db1cdc2 109d6523 1280

The launch of The Sims 4: Tiny Living truly opened up new creative opportunities to spice up our game! With this tiny living cc from creator Pepperoni-Puffin, your Sims can now live inside an old truck. Yes, you heard it right! This building kit includes all the tools and instructions that you need to pull off the tiny truck home aesthetic. Download the semi-home building kit here.

10. Tiny Pouffe Chair by Pixelunivairse

tumblr 2b4acf7c873cfb2256b290909aa87265 37e68217 500

This pouffe chair by cc creator Pixelunivairse is one of our favorites on this list! With its colorful and versatile design, this pretty little cushion will immediately brighten up your small space. It is sure to provide loads of comfort too, just make sure that your Sims don’t fall off the floor if they snooze here! Download the tiny pouffe chair here.

9. Tiny Table and Chair by Stefizzi

kitchen clutter

This tiny living CC pack created by Stefizzi is another great add-on to your Sims’ little homes. With their compact and sturdy build, these tables and chairs are sure to save a lot of space when placed in a small room. The table and chair combo comes in 12 multicolor varieties, too. Download the package file from here.

8. Toddler and Pet Washtub by K9DB

MTS K9DB 1903520 OffGrid

How adorable is it to be able to wash your little toddler or your pets out in the garden, as they squeal in giggles and catch some delightful sunlight? Now, you can definitely achieve that thru this ultra-cool toddler and pet washtub created by K9DB!

This small yet efficient tub will save you plenty of bathroom space as it can simply be placed outdoors. Like a normal Sims bathtub, this tiny living CC can also be upgraded for better functionality. Download the toddler and pet washtub here.

7. Under The Counter Fridge by Teknikah

MTS Teknikah 2111196 Slide24

This tiny living CC is another essential tool you have to incorporate inside your Sims’ pint-sized homes! We all know that refrigerators take up a huge amount of space, even the mini ones that were introduced in Sims 4: Discover University, so we need one that can fit in the minuscule kitchen of our Sims.

With this CC from Teknikah, we can now conveniently effortlessly integrate a fridge under the kitchen counter of our Sims. Download the fridges here.

6. Study Conversion Set by MorePopcorn

tumblr 6a845a85cdd58bdbb35f78a44c5c4638 d1dca5c7 1280

If you have a young Sim who attends school and also lives in a Tiny Home Residential lot, they would need to have a dedicated study space where they could concentrate. This CC pack, designed by MorePopcorn, consists of a small desk, a sturdy chair, a cute lamp, plus a few pieces of simple art.

This set will allow your Sim to study in style, and with comfort, in just a little corner of their home. Download the study conversion set here.

5. Glamper Building Kit by Pepperoni-Puffin

tumblr 64f01b0a0fca12365a6dd8fc95590d2f 08c3d499 1280

CC creator Pepperoni-Puffin makes it to our list once again with another entry—the Glamper Building Kit! With this adorable CC pack, you can build a minuscule yet fully functional RV home for your Sims (Yep, it’s the home that works, not the RV wheels!).

The Building Kit includes all the CC that you need to create the Glamper, such as the wheels, roofs, walls, and doors, plus complete instructions to guide you with your build. Download the glamper building kit here.

4. Tiny Living Extras by Purplebex

tumblr 7d76854d6d51608fa38da86d04bb3a05 63b198b0 1280

Sims that belong to a large family but have pocket-sized bedroom spaces in their homes are lucky to be gifted with this CC pack from Purplebex! With these tiny living extras, your Sims now have the possibility of placing new bed frames and bed mattresses that could fit snuggly within narrow spaces.

These add-on frames and mattresses, which come in multicolor meshes, are available for toddlers, children, and adult Sims! Download this CC pack here.

3. Modern Toilet-and-Sink Combo by K9DB

MTS K9DB 1900552 SleekCombo

What better way to save space in your bathroom than to have a sanitary fixture that conveniently serves two purposes? This tiny living CC by K9DB is a practical toilet-and-sink combo, which, when placed in a room, only takes up a single tile space!

Your Sims will absolutely love the efficient two-way functionality of this CC, plus, the tiny space in the sink where they could put a bit of their clutter. Download the combo here.

2. Bathroom Deluxe by HappySimEgg

7dffdd 28db4cf372ac4ff98eacef43e79ffad7 mv2 1

The bathroom in your tiny home may be modest in size, but it does not have to look drab! For our number 2 spot, we have the Bathroom Deluxe CC pack from HappySimEgg. This pack, which provides 3 new CAS and 23 Build Mode items, will help you invigorate the small bathroom space of your Sims.

The new items come in a variety of color swatches which were based on the original Tiny Living stuff pack swatches. Download the bathroom deluxe here.

1. Tiny Living Plus Add-on by Illogicalsims

tumblr 8df89c17c8b0c1cd2e70eb6f3806787d b8cc5fc4 1280

Now, we are down to our top 1 Tiny Living CC pack! If you simply can’t get enough of all the new stuff available in Sims 4: Tiny Living, download this CC addon to take your gameplay to an all-new height.

This mega CC pack by Illogicalsims contains 34 Build Mode objects—such as furniture, decorations, lighting, and more—which will blend harmoniously with the main stuff pack. Download the CC pack here.

Wrapping it up

Building a Tiny Home Residential in the Sims 4 sure takes a lot of patience and creativity, especially when you’re trying to squeeze all the essential furniture, decorations, and fixtures within incredibly limited spaces—and while maintaining an excellent style. The good thing is that you can always utilize Tiny Living CC to assist you, such as the top packs included in this list. We hope that you could download and enjoy all these add-ons to your game. Happy playing, Simmers!

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