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Get ready for an eye-opening experience by checking out this list of the most gorgeous eye presets that we prepared for your Sims! With a myriad of delightful eye options on the list, you’ll definitely have a lot of ways to brighten up the faces of your Sims. Plus, don’t forget to check number 45 on the list!

sims 4 snootysims eye presets

Get The Hottest Eye Presets For Your Sims!

In The Sims, the eyes of our Sims hold great importance as they serve as a meaningful element in highlighting their appearances and personalities. However, the default ones in the game could need more improvement! Thus, plenty of CC Creators for The Sims 4 have come up with much-needed eye presets to add more variety to the game. Such eye presets become a valuable tool to enhance the looks of Sims through customizable options.

Yup! With eye presets that you can freely modify through shifts in shapes, colors, and sizes, Sims can achieve a more characteristic look and a visually appealing gaze, allowing them to accentuate their looks in their neighborhood! So, go ahead and check the eye presets and eye details we included for you below, as these are all on fire right now. 🔥

Before we begin, you should definitely keep in mind that SNOOTYSIMS has a lot in store for you, from CC makeup to clothes and everything in between!

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Lots of beauty CC awaits you!

1. Eye Kit by MiikoCC

image 66

The eyes of your Sims are important, for these are the windows to their souls, thus, make sure to choose eye presets that naturally capture the beauty of your Sims, such as the ones in this Eye Kit from MiikoCC. The included eye presets in this pack are available for female-framed child Sims to elder Sims.

Give your Sims a nice set of peepers with these eye presets here.

2. Heterochromic Eyes by Northern Siberia Winds

image 79

Give your Sims a unique and alluring look with these Heterochromia eyes for your Sims! The set contains Eyes N1 A-R and Eyes N1 A-L. Take note that these eyes should be used as pairs with each other because they have a different size compared with other versions. The said eyes are for Teen to Elder Sims of all genders.

Grab these attractive eye presets here.

If you like that Sim’s skin overlay, you should download it from our compilation here – it’s Barbie-like!

skins sims 4

3. Christmas Miracle Child Eye Presets by Northern Siberia Winds

image 81

Transform your child Sims’ appearance with this amazing eye preset from CC Creator Northern Siberia Winds. Called the Christmas Miracle, this pack contains eye presets for your little Sims which will make their faces light up festively. Aside from the gorgeous eyes, the said pack also contains skin overlays and nose presets for child Sims.

Upgrade your Sims facial features, by downloading these eye presets here.

4. Babydoll Face Presets by Meeshi

image 87

Now, check out these Babydoll Face Presets, a collection of three stunning face presets for your Sims. including eye, nose, and lip variations! The said pack is available for Toddler Sims to Elder Sims. These preset feature a custom thumbnail, and with their vibrant designs, these presets are sure to enhance your Sims’ allure.

Give Sims’ faces a twist with these charming eye presets here.


lips realistic

5. Lore Eyes by TwistedCat

image 88

These Lore Eyes from CC Creator Twisted Cat offer versatile eye collections with three variations: Default Eyes in 18 swatches, Non-default Eyes in 31 swatches, and Facepaint Eyes also in 31 swatches. Compatible with the base game and suitable for all ages and genders, these eye sets allow your Sims to rock a stunning gaze that reflects their unique style.

Click here to add these perky eye presets to your game.

More CC by Twisted Cat can be found here!

6. Faded Eyes by TwistedCat

image 94

It’s time to take your Sims’ eye game to the next level, through this captivating eye set from CC Creator Twisted Cat. Called the Faded Eyes, this collection includes 18 swatches in three versions: Default Eyes in 18 swatches of non-default, contact lens, and overrides. All eyes are available for all genders and all ages of Sims.

Add these cute eye presets here to your game.

7. Dolce V2 Eye Replacement by Wrixie

image 95

Enhance the beauty of your Sims with this eye preset, called the Dolce V2! This is a default eye replacement for The Sims 4 which feature Maxis Match-like colors in all 18 EA swatches. There is also a face paint version in CAS. Toddler Sims to elder Sims can wear these glamorous Dolce V2 eyes.

Access these awesome eye presets here.

8. Moony Eyes by MiikoCC

image 96

Your Sims deserve the best eyes, and this Moony Eyes set definitely delivers. This set includes lovely eyes that come in two versions, Normal and Shadow. Both versions are also available as add-ons and override eyes. With the daring colors and striking shapes of this set, your Sims will stand out from the rest, making heads turn and hearts skip a beat.

Style up your Sims with these eye presets here.

Whp wouldn’t appreciate some cool eyeshadow CC for the Sims 4? Have a look!

9. Animal Eyes Preset by Kikiw

image 97

Don’t underestimate the importance of Sims’s eyes–these mesmerizing orbs have the ability to convey emotions, spark connections, and leave a lasting impression on other Sims! Especially with an eye preset like these Animal Eyes from CC Creator Kikiw, your Sims will surely capture the hearts of other Sims they gaze on!

Add these super cute eye presets to your game, by clicking here.

10. Eve Presets Set of 3 by Simzbee

image 98

Want to make a statement with your Sims’ eyes? This one is perfect for their faces! Called the Eve Preset, this set by Simzbee features large eyes that are available for teen to elder female Sims. The eyes are BG-compatible and are available for all types of occult Sims. Plus, the Eve Preset also contains lip and nose presets.

Freshen up your Sims’ faces with these eye presets here.

11. Eyes N11 by Obscurus Sims

image 101

For this set, Obscurus-Sims and Northern Siberia Winds collaborated to give Simmers the alluring Eyes N11, which contains 33 colors and 66 swatches of eyes for all ages and genders of Sims. The eyes work well with makeup sliders and are also compatible with fantasy eyes for Sims. Apart from the eyes, the pack also contains skin, lips, and body presets.

These adorable sets of peepers are available here.

We’ve recently updated our sliders compilation to include the best of all possible sliders!

slider mods sim

12. Eyes Collection by MiikoCC

image 74

Infuse plenty of charm into your Sims’ faces with this Eyes Collection by MiikoCC. The set contains all the current eye colors of the creator, available in the game as standalone eyes or override eyes. As standalone, the eyes will be added as extra eye-color swatches. But as override eyes, the eyes will get to replace Maxis’ colors.

Download this stunning eye preset collection here.

13. Asian Set by Poyopoyo

image 99

Picture this: a crowd of Sims, each with their own unique features, but it’s the eyes of your Sims that steal the show! Well, with this cute Asian Set by CC Creator Poyopoyo, your Sims will surely get to win some looks. The collection features 18 swatches of eye contacts and 36 swatches of eyelids for all genders and ages.

Elevate your Sims’ facial features with these eye presets here.

14. Milky Candy Remake by Waterblue

image 110

From soft, dreamy hues to bold, captivating tones, this Milky Candy Remake by CC Creator Waterblue offers a wide spectrum of eye color options that is sure to suit every Sim’s style and personality. The original mesh and texture of the eyes were by creator Hayanbom. All in all, there are 10 HQ-compatible swatches available.

These bright eye presets are up for grabs here.

15. Classic Eyes by BunbunzSims

image 119

If you want an attention-catching set of peepers, you have to check out this eye preset by BunbunzSims. Called the Classic Eyes, this collection boasts 28 pretty colors of unisex eyes for your Sims, which are available in both high-quality and non-high-quality versions. You can find the eyes under the Face Paint category of CAS.

This eye preset is available here.

16. Eyes N2 by Waterblue

image 111

Check out another excellent set of peepers from CC Creator Waterblue! This time, the eyes that Waterblue released are lightly colored and have reflective properties, which looks perfect for both masculine and feminine frames. The Eyes N2 are available for Infant Sims to Elder Sims of all genders. All in all, there are 85 swatches available.

This eye preset is up for download here.

17. Organon Eyes by Marigolde

image 105

Unveil the magnetic charm of your Sims’ eyes, with these Organon Eyes, an outstanding work of art from CC Creator Marigolde. This eye set is available in 22 swatches and can be found in the Face Paint category of CAS. It also has a custom thumbnail.

Bring these beautiful peepers to your game by downloading them here.

18. Eyes Crescent by Dabi Sims

image 107

Get another much-needed facial upgrade for your Sims by letting them have these truly lovely eyes called the Crescent Eyes. Launched by CC Creator Dabi Sims on Patreon, this set of pretty peepers incorporates 38 eye swatches into the game, which are all available for all genders and ages of your Sims.

Upgrade your Sims’ faces with this eye preset here.

19. Keeper Eye Set by Marigolde

image 106

More beautiful eyes coming for you! For number 19, check out these lovely eyes launched by CC Creator Marigolde. The whole set comes in 29 popping colors and is available as non-default eyes and as Face Paint options in the game. It also comes with custom thumbnails for easy identification in the game.

Let Sims make a lasting impact with their new peepers, available here.

20. Unique Eyes and Lips by NoNvme Studios

image 104

Meet the Unique Eyes and Lips Presets from CC Creator NoNvme Studios, which contain facial feature presets that have been designed to leave a lasting impression on Sims. The Unique Eyes come in three versions and are HQ and BG-compatible. Teen-Elder Sims can use these presets, and these are also enabled for Occult Sims.

Start your makeover with these charming eye presets here.

21. Eye Preset N1 by Valuka

image 103

Offer more mesmerizing eye makeovers for your Sims with these exquisite eye presets by CC Creator Valuka, which offer an all-new eye design in CAS to make your Sims’ eyes the center of attention. The said preset replaces the EA default eyes in the game, and is available for Teen to Elder female Sims.

Have some glam-up fun with these sets of peepers here.

22. P-Eyepreset N4 by Seleng

image 102

Take a look at these delicate eyes from CC Creator Seleng. With the ability to scale, rotate, and move these eyes, this P-eye preset N4 offers endless possibilities to create truly unique and stunning looks for your beloved Sims. It is available for Teens to Elders of all genders and appears in CAS with a custom thumbnail for easy identification.

Stylize Sims with this cute eye preset available here.

23. Crybaby Eyes by MiikoCC

image 100

Give your Sims a captivating makeover with the Crybaby Eyes by CC Creator MiikoCC. This exceptional set offers new contact lenses to transform their eyes, allowing Sims to truly be cute and make a statement with their faces! The lenses are available both as non-default and as standalone. There is also no Maxis shine in the said contacts.

Unpack charm and loveliness with these adorable eye presets here.

24. Non-Default Eye Colors N1 and Eyes N27 by Northern Siberia Winds

image 80

Transform your Sims’ look with the Non-Default Eye Colors N1 and Eyes N27 by Northern Siberia Winds, designed to make Sims’ eyes truly stand out! These bold and expressive eyes are available for all genders and ages of Sims. The former is found in additional eye colors, and the latter is found in the Face Paint category of CAS.

Download these eye presets here.

For the record, there are a million eyelashes CC out there. Discover the best of it by visiting this post.

eyelashes cc sims 4 snootysims

25. Eye Preset No. 1 by MiikoCC

image 73

Let your Sims create a great facial impact with their eyes using the Eye Presets No.1 by MiikoCC! These prominently-designed eyes are perfect for all ages and genders of Sims. These eyes also pair well with these eye-shape overlays. Overall, you can enjoy over 5 new eye presets in this set.

This beautiful eye preset is available here.

26. Eyelens by Dabi Sims

image 108

Ignite more passion in your Sims’ eyes with the Skin + Lips + Eyes collection, a creation by CC Creator Dabi Sims. The eyelids and eye lenses in the pack exude an intense aura that sets your Sims apart. With a plethora of fiery colors to choose from (2 swatches for the eyelids and 13 swatches for the eye lenses), the eye features of the pack ensure that your Sims’ eyes will blaze with irresistible allure.

This gorgeous eye preset is available here.

27. Lightly Luna Eye Contacts by Slephora

image 114

Give your Sims the gift of striking beauty with the Lightly Luna Eye Contacts. This set incorporates visually striking contact lenses in the game in 37 colors. All of the contact lenses are compatible with sliders and are available in HQ colors. You can find the Lightly Luna contact lenses under the Face Paint Category of CAS.

Get these contact lenses in your game by downloading them here.

28. Chuing Eyes by Waterblue

image 115

Treat your Sims to the ultimate eye upgrade with the Chuing Eyes set, a remarkable collection from Waterblue that features 10 stunning swatches, that will leave your Sims looking breathtaking. From bold colors to captivating shapes, these eyes are designed to make your Sims truly unforgettable. The set is available for Sims of all ages, from infants to elders!

Elevate your Sims’ eyes in the game with these new eye presets here.

29. Taiyo Contact Lens by BunbunzSims

image 120

What about more eye colors? Let’s go and meet these colorful swatches from BunbunzSims! Yep! You’ll experience the harmonious effect of these Taiyo eyes that effortlessly blend with any style or outfit. With an extensive palette of 40 serene shades, the Taiyo Eyes guarantee that your Sims’ eyes will emanate a breathtaking impression!

Visit this site here to get this tantalizing eye preset.

30. Eyes N1 by Waterblue

image 116

Discover another fantastic collection of mesmerizing eyes by CC Creator Waterblue! This set showcases subtly-colored eyes with a touch of mystery, making them ideal for occult Sims. These Eyes N2 offers a diverse range of 33 swatches to choose from, ensuring endless customization options. Experience the versatility of Waterblue’s Eyes N1 in enhancing the gaze of your Infant to Elder Sims.

Click here to get this eye preset.

31. Voodoo Eyes by Slephora

image 112

Strike a mysterious aura among fellow Sims with these magnetic Voodoo Eyes, a set of new eye contact lenses for your Sims masterfully crafted by CC Creator Slephora. These eyes are bluish in tinge, feature tiny lines as its detail, and have colorful swatches etched into the iris. There are 10 swatches available for Sims of all genders and ages.

Get ready to impress with these Voodoo eyes here.

32. Jupiter Eyes by Marigolde

image 113

Add some luster to the faces of your Sims with these Jupiter Eyes by CC Creator Marigolde. With 22 stunning swatches to choose from, this Jupiter Eyes set is the ultimate eye upgrade, ensuring your Sims’ faces will never look the same again. Remember to look under the Face Paint category of CAS to find these peepers.

Infuse new colors onto your Sims’ faces by getting these eye presets here.

33. Make-Up and Presets Set by Northern Siberia Winds

image 82

Another fully-packed, significant set from CC Creator Northern Siberia Winds, which contains make-up items and presets. But let’s focus on the eye part of the pack, which is the Eyes N26! The Eyes N26 comes in 30 colors that work with CAS sliders. These eyes are available for Child Sims to Elder Sims, for all genders.

Have more eye presets for your Sims here!

34. Sona Eyes Set by MoonMoonSim

image 83

Discover the timeless elegance of the Sona Eyes Set , delicately crafted by CC Creator Moonmoonsim. These eyes exude a serene and peaceful aura, adding an element of sophistication to your Sims’ appearance. With an extensive palette of 10 serene shades, the Sona Eyes Set is available for all genders and ages of Sims under the Face Paint category.

Click here to access this eye preset.

35. Serendipity Eye Set by YoonieSim

Woof woof! Think we only have eye presets for regular Sims? Well, surprise! With this Serendipity Set, you can now have override defaults not just for regular Sims and occult Sims, but also for animal Sims such as cats and dogs! Paw-some, right? The eye swatches come in a myriad of possibilities, including the Candy Shoppe, Historian, and EA palettes!

Get these pretty eye presets for your Sims here.

36. Setsuki Default Eyes by LlumiSims

This set of gorgeously-crafted eyes was originally created by Setsuki who has long been inactive in the CC community. LlumiSims took the eyes and gave them a refreshing update. Now, new default swatches are available, including eyes for regular and occult Sims! You’ll definitely love using these mesmerizing eyes on the game.

Level up your Sims’ faces with these eye presets here.

37. Set for Eyes Fox Soul by Northern Siberia Winds

image 118

Bring back that glow to the dull and tired faces of your Sims by giving them a full eye overhaul with this Fox Soul Eyes! This major pack by CC Creaotr Northern Siberia Winds boasts of eye presets, eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyeshadows that will highly prettify your Sims. There are so many swatches to enjoy!

Click here to add these gorgeous eye presets to your game.

38. Elena Eyes by MiikoCC

image 75

Steal some Sim hearts with these realistic eye set from MiikoCC, that is meant to make your Sims’ faces glow! The set contains default eyes and contact lenses. According to the creator, these eyes are meant to serve not as “Maxis Match” eyes but as a “Maxis Mix” version instead. Enjoy the custom thumbnails included!

Make a statement with these stunning eye presets here.

39. Better Eyes Preset V1 by King Black Cinema

image 77

Make your Sims look hotter and more gorgeous with these Better Eyes Preset from King Black Cinema. You can look for these eye presets in the Eyes Catalog of CAS. For easier identification and navigation, this set has its own custom thumbnail. Plus, this set is available for all ages and genders of your Sims!

Let Sims look great with these eye presets, by downloading them here.

40. Eye Presets Kit by Northern Siberia Winds

image 78

Grant your Sims the gift of all-new eyes with another great kit from Northern Siberia Winds, called the Eye Presets Kit. This set contains 6 new presets which serve as default replacements for eyes. There is also an eyelid replacement included in the set. All eyes are available for female Sims, from Children to Elders. Occult Sims can use the eye presets, too!

Have fun with these eye presets here.

41. Eyes A92 by Angissi

image 117

You can experience the magic of eye presets, by bringing this extra stylish eye set into the game. Called the Eyes A92, this set will definitely enhance the visual appeal of your Sims’ faces with the 10 new eye colors that it offers. The Eyes A92 set is available for all genders and all ages of Sims.

Get your Sims’ faces glowing with these eyes here.

42. Visions by Evoxyr

image 89

Celebrate Sims’ individualities with these “Visions” eye presets that will accentuate the distinct gaze and allure of your Sims. Brought to you by CC Creator Cryptids, this posh pack offers 4 subtle eye presets that are compatible with female Child Sims to Elder Sims in the game. Make sure to try each of the eyes in the game!

Spruce up Sims’ looks with these eye presets here.

43. Maxis Match Genetics Set by Obscurus Sims

image 91

You can bring out the true essence of your Sims through eye presets that reflect their personality, such as the ones in this Maxis Match Genetics Set by Obscurus-Sims. The set, along with lips, noses, and skin presets, features the Eyes N13, which supplies a full spectrum of 100 new eye colors for your Sims!

Get this incredible eye preset here.

44. Eyes N12 by Obscurus Sims

image 92

Decorate your Sims’ faces with eye presets that aim to captivate like this remarkable set made in collaboration with CC creator @astya96cc. It includes the Eyes N12 and Eyes  N12 extra for your Sims. The first one includes a whopping 69 swatches of eyes, while the second one features 38. All eyes are available for teen Sims to Elder Sims of all genders.

Elevate Sims’ faces with this eye preset here.

45. Moon Ending Eyes by Waterblue

image 109

Allow your Sims to express their true selves through eye presets that capture their personal essence, like these Moon Ending Eyes from CC Creator Waterblue. These eyes look so mesmerizing—staring at these almost feels like looking at the deep waters of the sea. 44 swatches are available for child Sims to elder Sims of all genders.

Visit this site here to download this eye preset.

Visions Sims 4 eye presets

eye presets cc sims4 4

Out with the old, in with the new! There are so many amazing sims eyes presets to choose from but this one has to be on top of this list. It is designed for female sims from child to elder and comes in a total of 4 versions. Head over to this page to install.

Sims 4 gpme gold eyes presets m1

eye presets cc sims4 10

The eyes speak louder than words! We know that male Sims often have more trouble getting the love they deserve. But Asian eyes is a great way to give them the attention they deserve.

Here is a little heads up, it is not free but we both know it’s worth the money. Here’s your download-link.

set for eyes

eye presets cc sims4 9

Do you know those eyes? They’re the ones to give to your sims. Not only are they realistic but also magical. Obscurus-sims never disappoints. Check out more of their dedicated custom content for the Sims 4 here.

To install this one, click here.

S4CC MMSIMS Preset af Eyes 1

eye presets cc sims4 12

These eyes are screaming POWER! Sims are always happy to show off their best looks, but this time they will be taking it to a whole new level! The Sims 4’s new eye preset by MMSIMS is here, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Could you not imagine your sims with those eyes?

Head over to this post for easy download.

Male presets Set

eye presets cc sims4 13

This set contains four different presets for your male sims: nose, mouth, lips and eyes. And looks like we’ve got ourselves a winner for the best sims 4 male preset ever!

You could download them separately from this page.

Cleo Skin & Eyes Preset

eye presets cc sims4 11

Attitude is everything. When you look good, you feel good. If you think this is true for your sims, then you should grab these dreamy eyes for them!

This set contains a stunning skin-blend for your simmies, along with gorgeous eye presets. It’s only available for females. And there’s a total of 33 swatches to choose from. Download from this page.

Mermaid Eye Preset

eye presets cc sims4 2

Give your Sims an enchanted look with this set of mermaid eyes. They come in two versions which are enabled for normal sims, aliens, vampires and mermaids.

Follow this link for easy download.

Sims 4 Eye Preset Mouth Preset

eye presets cc sims4 14

These simple eye presets are a must-have! There’s no need for complicated sliders when you can just have these eyes for your sims.

So, what are you waiting for? Download.

yayx Male eyes preset 01

eye presets cc sims4 15

Okay, these are not your typical male eyes! If you’re a Sims 4 player who loves anime and manga, you should check out this amazing new preset, now available for the Sims 4.

Here’s your download-link.

Sunflower Elf

eye presets cc sims4 3

Sretch Skeleton is redefining the way we create sims characters with these stunning eye presets. We bet you’d like to take a step into the fantasy world with these eye presets because they provide an attractive everyday look.

Check it out by visiting this link.

Face Presets

eye presets cc sims4 5

This face preset changes your sim’s nose, mouth and eyes. It is perfect for those who want to create a delicate and dainty sim. It works on sims from child to elder.

Head over to this page to download.

Vuluka in simderland

eye presets cc sims4 6

Make your Sims say “I’ve got this! I’m bold and fierce” with these eye presets!

This set contains two items: eyelids and eye presets. Eyelids can be found under Skin Details and comes in a variety of 40 colors, ranging from dark to light. And you could find eye presets under presets.

To install this one, click here.

Valuka eyepreset N1

eye presets cc sims4 2

Everyone is using these presets by Valuka in Simderland! But they’re not to blame as new eyes are always in style. You definitely shouldn’t be be afraid of experimenting with your sim’s own look, just make sure to put in an eye preset that suits their personality.

Download from this page.

P-Eyepreset N1 by Seleng

eye presets cc sims4 7

We can’t stop gazing into the infinity of these beautiful almond-shaped eyes! Could you guess how many hours, days and years of hard work it takes to create the perfect Asian eye? Probably not many but these eyes are refreshing, that’s for certain.

Both your male and female sims can try it out. To install, click here.

eye preset 1 by squeamishsims

eye presets cc sims4 8

You should keep in mind that the eyes you choose for your sim characters can help bring their personality to life. So, it’s important to pick the right ones. The great thing about Asian eyes is that they are versatile and can be used for any Sim character.

To install, follow this page.


A beautiful set of eyes definitely play a crucial role when it comes to the overall charm and appeal of your Sims! These eyes have the power to captivate, express emotions, and create connections with other Sims. Thus, by enhancing their eyes with stunning eye presets that are available in this list, you can give your Sims distinct and alluring looks that set them apart. So go and download all the items from this list, and don’t forget to have fun playing, dear Simmers! 😉

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