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The default eye presets that come with CAS have been updated many times, but they’re still quite plain. For a more realistic look, We highly recommend downloading these awesome Sims 4 eye presets! They make your Sim’s eyes pop and the colors are so lifelike.

sims 4 eye presets

Stunning Eye Presets for the Sims 4

Eye presets play an important part in creating a believable and realistic character for your game thanks to its ability to change your sim’s eye color’s shade and shape to look more natural instead of just using paint strokes on their eyelids and eyeballs like before.

These presets come in different shapes, colors and shades. You can choose from cool tones that give your sim a sultry look, warm tones that make them look friendly and classic colors. There is also an option to add a filter to your sim’s eyes to make them appear sunken in or glossy.

So, we could all agree that eye presets are a must-have for the Sims 4. Here is a list of some of the best eye presets available online. Enjoy!

Visions Sims 4 eye presets

Out with the old, in with the new! There are so many amazing sims eyes presets to choose from but this one has to be on top of this list. It is designed for female sims from child to elder and comes in a total of 4 versions. Head over to this page to install.

Sims 4 gpme gold eyes presets m1

The eyes speak louder than words! We know that male Sims often have more trouble getting the love they deserve. But Asian eyes is a great way to give them the attention they deserve.

Here is a little heads up, it is not free but we both know it’s worth the money. Here’s your download-link.

set for eyes

Do you know those eyes? They’re the ones to give to your sims. Not only are they realistic but also magical. Obscurus-sims never disappoints. Check out more of their dedicated custom content for the Sims 4 here.

To install this one, click here.

S4CC MMSIMS Preset af Eyes 1

These eyes are screaming POWER! Sims are always happy to show off their best looks, but this time they will be taking it to a whole new level! The Sims 4’s new eye preset by MMSIMS is here, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Could you not imagine your sims with those eyes?

Head over to this post for easy download.

Male presets Set

This set contains four different presets for your male sims: nose, mouth, lips and eyes. And looks like we’ve got ourselves a winner for the best sims 4 male preset ever!

You could download them separately from this page.

Cleo Skin & Eyes Preset

Attitude is everything. When you look good, you feel good. If you think this is true for your sims, then you should grab these dreamy eyes for them!

This set contains a stunning skin-blend for your simmies, along with gorgeous eye presets. It’s only available for females. And there’s a total of 33 swatches to choose from. Download from this page.

Mermaid Eye Preset

Give your Sims an enchanted look with this set of mermaid eyes. They come in two versions which are enabled for normal sims, aliens, vampires and mermaids.

Follow this link for easy download.

Sims 4 Eye Preset Mouth Preset

These simple eye presets are a must-have! There’s no need for complicated sliders when you can just have these eyes for your sims.

So, what are you waiting for? Download.

yayx Male eyes preset 01

Okay, these are not your typical male eyes! If you’re a Sims 4 player who loves anime and manga, you should check out this amazing new preset, now available for the Sims 4.

Here’s your download-link.

Sunflower Elf

Sretch Skeleton is redefining the way we create sims characters with these stunning eye presets. We bet you’d like to take a step into the fantasy world with these eye presets because they provide an attractive everyday look.

Check it out by visiting this link.

Face Presets

This face preset changes your sim’s nose, mouth and eyes. It is perfect for those who want to create a delicate and dainty sim. It works on sims from child to elder.

Head over to this page to download.

Vuluka in simderland

Make your Sims say “I’ve got this! I’m bold and fierce” with these eye presets!

This set contains two items: eyelids and eye presets. Eyelids can be found under Skin Details and comes in a variety of 40 colors, ranging from dark to light. And you could find eye presets under presets.

To install this one, click here.

Valuka eyepreset N1

Everyone is using these presets by Valuka in Simderland! But they’re not to blame as new eyes are always in style. You definitely shouldn’t be be afraid of experimenting with your sim’s own look, just make sure to put in an eye preset that suits their personality.

Download from this page.

P-Eyepreset N1 by Seleng

We can’t stop gazing into the infinity of these beautiful almond-shaped eyes! Could you guess how many hours, days and years of hard work it takes to create the perfect Asian eye? Probably not many but these eyes are refreshing, that’s for certain.

Both your male and female sims can try it out. To install, click here.

eye preset 1 by squeamishsims

You should keep in mind that the eyes you choose for your sim characters can help bring their personality to life. So, it’s important to pick the right ones. The great thing about Asian eyes is that they are versatile and can be used for any Sim character.

To install, follow this page.

Eye presets make a huge difference in the way your Sims look, and they are not just limited to your eyes. With these presets, you can change their eye color, eye shape, and even the way their eyes look.

It is always good to check out what preset creators come up with next. So make sure that you check back on this list frequently. Enjoy!

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