Sims 4 period mods for your female sims


Welcome to our post on period mods for the Sims 4!

Periods are a vital part of a woman’s cycle. Most women experience them many times throughout their lifetime. It’s what makes women, women after all. So why not make your female sims feel a bit more like women? There are plenty of period mods out there for the Sims 4 and we have found them all! They all approach the subject in a different way, so make sure to check out all of them. No one of them requires any expansion packs, they work just with the base game. Be wary though, they all have real period consequences!

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Our list of period mods for the Sims 4

Some of these mods are standalone, while some have periods as a feature. Nevertheless, it’s worth to check every single one out!

Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility

Our first one for the list is Cycle. This mod aims to bring female sims to life by adding some tiny bits of realism. It’s a mod that was designed for very long or paused lifespans. Now your sims won’t be able to woohoo without having the risk of getting pregnant. That is if they’re not using any birth control methods. If they do get pregnant though, you can enhance their experience with these pregnancy mods or with the ultrasound mod!

Of course, with periods come negative emotions. Sims will just want to stay in their amazing bedrooms and teens will freak out over their skin. But fear not, because you can save your sims from all the trouble with birth control pills. They also serve as pregnancy protection too! This mod will bring you plenty of new items, including pregnancy tests and condoms for your sims to use.

Wicked Whims

You might remember this mod since we have talked about it before on its attraction feature. Wicked Whims also has a menstrual cycle option, which allows sims to get their periods. Prepare to have your sims spend countless hours in their comfortable custom joggers! With this mod, they’ll also have access to pads and tampons that they’ll need to use. If you don’t give them to them, they’ll be burdened by very negative moodlets! You can of course counter those by using birth control or taking a “chill pill”.

With this period mod, your sims in Sims 4 will automatically use tampons and pads if they’re in their inventory. If they don’t have any, they could stain their panties and clothes. You won’t see any visual changes of course, but they’ll sure be angry about it. If all else fails, you know that you can always use the needs cheat. It sure is handy to get yourself out of sticky situations!

Slice of Life

Here’s another mod we have talked about in the past! Slice of Life is a bundle mod with plenty of features. Apart from periods, it also gives your sims access to cool social media options! When you install this mod, your female sims that are able to have a period will receive a buff. That buff marks the start of their period. However, in contrast to the other mods, it’s not very detailed. You don’t need to provide your sims with tampons or pads. All you have to do is just wait it out basically.

We hope that you liked today’s mods! Each one of them is unique in its own way. Some of them are more detailed, while some others are not. We are sure that you found at least one that you liked! Don’t forget to share your experience with these mods down in the comments!

Notice: Given that the latest Sims 4 patch was released just a few days ago, it is likely that there will be a new update for the Slice of Life mod in the near future. Stay tuned!

Happy Simming!

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