Wonderful Whims: The Mod That Makes Your Game Shockingly Real

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Bring more realism and dynamism to your sims’ relationships with the Wonderful Whims mod!

Wonderful Whims Mod

As far as The Sims franchise has come since the first game was released nearly 25 years ago, there have been instances where it feels like things have regressed compared to older games. Despite all the traits and aspirations we have available to assign to our sims, they still feel a little flat at times. Not to mention, life often feels a bit too perfect for our pixelated friends. The Wonderful Whims mod by TURBODRIVER can help spice things up in the world of The Sims 4 by adding lots of new elements to gameplay, including some not-so-pleasant ones!

Wonderful Whims (and Not-Wonderful Experiences)

There are lots of features in the Wonderful Whims mod, which will affect your sims in new and interesting ways:

Attractiveness Characteristics

Wonderful Whims Attractiveness Alert
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

With the exception of the sexual orientation update that we got in 2022, sims will be into pretty much any other sim you have them interact with in a romantic fashion. This is helpful when you have specific plans for a sim’s love life but it can get stale after a while, especially when your beloved townie hotties age and die with no good replacements. It also can become a little boring over time as you romance the same sims over and over again through your different saves.

What if your sims decided for themselves who they were into? What if they could develop preferences based on their previous relationship experiences? What if they found love with other sims you never even considered as potential romantic partners? With Wonderful Whims, they can!

Wonderful Whims Attractiveness Traits
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

With an attraction system similar to the one that debuted with The Sims 2: Nightlife, Wonderful Whims allows you to assign physical traits that turn your sim on or off. These include things like hair color & length, eye color, weight, breast and butt size, and even what kind of clothes they wear. If your sim happens to notice another sim with a lot of their desired traits you’ll get a notification which you can then choose to follow up on by introducing them to one another.

Wicked Whims Attractiveness Generator
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

There are also options to develop a sim’s preferences based on other sims. If your sim already has a partner they will automatically be tuned to like traits that their partner possesses but you can also have them develop preferences based on their parents, based on other sims you choose, based on what’s commonly found as attractive in your game, or totally randomize it for some fun! Once your sim has romantic preferences, you can click on them and select “Scope the Surroundings” which will have them check to see if there’s anybody around that they might be into, making it super simple to pick out potential partners when in a public setting.

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Deeper Personalities

Sims already have personality traits that can be assigned to them through CAS, but the Wonderful Whims mod adds personality archetypes for more depth and better compatibility testing. There are 9 personality archetypes added with the mod, and your sim will usually end up with 1-2 of them based on their traits.

Artist – Creative and crafty sims are likely to have this personality archetype. It makes Sims want to create amazing things, but also can hinder their growth due to fear of failure.

Caregiver – Family-oriented and caring sims will often receive this personality archetype. They’re very empathetic towards others, but it also makes them easily exploitable.

Everyman – Sims who don’t have any defining personality will fall into this personality archetype. They just want to belong.

Hero – Self-assured and argumentative sims often fall into the Hero archetype. They’re always down to prove themselves to others, but it can come off as arrogant or lead to a fight.

Innocent – Sims who are cheerful or good are considered part of the Innocent personality archetype. While their positivity spreads good vibes to those around them they may be seen as naive or childish to others.

Jester – Outgoing and clumsy sims along with those who like to joke will receive this personality archetype. These sims are great for a laugh or two but they can be unreliable, as they prefer goofing off to getting things done.

Lover – Romantic and hedonistic sims are considered part of the Lover personality archetype. Though passionate and loving, they are willing to risk their own personality and identity to gain the favor of others.

Sage – Logical and knowledgeable sims fit this personality archetype. They’re always seeking the truth, which can prevent them from acting on things they’re unsure about.

Sinister – For the least pleasant sims such as the snobs and evil characters, the Sinister personality archetype is assigned. They appear selfish and unscrupulous to others as they’re willing to risk anything to get what they want.

Wicked Whims Personality Archetype
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

Personality archetypes will affect how sims get on with each other. Those that have similar archetypes will have higher compatibility and thus are more likely to grow relationships. Sims with opposing personality archetypes will be much more difficult to foster relationships with and probably won’t like each other very much.

Though it’s rare, sims may change their personality archetype as they age if they become significantly different people than they were in their earlier years.

Meaningful Traits

Wonderful Whims adds some new traits that can really affect how your sim interacts with others in the world.

  • The Post-Puberty Trait is available for Teens to signal that they’re no longer going through puberty (more on that below)
  • The Socially Avoidant Trait is like Loner amplified, causing sims to avoid socialization unless absolutely necessary
  • The Hypo/Hyper-fertile Trait makes sims more likely to get pregnant; great for Family Oriented sims but not so much for those who Hate Children
  • The Eternally Faithful Trait can be assigned to married sims which will prevent them from romancing anybody but their beloved spouse

Menstruation, Pregnancy, and Catching an S.T.I.

Another area where the Wonderful Whims mod has a significant effect is in how woohoo works in the game, particularly with the addition of menstrual cycles and periods. Post-pubescent sims who are capable of pregnancy will now experience menstruation with a monthly cycle, and the duration of this cycle is determined by the lifespan setting you’re playing with. Sims can check their menstrual cycle with the Kaya Period Tracker app once they’ve experienced their first period.

Sims who are approaching their period may experience PMS symptoms such as physical cramps, nausea, negative moods, or even a bit of flirtiness. There are different medications a sim can take to relieve these symptoms, or they can wait it out and symptoms will eventually go away on their own.

Wonderful Whims Period Products
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

When it’s time for their period sims have the option to use tampons or pads (which can be purchased on the computer or in Buy/Build mode) to help with bleeding, and if your sim has menstrual products in their inventory they will use them autonomously. There’s also an “Extra Absorbency” trait in the Rewards Store to alleviate the problem.

Sims who choose to forego these products will bleed through to their clothing, causing negative hygiene and discomfort. Vampires can smell blood on menstruating sims who aren’t using sanitary products to stifle it, so beware!

Wonderful Whims Period Tracker
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

Once a Sim is done with their period they will go through a fertility window where they can become pregnant. Those who are trying to get pregnant can consult the Kaya app or test their fertility levels with the toilet to make sure they’re at the best time to try conceiving, and they can also take pregnancy tests with the toilet if they don’t want to wait to see if they start “showing.”

Wonderful Whims Birth Control
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

Condoms and Birth Control are available for sims who aren’t interested in pregnancy, and they will use them automatically if in the sim’s inventory. Pregnant sims can opt to donate their unborn fetus to science during the 1st or 2nd trimester if they don’t want to have a baby or are hoping to help advance scientific developments.

Aside from pregnancy, woohoo now comes with another risk factor: STIs. Sims can catch Crab Lice by either woohooing with infected sims or sleeping in a dirty bed. A sim will start experiencing a discomforting itch which may go away after a day or so, or develop into full-blown crabs.

Wicked Whims Crabs Shampoo
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

If infected, your sims will have to use a special Lice-Killing Shampoo (buy on the computer or in Buy/Build) which will work immediately and last for a day. Sims are immune to crabs for a day after using the shampoo whether they were previously infected or not, and for even better protection there is a Crabs Immune trait available in the Rewards Store. NPCs can also catch crabs but will self-treat the issue within 3 days.

Additional Features

Wonderful Whims Posing
Image provided by the Wonderful Whims website

Wonderful Whims also comes with a handful of other features that may prove to be useful to you, depending on how you play.

Relationship Enhancements – With the Open Relationships function your sims can take on multiple romantic partners, and giving a sim the Polyamorous attribute will disable romantic jealousy.

Sweat and Broken Water – Sims doing physically exerting activities such as working out or woohoo will visibly sweat, and will have to bathe to get rid of it. Pregnant sims who go into labor will have their water break, leaving a puddle behind.

Conversational Boredom – For 8 hours afterward, sims will remember if they’ve had an uninteresting conversation. If the subject matter comes up again in that time frame, they will get Bored. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to chat up a potential partner!

Pose Player Functionality – You can access Pose Player functions through the Wonderful Whims menu and in addition to posing, you can use the menu tools to reposition your sim while in the pose. No more finagling with teleporter statue placement while trying to compose a scene!

Modification – The best part about the Wonderful Whims mod is that most of the new game dynamics can be modified or straight-up disabled if you don’t want to experience them. For example, you can change the length of menstrual periods, or modify the effectiveness level of Birth Control. You can even fully disable certain features that you don’t want to deal with, such as PMS symptoms or bleeding.

A Wonderful Conclusion

As you can see, Wonderful Whims brings significant changes to The Sims 4 gameplay when it comes to personalities and relationships. Sims will have more meaning and weight given to their traits, and will actually pick potential romantic partners based on compatibility and attractiveness. Woohoo and pregnancy is a much more involved process and can happen with (or without) proper planning. Sims can even get special traits concerning their romantic preferences, and jealousy is a lot more nuanced. All in all, Wonderful Whims brings a lot to the game, and it’s a mod you should absolutely try out. Have fun with it, and happy simming!

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