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Keeping Up With Time

When time moves forward – you have to follow! Certain fashions and trends change constantly; some will burn quicker and some will last longer, but one if one thing is for sure it’s that new and urban ones will replace the worn old ones! And when that happens, you want to be there to greet the change with open arms! For that, here is an abundance of urban mods and CC for The Sims 4 to get you ready. Take a look!

The Best Urban Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Diamond Urban Cap Collection

The urban cap is one of those things that young people can’t be without! For that reason, Pinkzombiecupcakes has created an entire collection of them. Here you will find a 30 different urban caps with unique designs and colors, some of which you’ll recognize from the real world. If you’re interested, follow this link to the direct download page of The Sims Resource.

urban mod

Set43- Total Ripped Urban Leggings

One of the most substantial part of every modern girl’s outfit is her ripped leggings. Whether on the knee or the whole pant leg, the ragged element is what makes them truly cool! Here is an addition of them by Cleotopia that you can download from here.

urban mod

Urban Leather Jacket With top – Set 43

Those who have never owned a leather jacket don’t know the power it gives when wearing it! And now you can give that power to your Sims with these wonderful ones that come in 8 dark color variants. Plus the strong bra underneath makes everything extra, so the combo is a must for every Simmer. It’s available for download at The Sims Resource.

urban mod

Urban Ripped Baggy Top – Set 43

Usually a summer piece, this comfortable top is always a good choice when you want to look extra! Cleotopia has included 8 custom colors to go with it, both of the shirt and the bra under it. If you’re interested, follow this link to make a download.

urban mod

Total Urban Destroyed Jeans – Set 53

It’s true that you can never have too many ripped jeans! There is something about them that screams “freedom” and every time you put them on it’s like a new protest to the world! And you won’t get bored with these ones because they’re available in 24 versions, so putting the next one is like using an entirely different CC. The Sims Resource is where you can download them.

urban mod

MILA Urban Shorts – Set 77

You won’t see many female Sims in the game wearing these, but outside girls love them! It’s really a compact bottom piece that gives lightness, flexibility and a bit of seductiveness. Plus, you can combine it with nearly every top! For a quick download, use this link.

urban mod

Spears Belted Urban Chinos

Everybody likes a nice pair of tight, yet comfortable pants! What we love in particular about this CC is the high quality surface and the way all the colors appear in the game. For that we have to thank Mclaynesims, who created and published the CC at The Sims Resource.

urban mod

Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Nothing is finished until the perfect makeup is done! And if you’re going for an urban look, then you’ll definitely need these weapons too! 12 color options of the smoky palette are here to cast a mystifying look on your Sim and you need to get it! You can do so here.

urban mod

Urban Denim Swimwear

The beach and the pool are also places of style and fashion, so you need to dress properly! Here we offer you a sexy swim outfit for all your girls, with tempting bottom piece and cropped top shirt to win the attention over. Hurry up to the The Sims Resource or use this link to the direct downloading page.

urban mod

Urban Jungle Pocohontas Crossed Top & Alisa Long Skirt Recolor

A long dress is what is missing from closets of many modern girls! For reasons unknown, dresses are something you can wear literally anywhere! Plus, the creator Sympxls has included 19 unique patterns 23 colors, so no matter where you send your Sim, she is destined to shine with this mod. To get it quickly, go to this page.

urban mod

Urban Jungle Ruffle Sleeveless Crop Top & Palazzo Pants Recolor

Sympxls is a master when it comes to designing comfortable clothes for The Sims 4! Take a look at one of his genius work – these wide and flowing pants and shirt. The bright flashy appearance is perfect for an extrovert Sim, but the introverts can enjoy it too at home! Visit simsworkshop to download it.

urban mod

Urban Jungle Ruffle Sleeves Doll Dress Recolor

But the short dresses are the official outfit of love! People say that no girl can look bad in a summer dress, and with this mod that’s absolutely true! More than 20 different patterns and that many color options will be yours for using after you download them from here.

urban mod

Urban Jungle Sophista Swimsuit Recolor

The one-piece swimwear is a really special one. We know that it can’t be worn successfully by anyone, but only by a selected few who look gorgeous in it. Well, this mod does a pretty good job of including your Sim between them, with all of its sexiness and style. This page is where you can download it.

urban mod

Urban Jungle Summer Top & Camille Wide Leg Shorts

When the temperatures are high and when all our Sims want do is just to relax – we turn to this mod! The style is pretty casual but we’ve found out that even the most festive of nights are well spent with this outfit. It certainly has enough customizability to fit everywhere! To have it in your collection, download it from here.

urban mod

Urban Junkie Pocket Pants

As a standalone item, these pants are really a treasure. They come in only 5 dark swatches, but you’ll quickly see that that’s no problem when creating an outfit, because they always manage the
“forever young” look. The style is what makes them truly gorgeous and if you want to download them, use this direct link to download the mod.

urban mod

Urban Legend Denim Jeans

Women in denim jeans are absolutely adorable! And The Sims 4 is not a complete game without these in the clothing collection. For that reason, these are wildly popular within the community, having nearly 100,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. If you want to own them, visit this page.

urban mod

Fashionable Urban Man Shirts

Shirts are something that all men can wear, to any place and any occasion. These modern and fashionable ones are really high quality, and the creator Pinkzombiecupcakes has made sure they fit every body type in an excellent way. In 5 colors, they’re available for download here.

urban mod

Urban Puffer Jackets

Whenever the winter season kicks in, we dust off this CC pack and put our every male Sim in one of these puffer jackets! But don’t worry, there are 9 unique designs and 30 color swatches which is more than enough to give everyone a distinct look! Visit The Sims Resource to check them all out or use this link to directly download them.

urban mod

Urban Top T-shirt for Males

What a better way to end this urban compilation than with the ultimate modern t-shirt for man? No matter if you’re living in the city or the suburbs, this top should always get the light of the day. It’s best for teen and young adults, but even the older Sims can use some its magic to attract the others. If you’re interested, head over to The Sims Resource for a quick download.

urban mod

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