Best 80’s Vintage Custom Content for the Sims 4

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The 80’s were a decade of vibrancy, bold styles, colors and fashion. And although we may have not been born during that era, we still obsess over it. For that reason, we present to you ten of the best 80s vintage custom content for the Sims 4. The following packages include different hairstyles prominent in that era and a number of glorious fashion picks.

1980’s CC Collection for Your Male and Female Sims

Up & Out Curls

80s vintage

This is the sims version of Jessica Parker’s hair and couldn’t be more in love with this hairstyle! It definitely brings the eighties vibes home. It’s base game compatible and comes in all of EA colors.

To install this hairstyle, follow this link.

Puff Sleeve Top

80s cc

Of all mods included on this list, this one has to be our favorite. A beautiful top by Dreamgirl, it’s available in 7 unique tones. Click here to grab this one.

Check out makeup mods to top your sim’s look.

Ultraviolet Vintage

80s cc

Bright and vivid, this is what these two outfits are all about. Available to you in 25 different swatches. Click here to grab these two beautiful dresses. For cleavage mods, have a look at our recent post .

Cold as Ice Hair

80s cc sims4 3

This hairstyle is similar to what they used to call the whale spout in the eighties. It’s also maxismatchy and works almost perfectly with any head shape. Follow this link to grab this hairstyle.

And check out more maxis match hairstyles for male and female sims.

80s CC Male Pack

80s cc sims4 10

A gorgeous 80s set. Four different variations with a number of unique designs each. Just know that Lonely City is BG compatible, but Comeback kid requires Laundry Day.

Download from this link.

Punk Hair

80s cc sims4 11

Another hairstyle to bring the 80s vibes home. It comes with a headband with a few different colors. To install this one, visit this page.


80s cc sims4 7

Neon and abstract patterns were the mood! Female aerobic costumes, they include leggings, leotard and leg warmers. Download.

1980’s Jumpsuit

80s cc sims4 6

One thing is for sure with these jumpsuits, your sims will rock an eighties night with in them. These outfits come in ten prints (ten solids and ten flaming colors of the 1980s). These are base-game compatible using a mildly modified mesh.

Get this cc pack from this page.

80’s Vintage Suspender Dress

80s cc sims4 5

This is a causal, every day look that your young adult, adult and elder sims can enjoy. It’s available in 12 versions, with changes to the shirt’s patterns. Mesh is required for it to work.


Totally 80s

80s cc sims4 2

A refined version of the scrunchie hairstyle. It was heavily popular in the eighties so you’d better make sure you have this one. Install from here.

Check out Some of the Coolest Retro Custom Content

These 80’s custom content were an absolute must. We recommend checking out more retro content for the Sims 4 here. Happy Modding!

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