“One Up” Your Gameplay With 20 Super Mario Bros. CCs!


Fans of the long-running Super Mario video game series have been checking out the new Super Mario Bros. Movie in droves, with the film raking in over $1 Billion USD at the time of this writing (I personally found it to be a lot of fun)! The bright color schemes, endearing characters, and ever-evolving gameplay make the 40 year-old franchise appealing to players of all ages, much like players of the Sims franchise.

Super Mario Bros
I have memories of playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES in the mid-90’s. How time flies!

That being said, it should come as no surprise that there are all sorts of Mario Bros. themed CC for the Sims 4. Check out these amazing finds, and bring the world of Super Mario to your own sims!

Character Selection Screen

Whether your sim wants to wear their fandom on their sleeve or as an entire cosplay, you can find it here.

1. Super Mario Bros. Designer Print Skirt by SimHead82

Starting subtle for your covert corporate nerds, this designer-print skirt features icons from early Super Mario games in a motif and color scheme similar to the well-know Louis Vuitton pattern. Available for female frames teen & up, you can be a gamer girl and a girly girl at the same time and this skirt is a perfect clothing item to do so!

2. Super Mario Fanart Tattoo Arm Set by Ivara

This sleeve tattoo for female-framed sims features a collage of characters from the Paper Mario game series. It’s available for Right or Left arms and can be found on TSR.

Discover more amazing tattoo CC for the Sims 4 on SnootySims!

3. Super Mario T-Shirt for Girls by lillka

A cute collection of 4 graphic shirts for younger sims, featuring a variety of Super Mario characters. Though this collection is strictly for girls, vanilla shirt meshes for kids are the same regardless of gender representation so you can easily make them available for boys as well with a quick trip into Sims 4 Studio to update the tags.

See our how-to on Sims 4 Studio to learn how to do this yourself!

4. Peach & Daisy Hair + Accessories by jhoca-sims

Hairstyles, crowns, and earrings for the Mushroom Kingdom’s best known princesses! The earrings and crowns come in several versions so you can dress up your sims exactly how you want to, but no matter which choice you make they’re going to look adorable. Get the set here!

5. (Super Mario Odyssey) Bowser’s Head by Dimenarius

As the name suggests, this Bowser head comes from the Super Mario Odyssey game. It’s available for male frames teen & up found in the Medium Hair category which is nice because, being hair, it should stay on your sim even when wearing uniforms or nude. It’s available for free on Nexus though you will need an account to download.

6. Super Mario Cosplay CC Hats by Cepzid

This collection contains over 30 different Mario Bros. masks (Hats category) spanning ages child and up, plus a few outfits thrown in for good measure. They cover a wide variety of games, even Mario Golf!

It’s really wild how well some of these go with the sims aesthetic to the point you could almost consider them Maxis-match. This collection includes a Bowser mask but, unlike out previous entry, it also has his back shell. Check out the collection! You can also download a set of matching Mario Hats for Cats here.

7. Mario Luigi Costume and Princess Peach by Cepzid

A smaller, older collection by Cepzid, this set features much larger costume pieces. The outfits are unisex and span multiple ages, though due to the bulkiness of the pieces I would recommend saving these for screenshots and not regular gameplay. Get them here.

Super Mario Maker

Now that your characters are ready to go, let’s build them some levels to play in!

8. Mario Posters by Lore

This cute set of 5 posters has a slightly abstract theme to them which is nice for older sims who still love the game franchise but want their merch to look slightly less childish. If you’re a Simlish purist these are pretty close to blending in perfectly, and if not there’s a minor amount of recoloring one would have to do to make it work. You can get the posters here.

9. Mario Series by SomedaySims

This super-cute collection features 19 pieces of Mario Bros. content by way of chairs, tables, rugs, and lots of deco objects. I love that there are old-school pixelated pieces among the collection; talk about nostalgia! This set is definitely a must-have if you’re a super Super Mario fan.

10. Walls Mario by kardofe

Who’s your favorite Super Mario character? Show your fandom or display them all with this cute wallpaper set featuring 6 well-known characters from the series along with a character-free panel to space things out. It would look really cute in a nursery, don’t you think? Get the wallpaper here.

Check out some of our favorite nursery collections while you’re here!

11. Super Mario Kid’s Bedroom by Jomsims

An epic collection of 11 new pieces sure to make any Mario fan feel like they just found a Super Star Power Up! I can’t decide what piece I love more, the ceiling deco pipes or the ? Block wall shelves. Honestly, the whole collections is just too cute to have a favorite! Grant your child their dream bedroom and download the set on TSR.

12. Nintendo Stuff by Darkdata

This collection has content from several game franchises including Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, and Mario Bros. The Super Mario-specific content includes ? Block and brick tables, Piranha Plants, a mushroom table lamp, and several hats/wigs.

To learn more about the included items click here and to download them visit this page, download the “Sims 4 Mods” folder, and extract the contents of the “Darkdata Old Nintendo” .zip file.

13. Playable Mario Kart & Super Mario Party by adelino1951 (Override)

These mods replace the “MySims Racing” and “Party Frenzy” games on the gaming consoles that came with City Living (required), giving your sims the chance to play some of the best party games around! What a clever idea, isn’t it? Go here for Mario Kart, and here for Mario Party.

14. Harvestable Mario Shrooms by Leniad

Look at these adorable lil’ shroomies! These harvestable mushrooms come in 3 varieties. They can be planted and harvested like any other mushroom in-game. Get these spotted cuties here!

15. Ridable Mario Kart by Cepzid and Waaroonk

CC vehicles are so fun! This collection of functional Mario Kart karts has nearly 20 swatches so every sim can participate, racing each other or riding around just for fun. The object is based off the bicycles that came with Discover University but the download page doesn’t state that the DLC is needed.

Here’s a video of the karts in action; they even make their own special noises!

Want more drivable vehicles? Check out our favorite car mods!

Other Level Codes

To close out the list, here are a few fun things we found on the EA Gallery that will scratch that Super Mario itch without adding custom files to your game, if that’s what you prefer! You can download any of the following by using the enclosed links, or search them up yourself via the Gallery in-game.

16. Still No CC Mario Bros II by SimSationalToo

4 posters of beloved Mario Bros. characters that will not show up as CC in your game. This means you can use them even if you have mods disabled, and share them in your own uploads without being tagged as Custom Content. Download them here.

17. Super mario Paintings by StrudelToaster

Another great collection of non-CC artwork, featuring a variety of prints in multiple art styles from multiple games. Oddly enough I think the black & white images are my faves, what about you? Grab them here!

18. Super Mario MushRoom by Lauleena

This is such a cute little bedroom and really encompasses the feel of the Mario Bros. concept using only content from the vanilla game. Even without the giant Goomba on the wall, I think it would be obvious to most players what this room is themed for. Such a creative space!

19. Super Mario Bros. House by eimajunknown

This two-bedroom house was built for Mario and Luigi and includes all the essentials in addition to a pool, bar, hot tub, and grill. The paths connecting all areas of the lot give this build Super Mario Bros 3 map vibes. See for yourself!

20. Princess Peach Castle! by Fritosaurio

The castle, one of the most iconic building types in the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Fortunately for us we can disable Neighborhood Stories’ features like Moving Out, and never have to worry about our princess accidentally ending up in another castle! Add this grand estate to your world from this link.

In Conclusion

If you’re a Sims 4 player who happens to be a fan of the Super Mario Bros, you’re not alone! Lots of simmers enjoy bringing the world of their favorite Italian plumbers into the Sims 4, by way of character creation, build mode items, or buy mode objects that sims can enjoy as well. The variety and creativity behind these CC items is fantastic, and almost makes us want to start belting “Peaches” at the top of our lungs!


Enjoy this Super Mario Bros. custom content, and happy simming!

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