The Best Septum Piercings CC for the Sims 4

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For the longest time, piercings have been a badge of honor for those with a commitment to uniqueness! In The Sims, where we enjoy the lives and adventures of characters of all types, showing that individuality is extremely important. For those who wear their heart on their sleeve, here’s a list of different septum piercing designs to channel their personality through!

septum piercing

Our Top Favorite Septum Custom Content for tS4

Most of us would probably regard septum piercings as unconventional. However, a huge sum of us would like to try it or have our sim characters experiment with us on our behalf. Therefore, we’ve come today with a list of 50+ of the best septum piercings for your male and female sims. Let’s check them out!

1. Strife Septum

septum piercing

Some classics are always in fashion, and that’s the case with the PralineSims Strife septum piercing. This item comes with gold, black, and silver options, and replicates the more traditional style with a gap and two beads on each end. Popular with both women and men, it has garnered stunning 190000 downloads for good reason. Download it here!

2. EGO Septum

septum piercing

For a discreet and elegant take on septum piercings, the EGO style by PralineSims and R MARKS is an excellent pick. Not only do you get 20 different colors to pick from, but there are also two size options! Download it at The Sims Resource.

3. Destroyer Septum

septum piercing

Blending the plain and beaded septum piercing style is the DESTROYER by PralineSims and WALTERBLACKTH. Its smooth surface is interrupted by a single bead in the middle for a minimalistic but elegant touch. You can find this style for all genders in small and large versions, with a wide variety of colors. Get it here!

4. MOX Septum

septum piercing

Those looking for a more bottom-heavy look will find it in the MOX series by PralineSims, dirtyolddunmer, and Master of Worlds. This gorgeous item comes with a whopping 35 versions, including both metallic and blinged-up ends. What’s there not to love? Download it here!

5. GrafitySims – Lilah Septum Ring

septum piercing

Goth and scene girls rejoice – GrafitySims has created a gorgeous septum piercing with spiked edges decorated with stones. This mix of dark styles and glamour comes in pink, gold, silver, and matt black, to fit all styles your Sims might go for. Download it at The Sims Resource.

6. Honey Dew – Septum Ring Piercing

septum piercing

Also having a crack at the plain style is Screaming Mustard with the Honey Dew Septum Ring. It’s highly customizable and very detailed, offering another option for a gorgeous accessory. Download it here.

7. LeahLilith Memories Septum Ring

septum piercing

The modern goth scene is calling, all aboard Leah Lillith‘s amazing Memories train! This beautiful septum ring has a gap flanked by two stones, and the best thing is you get to choose which ones. Download this item here!

8. Bigger Septum Pack

septum piercing

Fans of septum rings who like it bigger and bolder will love to find the PralineSims BIGGER pack. This item has all three major piercing styles, with five different colors to choose from. Download this great item at The Sims Resource!

9. LeahLilith Disconnect Septum Ring

septum piercing

Leah Lillith is at it again with a very elaborate ornament. This beautiful septum ring is decorated with great detail, rounded off with a single stone at the bottom. Its innovative take on this accessory is great for daily wear, but also is the perfect take on galas and other special events. It can be downloaded at The Sims Resource.

10. LeahLilith Nocturne Septum

septum piercing

A thick ring with a big pearl, the Nocturne septum ring is a gorgeous creation for fashion-forward women. It throws discreetness out of the window to show its centerpiece, and it excels at that. This decorative piece is perfect for all occasions, and can be found at The Sims Resource!

11. LeahLilith Vision Septum Ring

septum piercing

For a new twist, the Vision septum ring by Leah Lillith incorporates a thick ring adorned by small metallic beads on the underside. The color variety makes this item very flexible, and it goes well with most outfits. Get it at The Sims Resource.

12. LeahLilith Indifferent Septum Ring

septum piercing

Ever felt too cool to care? If you have, then Leah Lillith has just the septum ring for you. The so-called Indifferent line is a double ring complemented by two round stones and a stunning teardrop at the very bottom. Hard to be indifferent to this amazing item, get it here!

13. GrafitySims – Crystal Septum Ring

septum piercing

Fans of ornamental styles will love the Crystal septum ring by GrafitySims. Its metallic finish is available in gold, silver, black, and blue, with a row of small stones on each side of a large one in the middle. It’s stylish, elegant, and ready for all occasions! Download it at The Sims Resource.

14. Magnolia-C – Benty Septum

septum piercing

Fabulous boys and girls rejoice, the Rirann Benty septum piercing is here to glam up both in equal measure. With an elegant matte finish, this item comes in black, pink, and gold, and is decorated by small beads in the lower third of the slim ring. Take your Sims’ fashion to the next level by downloading it at The Sims Resource.

15. Moonlight Septum

septum piercing

For fans of finer details and exceptional craftsmanship, the Moonlight septum piercing by PralineSims is a treat! It comes in ten colors and is defined by thin hollow leaves around the lower end surrounding a stone. This gorgeous style is available for all genders and can be found at The Sims Resource.

16. Nightcrawler-PearlSeptumRing

septum piercing

Nightcrawler’s pearl septum ring is an absolute must for those into creative designs. Its defining features are a thick ring adorned by five pearls, including a large one in the middle. This accessory comes in six different color options, which mix and match gold, silver, and black for the ring with black and white pearls. Download it at The Sims Resource!

17. LeahLilith Rumour Septum Ring

septum piercing

The Rumour septum ring by Leah Lillith is a creative take on this accessory. The centerpiece is a large bead surrounded by smaller ones, creating a beautiful sunflower effect that makes it stand out. Download it at The Sims Resource!

18. Plain Septums

plain septums

When you feel like keeping it simple, you can’t go wrong with Harfy‘s set of plain septums. This pack comes with the classic septum piercing with the gap down the middle, with both round and pointed ends available in five colors. Download it here!

19. GrafitySims – Aurore Septum Ring

grafitysims aurore septum ring

Lovers of fine details will adore the Aurore septum piercing by GrafitySims. The exceptional artisanry creates a beautiful look that looks good from both near and far. The tasteful color selection has the classic gold, silver, and black versions, on top of a gorgeous red. Download it at The Sims Resource!

20. Nightmare Septum

nightmare septum

Do you ever feel the need for a punk injection? PralineSims has delivered this awesome septum piercing with spikes and a whole load of attitude. This rocker piece comes in eight different colors and can be downloaded here!

21. Lumi Septum

lumi septum

For those days when your Sim is feeling like a superstar, PralineSims and MyGoodEye have delivered the amazing Lumi septum piercing. With a thin ring with a big star flanked by smaller ones, it’s the perfect way to show who’s boss. On top of that, you can change the color of the star alone or on the entire piece! Download it at The Sims Resource.

22. 4w25 – End of the July Septum

4w25 end of the july septum

Everyone remembers that feeling. It’s the end of July, summer is coming to an end, and new adventures are coming with the new season. Neferu has done a great job translating that vibe into a septum piercing, creating an accessory that’s perfect to accompany your Sims in their new horizons. You can find it here, at The Sims Resource.

23. GrafitySims – Chain Septum Ring

grafitysims chain septum ring

Cool cats think outside the box: when the standard septum piercing designs won’t do, try GrafitySims‘ gorgeous chain design. It’s comprised of small two rows of chains in different colors, adding a lovely layered effect and a very unique feel. Be the street’s fashionista by downloading it here!

24. Septum Captive Ring for Guys

MTS XDNEX 1534552 TY1

Guys looking to switch up their style are going to love this septum ring by XDNEX. Minimal yet cool, it draws on a classic design that is guaranteed to look good on any man who loves his fashion. You can download this accessory at Mod The Sims.

25. Rumour Septum Ring

septum piercing 40 2

This one might be an old creation but it definitely still stands out. You get this piercing in four color variations. To install, visit this page. For awesome non-default eyes, visit this page.

26. Amina Piercing

septum piercing 32 1

This one in particular will draw your sim characters in a totally new light! It’s available in 22 different swatches, for both male and female sims. It can be found under Rings. Head over to this page to install this package.

27. Star Septum

septum piercing 44 1

A base game-compatible piercing that works for all genders and all ages. This star septum is available in 25 swatches. Click here to download this piercing.

28. Teardrop Septum Ring

septum piercing 28 1

Of all piercings on this list, this one has to be our favorite! You can find it under Accessories. The best thing about this mod is, that it’s categorized as a left nose ring so it will not interfere with other accessories and can be worn with earrings and other jewelry. Here’s your download link.

29. Chain Septum Ring

septum piercing 43 1

One-of-a-kind chain piercing. It only works for female sims. To install this mod, click here.

30. PIERCING Ultimate Collection

nose piercing cc 11 1

Pralinesims kills it with accessories, we must give them enough credit. And they’re generous enough to put an entire collection of piercings for free on their Patreon page. To grab this one, click here. Check out those glasses.

31. Septum Piercing fur Manner

septum piercing 42 1

If you thought we’d forgotten about your male sims, you thought wrong. This one comes in 12 unique color designs. Visit this page for installation.

32. Padlock Septum for YAM & YAF

septum piercing 26 1

This lock piercing is available in 2 colors and is categorized as rings. Install this one. Check out maxis match hairstyles for males.

33. Trouble Piercing

septum piercing 54 1


34. Imperial Septum Ring

septum piercing 57


35. Star Nose Ring

septum piercing 55


36. Lilah Septum Rin

nose piercing cc 2


37. Bridle Piercing Set 

septum cc sims4 4


38. Tangent Septum

septum piercing 22



nose cc piercing 29


40. Nose Chains

septum piercing 23


40. Dott Septum by Blahberry Pancake

septum cc sims4 9


41. Septum Pack

septum cc sims4 78 1


42. Septum Pack V2

septum piercing 63


43. Blahberry Pancake Accessory

septum piercing 48


44. Bat Accessory Set

septum cc sims4 11


45. Septum Ring with Pointy Petals

septum piercing 49


46. Sharp Septum by Blahberry Pancake

septum piercing 20


47. PIERCING Ultimate Collection V3

septum piercing 37


48. Bad Dream Nose Ring Piercing Set

septum cc sims4 18



septum piercing 52


50. X Septum Ring

septum piercing 1


51. Leah – Septum Ring

septum piercing 51


52. Septum Pack V3

septum piercing 61


53. Gold Septum

septum piercing 50


Final Words

Which of these was your favorite CC pack? Just be sure not to overload your mods folder with too many packs, or your game may start to run slowly. Thanks for reading! Check out related content by visiting the links below!

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