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We can call agree that Sims 4 is one of the best game all around the globe and people love to play it because of its amazing features and attractive mods. There are hundreds, if not thousands of breathtaking custom content that attract the gamers attention. If you are looking for some of the best ear piercings for the Sims 4, you’ve definitely come to the right place as this article will help you out.


Set including Ear Piercings


Set including Ear Piercings


Ear Piercings Set


Crazy Ear Piercings Set

Ear Rings CC and Mods

Grafity’s Firebird Nose Chain

ear piercing cc 3

You’ll know when to use this piercing: ALL THE TIME! Because one thing is certain, it’s eye-catching. Head over to this page for easy installation.

THUNDER Ear Piercing Set

ear piercing cc 15 1

This one has to be our favorite! This set includes cone shaped earrings for both ears and industrial piercing for only left ears and it is available in 5 different colors. Have a look at this amazing set by clicking here. For makeup mods, click here.

Magnolia-c – Safety Pins Piercing TS4

ear piercing cc 16 1

This one we all can be grateful for! It works for female characters, teens as well as elders. You can download by clicking here. Oh, and it comes in five different colors, so be sure to check them out.

Multiple Ear-Piercing Sets

ear piercing cc 12 1

In multiple piercing set you can have multiple earrings and nose rings instead of one. Mostly they are used on the ears and they are available in almost four colors. Sims workshop have shown some amazing multiple ear-piercing sets, you can download it from there as well.

DELTA & HADES Ear Piercing Duo

ear piercing cc 13 1

This one is much more like the multiple ear-piercing sets but it is more attractive than that. It is more advanced and you will see more varieties. You can download this mod from this link. Make sure to check out a collection of the best default eye mods for the Sims 4.


ear piercing cc 14 1

Another gorgeous set of earrings known as KALI EARRINGS has also attracted a lot of players to its unique design. These earrings are simple but attractive and you can have a look at them by visiting this page. Click here for Sims 4 hairstyles.

Cross Chain Ear Plug V1

ear piercing cc 7 1

Redheadsims never disappoints, we simmers have accomplished that a long, long time ago. It is is available in 5 colors. You can download it from here.

Shimydim Helix Feather Ear Piercings

ear piercing cc 17 1

By the name it is clear that this earring set may look like a feather. Helix Feather Piercing is simple but definitely stands out and will enhance the beauty of your female sims. It is available in two colors for both ears. To download them easily you can visit this link.

Random Piercing

ear piercing cc 14

The first set of the sims 4 piercing mod is random piercing and it further includes different types of ear, nose and face piercing for the female sims. In the random piercing there are a total of four different sets of ear piercing. To check it out you can have a look at this page for further information.

Heartcuffs Piercing

ear piercing cc 22 1


ear piercing cc 8 1

Priya Ear Piercings

ear piercing cc 18 1

TROUBLE Piercing Set

ear piercing cc 11 1

Star Moon Piercing

ear piercing cc 10 1

Accessories Set N2

ear piercing cc 9 1

Obsession Piercing TS4

ear piercing cc 10

Small Heart Ear Plugs

ear piercing cc 6 1

Madlen Maynard Ear cuff

ear piercing cc 5 1


ear piercing cc 4 1


ear piercing cc 3 1


ear piercing cc 2 1

Mortima Earcuff

ear piercing cc 1 1

Obsession Lip Chain Piercing V3

ear piercing cc 30

Random Piercing Mix (UPDATE)

ear piercing cc 29

Bee Earrings

ear piercing cc 21 1

Redheadsims Ear Plug

ear piercing cc 27


ear piercing cc 20 1

Leahlillith Heart Ear Piercings

ear piercing cc 23 1

Cat Ear Plug v1

ear piercing cc 24

HEARTBEAT, HEARTBREAK Piercing & Earring Set

ear piercing cc 19 1

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