100+ Leggings CC Finds for The Sims 4

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Leggings are women’s most favorite item. They’re versatile, comfortable, and sometimes fashionable! They go really go well with skirts, dresses, and even as a standalone item! So today we have gathered our favorite leggings in a list so that we can share them with you. You will find them all with their download links in their description.

leggings cc finds

High-Waisted Leggings & Oversize Sweatshirt & T-Shirt [Alpha]

High-Waisted Leggings & Oversize Sweatshirt & T-Shirt by Rimings

Stamina Set ( Shoes/ Socks/ Sweater/ Shirt/ Pants/ Long Sleeve/ Leggings/ Shorts/ Jacket ) [MM]

Stamina by Caio

Cotton Leggings for Female [ALPHA]

Cotton Leggings for Female

Ilo Set for Infants ( Jackets/ Sweatshirts/ Blouse/ Tees/ Button Up/ Snowsuit/ Overalls/ Dress/ Sleeveless Top/ Pants/ Leggings/ Skirt ) [MM]

Ilo Set for Infants

Balance & Grace Set (Jumpsuit/ Tops/ Leggings/ Shorts/ Leg Warmers / Braid Buns/ Ponytails/ Long Braids/ Long Hair) [MM]

Balance & Grace by joliebean & daylifesims

Leafy Comfort: 🌿 Legging [Anna&Bibi] – Cozy Infant Wear by Anna & Bibi

322378 127807 legging anna bibi by anna bibi sims4 featured image

Yuki’s Ensemble Emporium: Chic Tops, Leggings & Alpha Hair (Trendy Sets & Accessories)

204962 yuki style sims4 featured image

Versace Vogue: Chic Brocade Leggings for the Fashion-Forward (AlphaCC Collection)

244501 versace broque leggings sims4 featured image

ALEXO Allure: Chic Bodysuit & Leggings Ensemble (Trendy TTSWTRS Sets)

271551 ttswtrs bodysuit and leggings by a l e x o sims4 featured image

AlphaChic: Dazzling Leggings & Sets (Hearts & Dots Galore) #TrendyWear

91271 tights with dots and hearts sims4 featured image

AlphaTrend: Terry Pants (Versatile Leggings & Chic Sets for Women)

270753 terry pants sims4 featured image

Lynxsimz Little Loungewear: Chic Tank Tops & Leggings for Kids (Family Fashion)

316775 tank top leggings child by lynxsimz family sims4 featured image

FusionStyle Flair: Chic Sweaters & Leggings by Sviatlana (AlphaCC Collection)

150673 sweater leggings by fusionstyle by sviatlana sims4 featured image

Sunbird Bliss: BrianiteSims’ Ultimate Sportswear Set (Tops, Leggings & Accessories)

228181 sunbird sport set by brianitesims sims4 featured image

Simkath’s Woolridge Leggings: Chic AlphaCC Sets & Accessories

91424 simkath s woolridge leggings sims4 featured image

Simiracle’s Rainbow: Chic Cropped Leggings for Toddlers (Recolor Collection)

159354 simiracle cropped leggings recolor sims4 featured image

Fashion Fête: Simblreen Weekend 1 (Leggings, Sets, Accessories & Alpha CC Builds)

248097 simblreen weekend 1 sims4 featured image

Chic Charm Collection (Simblreen Gifts Pt. 2) by CruelHumanBean: Fashion & Accessories

132563 simblreen gifts part 2 by cruelhumanbean sims4 featured image

Sondescent SimFlex: The Ultimate Stretch Leggings Experience (#AlphaCC Collection)

141147 sim stretch leggings by sondescent sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Chic: Embrace Style with Solid Color Scrunch Leggings (Clothing Sets & Accessories)

320811 scrunch leggings solid colors sims4 featured image

Kliekie’s Couture: Chic Scrunch Leggings (Patterns) – Trendy AlphaCC Ensembles & Accessories

281127 scrunch leggings 40 patterns 41 by kliekie sims4 featured image

Chromatic Threads: Laroxx’s Recolors by Blewis50 (Leggings, Sets, Socks & More)

140858 recolors of alecseycool s laroxx s pieces by blewis50 sims4 featured image

PurrsephoneSims’ Rosaline Leggings Revamp (Chic AlphaCC Clothing & Accessories)

148094 purrsephonesims rosaline leggings updated sims4 featured image

PlasticSimz’s Fashion Fiesta (Season 3): Diverse Wardrobe Essentials Unveiled

234671 plastic season 3 life with plastic is fantastic by plasticsimz sims4 featured image

FlexiFlair Pink Seamless Workout Tights (Ultimate Comfort & Style)

192355 pink seamless workout tights sims4 featured image

Pocahontas Boutique’s PHB x Mistress Rocks: Chic Outfits & Accessories Collection

234865 phb x mistress rocks by pocahontas boutique sims4 featured image

Blettie’s Blitz: Nike Training Ensemble (Tops, Leggings & Accessories)

193764 nike training set by blettie sims4 featured image

Miro Maven: Chic Sporty Sets for Her (Tops, Leggings & Accessories)

204104 miro sporty set sims4 featured image

Liberty Looms: Nany Design’s Versatile Jeans Collection (Denim & More)

322144 liberty jeans by nany design sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Chic: Elevate Your Style with Trendy Tops, Leggings & Sets (Clothing & Accessories)

193730 let s get moving sims4 featured image

JenniSims’ Joyful Jamboree: Leggings & Socks with Fun Prints (Clothes & Accessories)

340036 leggings fun prints by jennifer jennisims sims4 featured image

Soellie’s Signature Series: Chic Leggings and Accessories Ensemble (#AlphaClothes)

182185 leggings by soellie sims4 featured image

Annett’s Allure: Chic Kids’ Leggings & Tights (ASW Sims 4 Collection)

317920 leggings tights for kids by annett 39 s sims 4 welt asw sims4 featured image

Alpha Attire: Chic Leggings & Shirts for Trendsetting Wardrobes

262334 leggings shirt sims4 featured image

Leggy Luxe: Elevate Your Style with Trendy Leggings & Stockings (Clothing & Accessories)

334777 legging stockings sims4 featured image

Ice-CreamForBreakfast’s Lazy Sunday: Chic Mini Pack (Tops, Leggings, Sets & More)

242215 lazy sunday mini pack by ice creamforbreakfast sims4 featured image

Lacy Luxe: Elevate Your Style with Chic Leggings Accessories

202553 lacy leggings accessory sims4 featured image

Annett’s Allure: Trendy Sims 4 Kids’ Jeans, Shorts & Leggings (ASW Collection)

293025 kids jeans shorts leggings collection by annett 39 s sims 4 welt asw sims4 featured image

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329595 jupiter set part 2 sims4 featured image

Jordutch Vogue: Chic Tops, Leggings & Sets (AlphaCC Accessories)

84783 jordutch 160120233158 sims4 featured image

Jenny’s Allure: Korkassims Lingerie & Chic Accessories (Leggings, Sets, Alpha CC)

325940 jenny lingerie by korkassims sims4 featured image

Cupid’s Couture: Chic Skinnies and Accessories by TheWeebSimmer (Leggings, Sets, Alpha CC)

134052 hey cupid skinnies by theweebsimmer sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Chic: Elevate Your Style with EP08 High-Waist Leggings (Clothing & Accessories)

299013 hemfbg mdp ep08 leggingshighwaist sims2 featured image

Zombie Chic: Revamped Half n’ Half Tights (Dead-Inspired Leggings & Accessories)

256362 half n half tights recolor by dead sims4 featured image

GladysMorse’s Glam: Ultimate Leggings & Accessory Collections (Clothing Sets & More)

152406 gladysmorse leggings sims4 featured image

Fashionista’s Dream: Chic Girls’ Clothing Sets & Accessories (Leggings, Shorts, Pants)

290216 girly short sims4 featured image

Sporty Spice Styles: Trendy Sims’ Leggings & Accessory Sets (Alpha CC)

86523 for sporty sims sims4 featured image

LynxsimzFamily’s Flair: Trendy Flare Leggings & Chic Accessories (#AlphaCC)

330166 flare leggings by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

Fendi Flair: Nelo-Style’s Chic Tee & Vinyl Leggings Ensemble (#LuxuryFashion)

138632 fendi tee vinyl leggings by nelo style sims4 featured image

Annett’s Eco Chic No.6: Basegame-Friendly Sims 4 Apparel & Accessories

342073 eco lifestyle recolors nr 6 basegame compatible by annettssims4welt sims4 featured image

Enchanted Threads: Eco-Friendly Leggings for Today’s Fairytale (#FashionFinds)

273280 eco leggings by today was a fairytale sims4 featured image

Cozy Couture: Embrace Style with Comfy Leggings and Chic Accessories

218488 comfy leggings sims4 featured image

JenniSims’ Cozy Trio (Socks, Tights, Leggings) – Toddler Fashion Sets

341915 collection 3 sets 40 socks tights leggings 41 by jennifer jennisims sims4 featured image

LynxsimzFamily’s Enchanted Tots: Cartoon Leggings for Infants (Chic Accessories & More)

334883 cartoon leggings infant by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

Chic Silhouette: Cage Outfit Bottom P22 by Busra-TR (Stylish Leggings & Sets)

270880 cage outfit bottom p22 by busra tr sims4 featured image

Fashion Flair: Bruised Knees & Chic Ensembles (Leggings, Stockings & Tattoos)

237648 bruised knees sims4 featured image

JenniGlam’s Versatile Bottom Leggings (25 Swatches by Jennifer – Jennisims)

336659 bottom leggings 25 swatches by jennifer jennisims sims4 featured image

“Simperium’s Sleek (Blncg Netted Pantaleggings & Knife Combo)” – AlphaClothes Trendsetter

330816 blncg netted pantaleggings knife by simperium sims4 featured image

Bianca’s BelaloAllure: Chic Sport Bra and Tights Ensemble (#AlphaAthleisure)

293340 bianca sport bra and tights by belaloallure sims4 featured image

Fashionista’s Choice: Chic BG Tunic & Leggings Ensemble (Trendy Female Attire & Accessories)

292986 bg tunic leggings sims4 featured image

Basegama Bliss: Trendsetting Leggings and Accessories (AlphaCC Clothing Sets)

106456 basegama leggings sims4 featured image

JenniStyle Essentials: Chic Leggings & Accessories (Base Game Compatible)

335730 base game compatible by jennisims sims4 featured image

Fashionista’s Dream: Bardi Gang Bollection (Tops, Suits, Leggings & More!)

235660 bardi gang bollection sims4 featured image

PlatinumLuxeSims’ Balenciaga Bliss (Tops, Leggings & Accessories Set)

281182 balenciaga set by platinumluxesims sims4 featured image

Guemara’s Whisker Wonders: Anime & Kitty Leggings Set (Chic Apparel & Accessories)

323533 anime and kitty leggings set by guemara sims4 featured image

Alexander Allure: Chic Wang Print Stretch Leggings (Trendy Tops & Sets)

96733 alexander wang print stretch leggings sims3 featured image

Chic Muhari’s Closet: Jacquemus La Montagne & Trendy Female Fashion Essentials

315314 3d muhari jacquemus la montagne sims4 featured image

Nini’sPlanet Cozy Embrace: Chic Legging Set & Accessories (#AlphaCC Collection)

340959 cozy legging set by ninisplanet sims4 featured image

Fendi Fabulosity: Dazzling Tops, Suits, and Dresses for Alpha Fashionistas

187500 fendi prints on 2 sims4 featured image

˗ˏˋSam’s Chic Leggingsˎˊ˗: Vintage-Simmer’s Trendy Release (Dec 20, Alpha CC & More)

318163 CB8FCB8Bsam leggings CB8ECB8A public release december 20 by vintage simmer sims4 featured image

PoxMozzyChicBundle (Sample Set: Tops, Sleepwear, Leggings, Clothing Sets, Accessories, Swimwear, Lingerie)

326155 pox mozzy shorts sample sims4 featured image

MaxStyle Corset Suit (Sample #Merch, #Sua, #Tops, #Sleepwear, #Outfits, #Leggings, #Dresses, #ClothingSets, #Bodysuits, #Sexy, #FemaleFashion, #AlphaCC)

321352 merch sua corset suit sample sims4 featured image

BlueCraveLeggings (Wood Elf-Inspired Female Pants – Alpha CC Clothing & Accessories Set)

319499 blue craving wood elf leggings sims4 featured image

CheerFlex Leggings (Stylish Cheer Apparel – Clothing Sets & Accessories | AlphaCC)

317169 cheer leggings sims4 featured image

Equinox Warmers – Pare Dawls Nesa Ribbed Leggings & Accessories Gift Set (Clothing, Socks, Stockings)

316807 pare dawls equinox nesa ribbed warmers gift sims4 featured image

AlphaFlex Pan Leggings (Male Clothing, Pants, Accessories, Alpha CC Sets)

302222 pan leggings sims4 featured image

AlphaRippedShorts (Stylish Female Clothing Sets & Accessories with Leggings and Shorts)

287426 ripped shorts sims4 featured image

Helgatisha’s Latex Elegance (Sleek Set-Top, Sleeves & Leggings – AlphaCC Male Clothing)

285825 latex set top sleeves leggings by helgatisha sims4 featured image

DiamondStride Marl Leggings (AlphaCC, Female Pants, Clothing Sets & Accessories)

333773 marl leggings sims4 featured image

JenniSims Leggings 101 (Basics by Jennifer, Alpha CC, Clothing Sets & Accessories)

334386 leggings basics by jennifer jennisims sims4 featured image

LeggingsLuxeBundle (Mix of Leggings, Clothing Sets, Stockings & Accessories)

334298 leggings mix sims4 featured image

starry leggings ~ infant ✨ by lynxsimzfamily

334887 starry leggings infant by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

rainbow leggings ~ infant ✨ by lynxsimzfamily

334888 rainbow leggings infant by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

PLBSims Cozy Ensemble (Cake Sweater & Legging Pants Set for Alpha CC Female Clothing)

336129 cake sweater legging pants by plbsims sims4 featured image

xmas top and leggings ~ toddler 💗 by lynxsimzfamily

337644 xmas top and leggings toddler by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

xmas top and leggings ~ infant ✨ by lynxsimzfamily

337645 xmas top and leggings infant by lynxsimzfamily sims4 featured image

AlphaYogaFit (Stylish Yoga Legging Pants – Clothing Sets & Accessories for Women)

335783 yoga legging pants sims4 featured image

Sunberry Vintage Ensemble (Early Access Knit Skirt & Tights Set – 24.02) #SunberryClothingCollection

340674 sunberry vintage knit wool skirt knit tights 24 02 40 early access 41 by sunberry sims4 featured image

Ripped Stylish Leggings [ALPHA]

Ripped Stylish Leggings

35 Swatch SIM Stretch Leggings: Sleek, Sporty, Unisex Comfort


Rosaline Leggings Overhaul: New Texture, 40 Swatches, Base Game Compatible


Female Leggings: 5 Recolors, Normal Map, Maxis Match – Free on Patreon


Mynx Tights Collection: Houndstooth, Swiss Dot, Floral, Tartan – Base Game Ready

Basegame Leggings Recolor: 28 Patterns, Custom Thumbnail, Toddler-Friendly


Rainbow Tights for All: Standalone, Base Game Compatible, Single Swatch – Mediafire


KEDLUU’s 1000 Followers Celebration: Fashion Set for Sims

186180167100 1

Ayla Leggings & Tights Recolor: 14 Swatches, Teen-Elder, Mesh Required


Dance-Inspired Athleisure Set: Crop Jacket, Leggings, Tee


Simblreen Gift 1: Medusa Dress and Ayla Leggings with Custom Thumbnails


Summer-Ready Cute Leggings: Base Game, Recolors, Stand-Alone, In-Game Tested


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