Unique Dreads CC for Your Males & Females in the Sims 4!

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Have you ever had that moment in life when you want to do something with your hair, but are too afraid to cut it or color it? That’s what dreads were invented for. This style has been in for a long time, and we’re not surprised. It can be worn by people of any age or gender. Well, sit back and enjoy because you’re about to be introduced to a bunch of dreads CC for your male and female Sims!

sims 4 dreads cc

A must-have list for all you dreadlock lovers!

Listen up simmers, dreadlocks are just generally awesome. And chances are, if you’re reading this, you want to include that in your Sims 4. This collection of custom content packs that we have for you today has both male and female hairstyle options, so you can rock the look no matter what gender you’re playing. The best part about these dreads is that they come in a variety of colors and hairstyles, so you will certainly find the perfect look for your characters.

Let’s dive right into our CC packs then, shall we?

1. Electric Dreads for Men and Women

MTS Esmeralda 1500983 TS3comparisonpic

These electric dreads created by Esmeralda. They are made up of a ponytail of rasta locks completed by plastic stripes to make it look even more fit for a rock star. Download these locks today at our direct link here.

2. Top Bun Dreads Pull Back Hair Retexture

marta li ebonix top bun dreads pull back hair retexture

This top bun made of dreads by Martalisofia has almost 30 thousand downloads. It is available in fourteen classic and extravagant hair colors. The long, beautiful locks are complemented with a big, lush bun on the top of the head. If you want your Sim to start wearing such a look, go to this link to download the hair.

3. Daylily Hair Dreads Retexture

blahberrypancake leahlillith daylily hair dreads retexture

The ultimate rasta dreads coming to you by Blahberry pancake! These are suitable for any occasion and any style, but would definitely suit your gothic Sims! Combine it with jewelry, piercings, or extravagant makeup for a wild look, or just keep it simple and rock on! Download the look today at this link.

4. University dreads

MTS necrodog 1499134 s3 dreads color example

Punk, rasta, elegant… Depending on which color you choose or how you wear it – dreads can be everything a girl (or boy) needs. Necrodog’s creation is available in eight colors; some of them more traditional, some of them quite unique. It can also be worn by any Sim, regardless of sex or age. Download the dreads today at our linkhere.

5. Cazy Hair c124 NS

blahberry pancake cazy hair c124 ns dreads retexture

Does this look familiar? That’s right, this is almost the same as the previous creation of Blahberry pancake from earlier on this list. However, this comes with a twist: the front part is put back with a pair of braids, which make this style look fabulous and trendy. Go and get your hands on this hair by clicking here.

6. Nightcrawler Hair Tyra Dreads

blahberrypancake nightcrawler hair tyra dreads needs mesh

And Blahberry pancake does it again: a classic bob turned into dreads. The ideal mix between traditional and modern. Can be a great start if you haven’t had dreads before! To download these short locks, visit this page!

7. Dreamcatcher Dreads

blahberrypancake leahlillith dreamcatcher dreads retexture

How gorgeous is this style by Blahberry pancake! It is a take on the classic short bob. The locks are made into dreads, and the dark roots finish in beautifully textured light ends. Get the dreads in one of the amazing colors by going to this link.

88. Bob Marley dreads

MTS necrodog 1508984 marley color example

”Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” Bob Marley’s famous quote is going to come true if you just download Necrodog’s rasta-style hair from here, and start rocking these reggae locks.

9. Jack Dreads

MTS necrodog 1498825 jack dreads color example

Looks like these colors are just loved by Necrodog – do you love them as well? We sure do. These dreads are suitable for any age. Combine it with any facial hair for the finished look. The style is up for grabs on this page.

10. Pigtail Dreads with Bangs Child

MTS necrodog 1499134 s3 dreads color example 1

Who said dreads are for adults only? Drteekaycee surely proves they are not! Moreover, it also proves that you don’t always have to wear dreads down: you can create as many cool hairdos as you want! Here’s our favorite one for children: pigtails and bangs. Go and get this style today at this link!

11. Dreads pulled back into a bun


Another example to prove that dreads don’t always have to be associated with a wild, untamed look. Look at this braid bun, for example. It creates a truly elegant style that can be worn on any occasion, and with any style of dress or clothes – by men and women alike. Download them here right now!

12. Kids Dreads

kids dreads at birksches sims blog

Another amazing look for kids! This time it is a braided hairdo made up of dreads. It is perfect for kids who want to play all day without their hair being in their face all the time. It also looks great in school – this unique hair will make everyone want it! Go and download it from here.

13. Women Dreads

women dreads at birksches sims blog

Another beautiful classic haircut made into dreads. This hairdo, available in multiple colors, is a very girly cut, with that little twist that turns it into a really modern look. To download it, visit this link.

14. Dixie Dreads

dixie dreads at birksches sims blog

This one has ‘classy’ written all over it! Long, shiny dreads complemented with a very modern, asymmetric hairdo. Start rocking it today by downloading it from here!

15. Dreads Ponytail

dreads ponytail at birksches sims blog

Another hairdo to prove that dreads are not only for women. This one is for those who want long hair but don’t really feel like having to wear it all down. Grab a ponytail for your Sim from our direct link.

16. Dreads Ponytail for Ladies

dreads ponytail for ladys at birksches sims blog

And of course, girls cannot be left out when it comes to ponytails! Here’s the exact same hairdo as the previous one – only this time it’s for ladies. Get your hands on it at this link.

17. Jason Dreads

jason dreads at birksches sims blog

Very classic dreads for men – many have seen these dreads on Jack sparrow or Bob Marley, and fell in love with the style instantly. Go and give it to your Sim by downloading the style from here.

18. PopcornDreads mono and colored for Men

popcorndreads mono and colored for men at birksches sims blog

PopcornDreads – what a fun name! And it describes the style really well. It’s fun and can be colored in any way you want. The result is going to be amazing for sure! The front part of the hair is pulled back to highlight the face. This makes it a great hairstyle for the summer. Grab it today here.

19. Big Bun Dreads males

big bun dreads males at birksches sims blog

Don’t we all love a man with a bun? These dreads make up a bun that could be envied by any woman. Long, lush hair dreaded up and knotted together beautifully in a huge bun. Available in different colors and styles to make sure it will look good on your Sim too. If you want to download it, simply go to this link.

20. adonis hair

Screenshot 2022 08 23 203645

These golden locks are created by the one and only Okruee! Your Sim won’t need a filter with these dreads, trust me. But even more, the hair accessory that comes along with it in this pack is just the perfect addition. Expect 24 colors in this pack. Here’s your download link.

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