16 Stunning CC Bathrooms to Spoil your Sims!

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We know that sims enjoy spending time in the bathroom, to the point that they sometimes opt to wash their dirty dishes there! Why not make it a more pleasant place to be with a CC bathroom upgrade?

bathroom cc
Explore a variety of bathroom CC for the Sims 4!

Bathrooms are the unsung heroes of every home. Many people start and end their day in the bathroom, whether they’re taking a shower to wake up, having a warm bath to wind down, using the sink & mirror to get ready for a meeting or date, using the toilet while scrolling their phones, or even hugging the bowl when fighting a stomach bug!

Honestly we spend more time in the bathroom than we give it credit for, so why not make it an inviting space? Most of us can’t just give our IRL bathrooms a makeover for whatever reason(s), but The Sims 4 lets us have the next best thing. With CC bathroom collections you can build the powder room of your dreams and give your sims the bathroom makeover you desire.

CC Bathrooms for a Real “Throne Room” Feeling

They don’t call the bathroom the “throne room” for nothing! Pick a style and give your sims the majestic bathroom they’ve always wanted.

1. Core Subway Tile by KKB’s MM

Core Subway Tile Bathroom Set

First up, this amazing collection of pastel-colored tiles for your Sim’s bathroom! Core Subway Tile by KKB’s MM is such an adorable collection to add up to your game. With its classic design, you can still match it with some luxury bathroom ccs you want to add. Find this set here.

2. Sayulita – Bathroom Set by RusticSims

image 15

The Sayulita set comes with a great mix of bold textiles featuring wood, stone, glass, and concrete that combine to form a truly unique but luxurious bathing space. Very avante-garde!

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furniture cc

3. Mid-Century Collection – Emerald Waters Bathroom by sim_Man123


The Emerald Waters collection is a mix of retro vibes with modern charm in a range of colors to suit every taste. It looks cozy and quaint but also trendy and hip for whatever kind of bathroom you’re trying to build. Grab this CC bathroom on TSR.

Love the mid century look? How about a coordinating office?

4. Blockhouse Bathroom by KiwiSim4

image 3

If you want a bathroom full of color but maybe not so bright as above, check out the Blockhouse Bathroom. The muted colors and earth tones in this set would be a perfect palette for a luxury bathroom in the desert or a beach lot facing the sunset.

5. Bathroom Set by Mechtasims

image 5

We had to feature this set because of the special attention in gives to the toilet, which is rarely given more love than a few colors. This toilet has 5 unique toilet seat patterns (plus a plain one) to give your restroom a little extra style! The bathroom set also has loads of clutter which is always welcome!

6. Calliope Bathroom by Leaf-Motif

image 4

The Calliope CC Bathroom set is one of my favorites! It’s full of pretty colors and the mix of styles make it look like the pieces were acquired over time from various sources. Beautiful lines, stylish accents, and old-fashioned charm all combine to make a bathroom worth hanging around in.

7. Jacks Bathroom by Nynaeve Design

image 6

While I’m not sure who Jack is, they really know how to decorate a bathroom! This ultra-modern CC bathroom balances the clean feeling of a neutral color palette with sleek metal accents, but uses greenery and softer lines to bring life back into what might otherwise feel like a sterile space. If you want an updated bathroom that doesn’t feel stuffy, check out this set.

8. Brutalist Bathroom by House of Harlix

image 1

The term “brutalist” can be somewhat misleading as there’s nothing brutal about the style of this bathroom. Though it can feel a bit impersonal with the monochromatic color offerings, warm wood tones and intricate details soften the vibes and make the collection more inviting. Take a look for yourself and see how welcoming the collection can be!

If you want more Brutalist style in your sims’ homes take a look at this sectional set.

9. Fiona Bathroom by Taurus Design

image 7

If you’re after a bathroom that’s bold, stylish, and dramatic then you should check out the Fiona Bathroom. There’s nothing subtle about this CC bathroom and it’s perfect for a sim who likes to be a bit extra. I feel like this would be a great bathroom for a sim who likes to furnish their home with Vintage Glamour content.

10. Cora Bathroom by xogreardine

image 8

If you want a stylish CC bathroom that looks more lived-in, the Cora Bathroom on TSR might be what you’re looking for. Everything in the set is quite lovely but imperfect, adding a bit of a realistic feel to the space. This isn’t a bathroom in a brand new build, it’s a bathroom that belongs to someone who cares for their home but doesn’t strive to be perfect. I bet it looks lovely in the early morning light!

11. Boho-Bath Botanical Retreat by Sixam

image 9

If you can never get enough plants in your life then this is the bathroom for you! As long as it gets enough light, a bathroom can be a great place to keep plants that thrive in humidity or wetter areas and this set has a dozen little green friends to decorate your space with. It’s another classic looking collection with a lived-in vibe that your Plantsims will positively adore.

Check out our guide to Plantsims.

12. Daucas Bathroom by WondyMoon

image 10

I picture this bathroom being the result of a skilled DIYer who did everything on their own, like sourcing hardware from estate sales and upcycling the wood furniture from a vintage bedroom set. It’s got old-fashioned lines without feeling too rigid and looks like a really relaxing space to have a bubble bath. Pinterest-perfect! Get it on TSR.

13. French Country Master Bath by ALGbuilds

image 18

This beautiful CC bathroom from TSR is for a sim who likes the finer things and wants that finery extending to every room of their home. Details like the fancy clawfoot tub, decorated toilet, ornate mirror and embroidered towels let you know that this is a place for the refined. If you want to feel like a member of high society, you’ll want this bathroom in your home.

14. Colette Cottage Bathroom by Syboulette

image 12

Looking for an old-fashioned bathroom that doesn’t feel too stuffy? Into the shabby-chic aesthetic? This cottage bathroom is the one for you! Draw a warm bath, brew a cup of tea, and read a book while you have a relaxing soak in the middle of your charming fairy cottage. You’ll be singing with the woodland creatures in no time!

If you just *love* cottagecore, you need to see this CC!

15. Auntie Vera’s Bathroom by Pierisim

image 13

We all have that relative who has lived in the same house forever, whose home you know almost as well as your own. In this case, it’s auntie Vera. Her bathroom is always clean and smells like the same perfume she’s used for as long as you can remember. Her trusty bathrobe hangs by the tub, and you’re pretty sure she painted the dividers herself when she first moved in all those years ago. You would recognize this bathroom anywhere!

If you want a bit of bathroom nostalgia, definitely give Auntie Vera’s Bathroom a look.

16. Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Collection by LittleDica

image 14

This interesting CC bathroom is what you get when you mix industrial and country styles together. It has the kind of silhouettes you’d expect to see in a rustic country build but with the colors and accents more befitting of an industrial loft. It would be a great bathroom set for a forest lodge or “man cave.” You can get it here!

Looking for more mirror CC for your next build? Check out our compilation below!

mirror cc sims

17. Rustic Bathroom by OnyxSims

image 17 edited

Last but not least, this small rustic bathroom collection combines multiple styles for a rugged but country-ish feeling. The set doesn’t include a shower or tub, but that just means you get to be more creative with it—it would work well in a western gastro pub or steak house in addition to your home builds! You can get this CC bathroom collection here.

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In Closing

With the ability to use custom content for The Sims 4 there’s no reason that you can’t decorate every room of your house just the way you want it, even the bathroom! You probably don’t think about how much time you and your sims spend here, and I bet it’s a lot more time than you think. Might as well make it a comfortable space to be, right? Hopefully you’ve found some new favorite bathrooms thanks to this list; your sims will thank you for it. Have fun, and happy simming!

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