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Are you a fan of both Sims 4 and Astrology and are you also up for a new challenge? Well, in that case, the Zodiac Challenge will be worth giving a shot! Read on to learn the rules, how to get started, and how to play the challenge, from start to finish!


The Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge: So, What Is It All About?

This is the Zodiac Challenge, welcome on board! If you embark on this journey and choose to play this legacy challenge, you will need to play across 12 generations. Much like its name hints, each generation will have one zodiac sign theme, inspired by actual Western astrology signs.

You will play one main character for every generation, and they will embody the stereotypical traits of one zodiac sign. Naturally, it’s so hard to put any sign into a box. Take the challenge as a fun Sims 4 quest, and don’t sweat the sign traits as much – because this challenge truly is a lot of fun! So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

The Main Zodiac Challenge Rules You’ll Need To Follow

Before we dive into how every sign should be played, let’s get acquainted with the rules. These are general, so you’ll need to be mindful of them all the time throughout the challenge:

  • Money cheats are not allowed.
  • You can use CC.
  • You can use mods such as MC Command Center, but it’s up to you to choose. Mods that give you a visible advantage in meeting challenge objectives are forbidden.
  • You need to complete all goals listed for every generation, or else you lose the challenge.
  • You can choose any child for the next generation unless otherwise specified.

If you like, you can check out the original challenge post here! Now that the big rules are out of the way, let’s create the first Sim and get to know each sign!

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How To Get Started?

Since this is a legacy challenge, it’s best to start off on a big lot. The bigger, the better, so opt for 50×50 or 64×64 if available. When playing one zodiac generation, pay attention to the next generation as well, just so you don’t miss out on important cues.

Although the zodiac wheel starts with Aries in astrology, the Zodiac Challenge actually starts with Aquarius and ends with Capricorn. Traits and main goals for every generation are already set (you’ll find them below), but you can get super creative with looks. Think about what would be the embodiment of one zodiac sign, and have fun from there!

  • DLC info: The challenge was last updated in 2019, and includes careers, features, and aspirations from a few expansion packs: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Cat’s & Dogs, Seasons, and Get Famous. It also includes some features from other DLCs released until 2019.

1st Generation – Aquarius

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Your starter Sim for the Zodiac Challenge will embody Aquarius vibes. This means that they will be quirky, eccentric, different, and unafraid to stand out. This Sim is a visionary to be reckoned with. They walk to the beat of their own drum and draw outside the lines, but can be a little extreme. 

  • Traits: Self-assured, Erratic, Ambitious
  • Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • Career: Politician

1st generation goals:

  • Get married as an adult.
  • Have 3 kids.
  • Make at least 4 good friends.
  • Reach level 10 of the Politician career (any branch).
  • Max out the Wellness skill.
  • Complete ”Leader of the Pack” aspiration.
  • Have a club gathering at least once a week (any club).

2nd Generation – Pisces

Pisces are sensitive, highly intuitive creatures. The Sim from this generation will be open-hearted, sociable, gentle, and empathetic. This is a creative individual, who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others and accepts everyone as they are. However, although a giver, they can’t seem to find ”the one”.

  • Traits: Creative, Jealous, Gloomy
  • Aspiration: Soulmate
  • Career: Painter

2nd generation goals:

  • Have at least 2 boyfriends/girlfriends before marriage.
  • Have 2 kids
  • Max out the painting skills.
  • Reach level 10 of the Painting career (any branch)
  • The symbol of Pisces is fish, so make sure this Sim has a pool to swim in that’s at least 4×4 in size!
  • Make at least 2 friends of a different gender, race, and sexuality.

3rd Generation – Aries

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Here comes the trailblazer of the Zodiac Challenge! Aries Sim is bold, sporty, passionate, direct, and loves a good challenge. However, this Sim has a deep urge to one-up everyone and win at all costs, which can be detrimental to their relationships.

  • Traits: Hot-headed, Ambitious, Perfectionist
  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
  • Career: Secret Agent

3rd generation goals:

  • Have 1 child.
  • Max out the Fitness skills.
  • Reach level 10 of the Secret Agent career (any branch).
  • Complete the ”Renaissance Sim” aspiration.
  • Be enemies with a sibling until both are young adults.
  • Have only 1 friend until you become a young adult. 
  • Fix problematic relationships as soon as possible.
  • Go for a jog for 3 hours every week.

4th Generation – Taurus

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Taurus is all about beauty, art, luxury and comfort. The main Sim from this generation is slow, steady, and practical. Behind the laid-back exterior is a real sweetheart that values genuine connection. They care about simple pleasures such as tasty food, or quality time with loved ones, but can be stubborn and rigid.

  • Traits: Romantic, Foodie, Materialistic
  • Aspiration: Mansion Baron
  • Career: Business or Culinary

4th generation goals:

  • Have 4 kids (there must be 1 set of twins). You are allowed to use cheats for twins.
  • Have a soulmate relationship with your spouse before becoming an elder.
  • Complete ”Mansion Baron” aspiration.
  • Max out the singing skill.
  • Reach level 10 of the Business (any branch) or Culinary career (any branch)
  • Have a garden with 10 plants of perfect quality.  
  • Prepare and eat only organic meals (quick meals or eating out is forbidden).
  • Have a karaoke night with family every two weeks.

5th Generation – Gemini

This Sim from the Zodiac Challenge is communicative, curious, witty, and interested in everything around them. Because there is so much to experience in life, so they can be flighty! This Sim grew up in a loving family, in abundance and comfort. But, once they move to a big city to live independently, they face some harsh truths. Finding a job and stable relationships becomes a challenge.

  • Traits: Noncommittal, Outgoing, Insider
  • Aspiration: Party Animal
  • Career: None (freelance)

5th generation goals:

  • Have 1 set of twins (must have them the natural way, no cheats this time). 
  • Get caught cheating on your spouse (what happens after that is up to you).
  • Must be one of the twins from the previous generation. The twins must be total opposites and have different characters and styles. 
  • Move into an apartment with the Needs TLC trait. 
  • Max out the charisma skill.
  • Reach at least level 4 in 3 skills of your choice before becoming an elder. 
  • Complete the ”Party Animal” aspiration.
  • Throw every type of party at least once.
  • Have 3 jobs for at least 1 week, then start doing freelance.
  • Visit at least 2 community lots every week and spend an hour there.
  • Learn all recipes from the vendor stalls (City Living).

6th Generation – Cancer

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Cancer is the nurturer. This sign is as sensitive and empathetic as Pisces and can be a bit moody at times. The Sim from this generation is a real homebody, emotional, and deeply connected to those they love. They simply don’t care about building a career, and would rather be a dedicated stay-at-home parent.

  • Traits: Gloomy, Jealous, Family-Oriented
  • Aspiration: Super Parent
  • Career: None

6th generation goals:

  • Have 2 kids.
  • Max out the baking skills.
  • Max out the cooking or gourmet cooking skills.
  • Complete the ”Super Parent” aspiration.
  • Both kids must reach level 5 in imagination and communication skills when toddlers. 
  • Make sure both kids have straight A’s in school.
  • Keep the house spotlessly clean.
  • Pack a lunch for kids before they go to school. Or, serve them a snack when they come back.
  • Host a tea party or a small get-together every week and have homemade baked goods ready for serving every time. 
  • Do woodworking as a hobby, and make every sculpture there is to make.
  • Never get a job. Live off of parents’, and later spouse’s simoleons.
  • You are only allowed to sell woodworking duplicates for money.
  • Show off all sculptures at home!

7th Generation – Leo

Leos are born to shine and feel comfortable in the spotlight. This Sim is confident, alluring, and a little extra. There is a notable creative streak, and an ambition to be a star, but also some superficiality and arrogance. Growing up with a helicopter parent, Leo Sim started rebelling in their teens. Now all they care about is fun, the spotlight, and their guitar!

  • Traits: Materialistic, Music Lover, Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Musical Genius/Master Actor
  • Career: Entertainer/Actor

7th generation goals:

  • Have 1 child.
  • Never marry, but have as many romantic relationships as you like.
  • Max out 2 instrument skills of your choice. 
  • Max out the acting skills. 
  • Reach level 10 in the Entertainer (Musician branch) or Actor career.
  • Complete the ”Musical Genius” or ”Master Actor” aspiration.
  • When you reach level 5 in your career, have a one-night stand with a groupie. This will lead to an unplanned pregnancy.
  • You are allowed to make side-simoleons by licensing songs or making videos.
  • Don’t be super present in your child’s life.
  • The mother of a child doesn’t have to live with your Sim and the child (you can make some family drama). 

8th Generation – Virgo

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Virgos are detail-oriented individuals, analytical and observant. Growing up, they were a bit neglected, and this made them a little detached, shy, and cautious. This is why they are overly self-reliant. Curious and smart, they found escape in hobbies and interests, and that’s how they met the love of their life. Can it last?

  • Traits: Loner, Geek, Bookworm
  • Aspiration: The Curator
  • Career: Scientist

8th generation goals:

  • Have 2 children.
  • Reach level 10 in the Scientist career.
  • Complete the ”Curator” aspiration.
  • Get married just before becoming an adult. 
  • Marry a co-worker. They have to have at least one personality trait in common.
  • Have a large fight with a spouse and separate. You decide if they are going to reconcile or not. 
  • Finish any collection of your choice. 
  • Have a home library with at least 25 books. 

9th Generation – Libra

Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. Unlike their parent, Sim loves company and doesn’t tolerate being alone. They are communicative, supportive, and playful, and can see the beauty everywhere. Libra Sim loves a good debate and enjoys socializing, but struggles in love.

  • Traits: Unflirty, Loves the Outdoors, Goofball
  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family
  • Career: Social Media/Gardener

9th generation challenge goals:

  • Have 3 children (one of them has to be adopted).
  • Max out Herbalism or Gardening skills.
  • Max out parenting skills.
  • Max out photography skills.
  • Have every child max out at least one skill. Encourage kids to do homework and work on skills. 
  • Complete the ”Big Happy Family” aspiration. 
  • Reach level 10 in the Social Media or Gardener career (any branch)
  • Have 4 good friends.
  • Be best friends with your spouse.
  • Vacation at Granite Falls every two weeks, or once in a season.
  • Visit at least two community lots every week and spend 4 hours socializing and meeting new Sims. 
  • Take many pictures of your kids, and have one wall filled with family photos. 

10th Generation – Scorpio

Scorpios are natural investigators, and great at finding cues! They are intense, determined, and assertive. The Scorpio generation Sim has the drive to get to the bottom of things. They love crime shows and care about justice. Although inquisitive and ambitious, they can get too obsessed with work, neglecting family life.

  • Traits: Ambitious, Good, Genius
  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain
  • Career: Detective

10th generation goals:

  • Have 3 children
  • Marry your high school sweetheart.
  • Complete the ”Nerd Brain” aspiration.
  • Reach level 10 in the Detective career. 
  • Max out the logic skill.
  • Max out the handiness skill.
  • Get divorced. It’s up to you to choose who gets custody over the kids)
  • Re-marry as an elder.
  • Live to retire from the Detective career. 

11th Generation – Sagittarius

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Sagittarius folks are open-minded and naturally enthusiastic. They are travelers at heart, and so will be the Sim from this generation. This Zodiac Challenge Sim really can’t be pinned down. A Sim like this would rather ponder the meaning of life, and get to know different cultures than commit to anything or anyone.

  • Traits: Outgoing, Noncommittal, Dance Machine
  • Aspiration: Friend of the World or Archeology Scholar/Jungle Explorer
  • Career: None

11th generation goals:

  • Have kids with 3 different people. 
  • Never marry.
  • Max out dancing skills.
  • Max out comedy skills.
  • Complete the ”Freind of the World” or ”Archaeology Scholar” or ”Jungle Explorer” aspiration.
  • Live in 3 different worlds for at least a week before settling down in one place. 
  • Re-design your house from scratch at least once after settling down in your final home. 
  • Go to every festival if you are free to go.
  • Go to a nightclub every Friday.
  • Earn simoleons from freelancing only (collecting, gardening, painting, writing, treasure hunting, etc).

12th Generation – Capricorn

Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

Capricorn Sims will be wise, responsible, and in touch with traditional values. Growing up, they felt like they lacked structure, so they created a structured life for themselves. Money is where the heart is. Because they moved around a lot and couldn’t maintain friendships, they decided to focus on building skills early on.

  • Traits: Ambitious, Snob, Mean
  • Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
  • Career: Tech Guru

12th generation goals:

  • You can choose to have or not to have kids since this is where the legacy ends. Ideally, choose not to, to end the challenge.
  • Get married as an adult to a coworker with whom you share at least one personality trait.
  • Live in an expensive home (worth at least 200,000 simoleons) by the time you become an adult. 
  • Max out the logic skill.
  • Reach level 7 in 3 other skills of your choice. 
  • Reach level 10 in the Tech Guru career (any branch).
  • Establish and rigidly follow daily routines. 
  • Connect with snobs only.
  • Buy something pricey every Wednesday.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the zodiac challenge!

Final Thoughts: It Takes Time, But It’s Worth The Ride!

So, this was the Zodiac Challenge in a nutshell! It’s a lengthy one, but has a lot of potential to keep you engaged for a long time. After all, every generation gives a new dimension to how you play your game. Stick to the rules highlighted, but feel free to get creative with all other in-game features, as long as they don’t interfere with challenge rules and goals. Happy simming!

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