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This mod allows you to change your Sims’ faces into that of supermodels, but you have to let them be prepared for the emotional impact of plastic surgery!

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Now, Your Sims Can Go Through Plastic Surgery!

In The Sims 4, there is a way to change the faces of your Sims that involves a more dramatic yet realistic process. Yup! Much like in real life, you can enhance the physical appearance of your Sims by allowing them to go under the knife. How? Well, they can get plastic surgeries through the mod Cosmetic Enhancements by creator Adeepindigo. This gives them the possibility to experience a facial makeover that can significantly modify the way they look, and the way they feel about themselves. Read below to learn more about this mod!

The Steps for Your Sims’ Makeover

The Cosmetic Enhancements mod by Adeepindigo gives your Sims the freedom to explore their cosmetic dreams without limits, as long as they are willing to spend some simoleons for it! They can go through a subtle enhancement or a complete makeover which pretty much mirrors real-life processes. To do this, here are the steps your Sims should follow:

Step 1: Book a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation.

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Looking for a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation is the first step your Sims should take to achieve their plastic surgery dreams. Let them reach for their phone and book a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, by clicking on “Cosmetic Surgery Consultation”. From there, you can let them plan on discussing their desired changes and getting professional advice on the best approach.

Step 2: Choose The Cosmetic Surgeon.

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The Cosmetic Enhancements mod offers a variety of plastic surgery options for your Sims, just like in real life. Your Sims can choose from these three types of surgeons:

  • Cheap Surgeon (2,500 simoleons)
  • Expensive Surgeon (5,000 simoleons)
  • Celebrity Surgeon (10,000 simoleons)

The Cheap Surgeon is an affordable, budget-friendly surgeon for those in a tight spot, and the Expensive Surgeon is an experienced surgeon who can guarantee top-notch results for the faces of your Sims. Meanwhile, the Celebrity Surgeon is a top-class surgeon who can ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the plastic surgery experience of Sims.

Step 3: Go Through The Knife and Wait.

The outcome of your Sim’s surgery depends on several factors, but mostly on the surgeon’s expertise. If everything goes well in the plastic surgery procedure, your Sim will feel great and have a newfound confidence and a look that makes them feel like a million simoleons. However, if unexpected complications arise or the surgeon’s skills aren’t up to par, your Sim might end up feeling much worse than before they started the procedure.

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Step 4: Feel The Emotional Toll of Plastic Surgery.

The awesome thing about the Cosmetic Enhancements mod by Adeepindigo is that it doesn’t shy away from the emotional impact of cosmetic surgery, especially for your Sims who are struggling with body image issues or eating disorders. Through the moodlets that your Sims will get after the plastic surgery, the mod reflects how the whole thing can affect a Sim’s mental health, both positively and negatively. Of course, a successful procedure can boost their confidence and self-esteem, while an unsuccessful one could trigger deeper insecurities and existing problems (which could all go away after a few days).

Step 5 Focus on Aftercare and Recovery.

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After the pain and glory of the plastic surgery, your Sim needs time to recover. The mod realistically simulates this process, by requiring your Sims time to heal for a total of 5 Sim days. They will get three days of care in a recovery center, followed by two days of rest at home. Pain medication will also be provided for them to ease all of their discomforts. Take note though that your Sims will temporarily be unable to work after the procedure, to allow them to focus on their physical and emotional well-being.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery for Your Sims?

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In The Sims 4, the Cosmetic Enhancement Mod can be a powerful tool in transforming how your Sims look, but it’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks before letting them take the slice under the knife.

Pros for Sims:

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhanced attractiveness to other Sims
  • The desired appearance might be achieved

Cons for Sims:

  • Expensive procedure
  • Painful experience
  • The desired appearance might not be achieved

How Do We Install This Mod?

  1. Head over to this site to download the Cosmetic Enhancements Mod by Adeepindigo.
  2. Download the Shared Library and Lumpinou’s Mood Pack Mod.
  3. Please have the most recent version of the general pie menus.
  4. Optional download: TwistedMexi’s Always Testing and Always Full Edit Mode (otherwise, you would have to manually turn on testingcheats and full edit mode before using the mod).
  5. Optional Sims Pack: To see the animation for the surgery medication, you must have The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff installed in your game.
  6. Finally, make sure that the use of gameplay mods and script mods is allowed in your game settings.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion/Wrapping It Up

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The focus of this plastic surgery mod by Adeepindigo is to provide your Sims with subtle enhancements and realistic outcomes. In such a way, it provides a fun and responsible way to explore the world of cosmetic surgery in The Sims 4.

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