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Is your sim an upcoming or established pianist with a particular sense of interior style? Are you building a club or performance hall and none of the in-game instruments have the right vibe? If you’re looking to some piano CC to your game catalog, keep reading!

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Posh Pianos & Pretty Poses

Whether your sim is a jazz musician, a concerto master, a lounge performer, or just enjoys plinking the ivories by themselves at home, there’s bound to be CC that’s perfect for them! Lots of fun recolors, brand new meshes, and cute poses have been made by talented CC creators, and we’ve assembled a list of the best ones the internet has to offer!

Object Recolors

1. DigiRad Recolor By MsFrankenstein910

image 64 edited

The DigiRad Keyboard that came with City Living has some pretty funky swatches, but they might not be the look you’re going for. This CC collection adds a lot of vivid new colorways including several groovy gradients! You can download them here.

2. City Living: Keyboard by Pixl Monster

image 66

Another set of swatches for the DigiRad Keyboard, this set has even more colors in a variety of solid shades. Whether you want something bright, soft, or neutral, you’re bound to find a hue that you love!

Pixl Monster also added decor versions that hang from and/or lean against the wall, if you want to add more ambiance and realism to your sims’ rehearsal spaces. Learn more & download them all here.

3. Piano Custom Content by i Sims Who

image 67

6 funky recolors for the Tickle My Ivories Grand Piano, with an additional bonus red recolor that includes musician Elton John‘s autograph on the music shelf. See the details (and a pretty far-out performance photo) here.

4. Pastel Piano by Lazerly

image 68

5 pretty pastel recolors, including a precious pink paint job. It will be a favorite of sims who love dainty tones, and would fit nicely in the nursery of a really rich family! Even the sourest of notes will sound sweeter coming from these keys. Download the delicate shades here.

5. Classical Genius Piano #4 by xordevoreaux

image 81

The Classical Genius Antique Piano is a fun instrument; it’s a very baroque design that’s just as flamboyant as it is fancy. This set of recolors is a combination of toned down (but still elegant) swatches, as well as some more unique colors that remind me of springtime. They’re definitely Flower Bunny approved! Give your music room some personality and get the recolors here.

New Objects

1. Kiyola Keyboard by Vroshii

image 69

This is an in-game re-creation of a real-world instrument, with simple wood tones and a low-profile footprint. It’s a lovely option for a bachelor or a sim who lives a minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle. Download this piece here.

2. Chimeway & Daughters Saloon Piano by edwardianed

image 71 edited

This is a conversion of a Sims 3 instrument in three basic colors. If you play historical challenges this piano in particular is a great option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space for a bigger unit. See the other colors and download them here.

3. Upright Piano by Illogical Sims

image 73

This is a lovely old-fashioned upright piano with some beautiful curves! It’s got that antique charm but the soft silhouette keeps it from feeling stuffy, and it comes in 7 swatches including some Maxis-match wood tones. Get it for yourself here.

4. Simpler Parlour Organ by MeadowSims

image 72

This instrument was made specifically for those looking for Maxis-match antique CC. The best part? There are two versions, one that counts as a basegame piano and one that counts as a Vampire’s organ.

MeadowSims also made an antique camera, as well as some vintage decor items to add to the ambiance. See it all here!

5. Upright Piano 2 by Illogical Sims

image 74

Another piano by Illogical Sims, this instrument is less chunky and has a beautiful criss-cross design on the music stand. It comes in a whopping 14 colors, most of which are Maxis-match. It’s a pretty delicate design compared to other uprights and would fit in with a variety of decor styles. Download this lovely unit here.


1. Piano and Vocals Pose Pack by Sim’s Néma

image 80 edited

If your sim is multi talented, you’ll want to get this pose pack. It has 3 poses for sims who play piano and sing, and is a great pack if you’re into storytelling with your game! See the other poses and download them here.

2. Piano Poses by GlitterberrySims

image 76

This pose pack has 3 poses of your sim sat at/playing the clavichord, along with one pose of them standing alongside it with their arm resting atop. These poses are perfect for period-piece storytelling or just taking some nice antique photos. See all the poses and download them here!

3. Toddler & Daddy Piano Pose Pack by Sim Soiree

image 77

5 precious poses that tell an adorable story of a pianist papa & their little protégé bonding over the magic of music! They cover the various stages of a little one approaching their dad while he’s playing, before being lifted up onto his lap to “help.” See all the sweet poses and get them for yourself here!

4. Piano Pose by i Sims Who

image 79

These are some fun & flirty poses for your sim, although master musicians may cringe at seeing someone using such a grand instrument as a seat! There are 8 poses total and a new Grand Piano mesh with the music stand removed, so your sim can sit comfortably atop without anything getting in the way. Get both the pose and the modified mesh here.

5. Piano Model Pose by Elen Shine

image 78

Cute (and slightly less distressing!) poses for sitting at the piano instead of on top of it, using the modified mesh made by i Sims Who. You will need a CC top hat for some of the poses which is linked in the download post; get all the details here.

If you don’t want to use CC

If you don’t use custom content for whatever reason, you can still have a custom upright piano in your game! With some patience and a few keyboard tricks you can build your own piano, and this video from NerdyPanda is just one of many tutorials out there on how to DIY!

In Conclusion

If you love custom content and have a penchant for pianists, there’s plenty of CC out there for you. There are simple color additions for in-game meshes, completely new instruments in a myriad of styles, and even some poses to help your sim really look the part. Hopefully this list is in tune with what you’re looking for, and that it makes your game even better!

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