10 Sims 4 Gymnastics Mods You Have to Try Now

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Are you a fan of gymnastics and fitness? If the answer is yes then you probably know that Sims 4 doesn’t have that many options for doing gymnastics and getting fit. If you are interested in leveling up your Sims fitness experience, you’re in the right place. These are the Sims 4 gymnastic Mod & CC pieces you’ll absolutely love.

sims 4 gymnastics mod

Gymnastics Mods for Your Sims

Luckily, thanks to carefully designed mods, we can all now enjoy the benefits of gymnastic moves and classy leotards in our favorite game. These mods will allow you to experiment with moves and equipment like never before.

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1. Children’s Gymnastic Poses for sims 4

sims 4 gymnastics mod

There is no better way to spend your free time in childhood than being active. This mod is a combination of all the fun poses teens can do. Now your Sim kids can make a bridge leaning back, do yoga poses, and imitate ballerinas. The mod reflects realistic movements, and it will definitely bring a dose of extra fun to your Sims youngster’s lives. To get the sims 4 gymnastics mod like this one for yourself, browse and download it here!

2. Sims 4 Functional Gymnastic Functional Chalk Bowl

sims 4 gymnastics mod

Check it up and get ready for some serious acrobatic moves! This realistic chalk bowl isn’t only a decoration. it is a fully usable chalk bowl like those pro gymnastics use when they get ready to impress the crowd. The bowl is a perfect way to prepare for doing fun acrobatic moves. Once dipped, their hands will be chalked up for six hours. Wjt more can a gymnastic buff ask for? Check this mod out on this page!

If you’d like to do sports professionally in your favorite game, learn more about The Sims 4 Athlete career here!

3. Awesim simmer girl new gymnastic animation

sims 4 gymnastics mod

If you are bored of the same old fitness routines your Sims do every day, this mod is definitely for you. It’s time to do something spectacular! The Awesim Simmer girl pack includes custom animation poses and animation that accompanies it. Your characters will now be able to stand on their hands, and move elegantly as if they were gymnastic pros. If you’d like to spice up your gameplay with this Sims 4 gymnastics mod download, check it out on this page.

4. sims 4 Gym equipment set – gymnastics mods

sims 4 gymnastics mod

What is a home gym without decent equipment? This set has all you need to stay fit and active! Your Sims would like to jump the vaulting horse or exercise on the pommel horse? Checked. Parallel bars and balance beam? Checked. Wall bars and bench? You got it. The set also includes typical gym lockers, and some sporty posters to light up the room and the sports field. What more can a gymnastic lover ask for? To get your set, go to this page.

What is exercise without some music to get you in the right mood for the workout? Check out the Best Earbuds for the Sims 4 CC here!

5. around the sims 4 sport and gym equipment

prevue 01

Speaking of sets, this is a set that ladies of Sims will particularly love. Anyone who has ever tried yoga and pilates knows the immense value of dumbles and a comfy gymnastics mat. This CC includes a stationary bike for some cardio and yoga balls. On top of that, you’ll also get a stepper to help them define those abs and leg muscles. If this mod has sparked your interest, check it out here!

6. Gymnastic pose pack sims 4


It’s time to spice your epic workout up with these amazing Sims 4 gymnastic poses! These are the poses that Olympics pros would definitely approve of. You’ll be able to do some fun stuff, such as flip around, get flexible and really show the world what you’ve got. Get yourself some asymmetric bars and your character will be able to do wonders on them. If you are interested in getting these poses, feel free to check them out on this page.

To learn more about all the fun skills your Sims can nail and have fun learning, go here!

7. coaching career for sims 4 – gymnastics mods

MTS Naomiking3 1985418 GymnasticsCoach

If you ever dreamed of becoming a professional gymnastics coach, now is your time to shine! This mod will allow you to not only do what you love but also get handsomely paid for it. This fully active mod will enable your Sims to work a full-time job, and start a job as a sports mentor. They will have to go to work and show up, just like with all other legitimate Sims 4 careers, which is awesome! To get this gymnastics good career, check it out here!

8. female Performance gymnastic leotard with flame print

w 920h 690 2677801

Do what you like and look fantastic, with this stunning Sims 4 leotard! The one-piece suit looks not only comfortable but also chic. It reminds me of real leotards you’d see in a gymnastic contest. The best part about it is that it comes in different colors. You’ll be able to choose from blue, purple-black, red, and black and white leotards. It allows all the freedom of movement you want, plus it looks super professional. Check it out on this page!

9. Vintage Addidas leotard for sims 4 girls

w 920h 690 2779227

Let’s not forget about our youngest Sims! This vintage leotard is designed specifically for kids who enjoy playing around and being active. So, if your youngers are showing inclinations toward sports and gymnastics, then they will love this leotard. It comes in six colors and two main variations. Not only that, but it looks like a real Addiddass suit, which is amazing. If you’d like your Sims girls to look this fantastic, get this sims 4 gymnastics piece for your gameplay here’s your download link!

To get a real experience for your Sims 4 children, check out this super realistic Go To School Mod!

10. Sportswear Outfits – Sims 4 gymnastics mods


Who says you can’t look classy while doing sports? This leotard from Sims 4 girls with ballerina skirt imitation is just adorable! You’ll be able to choose from four girly colors, such as pink, white, yellow, and light blue. The one includes a shimmery top and a matching bottom with lace detail. You’ll also be able to pick whether you’d like to pair this with leggings, or socks or let your Sims 4 girls play barefoot! If you’d like to check it out and download it, you may do so on this page!

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