50+ Sims 4 Tattoos: Absolute Best Tattoo CC Packs

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When do we draw the line when it comes to custom content? Because I’ve been downloading tattoo CC for my game for as long as I can remember. They just keep getting better and better. And because we love them so much, we decided to create our own! Keep reading to download SnootySims’ very first tattoo CC and many more of the finest tattoos for your game!

sims 4 tattoos
The BEST tattoo CC for the Sims 4 in 2023!

One Click Download of All SnootySims Tattoo CC

We’re pleased to offer you a convenient “One-Click Download” for all our tattoo designs. Although these tattoos are available for free on our Patreon page, we thought it would be a nice gesture to provide our supporters with easy access to download the entire collection at once. Thanks so much for your support – we hope you enjoy these designs!

Here’s the download link: ONE CLICK DOWNLOAD: All SnootySims Tattoo CC | Patreon


Prettiest Tattoos for Your Male & Female Sims!

We’ve collected 50 of the best Sims 4 tattoo CC sets that you can use for your Sims. Note, however, that we are continuously updating this list. Thus, regularly check this page for updates! Enjoy our Sims 4 tattoo CC list below.

1. Simlish Male Tattoo Set by Pinkishwrld

Simlish Male Tattoo Set by PinkishWrld

This Simlish Male Tattoo Set by PinkishWrld went viral with its minimalist designs perfect for your male Sims! This set comes with 10 swatches and includes 1 swatch that comes with all the tattoo! Download it from here.

2. Space Tattoo Set by Kiwitrait

Space Tattoo Set by Kiwitrait

If we talk about tattoos, Kiwitrait is one of the best go-to tattoo cc creator. Giving us such a simple yet stunning tattoos for our Sims like this Space Tattoo Set. Take a look and get it here.

3. drink up witches Tattoo cc by SnootySims

tattoo cc
tattoo cc

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! SnootySims is now making custom content for the Sims 4. We’ve always been inspired by everyone in this modding community and wanted to contribute to this game and share more special creations with our audience.

Since the Halloween season is on the doors, we thought of creating one special Halloween themed tattoo CC for your female Sims. It comes in one full body swatch. Below is an in-game shot of our Drink, Up Witches tattoo CC. Download it from here.

Screenshot 2023 10 14 160058

4. I’m Not Weird Tattoo by SnootySims

SnootySims Im Not Werird Tattoo CC
SnootySims’ very first CC 💖

The I’m-not-weird tattoo CC comes in 13 swatches, including full-body and separate tattoos. Follow SnootySims on Patreon and download this tattoo CC from this link.

5. My Galaxy Tattoo by SnootySims

My galaxy Tattoo SnootySims

My galaxy is your galaxy, simmers! Very proud of how this tattoo turned out, and it’s always a joy to share our CC with you. It’s available in one swatch. Grab it from this link.

6. Minimalist tattoo CC by SnootySims


This tattoo set is pretty chill, introducing 3 minimalist tattoos for your male and female Sims. Go ahead and download it from our Patreon page. Enjoy!

7. All tatted up Tattoo CC by SnootySims


Grab this one-swatch, full body tattoo from this page.

8. Floral Tattoo CC by SnootySims


A floral tattoo, available in 9 swatches. Download it from our Patreon page.

9. Spring baby tattoo set by Cheweybutterfly

sims 4 tattoos

We’re starting off with this tattoo set by Chewybutterfly! These tattoos are quite delicate looking – they’d look just perfect on any female Sim of yours. With over 10 different tattoo designs, you’ll certainly find something to your liking. Here’s your download link.

10. Tattoo N2 by prichalnaya

sims 4 tattoos

This is a great tattoo CC pack for all of you who are looking for a stunning variety! From hipster tattoos to dark cartoon-themed ones, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Head over to this page for an easy download.

11. Tattoos Pack by Ziearel

sims 4 tattoos

This is easily one of our all-time faovrite tattoo CC packs out there! Apart from the cute collarbone tattoos, the lil kitten on the back is extremely adorable! You get to choose from 15 different art designs. Don’t miss out on this one. Here’s your download link.

12. eden tattoos by herbalia

sims 4 tattoos

Those Eden tattoos are no less interestin than the previous CC packs! The set is unisex and comes in two versions: full body and seperate tatoots. We especially love the long snake tattoo included in this set. Here’s your download link.

13. Flora Tattoos by herbalia

sims 4 tattoos

Yes, this is yet another tattoo CC pack by Herbalia for the Sims 4. This time it’s not snakes and scorpions but roses and floras! Here’s your download link.

14. Dragon and snake tattoos set by Mary Sims

image 10

Speaking of animals, this one is inspired by one of the coolest mythical creatures out there – Dragons! You’d also get some snake tattoos in 8 different swatches. The set works on both feminine and masculine frames in the Sims 4. Here’s your download link.

15. Witchy Tattoo by kiwitrait

image 6

For Halloween’s sake, you’ve got to choose the perfect halloween tattoos for your Sims – both males and females! The pack is compatible with the base game and offers 7 different swatches! We wouldn’t say your Sim would go overboard with these tattoos, they’re simply witchy-simple – perfect for Sims who want an edgy look without too much ink. Here’s your download link.

16. otome tattoo

sims 4 tattoos

I can’t even begin to express my excitement for having found these Sims 4 tattoos! Anime-inspired pack for all of you anime fans! It’s BGC and works on Sims from teens all the way to elders. Check it out yourself! Here’s your download link.

17. Sick Tats by RottenMothBoy

These sick tattoos are a must-have for anyone who wants to create sickening Sims! It offers tats on upper and lower back, in addition to ones on both arms! Here’s your download link.

18. Sorrento Tattoo by McLayneSims (Mick)

image 14

The back tattoo in this set is unmatched in any other pack! These only work on male Sims but it blends well with any and every skin overlay that you may be using! Here’s your download link.

19. Tattoos Set Witch’s mark by Mary Sims

image 16

Just for the record, Mary Sims will always be the hero we don’t deserve but the one we definitely need! They always come up with the craziest CC packs, ones that blow our minds – just like this one! Absolutely stunning art pieces for male and female Sims. Here’s your download link.

20. Devyn Butterfly Tattoo by IMS

image 18

Yes, we know, we know! What even is this? Only the cutest tats ever made for the Sims 4? Hearts, stars and butterflies on both right and left hands. Check them out, now. Seriously. Here’s your download link.

21. Tattoo Set N15 by merci

image 19

Sometimes the simplest of things are the best. You get 4 different swatches from this set and we assure you that you’ll love them all. Here’s your download link.

22. FINGER TATTOOS by ekkiSims

“Wow!” That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw these Sims 4 tattoos. I mean, we have plenty of options for arms but not that many for fingers. Luckily for us, EkkiSims has got our backs with five swatches to choose from. Here’s your download link.

23. Raven Tattoo by pixelbasil

image 25

8 swatches, different opacities, cool drawings as tats – what’s not to like about this set? Your teen Sims would certainly love these. Here’s your download link.

24. Dan Face Tattoos by overkill Simmer

image 24

Next up we have some face tattoos by Overkill Simmer! We’re definitely bought and we bet you’d be too. Here’s your download link.

25. Random Tattoo V78 by reevaly

image 21

Here’s another Sims 4 tattoo that we found on TSR! This one we totally recommend because we don’t really get that many geometrical shapes as tats! What you see is what you get – one swatch but it’s worth a chair in your mods folder. Here’s your download link.

26. Ren’s Flower Tattoo NANA by sarapple

image 20

A lotus flower tat CC pack! This probably holds the highest kawaii score on this list. Nothing too dramatic, yet it fits both grunge and innocent aesthetics! Here’s your download link.

27. Zodiac Tattoos by Chewbutterfly

image 4

Here’s yet another tattoo set by Cheweybutterfly that we definitely recommend having in the Sims 4. It just feels great to find CC packs that make the game realistic in a fine way! And just the fact that this is a collarbone tattoo makes the whole pack even more exciting to have! Here’s your download link.

28. Trillyke – Underboob Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set

tattoo set

This one is a super sexy underboob tattoo set that has to be on this list! Thanks to Trillyke, who created this Underboob Sims 4 Tattoos CC Set. There aren’t many underboob tattoos available out there for female Sims, but this particular set gives you ten different designs that are not only fun but also creative! What’s more, all these are base game compatible. For more information and the download link, click here.

29. Arm Tattoo

image 28

Are small tattoos too dull for your liking? This particular tattoo CC for the Sims 4 is something that definitely catches anyone’s attention! Firstly, it features 8 different full-arm tattoo designs that are cool enough to make a statement. Secondly, if the dull black ink designs still aren’t enough, their colored versions will most likely match your desired aesthetics. Have a look at this page to download the mod.

30. Chinese Tattoos

tattoo set

One Sims 4 tattoo CC that stood out from annettssims4welt.blogspot.com is this “China” Tatoo for Women. Following the Chinese tattoo trend in real life, this CC allows your Sims to have this kind of art form inked onto their bodies. More so, as with real tattoos, the five different Chinese characters included in this set give their meanings – love, girl, cry, laugh, and happy. Visit the download link for this fantastic tattoo CC here!

31. Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Tattoo

tattoo set

Suicide Squad fans, rejoice! Making a Sim based on Margot Robbie’s famed movie character, Harley Quinn, is now more possible with the help of mod maker AmiSwift. She introduces the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Tattoo CC at The Sims Resource, which presents Harley Quinn-inspired tattoos based on the film Suicide Squad. Download the Harley Quinn Tattoo using this link.

32. Artsy Sims 4 Tattoo CC Pt. Deux

tattoo set

The Artsy Tattoos Pt. Deux by aduncan from ModTheSims is truly eye-catching! The set includes four artistic tattoo designs for different body parts of your Sims, including the cross tattoo (face), owl tattoo (chest), Thug Life tattoo (abdomen), and skull tattoo (left arm). All these creations are unisex so that you can use them to any of your male and female Sims for that added character. Follow this link to download these awesome Sims tattoos.

33. SSB Traditional Color Tattoo

tattoo set

Speaking of unisex tattoo design, here’s another must-have creation for your male and female Sims – the SSB Traditional Colour Tattoo by SavageSimBaby from The Sims Resource. It is one of the most popular Sims 4 Tattoos CC with over 151,000 downloads, and with just one glimpse, you’ll probably know why. It comes in dark and light tones, which is not usually common for this kind of tattoo custom content. The extension and more information are available at this site.

34. Roses Tattoo

tattoo set

Roses are a popular tattoo design, which is perhaps why mod maker Leyzi thought of bringing it into the world of The Sims 4. The Roses Tattoo CC from The Sims Resource features roses and clock tattoo for the full left arm in two color switches (grey and colored). Want the exact design for the other arm? Worry not, it’s available for the right arm as well. Note, however, that this particular Sims 4 tattoo custom content is exclusive for female sims aged teen to elder. Have a look at this page to download this excellent extension.

35. Tattoo N08

tattoo set

Here’s the thing: tattoos can also be minimalist. In fact, minimalist tattoos are currently in-style, and many enthusiasts have been following this trend. So, what’s a better way to let our Sims follow this fashion trend than using a fitting CC, right? Merci offers the Tattoo N08 CC, a very simple yet elegant tattoo for male and female Sims from teen to elder. The design is available in six (6) swatches, placed below the left collar bone, and works well will all shades of skin. The set includes the following tattoo designs: grateful, happiness, family, patience, and breathe. Check out this page to download this awesome Sims 4 custom content.

36. Joker Face Tattoo

tattoo set

We’ve included earlier a Harley Quinn-inspired tattoo. Now let’s continue the list with a Sims 4 tattoo CC inspired by her Puddin’, The Joker.  The Joker – Face Tattoo is a creation by user venus-allure from The Sims Resource that includes face and body tattoos inspired by the famed villain. The tattoos come in black and red colors. For more information and the download link, click here.

37. Tattoo 1804

tattoo set

Here’s another superb creation by -Merci- from The Sims Resource, the Tattoo 1804 custom content. What caught our attention about this particular The Sims 4 tattoos CC is the striking design that screams nothing but an art form. The entire tattoo set covers the upper left part of the torso down to the full left arm of your Sims. Bonus points: it’s available for both men and women Sims, aged teen to elder. What a fun creation, indeed! To download the mod, just go to this page.

38. catto magico tattoo

image 29

Let’s just put it quite simply for you: download this. Like right now! Nothing is as cute as this Catto Magico Tattoo. Thank you KikuruAcchi for bringing this to life in the Sims 4.

39. Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

sleeve tattoo

GefaSims, through gefasims.tumblr.com, offers an answer to those looking for more variety of content inspired by the traditional Japanese tattoo style. This Japanese Sleeve Tattoo CC presents a Japanese-inspired creation that comes in male and female variations. It also includes a back piece option for that extra personality. Have a look at this page to download the mod. Further, check out this post for more Japan-inspired and anime-related custom content.

40. Underchest Tattoo N02

tattoo set

The Underchest Tattoo N02 CC set from TSR is next in our list of the best The Sims 4 tattoos. Another famous creation by Pralinesims,  it has been downloaded over 170,000 times within the Sims community. The tattoo set, which is TS4 exclusive, is available in five (5) colors, including black, white, brown, red, and blue. Follow this link to download.

41. Tattoos Full Sleeves

sleeve tattoo

Next in our list: full sleeves tattoos. If you are eyeing for the best full sleeves tattoos for The Sims 4, one custom content to look at is this Tattoo Full Sleeves by kasandro, a real-life tattoo artist. This set from ModTheSims offers four different artistic styles, as shown below, including Oriental, Polynesian, Traditional, and Contemporary. To download this fantastic tattoo CC set, visit the mod’s page here.

42. Collection Tattoos Dragon Girl

tattoo set

Blogger JenniSims crafted a set of colorful and highly attractive tattoos for your female Sims. Download the entire package using this link to get a lineup of different sultry tattoo styles that range from floral to fires, owls, skulls, dragons, lions, tigers, arrows, and more symbolisms. Also, check out the artist’s Facebook account here to see more of her amazing creations.

43. Trillyke – Underboob Tattoos

tattoo set

Underboob tattoos are popular. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why the next item on the list is another underboob tattoo worth seeing. The Trillyke – Underboob Tattoos CC set from The Sims Resource offers a collection of ten (10) different under breast tattoo designs, which are all base game compatible. With more than 250,000 downloads, it only shows how popular this tattoo set is among the Sims 4 community. For the download and further resources, follow this link.

44. SAMCRO Tattoos & Scars Pack

tattoo set

With 73,000 downloads at ModTheSims, this one is another must-have tattoo pack not just for male Sims but also for the ladies! The SAMCRO Tattoos & Scars Pack by Mr. Mayhem, and more info are available here.

45. Animals Tattoos for Males

image 15

The next one is a cool find from annettssims4welt.blogspot.com, and you should not miss this one if you love all kinds of animal-inspired CC! The Tattoo “Animals” for Men modification is designed by Annett, showing once more her superb designing skills with this creation. Also, check the creator’s Instagram account to find more of her impressive works. For more information and the download link, click here.

46. Leg Mandala Inspired Tattoos

tattoo set

Follow this link to download this Leg Mandala Inspired Tattoos “for her” by luvjake from The Sims Resource. The set consists of three (3) different swatches exclusively for female Sims. Each of the tattoo design matches all skin tones.

47. Trillyke – Back Tattoos

tattoo set

The next item in the list is a cool back tattoo set for the ladies, designed by modification maker Trillyke. With over 118,000 downloads, the Trillyke – Back Tattoos set is one of the most popular of its kind at The Sims Resource and within the Sims 4 community. It includes 12 different back tattoo designs that are all base game compatible. The tattoos and more info are available here.

48. Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos

tattoo set

How about a Game of Thrones-inspired tattoo set? Here’s the Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos CC created by Sims CC maker jupe at ModTheSims. The collection includes back tattoos for all the nine great houses in Game of Thrones, including the words of that particular house. Follow this link to download.

49. Fallen Roses Tattoo Set

tattoo set

With more than 118,000 downloads at The Sims Resource, this one is a tattoo set that deserves a spot on this list! If you are into the dark style and love flowers and roses, the SimplyPixelated – Fallen Roses – Tattoo by Benevolence-c is one that you should consider. For the download link and further resources, follow this link.

50. Tech Tattoo


Now, let’s continue with something more extraordinary. This tech-inspired tattoo by Tehhi is another must-have in your inventory. The Tech Tattoo ( female version) is a full-body tattoo for teen, young adult, adult, and elder female Sims. You may download the file and find further information here.

51. Metallic Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set

tattoo set

Shown below is the Metallic Tattoos CC set created by toksik. This set of beautiful metallic tattoos is exclusive for female Sims for The Sims 4. Follow this link to download this Sims 4 tattoo CC set.

52. Colorful Fantasy Full Back Tattoo


If you are into fantasy stuff and unusual tattoos, then this a full back tattoo you should perhaps consider using. The unique and colorful tattoo mod is created by pymonte at ModTheSims. The extension and more information are available at this site.

53. Underchest Sims 4 Tattoo CC

tattoo set

Given its vast popularity at The Sims Resource, this one is another tattoo set that has to be in here! Famous designer Pralinesims created this nice extension for female Sims. The collection includes an intricate underboob tattoo design in five (5) different colors. You may download the file and find further information here.

54. Full Leg Tattoo

leg tattoo

This full leg tattoo showing butterflies and stars by FifthAce2007 is another superb addition in your game. The significant number of downloads at ModTheSims proves its popularity within the Sims 4 community. The set comes in four (4) colors, including blue, pink, green, and purple. More details are available here.

55. Not Dead (Full Sims 4 Body Tattoos CC)

leg tattoo

Part of The Sims Resource lineup of female tattoos is this Not Dead (Full Body Tattoos) CC by Crybabies. The set includes two versions: fresh and faded, which you can use for either of your male or female Sims. Just go to this page to check out this tattoo set.

56. Roses Female tattoo

tattoo set

The next item in the list is a great tattoo set designed by extension maker Oliver.Oks from The Sims Resource. It features a cool female sleeve tattoo in black for that realistic look for your Sims. Have a look at this page to download the mod.

57. Wolve Tattoo


If you want a wolf tattoo for your Sim, then this one by yessiyearn from ModTheSims is something worth considering. The detailed back tattoo for Sims 4 is available for download here.

58. Thigh Rose Tattoo

image 26

Capping off our list of must-have Sims 4 tattoo CC sets is this set by the one and only Angel Dies in Arms of Demons! Her Tumblr page is saturate with the coolest Sims 4 tattoos and we honestly can’t even pick a favorite set. They’re all equally mesmorizing. You just seriously have to check them out yourself. We know you’ll be impressed.

image 27

Here’s your download link.

Final words

And that’s our list of the best Sims 4 tattoo CC sets and mods! Know anything that you think we should’ve included in this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below. For more awesome Sims 4 custom content, go to this page. Enjoy!

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