Sims 4 Cottage House CCs – Don’t Miss Out On These!

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There are a lot of Sims 4 Custom Content creators who have come up with all sorts of creative houses and apartments. It can take hours of careful design and tweaking to get the perfect family home, but there are also some simpler, easy-to-build Sims 4 Custom Content creations that look just as great. This post is a compilation of the best Sims 4 cottage house CCs. So, you don’t have to spend hours searching for different houses on your own. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Cottage House CCs Dont Miss out on These

Sims 4 Cottage House For chilling out!

Many sims don’t like to like in big houses. They prefer to live in a simple house far away from people in the middle of the forest. On the other hand, lots of sims like to live in big houses, but when summer comes they need to chill out in small places far from the city.

Hence, in this post, we have a collection of Sims 4 Cottage House for you to enjoy. Your sims can also invite their friends over and hold parties as well as have outdoor activities such as playing with balls and having a barbeque party.

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Small Skylight Cottage

Sims 4 cottage house

This is one of the beautiful Sims 4 Cottage Houses amid nature and scenic views. It consists of a basement and an upper floor. Above, there is a bedroom for two people with a roof with transparent glass windows for viewing the stars at night. The house has a bathroom as well as a living room with large glass windows.

They are overlooking a small garden with a variety of green plants and flowers, especially the beautiful sunflower. In front, there is an open space where you can sit and relax. There is a place next to the house where we can meet up with friends or family for gatherings and parties. For download, click the link.

Good Witch Cottage

Good Witch Cottage

You will find this cottage among beautiful plants and flowers, and the external walls are completely covered in a display of flowers of various colors. There are two bedrooms within the hut for two people, a living space with a library, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The hut was built of concrete, its roof triangular, and covered in red bricks. A spacious balcony with chairs allows you to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Next to the hut is a large tree, under which is built a set of seats. The space is suitable for a warm winter atmosphere and enjoying the sunshine outside. Click here to download it.

The Berm CC Free Cottage

The Berm CC Free Cottage

From the inside, the cottage consists of a bedroom for two people, a bedroom for children, two bathrooms, and a beautiful and modern kitchen. There is a nice little bar to store snacks or drinks. You will notice a small hall with an office overlooking a clear glass window and a room with bookshelves.

It has a beautiful green roof that is furnished with beautiful vegetation. There is a telescope so you can enjoy observing the stars at night. There is a wooden seat that can accommodate four people. Click here to download it.

Miss Honey’s Cottage-Sims 4 cottage house

Miss Honey’s Cottage-Sims 4 cottage house

A small cottage consisting of one bedroom suited for two people, a small hall with a few chairs, a kitchen in the corner, and on the other corner a table containing carpenter’s tools. From the outside, the cabin is made of wood, with a triangle shape.

This hut is surrounded by a garden of lavender flowers and a beautiful floral collection. It is a romantic getaway for one or two people who love nature and tranquility. To download, click here.

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briar cottage

briar cottage

The hut builds from cement, with a triangular roof and a roof covered with roof tiles on the inside. It contains two bedrooms, a living room with a dining table and two chairs for dining, and a small kitchen and bath. From the outside, there is a small courtyard enclosed by a fence. There is a large tree that has lanterns for night lighting and plenty of wooden benches below. Suitable for meeting friends and basking in the moonlight and stars. Click here to get this mod.

little cottage-Sims 4 cottage house

little cottage-Sims 4 cottage house

It is a traditional farmhouse built of wood and covered with white paint, triangular in shape, and covered with climbing plants. You will notice a white wooden fence and a porch with two chairs which is suitable for enjoying a leisurely afternoon outside.

In the cottage, there is a bedroom for two people, a living room with a fireplace, and a computer room with a desk. The house has an old design, therefore it is suitable for grandfathers and grandmothers who enjoy the old-fashioned lifestyle. Click here to download this.

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Sims4 Autumn Cottage

Sims4 Autumn Cottage

From the inside, it is a beautiful wooden cottage, painted white, with a black surface. The cottage has a large living room with modern white furniture, a large dining room with adequate chairs for children, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

With a luxurious and modern interior design, there is a lovely patio and a beautiful buffet table with decorations for a good time on Halloween feasts with beautiful trees with their autumn leaves in yellow and red. The cottage is suitable for a large family. Click here to download it.

14 Nettle Lane-Sims 4 cottage house

14 Nettle Lane-Sims 4 cottage house

Home for a family of two children and a dog. It includes a kitchen, living room, dining room, book desk, two bathrooms, a master bedroom, children’s room, guest room, greenhouse, and an additional building with different building options for students. Throughout the cottage, there are large green spaces suitable for families to have fun with kids. To download, click here.

Green Cottage– Sims 4 cottage house

 Green Cottage- Sims 4 cottage house

It has a beautiful view of a triangular roof covered with climbing plants, a large tree under it, and wooden benches made of logs. The cottage has a bedroom for two people, and a large library with a sofa where you can browse books.

There is a living room, a washer and dryer, and a table and chairs in the cool outdoor setting where you can have tea or dinner. It is suitable for small families and can accommodate guests for special occasions. To download the cottage, click on the link.

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Sunny Cottage

Sunny Cottage

The hut is on the edge of a group of trees and plants on a small hill. You can get there by a set of stairs flanked by beautiful trees. In front of the hut, there is a large balcony with a table and two chairs, and a wooden fence surrounds the whole thing. The cottage has a bedroom with a bed suitable for two people, a lounge with a small table and chairs for eating, a table with a sofa for reading and journaling, and a place to watch TV. Click here to download it.

Now we have ended our suggestions for today. We hope that enjoyed our Sims 4 cottage house. Feel free to leave us a comment about your favorite one. Also, check out our related articles below.

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