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Have you ever wished you could do winter sports in The Sims 4? Is skiing your thing? If the answer is yes, we are certain that you’d love to try out all that there is about skiing in The Sims 4. In the end, doing more fun activities, especially outdoor ones can be A fun thing and A great addition to all the adventures your Sims can embark on. If this has caught your attention, we have prepared all the info you need to learn how to ski in Sims 4. Let’s dive into it!

how to go skiing in sims 4

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Where to go skiing in the sims 4?

Skiing as an activity and a skill that your Sims can learn was introduced in Sims 4: Snow Escape pack. If you want to discover how to go skiing in Sims 4 snowy escape, it is important to get to the slopes first.

To go on a skiing adventure, visit Mt. Komorebi world. Click on your Sims’s phone, and then select the option travel, and then choose Mt. Komorebi. Once you arrive, go to the Yukimatsu neighborhood. Here, you will find different skiing slopes, some of which will be unavailable until you reach higher levels of Skiing skills. If you are a newbie to skiing, you’ll only have the access to the Easy and Bunny Slope.

How to get skis in Sims 4?

So, if you want to know how to go skiing in Sims 4, you will first need some skiing essentials – skis. You can rent or buy skis depending on your budget. Buying is a great investment if you want to dedicate your time to teaching Sims how to nail the skiing art. This will also decrease the chances of injury or failure when skiing. To buy a pair, go to the Yukimatsu area in Mt. Komorebi. You’ll find skis for purchase at the Bits & Bobbles machine for vending.

However, if you would like to try skiing just for fun, a pair of loaned skis will do ok. To get loaned skis, simply click on the slope and simply start skiing. However, be aware that rented skis do not last as long as the ones you can purchase. If you plan to ski for more than a couple of minutes, do purchase your pair at the vending machine.

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how to go skiing in sims 4 and How to prepare

Besides buying a pair of skis, there is not much you can do to prepare yourself for skiing. One thing that can help is to do what you can to make your Sims feel energized before they get on the slope. Prepare for some failures if your Sims is a beginner, and also be prepared to see them become sad after a failed attempt to ski. The more you ski, the better you will become at it, and the fewer failures will your Sims experience.

Depending on the level of the skill your Sims is on, more slopes and more options (low, medium, and high intensity) will be unlocked. In addition, you’ll also get skiing clothes and three new pairs of skis. As you learn how to go skiing in Sims 4 you will unlock some interactions once they reach the highest levels of skiing skills.

The slopes

When learning how to go skiing in the Sims 4, you’ll find that there are five slopes you can ski on. The Bunny slope, which is suitable both for beginners and children, and the Easy slope, which is great for beginners are the places to be if you are just starting. These two are unlocked right away, with Level 1 skinning skill. You will be able to ski on the Easy slop in low, medium, and high intensity.

The Intermediate slope is for those who already have some skill, while the Expert slope and Ludicrous slope, which are suitable for experts. The Intermediate slope with low, medium, and high intensity is unlocked once you reach Level 3 of skiing skills. Skiing at the Expert level will be unlocked on Level 4, while the Ludicrous slope is unlocked at level 5.

how to go skiing in sims 4 – learning how to ski

Now, let’s say you have reached Mt. Komorebi, got to the Easy slope, and have purchased your shiny new skis. There are two ways you can level up your skiing. The first, and most secure way is to simply to the slope, click on it, and start skiing at the intensity your Sims feels comfortable with the most. If you have good pair of skis, feel free to opt for Medium to High intensity after you hit Level 2.

The second way to improve skiing is to do some online learning at home. To do so, make your Sims go to their computer or phone and choose the option ”Research the Art of Skiing”. However, this route of learning how to go skiing in Sims 4 is available only once you’ve reached level 3 of skiing.

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Skiing unlocks For levels 1-5

  • Level 1 – Sims can ski at low, medium, and high intensity using the Easy and the Bunny slope. 
  • Level 2 – Sims can now ”Inquire About Powder Conditions”. They’ll also get to wear new ski pants which this level unlocks. 
  • Level 3 – Skiing lovers can now ski with low, medium, and high intensity on the Intermediate slope. You’ll receive Max’s Slopemaster 3000 skis and unlock ”Research the Art of Skiing”. This will allow your Sims to learn about skiing on a computer. 
  • Level 4 – Skiing at low, medium, and high intensity on the Expert slope is now available. Your Sims’s skiing tricks will skyrocket.
  • Level 5 – They can finally skin on the most complex slope, the Ludicrous slope in three intensities. You will get a brand new ski jacket, and unlock ”Discuss Past Ski Experiences” social interaction.

skiing Unlocks for levels 6-10

  • Level 6 – Sims are rewarded with X2 Icebender Skis. Their skiing tricks look even better.
  • Level 7 – Your Sims will now unlock the ”Blog About Skiing” action on the computer.
  • Level 8 – This one brings new tricks. You’ll get a chance to ”Deliberate Ski Style” with other ski enthusiasts.
  • Level 9 – Learning how to go skiing in Sims 4 will earn you experience. Your Sims will get to try a new trick, and use ”Give Advice on Avoiding Wipeouts” interaction with others.
  • Level 10 – They are the master of their game, and can now spread knowledge and earn money from ”Teach Ski Class” unlock. They will receive the Unlimited Powder skis, and an opportunity to Coach skiing and Offer Ski Expertise.

Teaching ski classes

A big plus of learning how to ski is that Sims who are pros will be able to give Ski classes once they reach the maximum level. Not only that, but they will be able to earn some extra money from sharing their knowledge. To start earning money this way, make your Sims use the phone and search for work. Your best bet is Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, as teaching is only possible during this timeframe. Salary ranges from $600 to $800 as the skier’s level continues to advance, which is great!

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