Sims 4 History Challenge Simplified: Rules, Objectives, and How to Play It

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Are you fascinated by history and love Sims 4? If so, then you will love every minute of playing the History Challenge! Keep on reading to learn all about this challenge, its objectives, and what makes it so fun!

Try the History Challenge for The Sims 4!

What is Sims 4 History Challenge?

Get ready to travel through history with your Sims 4 characters! The History Challenge is a legacy challenge that takes your Sims back to the old times, starting from the Stone Age and includes 10 historical periods.

Originally created by Cloudseeker, the History Challenge grew and developed over time to become the challenge we know of today. Sims are meant to go through different historical eras to end up in the Modern Age in the end. Every era has a unique set of mini-challenges or goals you are meant to complete to progress to the next historic period.

The History Challenge is always updated by SnowySimmer, and there are currently 10 levels (or eras) you can travel through. The 8 of them are mandatory, and 2 are optional (8th and 10th). Now, let’s see what History Challenge objectives and rules are, and get acquainted with all eras, shall we?

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What DLC and Mods do you need to play this challenge?

The great news is that you don’t need any special DLC, as History Challenge is a base game-compatible challenge and everyone can pay it. DLC’s are supported, but not essential for completing the challenge. The only exceptions are 8th and 10th generations, which require specific DLC’s.

You also don’t need any special mods to complete it, but having the MCCC will be immensely helpful for tuning the game for the History Challenge. In general, you are allowed to use CC in general, just don’t use them to cheat your way when completing era milestones.

Aesthetic CC are welcome! If you want more historical accuracy, you will need CC, especially for early generations. Even with all DLCs installed, you are still likely to struggle to make homes and Sims that aesthetically match the era.

rules for starting and completing the challenge

The History Challenge has 2 difficulty levels: Casual (easy) and Historian (hard). Both will grant you points once goals are fully completed. You can complete some goals in casual, and some in historian mode. Historian difficulty level grants double points, but you can totally play in casual mode only, and the challenge will still be considered complete. This rule goes both for general History Challenge rules and generation-specific rules you’ll find listed below for every generation.

Besides two difficulty levels, there are also two types of rules for the History Challenge: general rules and generation-specific rules, both of which you’ll have to complete. Make sure you keep track of your points individually, or use this carefully tailored spreadsheet created for everyone playing the challenge!

General challenge rules

The first era is played the longest, and ends when ancestors’ children have children. All other eras end when ancestors have children. Every era has specific unlocks and rules, but there are also some basic rules you’ll need to follow when playing the History Challenge:

Base Game

  • Play the History Challenge with a normal lifespan
  • Play only one active household during the entire History Challenge (you can move out some family members, but can’t move them back in). Spouses can move in without transferring simoleons.
  • Play only your active household during the History Challenge
  • Age up Sims only when it’s their birthday
  • Don’t move your household before Great Sim Frontier (or use glass roofs)
  • You can change aspirations only when completed or if they are not compatible with an era you’re playing
  • Reward potions are available only from the Middle Ages. Sims can drink only one Essence of Life/Potion of Youth in their lifetime. 
  • Cheats can be used only to fix bugs and start the challenge (as directed)
  • Sims can use all crafted objects, be those allowed in the era or not, but you can’t copy them
  • Only one ghost can be moved in during one era, and must be released at the end of the era.


  • Alien babies: If your Sim gets pregnant with an alien baby before the Roaring 20s, the baby must be sent to the home world.
  • Restocking crafted objects in a store: not allowed
  • Pet medications: Only from a vet vending machine (wellness treats) until the Roaring 20s
  • Money trees/fruit: never allowed when playing the History Challenge
  • Fame: not allowed until the Great Sim Frontier. 
  • School projects: always allowed once kids and teens can go to school
  • Active school days: you can follow teens once they are allowed to go to school.

History Challenge general Objectives

General objectives for the History Challenge can be completed at any time while you play across all generations. This is what you’ll need to acomplish:

2Reach level 10 in 18 different skills4Reach level 10 in 29 different skills
2Earn 50 gold medals on social events4Earn 75 gold medals on social events
2Earn $300,000 Simoleons in one Era4Earn $500,000 Simoleons in one Era
2Reach level 10 in 5 different careers4Reach level 10 in 10 different careers
2Reach level 10 in 8 skills (one Sim)4Reach level 10 in 12 skills (one Sim)
2Buy every reward trait at least once4Buy every reward trait and potion at least once
2Complete 18 different aspirations4Complete 29 different aspirations
2Complete 8 in-game collections4Complete 13 in-game collections
2Represent each Era with a
family painting or photograph
2Display all graves/urns of your
family members on the lot
(that died as active household members)

The full challenge description of the History Challenge, with all details, restrictions and guidelines, can be found here.

let’s get started: Making and moving in first ancestors

Your first generation will be two Sims who can be humans, spellcasters, mermaids, and werewolves. They will live in a Stone Age, start on an empty lot.

Although you can choose any world that has at least 12 lots (except Britechester and Strangerville), Newcrest is your best option, since you’ll need to start the History Challenge by bulldozing all lots in the chosen world and evicting all families. However, you can make and move in other Stone Age families on other empty lots (but can’t play them).

You aren’t allowed to move for a while, so choose the biggest lot you can get. Once you move in, set your simoleons to 8000 or 5000 (Historian level). If you wish, you are allowed to decorate your empty field with terrain tools and greenery to prepare for the History Challenge. Once that is done, disable cheats. Architectural styles for all eras going forward are just a suggestion for more historical accuracy. Ideas for historical accuracy in the History Challenge are moderator’s suggestions, and not mandatory. Now that you are all set, let’s begin!

1. Stone Age

You are starting the history challenge in prehistory.

Welcome to the History Challenge! You are starting your journey in the Stone Age, in the great wilderness, working hard to survive, and hunting for food, trying to make the most of what nature has to offer.

Since you are playing in the Stone Age, Sims aren’t allowed to work or get married. Relationships in the Stone Age were non-monogamous, so Sims could have multiple partners, and have babies with them. Sims will earn a living by collecting and selling in-game collectibles, paintings, and woodwork. All babies must be born at home, and daycare and school are never allowed. You are allowed to have pets. Because this is prehistory, you aren’t allowed to take advantage of modern objects, use computers, buy medicine, or use delivery services. Simple Living lot challenge is a must if you have Sims 4: Cottage Living installed.


Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening, and Handiness skills (within family)
Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening, and Handiness skills (one Sim)
2Catch an anglerfish.4
Catch an anglerfish worth at least $150
2Earn $20,ooo Simoleons from selling rocks, fossils, frogs, and woodwork4Earn $30,000 Simoleons from selling rocks, fossils, frogs, and woodwork
2Have one Sim have kids with 3 different Sims4Have one Sim have kids with 5 different Sims
3Complete one in-game collection6Complete the fishing, gardening, metal, frog, or fossil collection

Unlocked aspirations: Angling Ace, Beach Life, Freelance Botanist, Leader of the Pack, Outdoor Enthusiast, and Social Butterfly. 

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Play with the ”Off the Grid” lot trait, don’t let kids go to school, and try to replicate a nomadic life by making Sims frequently go from lot to lot (visiting, not moving) and camp outside with campfire.

2. Early Civilization

10 30 23 8 47 25 PM

If you ever wanted to build a house in a Roman, Ancient Greek, or Egyptian style, this is the perfect opportunity. This is the age of scholars in the History Challenge, and the first libraries.

This is the first time in the History Challenge when Sims can officially get married. However, these were still traditional times when divorce or remarrying wasn’t an option. Sims can now hire maids and gardeners, and even have a Public Library. Besides playing music for simoleons, Sims can be Fishermen, Manual Laborers and open stores to sell collectibles and crafted goods.


1Reach level 10 Charisma, Guitar, and Logic skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Charisma, Guitar, and Logic skills (one Sim)
2Earn $4,000 Simoleons from playing music for tips4Earn $5,000 Simoleons from playing music for tips
2Read one book from every genre (except skill books and emotional books)4Make one Sim read one book from every genre (except skill books adn emotional books)
2Have two siblings practice fighting4Make a child win a fight or practice fight against their parent
3Have 5 good friends and 2 despised Sims outside of the household (all Sims)6Have 8 good friends and 3 despised Sims outside of the household (all Sims)

Unlocked aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy, Friend of the World, Inner Piece, Party Animal, and Curator

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Use the ”Off the Grid” lot trait. If you have a store, don’t hire employees. Gender equality was not a thing in this History Challenge era, so don’t allow female Sims to get a job, and allow only males to remarry after a spouse dies.

3. Middle Ages

Now that’s a perfect church for the History Challenge, and it’s available in the in-game gallery! If you love Medieval or Gothic architecture, this is the era where you can truly show your building prowess. These are the medieval ages, when the church was the most important institution and religion played a big role in the lives of Sims.

The History Challenge now unlocks the gardening job (Botanist branch). You can place wedding venues, churches, restaurants, and bathhouses in the world. Reward potions are also unlocked, vampires are allowed in the family (use MCCC to age them or skip to the next era when ready), and hiring nanny services is now a thing.

1Reach level 10 Gardening, Violin, and Cooking skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Gardening, Violin, and Cooking skills (one Sim)
2Complete the gardening collection
(Unidentified Fruit Object plant not required)
4Complete the gardening
and crystal collections
(Unidentified Fruit Object plant not required)
2Have a toddler earn the “Happy Toddler” trait4Have a toddler earn the “Top-notch Toddler” trait
2Earn a gold medal on a wedding event4Earn a gold medal on a wedding event at a venue
3Have a lot value of $200,000 Simoleons6Have a lot value of $300,000 Simoleons

Unlocked aspirations: Big Happy Family, Mansion Baron, Lord/Lady of the Knits, Soulmate, Super Parent, Vampire Family.

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Keep playing ”off the grid”. Females still can’t have jobs during this History Challenge era. If females are caught cheating, evict them from the family. A child born outside marriage can’t be a part of the family. If your Sim is caught performing occult actions or owning occult items, the witness must die. Make Sims go to church one day a week.

4. The Renaissance


This lavish Chateau, inspired by the Louis XV era, is a perfect match for the Renaissance period (download). The 4th History Challenge era is all about Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance, art, poetry, and music. Society is progressing to the next level! 

Sims can now work in Babysitter, Entertainer (musician), Education, and Painter careers. Museums, Arts Centers, and Cafes are newly available community lots, and Sims are now allowed to go to the Realm of Magic. They can remarry if their partner dies.


1Reach level 10 Piano, Painting, and Logic skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Piano, Painting, and Logic skills (one Sim)
2Display all types of emotional paintings4Paint and display masterpiece quality of all types of emotional paintings
2Have a jam session with 2 Sims4Have a jam session with 3 Sims
2Write 6 songs4Write 6 songs in different genres (on one or more instruments)
3Throw a dinner party with eight non-family guests6Get a gold medal on a dinner party with eight non-family guests

Unlocked aspirations: Artistic Prodigy, Painter Extraordinaire, Purveyor of Potions, Spellcraft and Sorcery.

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Keep playing ”off the grid” in this History Challenge era. Only males are still allowed to remarry. Schools are now an option for children and teens. Females can join Babysitter and Fisherman careers.

5. The Great Sim Frontier

Here comes the colonial era of the History Challenge. It’s time to explore promised lands, move, and enjoy simple commodities of modern life – like butlers or higher education! Just think of western movies and the gold rush, and you’ll get the picture! The wagon above by Schnuck is available in the in-game gallery, and you’ll find more info in the video description box.

For the first time in the History Challenge, Sims can get divorced! Not only that, but they can finally move lots. Medicine has advanced, and medications are here to cure illness. New careers are now unlocked: Athlete (bodybuilder), Business (management), Fashion photographer, Law, Paranormal Investigator, Doctor, and Writer (author).

Sims can now live in haunted houses, go to bars or bowling, sell stuff on Plopsy and own restaurants for the first time. Life is more convenient, so if you want to hire a butler, order groceries, or send your folks to university (without living on campus), you can now do so. Also, if you are up for an adventure, Selvadorada awaits you!


1Reach level 10 Mixology, Guitar, and Writing skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Mixology, Guitar, and Writing skills (one Sim)
2Have a parent be friends with 3 of their children4Have a parent be good friends with 3 of their children
2Have 8 Sims dance at the same time, in the same room4Have 12 Sims dance at the same time, in the same room
2Grow a cowplant4Have 4 cowplants at once
3Get $60,000 Simoleons from Book Royalties6Get $75,000 Simoleons from book royalties

Unlocked aspirations: Archaeology Scholar, Bestselling Author, Country Caretaker, Jungle Explorer, Musical Genius, Successful Lineage, and World-Famous Celebrity.

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Females can remarry now, too, and they can work as painters and authors. Cheating wives can remain in the family, but can’t leave lots. If your occult activities get exposed, the witness doesn’t have to die, just despise your occult Sim. Sims who own stores can now get one employee.

6. Industrial Revolution

Victorian style is a part of the industrial revolution era in the Sims 4 history challenge.

The Industrial Revolution is the breakthrough! Sims are welcoming technological advancements and electricity! And their home? Well, just imagine industrial and Victorian times, and build as you please!

Babies can be born at the hospital, and daycare is unlocked. Sims can have fun at a park and spa, live in and visit Britechester, and students can join after-school activities. Sims from the 6th era of the History Challenge can sell baked goods and furniture, and there are also a few new career options for them to explore: Culinary (chief), Gardening (floral design), and Writer (journalist).


1Reach level 10 Handiness, Logic, and Mischief skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Handiness, Logic, and Mischief skills (one Sim)
2Have the same Sim create each type of potion on the kids chemistry table4Collect 6 types of essence from a cowplant
2Have the same Sim win 10 fights4Have the same Sim win 15 fights
2Reach level 10 Motor and Mental skills (one Sim)4Reach level 10 Motor, Mental, and Social skills (one Sim)
3Upgrade each type of available object* at least once6Upgrade each type of available object* completely

Unlocked aspirations: Chief of Mischief, Fabulously Filthy, Live Fast Rumbunctious Scamp, Master Chef, Perfectly Pristine, Renaissance Sim, Self-Care Specialist, Whiz Kid, and Zen Guru.

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: A child born outside the family can be added to the family. Females can also work as doctors and entertainers. 

7. The Roaring 20’s

great g

Now, 20s are something! It’s time to party, explore new trends, and rise to power! Crime was on a serious rise at this time. Go for Art Deco decor, and you’ll totally match the era! To get outfits for them photo, go here!

Scouts are an official thing for youngsters. If your Sims desire to expand the family, the History Challenge now allows them to adopt. Aliens can finally be a part of the family! You can look forward to spending time at the gym or lounge, and if you want to, you can totally open a Vet clinic now. Plus, there are a bunch of new carers available for this era: Actors, Athlete (Professional Athlete), Barista, Business (Investor), Criminal (Boss), Critic, Detective, Diving, Entertainment (Comedian), Lifeguard, Retail Worker, and Style Influencer.


1Reach level 10 Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief skills (one Sim)
2Have a net worth of $800,000 Simoleons4Have a net worth of $1,000,000 Simoleons
2Have a Sim perform an improvised comedy routine in front of 7 Sims4Have a Sim perform an improvised comedy routine in front of 10 Sims
2Have 5 non-family members die on the lot, and hide their graves4Have 5 non-family members die on the lot in 5 different ways, and hide their graves
3Have a Sim reach the top level of the Criminal career6Have a Sim reach the top level of the Criminal career, and have that Sim’s child reach level 5 in the Criminal career

Unlocked aspirations: Academic, Bodybuilder, Joke Star, Master Actor, Public Enemy, Serial Romantic

  • Ideas for historical accuracy: Pregnancy tests are allowed at this stage of the History Challenge, and cheating wives and Occult Sims are free from judgment. Females can run private business, and join Actor, Barista, Style Influencer, and Lifeguard careers. You’ll find great art deco CC here!

8. Atomic Age (Requires StrangerVlle and Get to Work)

Sims 4 history challenge

Disclaimer: This generation is only for players who have StrangerVille and Get to Work packs. If you don’t have them installed, just skip to the 9th era.

The time of computers has finally come. Technology has advanced, and the hunger for power has grown. This is the age in the History Challenge of atomic wars, so peace became the highest goal of all.

You can now live in Strangerville. Sims can have fun at Karaoke bars, and teens and kids can join Drama clubs. There are new career unlocks: Astronaut, Culinary (Mixologist), Freelance Programmer, Freelance Writer, Military, Politician, Salaryperson, Tech Guru.


1Reach level 10 Rocket Science, Fitness, and Guitar skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Rocket Science, Fitness, and Guitar skills (one Sim)
2Complete the Element collection4Complete the Element, Metal, and Space Rock collections
2Complete the Musical Genius aspiration4Make 8 Sims pass out with the Ditty of Drowsiness
2Solve the Strangerville mystery4Solve the Strangerville mystery without getting possessed
3Reach the top of the Military or Medical career6Reach the top of both the Military and Medical careers
  • Unlocked aspirations: Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Good Vampire, Master Mixologist, Master Vampire, Nerd Brain, StrangerVille Mystery, Werewolf Initiate aspirations
  • Ideas for historical accuracy: At this stage of the History Challenge female Sims can join all unlocked careers.

9. Modern Day

Modern times can be your last era when playing the History Challenge if you don't have Journey to Batuu installed.

This is the era we live in today – the era of modern homes, green lifestyles, e-sports, and advanced technology.

Sims can now work in any field they desire, and students can join computer and e-sports clubs. They can adopt pets, have roommates, and access all types of lots and venues. You can end the challenge here when the Sim with whom you started the era dies, or continue to the 10th stage.


1Reach level 10 Video Gaming, Programming, and Mixology skills (within family)2Reach level 10 Video Gaming, Programming, and Mixology skills on (one Sim)
2Have 2 different Sims reach the top level of their career and complete their aspiration4Have 4 different Sims reach the top level of their career and complete their aspiration
2Have a Sim play games on a computer from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep (with bathroom and food breaks)4Have a Sim play games on a computer for 24 Sim hours straight (with bathroom and food breaks)
2Successfully hack a supercomputer4Successfully hack all available sources
4Have a Sim meet the ghost of one of your Ancestors6Have a Sim befriend the ghost of one of your Ancestors
  • Unlocked aspirations: all
  • Ideas for historical accuracy: All gender restrictions are officially part of the past. 

10. Future tech (Requires Discover University, Get to Work, Joruney to Batuu)

Future tech - currently the last level of History Challenge for Sims 4!

Step into the future! This area is all about rapid tech progress, futuristic stuff, artificial life, and life on other planets!

In the last level of the History Challenge, Sims can travel to Batuu. To get extra creative, build a futuristic, high-tech house. The challenge ends when the Sim who started this generation dies.


1Reach level 10 Robotics, Comedy, and Writing skills between all Sims2Reach level 10 Robotics, Comedy, and Writing skills on one Sim
2Have a Sim travel to Sixam
(or, win a lightsaber duel)
4Have a Sim have a baby with an alien
(or, complete a Star Wars aspiration)
2Have a Sim build a Servo4Have a Sim build a Servo and fully enhance it with all behavior modules
2Complete five aspirations between (within family)4Complete five aspirations (one Sim)
4Successfully resurrect a ghost6Successfully resurrect a ghost with the Book of Life

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This was the History Challenge summed up! It’s quite a lengthy one, but will give you a nice sense of mission long-term and keep you glued to Sims 4 in the best possible way. Give it a go, explore different eras, and happy simming!


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