Sims 4 History Challenge – Everything You Need To Know!


About Challenges in The Sims 4

Challenges are one of the best ways to experience The Sims 4 in a new light. I’ve been trying out different challenges for as long as I can remember, always pursuing unique ways to get to know my Sims a little bit better. My favorite challenges are The Black Widow Challenge and The Rags to Riches Challenge. But lately, the Sims 4 History Challenge has been all I do in my free time!

Why should you play the Sims 4 History Challenge?

First of all – the History Challenge is freaking amazing! It’s interesting, exciting, and engaging, so I definitely think everyone should at least give it a try. Second, it’s diverse and fits everyone’s taste. And third, the challenge progresses all the time so you always have new things to do.

But if you don’t know anything about the Sims 4 History Challenge, here are all the basics!

What is The Sims 4 History Challenge?

The Sims 4 History Challenge is a progressive challenge that takes you through all eras of the world’s history. It starts in the prehistoric eras and ends in the modern era. You have to play multiple generations of Sims, with limited professions and aspirations at first, but more choices as you progress through.

The idea here is to go through the entity history of the world (our real world), through all the time periods, and arrive in today’s era. You have to be historically accurate, which means you can’t use computers in the prehistoric era. Each time period should be realistically portrayed in your own gameplay.

Even though it sounds simple, there are many rules and goals that make this challenge particularly difficult. For example, you have to stick with the same family of Sims and only play the different generations.

In the beginning, your gameplay options will be limited, but each era pushes those limits further since your Sims and the world around them progress more and more.

There are 7 major time periods or Eras in the Sims 4 History Challenge. 

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History Challenge – Rules

Here are some of the most important rules for the Sims 4 History Challenge.

  • All Aspirations must be randomly chosen and not planned, except for Ancestors (first two Sims) – you can use one of these random trait generators to generate random aspirations too.
  • You can’t move your household to a different location or build on a new lot – once you choose a lot, you must stick to it, from the prehistoric era to the modern era.
  • You can move out Sims from your household, but they can’t ever come back.
  • You can move Sims into your household, but only spouses or mates.
  • You must not manually age up Sims, and the lifespan has to be set to “normal” – this means that you also shouldn’t use items that alter a Sim’s age.
  • Cheats are forbidden – you can only use the move object cheat freely.
  • You can craft items with woodworking but you can’t copy the crafted items in order to create more.
  • Ghost Sims are allowed into the household.

Read the rest of the rules from this official post!

History Challenge – Goals

Like all challenges in Sims 4, the History Challenge has its own goals too.

  • Reach level 10 in every skill at least once – 1 point
  • Earn 10 gold medals on each different type of social event – 1 point
  • Earn 250 000 simoleons during a single Era – 2 points
  • Reach level 10 in 2 different careers on the same Sim – 2 points
  • Reach level 10 in 10 different skills on the same Sim – 3 points
  • Have the same Sim earn at least 20 000 Satisfaction points – 3 points
  • Complete each aspiration at least once – 4 points
  • Complete at least 10 in-game collections – 4 points
  • Represent each Era with a family portrait/photo – 5 points


The Sims 4 History Challenge is an awesome way to play the game. There’s just so much diversity and so many different things you could do! And even though each simmer can choose a different lot or family, we all move and progress through the same 7 time periods of the world. And if there was only one challenge for Sims 4, I’d choose this one!

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