40+ Male Clothes CC for The Sims 4 (Most Fashionable Male Outfits)

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We have previously introduced you to our list of the best male CC packs. Now, in this article, we have gathered a collection of the greatest male clothes CC for The Sims 4! We scoured the entire internet and handpicked 40+ of the best downloadable clothing pieces available for your sims. Have fun going through the whole list!

male clothes cc
The Best Male Clothes Custom Content for the Sims 4!

A Collection of the Best Male Clothes CC Finds for your Sims!

Have you ever felt that no matter how many male clothes are available in The Sims 4, they still don’t feel good enough to match your sim’s overall style or branding? Well, if you’re looking for more awesome apparel to add to the game, we’ve solved that problem for you through this list! Come and check our collection of the ultimate male clothes CC for The Sims 4!

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1. Calm fit collection by Ceeproductions

male cc

Let’s start off the list with this Calm Fit Collection by Ceeproductions. This nifty CC pack contains a total of 7 clothing items such as hats, accessories, tops, and bottoms, for your male sims.

High-low tees, sagging denim, fitted caps, and sweat shorts are available in various swatches. Most of the items are only for male frames, but there are a few female versions too. All are base-game compatible! Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: Shorts CC Packs!

2. CC pack by darte77

male cc
Sims 4 Male Clothes by Darte77

Does your sim love snowboarding in the icy hills of Mt. Komorebi? If yes, they’ll love this full snowboarding outfit, which includes jackets, pants, gloves, and an optional backpack. The outfit is available for female sims too. Download it by visiting this link.

3. pIN LAYERED HOODIE by colorsul

sims 4 male cc

Elevate your sim’s street fashion with this urban-inspired pin-layered hoodie by Coloursul! These are available in 16 swatches for male frames, from teens to elders. All items have custom thumbnails and are base-game compatible. Grab these hoodies through this link.

You can find even more hoodies for both your male and female Sims here!

4. Sporty Sweatshirt & Jeans by MsMarySims

image 536

Ms. Mary Sims came up with this incredible CC collection of Maxis match sporty sweatshirts and jeans for your male sims. The sweatshirts come in 41 colors, while the jeans are available in 35 hues. All have custom thumbnails. Download the set here.

Discover beautiful jeans CC for your Sims on SnootySims!

5. KK Basic set 06 by KK’s Creation

sims 4 male cc

If your sims are all about feeling cozy while still wanting to be stylish, this basic set is for them! These comfortable-looking shirts and cargo pants by KK’s Creation are perfect for male sims who love a laid-back style!

image 355

You’ll enjoy mixing and matching the shirts and pants as there are many prints and patterns to choose from in both categories! The shirts come in 25 swatches, while the cargo pants are available in 20. Let sims enjoy this basic set through this link.

6. 1K followers Gift Pack by LILIILI-SIMS4

image 431
Sims 4 Male Clothes by LILIILI-SIMS4

LILIILI-SIMS4 created this gift pack set as a gift to the 1000 followers of her blog. The gift pack contains plenty of selections—the Aaron Top, the Basil Sweatshirt, the Oscar Hoodie, and many others.

#ts4cc from liliili-sims4

The pack also features many bottom clothing pieces such as the Cliff Pants, the Morgan Jeans, and the Eddy Cargo. All items come in plenty of swatches and are base-game compatible. Get your hands on this CC pack here.

7. Hoodie peep X sadhat by whimp 1337

image 534

This CC pack is a collection of high-quality hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats. All meshes are from CC creator Whimp. The hoodies with bonnets come in 16 swatches, while the ones without hats are available in 23. The bonnets themselves come in 13 colors.

image 535

The hoodies and hats all come in modern prints, both plain and patterned. You can mix and match the hoodies with the hats as much as you like, except for the ones that come as a set. The entire CC pack is perfect for streetwear-loving sims. Obtain this male CC pack by Whimp through this link.

8. Pride Gaymer T-shirt by turkSimmer

image 424

Celebrate the spirit of LGBTQ+ with this VIP PRIDE Gaymer shirt from turksimmer! The shirt comes in black and white swatches, both with the word “gaymer” in colorful lettering, printed on the front. The shirt is for male frames, from teen to elder sims. Grab the Gaymer shirt through this link.

For more LGBTQ+ inspired clothes, head over to this page!

9. CC Pack by dartee77

image 540

This male CC pack by creator Darte77 features jeans and tracksuits for male-framed sims. The belted jeans come in 8 swatches, while the ones with accessories come in 22. These are all base-game compatible.

image 541

The tracksuit top come in 22 swatches, while the tracksuit bottom comes in 39. All the tracksuit items are base-game compatible as well. Download these through this link.

10. Male Autumn CC Pack by Clumsyalien

image 517

Come and match the autumn season in TS4 with these autumn clothes, which features tops and pants. The Xavier Jacket comes in 15 swatches, while the Mark Jacket comes in 15. Meanwhile, the Aaron Pants are available in 15 colors. The pack also comes with the Gabe Hair. Come and download this pack here.

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11. Nelson Sweater Vest by adrienPastel


This one is called the “Nelson Vest”. Created by AdrienPastel, this cool-looking sweater vest comes in 31 swatches which include plain hues, prints such as flowers, and geometric patterns. The vest is base-game compatible. Get the vest through this link.

12. Unify Collection by nucrests

image 525

The Unify Collection of consists of 36 items, which feature clothes for both male and female-framed sims. There are a total of 16 tops, 16 bottoms, and 4 overlay accessories. All are also base-game compatible. Visit this link to get the Unify Collection.

13. Sweat Suit by Sudal Sims

image 413

This is a sweat suit set from CC creator Sudal which features combinable shirts and tops. The t-shirts come in 30 swatches, while the shorts are available in 25. All items have realistic-looking prints and patterns.

Some of the sweat suits also feature renowned brands such as Adidas, Lee, and Balmain Paris—perfect for sims who love branded clothing items. Go and download this male clothes CC pack here.

14. Elegant by aladdin-The-Simmer

image 338

Next, we have the Elegant Collection by Aladdin-The-Simmer. This CC set contains a total of 38 stunning pieces, including clothes, hairstyles, accessories, tops, pants, and skirts for your male and female sims.

image 339

However, we’d like to commend the male clothing pieces of the CC pack! Sophisticated-looking pieces for men, such as gold and silver watches, patterned and plain vests, and classic trousers are available to elevate the style of your male sims. Style your sims with this CC pack here.

Find the prettiest suits for your male Sims here!

15. Werewolves Add-on Pack PART 2 by solistair

image 340

This male clothing CC pack from Solistair is an exquisite bundle that features lots of stylish male pieces. The collection named “Werewolves” has plenty of add-on details that will make your mixing and matching in CAS much more pleasurable.

image 341

Solistair really took the time to design the items with intricate details. All in all, there are 15 total items available, which are all base-game compatible. There are, of course, plenty of swatches to choose from, with some Hibiscus swatches available for certain items. Acquire the Werewolves set through this link.

16. Kai Top by plbSims

image 342

For number 16, we have the Kai Top Collection. This collection of male clothing is created by simmer Plbsims. It is a set of graphic tees which feature a selection of real-life brands, logos, artists, and statements.

image 343

Our personal favorites from this t-shirt set are the Queen and David Bowie black shirts which look so on point! These are perfect for teen sims who love music. All in all, the shirts come in 30 swatches and are HQ-compatible. This is the link for these rocking shirts.

We have gathered many more beautiful shirts for your male Sims. Check them out!

17. Male Outfit by busra-TR

This stylish male outfit comes with a separate shirt and pants set. The shirt is available in 10 colors, as well as the pants. Teen to elder male-framed sims can wear these pieces. Both shirts and pants come with custom thumbnails and are compatible with the HQ mod. Grab the shirt from this link and the pants from this link.

18. KK Basic set 08 by KK’s Creation

We have another basic set of male clothes CC from KK’s creation! This set seems perfect for color-loving sims who are in their 20s and who love exploring the urban nightlife. Pieces such as polo shirts belted pants, and sunglasses are available from the CC pack. Access this link to download.

If you’re into glasses, you’re going to love this collection of glasses CC!

19. T-shirt by busra-TR

image 350

For number 19, we have this elegant-looking male top from creator busra-tr. The top features a plain shirt with a shoulder-wrapped jacket. It comes in 10 colors and is available for teen to elder male-framed sims. Add these shirts to your game through this link.

20. Denim on Denim Look by marsmerizingsims

If your sims are denim-loving people who just can’t get enough of this classic style, let them delight in this collection by marsmerizingsims. The CC pack contains the Liu Yu Jeans and Jacket, the Volta Jeans, the Johnny Jeans, the Celine Jeans, and the Claire Denim Jacket. All are available in various swatches and are base-game compatible. Try the denim-on-denim style by downloading the set here.

21. Male Knit Jumper P07 by busra-TR

During the autumn and winter months, it’s important for your sims to stay warm while still looking fashionable! With this male knit jumper from busra-tr, your sims will surely feel cozy while still looking dashing.

image 353

The male knit jumper comes in 10 colors, including plain and washed-out swatches. Compatible with the HQ mod, the piece could be worn by teen to elder sims with male frames.

Provide comfort and style for your sims with the jumper, downloadable here.

22. Pillow Talk by CreamLatteDream

If you have the Incheon Arrivals Kit installed in your game, this is the perfect add-on for it. This CC pack by CreamLatteDream features 34 new recolors for the clothing pieces that come with the said kit. New patterns, stripes, plaid, and plain designs are available. Add the CC pack to your game by downloading here.

23. Jacob Sweater by solistair

image 344

Solistair makes it to our list once again with this collection of snug sweaters for male sims, suitable for the cold and windy weather! There are 11 patterned sweaters as well as 20 solid-colored ones in this CC pack. All are base-game compatible.

image 345

The Jacob Sweater is available at this link.

24. zipped throwback jacket by Cement

image 346

These male jackets are bringing back the retro style of the 80s! Created by simmer Cement, these throwback tops are mid-zipped jackets that come in 15 color combinations and are base-game compatible.

image 347

This is the link for this jacket.

25. Sims Elite Way High Uniform by marsmerizingsims

Sims 4 Male Clothes
Clothes for male Sims by Marsmerizingsims!

Check out these gorgeous-looking uniform pieces from marsmerizingsims! These school uniforms are available for male and female sims. Items include shirts and skirts, that come in 4 swatches each. Teen to adult sims can wear these. Get this uniform through this link.

More on SnootySims: School uniforms and outfits for the Sims 4!

26. KK Basic set 10 by KK’s Creation

image 359

The KK Basic set 10 includes casual pieces that are suitable for strolling around the city during the summer season. The tops, which include a Supreme body bag, come in 20 swatches. The shorts, which come with belts, are available in 20 solid colors.

image 360

The KK Basic Set is available through this link.

27. PRADA Nylon Pocket T-Shirt Set by Rona Sims

Help your sims to more pieces of PRADA custom content with this beautiful PRADA Nylon Pocket shirt set created by RONA_SIMS! The fabulous set includes 5 shirt swatches which are all HQ compatible. Get the PRADA male clothes CC through this link.

28. Aeneas Casual Set by Kleos Sims

The Aeneas clothing set is a sexy-looking ensemble that includes 3 pieces of casual male clothing. A top, shorts, and fishnet stockings, which are all available in a variety of swatches, come with each set. This is the link for this casual set.

29. Cafe Sweatsuit by nucrests

male clothes cc

CC creator Nucrests came up with this marvelous cafe sweatsuit set, perfect for male-framed sims who love to lounge in oversized apparel while sipping their cups of coffee and doing their work or studies. The set includes a comfy pullover and jogger pants, wearable by teen to elder sims. 19 swatches are available for both the top and bottom pieces of the sweatsuit. This male clothes CC pack is available at this link.

Cozy Sweater CC For Sims 4 You’ll Love Wearing!

30. KK Basic set 07 by KK’s Creation

male clothes cc sims

For number 30, KK’s Creations makes it to the list again, this time with this stylish KK Basic Set 07 CC pack! The set includes a layered polo and sweatshirt top, as well as belted pants that come in plain and printed swatches. The top and the bottom pieces both have 20 variations of colors available.

image 370

Acquire this male clothes CC pack through this link.

31. Grow by luridsims

image 521

The Grow set by Luridsims is a full-body outfit that includes a long-sleeved top and jeans. The top comes in 20 colorful prints and patterns and it features two pockets on the front. The pants, on the other hand, are available in 20 solid hues.

image 522

Get your hands on this CC pack here.

32. Tank Top by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

male cc

Who says tank tops are only for female sims? Well, it’s also for male sims and sims who prefer male clothing! This Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla CC pack is a set of tank tops that feature graphic designs and classic brands. It comes in 40 swatches and is HQ compatible.

image 507

Have these tank tops through this link.

For more of Gorilla’s CC creations, check our list here!

33. Trousers and jacket by TurkSimmer

image 418

More comfy-slash-stylish fashion items coming your way! These sweaters, fur jackets, and trouser pieces are available for teen to elder male-framed sims. There are 12 swatches for the top, and 8, for the bottom.

Grab the jacket from this link and the trousers from here.


Sims will surely like this layered ensemble to keep them warm yet still cool-looking. Mochizen created this t-shirt and vest CC pack for male-framed sims. The whole pack is base-game compatible and comes in 26 swatches.

image 516

Access this link to get this male clothes CC pack.

35. Crazy Sweater by plbsims

The Crazy Sweater set comes from CC creator plbsims. The pieces from this set look grungy, yet totally trendy. The design of the sweaters imbibes modern Japanese manga and anime aesthetics.

image 519

This sweater set is available through this link.

For anime inspired clothes for the Sims 4, head over to this page.

36. Damien Casual Sweater by Kleos Sims

image 493

We have another sexy piece of male apparel from Kleos Sims! This Damien Casual Sweater is an open-styled patterned sweater that comes in 6 swatches. It is perfect for a night out in the streets. Go to this link to have this male clothes CC pack.

37. First Fits Kit – Adult Conversion Add-Ons by AdrienPastel

image 500

Check out this add-on pack for the First Fits Kit! The items include a total of 7 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 accessory, 1 hat, and 2 pairs of shoes. Everything is base-game compatible and is designed for male-framed sims. Visit this link to have this male clothes CC pack.

38. Left & Right clothes pack by Wistful Castle

The Left & Right male clothes CC pack, launched by Wistful Castle, comes with 25 swatches of tops, and 24 swatches of bottom apparel. All pieces could be worn by teen to elder male-framed sims.

image 495
Male Clothes CC by Wistful Castle!

Download this male clothes CC pack through this link.

39. KK’s Red Lights Suit Recolored by Dead&Goth

Sims who love funky and loud fashion would love these recolored Red Lights Suit pieces by CC creator Dead&Goth. There are 42 swatches available in the set and everything is base game compatible. Add these recolors to your male clothes CC collection through this link.

40. ARCHIVE COLLECTION by ceeproductions

This CC pack includes 11 fresh pieces for your male-framed sims! There are a total of 3 hairstyles, 2 tops, 4 bottoms, and 2 accessories available in this ARCHIVE COLLECTION. Our personal favorite is the Nose Hoop accessory! Obtain the ARCHIVE COLLECTION through this link.

41. Leather Trimmed Tweed Set by Rona Sims

male cc

CC creator RONA_SIMS really knows how to create clothing pieces screaming with style. Check out this Leather-Trimmed Tweed Set she created for male-framed sims. This tweed set is available in 15 swatches. Surely it would look super good on your sims!

image 510

Let sims wear this tweed set through this link.

42. Blue or pink by boonstow

image 523

These delicate blue and pink clothing pieces exude such a calm and soft style, suitable for sims who love a laid-back fashion while still looking awesome. There are 4 items available in this simple set.

image 524

Get these blue and pink apparel through this link.

If you love the color pink, have a look at our pink cc collection!

43. Oliver mini-Set by ms Mary Sims

image 537

The Oliver Mini Set includes the Oliver Jeans, available in 32 swatches, and the Oliver Crop Top, which has 35 swatches. Both pieces of this extravagant set are HQ compatible and have their custom thumbnails.

image 538

Get the Oliver Mini Set by visiting this Patreon page.

Discover even more unique crops tops here!

44. Two-piece Suit by RIMINGS

image 529

Elegance just looks so good on our sims! With this elegant two-piece suit from CC creator RIMINGS, your male sims will undoubtedly ooze with style and confidence to slay their night. 16 swatches are available.

Grab the Two-piece suit through this link.

44. Men cC by Belaloallure

image 686

These sporty pieces by Belaloallure are the absolute best! You get 3 different things from this set: a racer suit, the cute unzipped vest hoodie and the 2 piece set above!

Here’s your download link.

In Conclusion

It was super fun curating this ultimate list of male clothes CC for your sims, simply because we’re sure that you’ll love the whole list! Every CC pack in this article has been handpicked with your delight and satisfaction in mind. So, go and download male clothes CC on this list and have fun using them in the game. Happy playing simmers!

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