20+ of the Best Face Overlay Mods and CCs for The Sims 4

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It’s time for a makeover! Jazz up the faces of your Sims with these exquisite face overlay mods and CC packs that we preciously picked for you. Read on our dear Simmers, and get ready to download everything from the list!

sims 4 face overlay
20+ of the Best Face Overlay Mods and CCs for The Sims 4!

Get These Ultimate Face Overlays for Your Sims

The Sims 4 just made the game more thrilling the moment they added details such as birthmarks, stretch marks, and scars to the game, which allowed us to become more expressive in creating more distinct-looking Sims. However, we think that the selection of skin details in the game still needs great replenishment, especially in the face section!

Thus, we compiled the best face overlays in the list below, which include face presets, eye and lip modifications, freckles, birthmarks, beauty marks, and other ways to customize the facial features of your Sims. Don’t forget to check out number 21—this face overlay will make the faces of your Sims drastically dramatic!

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1. Cocoa Beans Face Overlay by Serawis

tumblr 0067637fd0a0344f242f46e116f652ed aaad21aa 500

For our first item in this list, we have the Cocoa Beans Face Overlay from CC Creator Serawis. This gorgeous Face Overlay CC is for the fans of Serawis who requested a detailed skin overlay with freckled lips. If you can notice in the featured image, the eyes of the said overlay really exude a soft look that complements the freckled lips. This CC is compatible with all ages of Sims!

The Cocoa Beans Overlay is available for download here.

2. Glowing Eyes Overlay by Senni


If you want to add that extra oomph on the face of your occult Sims, or if you just wanna invigorate the way your good, ol’ regular Sims look, get this Glowing Eyes Face Overlay for your game. You can use it with any eye color in CAS, and it can be used for Infant to Elder Sims. Also, you can choose between two styles of glowing eyes: Normal or Little Expanded.

Visit this site here to get this awesome eye overlay!

3. Freckles for Infants by Viniciusvill

MTS Viniciusvill 2154233 FrecklesforInfants

Ever since cute little infant Sims have been launched in our game, they have invaded our hearts with their precious looks and adorable ways of being. It would be much cooler though if we can do more stuff for our infants, such as putting tiny charming freckles on their faces to make them look more realistic! Luckily, with this mod created by Viniciusvill, you can now use the game’s body and face freckles for your infants!

Obtain this Face Overlay mod here.

4. Freckles by Arnyak

MTS arnyak 2135150 2

There’s just something special about tiny freckles in the face of your Sims like it somehow gives off a charming vibe! With this Freckles CC from Arnyak, you can add this cute freckles overlay on the faces of your Young Adult female Sims. The said CC works with all skin tones in CAS and comes in six lovely swatches. To use them, simply find the CC in the Skin Details category in CAS.

Pepper your Sim’s face with freckles such as this here.

5. Galaxy Freckles by Beithirnimh

MTS beithirnimh 2085232 03 18 22 10 03 31AM

If you are looking for a face overlay featuring more prominent freckles and more voluptuous lips for your Sims, check this Galaxy Freckles and Lip Overlay by CC Creator Beithirnimh. Aside from the face overlay effects, this CC includes extra details for the body and around the eyes. Available under the face paint and in the skin details of CAS, this CC works for Teen to Elder sims and is compatible with any skin tone or gender.

Download the Galaxy Freckles and Lip Overlay here.

6. Skin Overlays Collection by MiikoCC

skin pack older skins copy

Take a look at this Skin Overlay set by Miikocc which includes five attractive overlays for Sims, including the Sophie, Mae, Vanya, Serena, and Kennie skins. All these overlays are hand-painted and work with every skin color. You can also choose to use the skin overlays for body-only or face-only options, in either full opacity or soft opacity. If you want, you can also mix and match the face-only overlays with the body-only ones.

Head over here to get this set here.

7. So Creamy Skin Overlay by TwistedCatCC

tumblr dbe0672043ea93df32377c19d5600cc7 c08feb59 1280

Check this one out, another sultry skin overlay for your Sims! Called the So Creamy, this is a face-only overlay set by CC Creator Twistedcatcc. The set includes forehead overlay, mole overlay, and eyelid selections such as monolid and double eyelid. Everything comes in four swatches, and can be found under the Skin Details category of  CAS. All genders and ages of Sims can use these face overlays, so go ahead and enjoy!

You can obtain the So Creamy skin overlay set here.

8. lip-Kit CC by MiikoCC

lip kit 01 copy

Let’s now move forward to some alluring mouth and lip overlays for our Sims! Called the Lip-Kit, this CC pack features a collection of mouth presets, lip overlays, and mouth corners for our Sims of all genders and skin colors in the game. You can mix and match the lip overlays with the mouth corners, as they look good combined! To access these, simply go to the Skin Details in CAS.

Add this face overlay set to your game by downloading here.

9. Eye-Shape Overlays by MiikoCC

eye shape overlays preview 02 copy 1

The selection of eyes in The Sims 4 has come a long way, as we can now customize the finer details of our Sims’ eyes as compared to our capability in the past games to only select default eye choices. But now, you can adjust the eyes of your Sims an extra step further with these eye-shape overlays from creator Miikocc! The said overlay allows you to modify the eye shape and the eyelids of your Sims, giving them more distinctive appearances.

Customize Sims’ eyes even better with this face overlay CC here.

10. Male Asian Collection by Northern_Siberia_Winds

tumblr cee300fcc13624b103dda013e7325fff 21123bd6 1280

This Male Asian Collection is composed of skin overlays, as well as face overlays for your Sims (which include eyes, eye corners, and lips). The skin overlays are available in four categories, each including light to dark tones. The eye overlays come in 40+ colors and are available for all genders. The eye-corner overlay, on the other hand, comes in 25+ colors and could be used for male Sims. Lip overlays can also only be used by male Sims.

Click the link here to get this CC pack.

11. Child Teeth (with Brace Overlays)


If you think that the teeth set in CAS could need some additional selections, then check out this Growing Pains Child Teeth Set which includes brace overlays! The teeth include 47 variations, including the 10 Teefy teeth, 10 supernatural teeth, 14 imperfect teeth, 5 baby monster teeth, and many others. The brace overlays are available in 3 styles including top teeth only, bottom teeth only, or top and bottom teeth, which could be found in the facepaint or eyeshadow category in CAS.

Download the teeth set here.

12. Beauty Marks by Learxfl

untitled 1

If there’s a skin detail for our Sims that we really appreciate, it is, of course, moles on the face! These tiny beauty marks definitely make their faces more interesting to look at. Hence, if you’re opting to add some mole overlays in the game, go and download this Beauty Marks CC by Learxfl. It’s available in 7 swatches, for the left and right sides of the face. Teen to Elder Sims of all genders can use the overlays.

Help your Sims to some beauty marks with this face overlay CC here.

13. Moles 02 by LutessaSims

lutessasims moles 02

Let us elaborate on why face moles look very appealing on our Sims. Well, because looking at beauty marks allows us to zone in on a particular area of the face and appreciate other facial features near those marks! Thus, you might want to add more mole overlays in your game, such as this Moles 02 CC from LutessaSims. It’s available for Infant to Elder Sims of all genders. There are 10 swatches you can choose from!

These moles overlay are available here.

14. Yeosang Birthmark by Nekochan-Simmer


Birthmarks are such special distinctive skin patterns that help make our Sims more unique. That’s why we want to have more of it in the game, csuch as this Yeosang Birthmark. This CC is inspired by the beautiful birthmark of Ateez Yeosang. It is available for Infant to Elder Sims of all genders, in two realistic-looking swatches. The said CC has its own custom thumbnail and it can be located under the Skin Details category of CAS.

Place the Yeosang Birthmark on your Sims, which is available here.

15. Freckles (Skin Details) by Learxfl

ezgif 3 503ee9eb95 1

Want more authentic-looking freckles for Sims? Take a look at these skin details, from Learxfl. These freckles look quite natural, so it does not look overwhelming when placed on the skin of your Sims. It is available in 6 swatches and can be used by Teen to Elder Sims of all genders. Occult Sims can also wear these freckles, except for Alien and Werewolf Sims. Go and find these freckles under the Skin Details category of CAS.

Add these freckles to your game by downloading the pack here.

16. Freckles 03 by LutessaSims

lutessasims freckles 03

More pretty little freckles coming your way! Because we could not get enough of how lovely freckles look on our Sims, we got more freckles CC for you! This one, called the Freckles 03 by Lutessasims, features sporadically-unique patterns distributed all over the nose and cheeks of your Sims. This charming set of freckles is available for female and male Sims for all life stages. 10 swatches are available, found under the Skin Details category.

Obtain this Freckles 03 face overlay pack here.

17. Angel Freckles by Jellypaws

tumblr 2cf31f4867800f088328ba14aa551b65 15e69567 1 1

These Angel Freckles by JellyPaws include tiny skin details for both the face and the body of Sims. This CC is perfect if you want to put some of these pretty little marks on your baby Sims because these Angel Freckles work for Infant to Elder Sims of all genders! 2 swatches are available for the face and the body, under the Skin Details category of CAS.

Place some JellyPaws freckles on your Sims, by getting it here.

18. Razor’s Face Scar by Van_YangYin

scar face preview in cas

If you’ve ever played Genshin Impact, you’re familiar with the character Razor who has a facial scar, much like the one in this CC! Called the Razor Scar, this CC comes in two versions. The first swatch appears like a large scratch that he’s left a healing keloid mark. The second one looks more prominent, a mark that features a conspicuous solid tone. Teen to Elder Sims of all genders can wear the said scars. These scars also have custom thumbnails and are HQ-compatible.

This Razor face overlay can be downloaded here.

19. Eye Kit by MiikoCC

eye kit swatches copy

Are you hungry for more aesthetically-pleasing face overlays for your Sims? Do check out this Eye Kit CC from Miikocc! This set incorporates a total of 3 eye presets and 5 eye-shape overlays for your Sims. The eye presets are available for female Children to Elder Sims, while the eye-shape overlays can be used for male and female Sims from Infant to Elder Sims. Please make sure to install the required files stated in the post.

Improve the eyes of your Sims with this face overlay CC here.

20. Natural Werewolf Overlay by EachUisge

MTS EachUisge 2117924 newcover

If you’re playing with Werewolves in The Sims 4, then you’d like this CC pack, which will give you a broader selection of werewolf skins for your lycan Sims. The said CC includes a more realistic-looking render of the Maxis wolf skin overlay available in the game, providing your Sims with a more natural wolf appearance. The pack contains a total of four versions. Just install one version at a time in your game.

Get more wolf-looking skins for your Sims through this CC here.

21. overly Specific Scars by I Like Green

MTS I Like Green 2151088 ScarGuys Thumbnail

Do you have Sims that are characterized by grim backstories or have been through chaotic life-or-death situations in the past? Perhaps they have acquired a massive scar or two from those experiences! Well, let them complete the “I’ve been through hell” look with this Overly Specific Scars CC from I Like Green! These overlays include a Lightning Scar, a Large Burn Scar, and a Small Burn Scar on particular parts of the face.

These face overlays featuring scars are downloadable here.


Face overlays are such a great addition to The Sims 4 because it allows us to have more control and creativity over the face of our Sims. It gives us room to add interesting details such as moles, freckles, and birthmarks to their skins, and lets us further modify primary facial features such as their eyes and lips. All in all, these face overlays help us make our Sims look more special and unique in their own way—and that is really a valuable thing. Happy simming, Simmers!

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