23+ Thrilling University CC and Mods for The Sims 4!

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Discover a world of university-themed objects for The Sims 4! With this list of university CC and mods that we have hand-picked for you, which include stylish dorm and school decor, innovative study tools, and other much-needed educational essentials, you can definitely elevate your Sims’ academic adventures and prime them up for success! Check out the whole list!

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23+ Thrilling University CC and Mods for The Sims 4!

All The University CC and Mods That You Need!

Released on November 15, 2019, The Sims 4: Discover University became one of the most highly anticipated and celebrated packs in The Sims 4. As the eighth expansion pack for The Sims 4, Discover University highlights fun features such as Sims attending classes, taking exams, completing assignments, and participating in extracurricular activities. It also introduced two new universities in the game: the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute.

The pack also brought us the concept of dorm roommates, allowing Sims to share living spaces and experience the dynamics of communal living. It also provided Sims the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of their campus, welcoming them into refreshing hallways, cafeterias, computer rooms, libraries, and other shared spaces. With the following list of university CC and mods that we gathered for you, you can personalize every corner of these campus spaces with a delightful array of objects that will keep them excited about learning!

1. Cute Stationery Set by Simbishy

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Let’s start off this list with an adorable CC pack from Simbishy! Simbishy is a CC Creator who is known for creating the cutest pieces of CC for The Sims 4! With this Cute Stationery Set that she launched, your university Sims can study every day with much-needed motivation. The precious set includes notepads, journals, post-its, notebooks, and random paper pads. Everything is base game compatible.

Grab this super cute university CC here.

2. My Corner CC by Brainstrip

tumblr b93db71862b0868158cf92bebdf93d92 440efd3c 1280

After spending an entire day roaming the university and slipping in and out of classes, your Sims still have the responsibility to continue studying at their dorms or homes in order to get nice grades. Help them have the coziest study area through this My Corner CC Pack from CC Creator Brainstrip. The items from this set, which include desks, plants, books, pen holders, trashcans, paintings, and many others, will prime your Sims for study!

The My Corner University CC is up for download here.

3. Realistic College Campus by AlexisAriel

TS4 x64 2022 12 22 15 25 09

The Realistic College Campus CC Pack by CC Creator AlexisAriel is one of her Christmas gifts to the Sims community! The said pack includes new university lot builds, such as the Henderson Student Center, the AUC Library, the School of Ars, the Quad, and the Stadium. Make sure that you have The Sims 4: Discover University for this pack to work!

Get new lots in your game, by downloading this university CC here.

4. Scholarly Deco Sims by TheDevilliers x StarrySimsie

tumblr a30b8ae63bb8767555f13dbeebade792 143eeb31 1280

Take a look at this Scholarly Deco Sims University Mod! These decorative sims can populate your common student areas such as your university hallways, dorms, cafeterias, libraries, and classrooms. Now, your campus spaces would never be devoid of the lively presence of student Sims again. All in all, there are 10 decorative Sims available (with 4 swatches each).

Head over here to get your decorative Sims for the game here.

5. Functional Backpack by Cassity Simmer

sims 4 backpack

Don’t you just hate that most backpacks available in The Sims 4 are simply a part of the clutter? Well, this university CC is different! Called the Pack and Go Backpack, these bags can be owned by particular Sims—who can then put certain inventory items inside like books, toys, food bags, and many others! There are over 30 styles available for your Sims.

Grab this functional university CC here.

6. Ward University Framed Posters by Draufilm

tumblr 2c2b41e8fb42b46be33f096a67cbc8a1 3ecbb907 1280

Hang up more posters on the walls and halls of your in-game universities with CC packs like this one! These university-themed posters launched by CC Creator Simblr include over 15 posters, in around 60 swatches all in all. In the game, you can purchase posters for 250 simoleons.

Download this university CC here.

7. University Graduation Deco Sims by Simna Sims World

tumblr 763117b9b66435f47e8fcd3bb5177ca4 96291f66 1280 1

We have more decorative Sims to fill up the common spaces on your campus! This one, called the University Graduation Deco Sims, includes 7 decorative sim styles, in three different swatches—Foxbury Institute, Britechester University, and a black default one. Now, your Sims never have to feel as if their graduation is merely a tiny event! With these deco Sims, they’d definitely feel the school spirit more.

This university CC is available for download here.

8. University Furniture Collection by AthenaSims4

Screenshot 2023 05 23 190429

Stylize the dorms of your Sims will all-new furniture and highly-essential decorative pieces, with this University Furniture Collection from CC Creator Athena Sims 4. In this set, there are over 33 items available, such as table lamps, ceiling lights, dorm chairs, and many other university-themed pieces that are sure to give your common student areas the extra oomph they need!

Get decorating with this university CC pack here.

9. Classroom Flags, Bulletins & Whiteboards CC by Scodee Yodee

tumblr 2c74e55dd478bdc2020184f49983bf6b c10f692b 2048

This one is another CC pack from Scodeyodee, a CC Creator and Simmer known on Tumblr and Patreon for creating eclectic decorative CC that looks super realistic. This specific university CC pack includes 12 swatches of whiteboards and bulletin boards and 3 swatches of classroom flags. Trust us, your students’ rooms would feel much more authentic with these pieces!

Place more university CC in your classrooms by downloading this CC here.

10. Buyable University Sweatshirts by IlexSims

image 193

Let Sims show their school pride and spirit anywhere they go with these university sweatshirts available for purchase anywhere! There are 4 swatches available for Foxbury Institute and another 4 for Britechester University. When bought, it will be added to the CAS wardrobe of your Sims. Teen to Elder Sims can buy and wear the shirts, while Children are only limited to buying them.

Show school spirit loud and proud with this university CC here.

11. Copperdale Cheer Kit by Desire Luxe Gaming

tumblr 799d8b64236740a2db4b770340669ff3 e93dac81 1280

Shake up those hips, clap those hands, and prepare to join the university cheerleading squad! With this Copperdale Cheer Kit, university Sims who want to become a part of the cheer team can avail of female and male cheerleading uniforms and pom poms in multi-colored swatches! Don’t forget to check out another cheerleading-themed mod on number 20 below, which will totally complement this Copperdale Cheer Kit!

Join the university cheer squad with this university CC here.

12. Cute Stationery Set by Simbishy

tumblr 34ab191e6e4af47ae06ac2dab5bd6931 b873f753 1280

Of course, whoever said that studying is ever easy? Especially when you’re a university student, you need to devote every ounce of energy in your body to survive your exams and homework. That’s why having the right study tools is always essential, as these school supplies can help set students up for success! Help Sims gear up for studying, by employing the most charming set of tools in your Sims’ arsenal, such as this Cute Stationery Set 2!

This cute university CC is available here.

13. School Days Deco Part 2 by LazySimmies

Senza titolo 1 1

If you ever need more university-ready Sims to decorate and populate your university hallways, dorms, and classrooms, then you definitely have to get this School Days decoration Sims. What is this, you ask? Well, these deco Sims are super useful, especially if you are creating university-themed Sim videos! In the pack, you’ll be getting 12 decorative Sims (6 sitting variants and 6 standing variants) which have 4 swatches each.

Get your decorative Sims in this link here.

14. Functional Vending Machine by RAVASHEEN

1 768x768 1

Hey, take a look at this functional university CC! These functional vending machines are exactly what your university Sims need to fuel them up for their entire day, and as they rush in and out of their classes! Coming in two variants, one for food and one for beverages, these vending machines can provide affordable and nutritious resources to students as they go through their schedules.

Download these vending machines for your game here.

15. High School Classroom Set by Syboulette

image 180

This classroom CC pack is meant particularly for the High School Years expansion pack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the said pack to decorate your university halls and walls! With a total of 20 school-themed items, including bookcases, shelves, teacher desks, blackboards, wall lights, and many others, this pack is certainly an essential resource if you’re spicing up the universities in the game.

Get this classroom-themed university here.

16. Wall Graffiti Decals by RAVASHEEN

image 181

Students who attend university are mostly composed of teenagers who are bordering their early 20s life. Most of the time, these people are still searching for their personalities and are extremely creative in how they express themselves! And yep, that usually involves creating wall decals in their rooms or creating graffiti art outside! Reflect that vibe in your game by downloading these graffiti decals by RAVASHEEN.

Over 25 awesome graffiti decals for your Sims are available here.

17. Classroom CC Part 2 By Laskrillz

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More classroom-themed university CC coming on your way!  For number 17, we have this Clasroom CC Part 2 by CC Creator Laskrillz. With this pack, you can create more realistic-looking areas inside the university, and in common student spaces such as dorms, cafeterias, internet cafes, and the like. The pack contains a total of 16 items, such as bulletin boards, banners, pinned notes, wall posters, hall passes, and other art decorations.

Star decorating with this university CC here.

18. Bean Bag by Laskrillz

image 194

After a long and exhausting day of attending classes and socializing with classmates, your university students deserve some much-needed break, too! Whether this is located in their own dorms, own homes, or in friends’ cribs, Sims can totally let their school worries melt by relaxing in this functional bean bag! In these soft chairs, university students can play games or just browse their SNS platforms.

Visit this site here to get this university CC.

19. Decorative Trophies & Medals by RAVASHEEN

image 182

If you have ever watched any film that incorporates the interiors of a university for its scenes, you’re always bound to notice that the hallways have this one dedicated shelf space that features various trophies and medals, exhibiting school pride. Recreate this victorious corner in your game, with this clutter set from RAVASHEEN, which includes 3 trophies and 5 medals (in 8 swatches each)!

Grab these trophies and medals for your Sims here.

20. Invisible Cheerleading Mats by RAVASHEEN

RVSN LoudAndCheer Sims4CC 2 768x768 1

Universities in The Sims 4 are not complete without the inspiring presence of cheerleaders! These bright and bubbly people always make the university so much more lively. If you want to fill your university with more cheer, this Loud & Cheer Invisible Cheering Mats is perfect for you! These hidden mats allow Sims to perform cheerleading interactions in particular parts of the university.

This cheerleader-themed university mod is available for download here.

21. Private School CC Pack by SixamCC

image 184

The Private School CC Pack is a mega bundle of CC for your Sims! The pack is originally created with high school Sims in mind, but of course, you can still use the included CC for your university builds. The pack contains a whopping 50 items, incorporating new stuff such as school desks, blackboards, bunk beds, wall clocks, backpacks, and plenty of other school-themed objects.

Unpack this awesome university CC pack here.

22. School Vending Machines CC by Scodee Yodee

image 185

Universities have always had vending machines because these clunky babies embody the concept of convenience and affordability—which is what university students need all the time! Thus, check out this vending machine CC. Take note that these school vending machines are not functional. However, you can still let them spruce up the university areas of your Sims as they give off that strong *school spirit* vibe.

These snack and beverage vending machines are available here.

23. Classroom Chairs Set by Scodee Yodee

tumblr 752dcd2ca1dd386d619d4a8929d3ec32 13589537 2048

We get it. You’re super tired of the eyesore-inducing common chairs that are available in the university classrooms of your Sims. Why not spice things up by incorporating these modernly designed chairs by CC Creator Scodeeyodee inside the learning areas of your Sims? These sturdy, intricately-designed chairs are available in 4 swatches, including blue, gray, black, and red. You can also put these four-legged babies inside dorm rooms!

More classroom chairs for your Sims, are available here.

24. The Comics Stop Add-On by Faurenlock

tumblr 707252810eda09142f0511f44f838058 bbce5af1 1280

University students are almost always pushed to the brink of their capacities, running each day on their caffeine-fueled diets and struggling to juggle their schedules among subjects. Thus, they need all the happy distractions they can get, such as seeing their favorite comic characters in the school hallways! With this Comics Stop Add-On from CC Creator Faurenluck, you can put up posters of the beloved characters of your Sims at university.

Grab this comic-themed university CC here.

25. School Posters by RAVASHEEN

image 183

What hallways, dorm rooms, or classrooms in The Sims 4 are ever complete without school-themed wall posters, right? The more wall posters students see, the merrier and livelier the campus areas become! So, add more posters to your game with this CC pack from RAVASHEEN, which contains over 350 school-themed posters in different sizes and an array of swatches.

Pin up more posters on school areas and walls through this university CC here.


Well, what do you think of our list? We hope you enjoyed browsing and downloading all these university CC and mods for your game! With this wide range of university-themed objects at your disposal, you can now create a personalized campus, a dorm room, or any educational area which totally exudes that *school spirit* vibe! Trust us, your Sims will definitely have a fun-filled academic life filled with creativity, and boundless opportunities. Happy studying for your Sims, and happy simming to you, dear Simmers!

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