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The Best Blush Mods for The Sims 4 Out There

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where none of the base blushes inside The Sims 4 suit your Sim – you are one of us! We’ve felt the need to enrich our makeup collection for quite some time now, so we searched the internet for the best blush CC out there. These are the top cheek makeups for The Sims 4!

The Best Blush Mods

7 New Blushes To Become a Wonder Sim

Let’s kick it off with this amazing pack of custom blushes that you’ll never get tired of! The 7 variants look super nice and they make a wonderful addition for the game. Already popular within our community, the mod is downloaded over 6000 times on ModTheSims. We have to thank Simalicious for creating the mod which you can download it from here.

blush mod

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Power Blush

Here comes the blush that can complement every look, literally! This awesome mod comes in 12 types and 48 different swatches, so you can customize it to no limits! Visit to find the CC or download directly from our link.

blush mod

Blush With Subtle Highlighter for Males and Females

This subtle highlighter is an absolute must-have for every Simmer out there, not just because it gives more life and character to your Sims, but because you can use it on every one of them – males, females, vampires, aliens and all the rest! We found this CC on ModTheSims and you can download it directly from here.

blush mod

NARS Blushers for A Realistic Makeup

Another valuable makeup addition from is this gorgeous blush mod with 52 swatches. The shades blend extremely well with different skin tones, so there is one for every Sim! Hurry up and download the mod from this link.

blush mod

Contouring Blush With Highlights for Males and Females – 4 Versions

And if you want to shake some limits when it comes to applying your blush – this is the perfect mod for you! Don’t get confused because it only comes in 4 versions – the various colors are the real treasure here. They vary in different degrees and depth, so they give an opportunity for styling your Sim in some unique ways. The creator of this CC is Simmiller and you can download his mod from here.

blush mod

Dolly Blush for A Glorious Appearance

But the search for unique makeup opportunities doesn’t have to stop there! Here is a beautiful blush mod which we found at and which captured our hearts at once! If you are like us and you like this CC as well, visit the creator’s page to find more out more. And for a quick download use this link.

blush mod

GPME Gentle Blush for Delicate Sims

Are you playing a Sim that is classy, elegant and enjoys a certain style? If yes, then they’ll probably be the perfect match for this gentle blush mod. The makeup is simple yet powerful and more than often we’ve found that that’s the best way to go! For a download visit or click here.

blush mod

GPME Gold Contour Blush in 30 Swatches

On we discovered many makeup treasures for The Sims 4. One of them is this gold contour blush mod that we couldn’t let it pass by. It comes in 30 swatches and they proved to be more than enough for us! Why would you wait to try it out? Click here for a quick download!

blush mod

GPME Soft Blush To Chase The Romance

One delicate touch of blush is enough to set your Sim on a romantic adventure! And who knows when or where that romance would happen if you aren’t wearing this soft blush makeup CC? Hurry up and download it for yourself from this link.

blush mod

Highlight N1 Accessory and Tattoo, No Blush

Fame and popularity are not that far from you! This highlighter puts a glory on your cheeks and makes them glow with ferociousness! The source of the CC is The Sims Resource and you can download it directly from follow here.

blush mod

GPME Hilight Blush for High Beauty

If you are looking for a finishing touch for your makeup – here it is. The Sims 4 wouldn’t feel complete without this mod. It’s simple and soft, yet absolutely necessary. You can also find this mod at or you can download it from here.

blush mod

Metazoa Blush With 23 Colors

This blush mod represents the official style of glamour and prestige. Your Sims will shine in 23 different color variations of the CC, all gorgeously made to suit the face. Head over to The Sims Resource to download it or click on this link.

blush mod

Morgan Rose Red Blush N53

Perfect rosiness for pale cheeks! But this blush mod doesn’t only go well with light skin tones, but with darker ones as well. It has 15 different shades and you can find one for your Sim too! We found this mod on The Sims Resource and you can download directly from this link.
blush mod

Natural Based Blushes by Tigger379

Tigger379 has surprised us with this makeup mod for The Sims 4, simply because of how good it appears inside the game. All 14 blushes are amazing and we recommend trying every single one of them! Download the CC from ModTheSims or directly from here.

blush mod

Blush for All Genders and ALL Ages by Nightcrawler

And Nightcrawler sims is no different. He has provided us with this wonderful and unique blush mod that we can’t resist. It comes with one-of-a-kind colors and shades that we can’t keep away from our Sims! For a quick and easy download click here.

blush mod

Party Blush for Males and Females in 18 Colors

One more powerful blush CC is here and you shouldn’t let it go! It could take over entire makeups and the only trouble you’ll have will be in selecting the color that you want the most! The official source is ModTheSims, but you can download it directly from this link.

blush mod

Qnie N01 Blush for Smooth Skin

Another surprise was this lovely little blush we found at It transforms the cheeks into attractive ridges of smooth skin and sweet appearance. This perfect makeup mod for shy Sims can be downloaded from here.

blush mod

Qnie Sweet Lips & Sweet Blush Mod – Versions N02 and N03

Found on the same place, but totally different in looks is this stunning blush mod! It covers almost the entire face, but the way it matches with the exclusive lipstick is simply beautiful. The direct download link is here.

blush mod

S-Club LL TS4 Angel Blush 04

If you are the type that likes to break the boundaries of The Sims 4 game, listen up. Here is an awesome CC that lets you put blush on your ears, hands, knees and chests! Thousand thanks go to the brilliant creator S-club! You can download his mod from this link.

blush mod

S-Club LL TS4 Blush 01

Here is a more down-to-earth version of S-club’s Here is a more down-to-earth version of S-Club’s blush mods. You can pretty up your Sims to no limits with this great addition, juggling between light and darker shades, soft or hard touch of blush. The Sims Resource is the official finding place, but you can download the mod directly from here.

blush mod

S-Club LL TS4 Girl Blush 201702

All of S-club’s mods are popular and loved by the community, but this is one of our favorites! Every Sim that we’ve created looks amazing with this gentle blush and we’ll continue to use it to no end! If you want to try it as well, click here.

blush mod

S-Club WM TS4 Blush 09

And for a finisher – take a look at this blush! In 3 forms and 9 colors, it has the power to transform your Sim from an ordinary individual to a super model! The Sims Resource is the official place where you can find this mod, but you can also download it directly from here.

blush mod

Strawberry Blusher for Ripe Cheeks – N13

Making your cheeks blossom is a real art – but it’s also an easy thing to do with this makeup mod by Pralinesims. Give your Sims the fresh and youthful appearance and watch them conquer the world with confidence. You can download this CC directly from this link.

blush mod

Subtle Everyday Blush for Males and Females Teen Through Elder

The ordinary doesn’t have to be so ordinary anymore! Check out this everyday blush mod which can be enjoyed by every Sim, no matter of sex or age. ModTheSims is the official source of the CC and you can download it from here.

blush mod

As Sweet As Sugar Blush

Foxy, foxy, foxy! If you’ve ever dreamed of charming everyone as you walk down the street – this blush is the only weapon for it! All the credits go to the amazing Jenni and her blog at To download the mod directly click here.

blush mod

Sweet Girl Blush Vol1&Vol2 – Tattoo Kiss

A dreamy makeup that could send even princesses into jealousy! Don’t hesitate to steal away this fantastic blush mod and enjoy the singular look of your Sims. Head to to download the mod, or follow our direct link here.

blush mod

Wind Glow Blush N42

If you don’t believe that your cheeks can bloom like spring flowers – take a look at this blush CC from Pralinesims! Delicate tones and soft glows – the 20 different colors will complete every look imaginable. You can download the mod from this link.

blush mod

Winter Blush in 5 styles

Don’t you miss the lovely rosiness of the cheeks during the winter? We too! And that’s why we are ending the list with this adorable makeup addition. The blush mod is super realistic and we’ve found that our Sims simply shine in it! Why not download it for yourself? Head over at ModTheSims or follow our direct link here.

blush mod

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