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We all have jackets and we all love jackets. They are a very handy item to have in your closet especially during spring and fall. Apart from a useful item they are also quite fashionable and come in plenty of styles and designs. So in order to help you bring some realism to your Sims 4 game, we have hand-picked our favorite jacket mods from various modding websites! We are sure that you’re going to find a few pieces that you’ll love!

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Our favorite Sims 4 Leather Jackets Male:

TEOS Male Leather Jacket

TEOS - male leather jacket

We love this classic leather jacket by Wistfulcastle. Finally, your male sims can be warm and fashionable at the same time! We love its tight collar and gold zipper details. What a great way to start our male jackets list!

Metallica Sims 4 Leather Jacket

Metallica Leather Jacket - Updated

With this jacket by Docstone you can finally share your sim’s punk side with the world! It is full of studs on the shoulders, back, and upper arms, giving your male sim the wild punk vibe that they long for! It also has plenty of other accessories on it like patches and band pins!

Frostbrecher Leather Jacket

Frostbrecher Leather Jacket

Another jacket with a nice rock vibe to it, this time by Pralinesims. It comes in a total of 30 variations which include 10 different colors for the jackets and 3 different patterned shirts for each of them! Pair them with a pair of nice distressed jeans to upgrade your sim’s look!

Shirt With Club Leather Jackets

Shirt With Leather Jackets

We love these short leather jackets by Oranostr! They come with a t-shirt and a shirt placed underneath them which provides your male sims with a cool and fashionable layered look! They are also available in a total of 10 unique variations for you to choose from!

Turtleneck With Biker Leather Jacket

Turtleneck With Biker Leather Jacket

Make your male sims look elegant and handsome with these jackets by Oranostr! The big bulky jackets come with nice and tight turtleneck shirts placed underneath. These are perfect for the winter days as well!

Liven Hooded Leather Jacket

Liven Hooded Leather Jacket

Finally, some nice hooded leather jackets to protect your sims’ heads when it’s raining cats and dogs outside! All 3 variations feature a black leather jacket and what changes essentially are the colors of the hoods and the t-shirts worn underneath.

The Icon Denim And Leather Jacket

The Icon Denim And Leather Jacket

Mclaynesims brought us DSQUARED’s iconic denim and a leather jacket for our games! Now your Sims can finally look up-to-date! The jacket comes in a total of 10 color variations, giving you plenty of freedom when you’re designing your favorite sim!

Slim-Fit Sims 4 Leather Jacket

Slim-fit leather jacket

This slim-fit leather jacket by Cherryberrysim is going to be your go-to when creating your male sims. It comes in a total of 9 different swatches and its fit is going to make your male sims appear more muscular than ever before!

K-Pop BIGBANG Made Album Leather Jacket For Male

K-Pop BIGBANG Made Album Leather Jacket For Male

Now you can recreate your favorite K-Pop stars’ outfits with this leather jacket by Kireina sims. Pair it with a dark-colored pair of slim fit jeans and big, bulky white sneakers to make your sim look like a true K-Pop star

Shearling Leather Jacket

Shearling Leather Jacket

This beautiful leather jacket by Mclaynesims looks like it came straight out of a high fashion designer’s studio! You will find it in 12 different variations to pick from. We especially love its collar that has a fur texture to it!

Female Sims 4 Leather Jackets CC

Cropped Leather jacket

103 - Leather jacket

Is there a better way to start our female jacket list than by featuring this cropped jacket by Sims2fanbg? We don’t think so! A really well-made mod, the details of the jacket are crystal clear and it’s our favorite for our sims’ night outings!

Urban Leather Jacket

Set43- Urban Leather Jacket with top

Bring the party animal out of your female sim with these leather jackets by Cleotopia! They come in 8 urban variations and are definitely going to make your sim stand out from the crowd wherever they go! Pair them with a nice pair of tight jeans to really spice up their outfit!

Dress With Leather Jacket

329 - Dress With Leather Jacket

This set creation by Sims2fanbg is going to be your go-to whenever you’re creating a sim that just loves being a true, elegant diva! It comes in a total of 3 variations that depend on the color of the set worn underneath the black leather jacket.

Sims 4 Casual outfit with Leather Jacket

163 - Casual outfit with leather jacket

Another great set creation by Sims2fanbg! Now you can make your Sims’ daily outfits cute and fashionable with literally just one click! Pair them with a nice pair of sneakers or heels and a nice watch as an accessory!

Female Outfit with Leather Jacket

120 - Outfit with leather jacket

This creation is going to be perfect for your sims that just love wearing shorts all year round! Make their daily looks nice and punk with this set by Sims2fanbg. It comes in a total of 5 variations, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Unisex Sims 4 Leather Jackets

Male and Female Leather Jacket

Leather jackets (Male and female)

These unisex biker leather jackets by Count_cosmos are going to be your sims’ go-to for the colder seasons. They come in 4 different colors and 2 different patch variations for each of them, giving you plenty of choices when creating your sim!

Born Free Red Leather Jacket

Born Free Red Leather Jacket

Share your sim’s punk vibe with the world with these unisex red leather jackets. Now both your male and female sims can express their wild side while being warm and fashionable at the same time! Pair them with bulky leather boots to rock your sim’s outfit.

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