40+ Leather Jacket CC Finds for The Sims 4

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In order to help you bring some realism to your Sims 4 game, we have hand-picked our favorite jacket mods from various modding websites! We are sure that youโ€™re going to find a few pieces that youโ€™ll love!

Sims 4 Leather Jacket CC finds

Winter Outfit Collection (Jacket / Snow Boots / Leather Boots / Knee High Boots) [Alpha]

download winter collection part 1 jius sims

Let your Sims brave the snowy streets of winter or enjoy their cozy evenings with friends, with this collection from Jius-sims, called the “Winter Collection Part 1”. This stunning set includes a versatile short jacket in two versions, adorable bow snow boots, fashionable high-leg leather boots, edgy lace-up platform boots, and super cute platform knee-high boots!

Leather Biker Jacket – Female

leather biker jacket female darte77

Racer Leather Jacket – Females

racer leather jacket females darte77

H&M Leather Biker Jacket

3026 h m leather biker jacket charonlee sims scaled

leather jacket by darte77

image 298

Another timeless piece of fashion that should never be absent from your sim’s closet is a leather jacket! Get a versatile, durable-looking one by downloading this leather jacket from Darte 77. These rocking jackets come in 15 swatches and are all base game compatible. Here’s your download link.

City Living EP: Male Leather Jacket Recolor in 41 Autumn Shades – Expansion Pack Required


Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Branding [ALPHA]

Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Branding [ALPHA]

Girl Boss Collection ( Corset/ Top/ Skirt/ Dress/Bodysuit/ Jacket) [Alpha]

Girl Boss Collection by belaloallure

Wistful Castle’s Nocturnal Elegance (Male Leather Pack) – Urban Chic Meets Regal Style

175868 night city male leather pack by wistful castle sims4 featured image

MrCrow’s AlphaCC Elegance: Unveiling the Ultimate Leather Jacket Collection

277345 mrcrow leather jacket sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Elegance: Men’s Leather Jacket for the Modern Man (#LeatherJacket Essentials)

195708 men s leather jacket sims4 featured image

AlphaCC Elegance: Unveiling Timeless Leather Jackets for the Modern Man

88343 leather jackets sims4 featured image

GuemaraGlam: Chic Leather Jacket Club Set (Trendy Female Tops & Jackets)

336592 leather jacket club set by guemarasims sims4 featured image

Chic Chameleon: Mastering Style with Leather Jackets & Turtlenecks (#AlphaCC)

257908 leather jacket turtleneck sims4 featured image

FusionStyle Flair: Chic Leather Jacket Accessory by Sviatlana (#LeatherLuxe)

155540 leather jacket accessory by fusionstyle by sviatlana sims4 featured image

Genius Noir: Sleek Dark Chocolate Leather Jacket (Trendy Female Outerwear)

108894 dark chocolate leather jacket by genius sims4 featured image

BackTrackCC Denim Fusion (Denim Jacket with Fur & Leather Sleeves – Fashion Outerwear) #LeatherJacket #Denim

318453 denim jacket fur leather sleeves by backtrackcc sims4 featured image

AlphaLeatherFrame – Men’s Leather Jacket in Window Frame (TS4, Bed & Musae, Alpha CC, Tops)

295561 bed ts4 m in the window frame leather jacket by bed musae sims4 featured image

GorillaX3’s Leather Elegance (Male Leather Jacket, Tops, Clothing Sets, Alpha CC, Accessories)

331481 leather jacket by gorillax3 sims4 featured image

Nanushka Amal Elegance (Faux Leather Coat by CharonLee – AlphaCC, Female Tops, Clothing Sets)

338110 nanushka amal faux leather coat by charonlee sims4 featured image

Shearling Chic: Leather Jacket & Mini Skirt Ensemble (Collection #LeatherJacket, #SexyLeatherSkirt)

337000 leather jacket mini skirt shearling collection sims4 featured image

Leather Jacket with Smudge on the Back [MM]

Leather Jacket with Smudge on the Back

Bebel Leather Jacket for Toddlers [MM]

Bebel Leather Jacket for Toddlers

Leather Jackets Set [MM]

Leather Jackets Set

Prada Clothes Set (Earrings/ Bra Top/ Jacket/ Mini Dress/ Turtle Neck Top) [ALPHA]

Prada Clothes Set

โœจ Lovely Lucy Leather Jacket: 15 Swatches, TS3 to TS4, Star Style! โœจ


Turtleneck & Biker Jacket Combo: 10 Colors, New Mesh, Specular Map


Advent Day 19: Basic Menswear – Bootcut Jeans, Pocket Hoodie, Quilted Leather Jacket, Slim Fit Polo, Ankle Work Boots


Leather Sherpa Jacket for Male [MM]

Leather Sherpa Jacket for Male

Check out these awesome coruroy/suede and leather sherpas for your Sims, which are perfect for the season! These are re-edits of the sherpas in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch EP.

Badge Bomber Jacket with Leather Sleeves for Male Children [ALPHA]

Leather Sleeves and Badge Bomber Jacket for Male Children

Paris Street Style Set for Female (Jacket/ Pants/ Dress/ Tops/ Heels) [MM]

Paris Street Style Set for Female - Jacket, Pants, Dress, Tops, Heels MM

Cropped Leather Jacket and Cargo Pants [ALPHA]

Cropped Leather Jacket and Cargo Pants [ALPHA]

Bomber Jacket with Leather Sleeves

bomber jacket with leather sleeves darte77

Hooded Leather Jacket (Button-Up Shirt)

hooded leather jacket button up shirt darte77

Leather Jacket (Zip-Up Sweater)

leather jacket zip up sweater darte77

Bomber Jacket in Suede Leather

bomber jacket in suede leather darte77

Dynamite Leather Jacket

dynamite leather jacket nucrests

Sleek Leather Jacket with Fur Collar for Female [MM]

madlen rowena jacket madlen

Leather Jacket with Fur [MM]

madlen vicki jacket madlen

Leather Jacket and Trousers [MM]

sierra outfit madlen

Leather Jacket For Children [MM]

madlen akira jacket madlen


3620 celine leather bomber jacket sailor24love sims

Mirror skirt / Jacket leather moonlight

931 mirror skirt jacket leather moonlight babyetears

Goth is Rock Collection – Spike Leather Jacket

593 goth is rock collection spike leather jacket blue craving

Urban Leather Jacket With top โ€“ Set 43

set43 total ripped urban leggings

Those who have never owned a leather jacket donโ€™t know the power it gives when wearing it! And now you can give that power to your Sims with these wonderful ones that come in 8 dark color variants. Plus the strong bra underneath makes everything extra, so the combo is a must for every Simmer. Itโ€™s available for download at The Sims Resource.

Odd Eye Leather Jacket accessory custom content

sims4 accessory jacket cc 1

Get the look of classy, tough guys without the cost. Take your females look to the next level with this chic cropped leather jacket. The distressed leather with cage design and EA textures make it a versatile piece that will go well with simpler tops of your choice. This jacket is a hand-me-down in the Hats category that has 39 swatches available in varying metal colors. To install this piece into your game, click here.

Studded leather jacket

studded leather jacket at darte77 5e7cbbd89e91c

Would you like to dress your Sims like an Exploited fan? You are on the right page, as this leather jacket with studs will blow you away. You’ll get to choose between a few stud colors, from gold and copper to black and silver. Even if you get them to wear the plains shirt and jeans, they will still stand out from the crowd. That’s how effective it is! Your men of Sims will enjoy rocking it. Get it on this page!

Leather Jacket With Turtleneck Sweater

img 8

If you want your men to look mysterious and stylish, this is the jacket you’d want to see in their wardrobe. The heavy leather jacket is combined with a warm turtleneck, to help you achieve that perfect suave look. Although itโ€™s only available in black, this CC is priceless. Find more info here

Rugged Renegade: Studded Leather Jacket for the Modern Man (AlphaCC Collection)

208873 studded leather jacket sims4 featured image

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