Buzzcut CC: It’s Time You Tried These Cool Hairs in the Sims 4!

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Do you want to dress your sim in some buzzcut cc but are unsure where to start? If so, this article is on the top 15 ultimate buzzcut cc for TS4.

sims 4 buzzcut cc

buzzcut? more like a stylish cut!

Many hairstyles are popular for both men and women. Believe it or not, one of those haircuts is buzzcuts. Buzzcuts are not just for the military and are worn by plenty of those who are not in the military.

Thanks to our list you’ll be able to give your sims the most stylish of all buzzcuts. Also included are side shaves, which are still buzzcuts. Just half-done when you think about it.

15. Bucky Buzzcuts

buzzcut cc
Sims 4 Buzzcut CC

The Bucky Hair from Kotcatmeow is a buzzcut for your male sims out there. It has two styles which are shown above. You can get these styles in 16 EA colors. The best part, besides it being for the teen to elder sims, is these are hat compatible!

Click here to download.

14. Buzzy Hair


The Buzzy hair Custom Content Pack is for all ages and genders. It features a buzzcut in all the classic EA colors. One of the great parts about this is that it’s for all ages. Even toddlers and kids can sport these trendy buzzcuts.

Click here to download.

13. Side Buzzcut Dreads

sims 4 buzzcut cc

This side buzz cut with dreads custom content pack features hair that is styled in short dread locs. It’s perfect for POC sims and great that there is finally some representation. I mean, who doesn’t love a side shave? It’s a universal haircut that transcends everything.

Click here to download this awesome buzzcut cc pack.

12. B-Cut

sims 4 buzzcut cc
Sims 4 Buzzcut CC

The B-cut custom content hair pack by Luumiasims is a buzz-cut style for all of your male sims. There are twelve different colors your sim can pick from. Each of these hair colors stands out in its own way.

Click here to download this custom content today.

11. Side Shave by LadyLorelai


The Side Shave Recolor by LadyLorelai features a long bang on one side and a buzzcut on the other. It comes in a total of 7 different colors, five of them being natural and two being unnatural. If you happen to like purple, then the unnatural colors will be right up your alley.

Click here to download.

10. Ponytail Side Buzzcut

This ponytail with the sides buzzed is another long hairstyle perfect for those who want long hair and a buzzed look at the same time. It comes with and without sideburns and is for females aged teen all the way to elders.

Click here to download.

9. Puk Hair Side Buzzcut

The Puk Hair Saccharine Pallette by Citrontart is another take on a pixie cut with one side buzzed off. It has a total of 16 swatches so if one doesn’t appeal to you, you can always choose another. All of them are natural colors, but hey nothing wrong with keeping it classic!

Click here to download.

8. Julio’s Hair Side Buzzcut

tumblr phqwhjbDs71v6jf4oo1 500

Julio’s Hair by Pastelar is a chin-length hairstyle with one side completely buzzed off. It comes with all the typical EA colors, some of which are natural and unnatural. This side shave goes further than some of the other ones out there.

Click here to download.

7. Long hair side Buzz Cut

tumblr o3lpcocJUR1ug3d79o1 540

The Long Hair Half Buzzcut by Habisims is perfect for those who want to keep the majority of their hair long, but still, show a little bit of a rebellious streak. This custom content is a great option for those people

Click here to download.

6. Aurora Hair


The Auror hair by Crazycupcakefr13 features some long hair piled up on the head in a cute bun with an undercut. Basically, everything not in the bun is shaved, with the exception of the bangs. It comes in a variety of colors, some natural and some not.

Click here to download.

5. Buzz Cut Collection by Boonstow

sims 4 buzzcut cc

The Buzzcut collection by Boonstoww features a total of 30 swatches. It’s one buzzed hairstyle, but there are so many different colors and patterns for you to pick from. It’s for all genders and even hat compatible. Can’t get much better than that!

Click here to download.

4. Buzzcut Hair Retexture by Liliili

tumblr pt4m9obF5d1yn36e3o1 1280

The Buzz Cut Hair Re-texture by Liliili comes with 26 swatches in custom colors. This is actually the second version of this custom content pack. While the original was great, the second version adds a lot more options to pick from.

Here’s your download link.

3. Buzzcut Season Overlays Witching Hour


At our number 3 spot is the Buzzcut Season Overlayws Witching Hour pack. It’s a little bit of a mouthful, but don’t let that deter you from downloading this custom content. It comes with some of the most unique patterned buzzcuts out there.

Click here to download the Buzzcut Season Overlays Witching Hour custom content today.

2. Buzzcut Collection by Kingfakey

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At our number two spot is The Buzzcut Season Packs by KingFakey come with several different packs that you can download. These include the hearts overlay pack, leopard overlay, and solid + tie dye overlay. Each of these has 24 options with 12 of those being natural colors.

Click here to download The Buzzcut Season Packs by KingFakey now.

1. Nonstop Buzzcut

sims 4 buzzcut cc

Finally, we have reached out number one spot that belongs to the Nonstop Buzzcut by Praline. This custom content pack recolors several base game hair colors. They do this to about 70 hair colors in total and the end result is every one of them looking bright, vibrant, and just straight-up breathtaking.

Click here to download the Nonstop Buzzcut by Praline today.

Final Thoughts

And that does it for entire our list of buzzcut cc that is available to download for your sims game. As always, there are others out there for you to check out but we believe those on our list are the best of the best.

Your sim will always look stylish with one of these buzzcuts. We promise you that!

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