100+ BEST Sims 4 CC Clothes from Patreon to Download in 2023

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Strut the streets of The Sims 4 in style! In this article, we handpicked the best CC clothes for your sims! We selected a diverse collection of the trendiest and most exquisite clothing items for the game. The entire list is organized into three sections, incorporating an excellent variety of female clothing, male clothing, and mixed clothing items for all! Check out the entire article!

Sims 4 cc clothes
Discover the ultimate clothing CC packs for the Sims 4!

Watch our top 20 Picks of CC Clothes for the Sims 4

In this clip, we’ve showcased our favorite clothing CC packs from this list. We hope you get inspired by these amazing creations!

The Hottest Female Clothes CC for the Sims 4

First off, we’ll start with the female clothes CC for The Sims 4. Each entry in this section just screams stylish! All items we incorporated are sure to look gorgeous on your feminine-framed sims.

female clothes
Find more CC Clothes for your females here!

1. The Sangria Collection by Greenllamas

The Sangria Clothes Collection Set for Female (Hairs/ Tops/ Bottoms/ Full Body) [MM]

Looking for a stunning outfit for your Sim’s dinner date? This set is on fire to bring you the hottest outfit in town! A total of 7 items that includes 2 hairstyles to rock and pair your 5 different tops and bottoms. Catch this cc here!

2. The Vacanza Collection by Serenity-cc

The Vacanza Collection Swimsuit for Female (Swimsuit/ Hat/ Cover Up/ Necklace/ Earrings/ Slippers) [MM]

This CC Set is literally screaming vacation! This Vacanza Collection from Serenity includes different swimwear styles with soft pastels and cute patterns to choose from! Here’s your download link.

Looking for more Bikini CCs? Check out more bikini ccs here!

3. Strapless Maxi Dres by RImings_Sims4

Strapless Maxi Dress

This adorable and understated dress is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s a quick date in San Myshuno or a stroll near the beach. Get this dress here with cute swatches!

4. December 2022 Collection by astya96

sims 4 cc clothes
Sims 4 Clothes Custom Content by Astya96

Have a look at this December Collection by creator astya96. It is filled with multi-colored, stylish tops and jeans that teen to elder sims will surely enjoy wearing. Each clothing item from the collection looks super posh! Here’s your download link.

5. Crochet Collection with Noir Angelz by bluerose-sims

sims 4 cc clothes

This Crochet Collection from blue-rose sims is such a steal for your sims! The cute pack contains delicately-designed outfits, which include a mixture of tops, skirts, pants, and coats for your sims.

Here’s your download link.

6. Miyuki Coat & Bag by madlen

sims 4 cc clothes
Sims 4 Clothes CC by Madlen

CC creator Madlen has gifted us with this Miyuki coat and package. The items come in different shapes and sizes and will surely look flattering when worn by your sims. Plus, the coat is super comfy and fluffy! Here’s your download link.

7. Mirimalist Collection by Bergdorfverse

image 62

Bergdorfverse launched this collection, which is an official collaboration between her and another CC creator Mirimalist. The collection includes the Concrete Midi Dress, the Viva Jacket and Pants, and the Viva Dress. All items have custom thumbnails. Here’s your download link.

8. HyunA I’m not Cool outfits by new_en092

image 216

Are you a fan of female K-Pop idols? Maybe you’re one of the many who stan the popular celebrity Hyuna? If yes, then you’d certainly like this female clothing item inspired from Hyuna’s style! Here’s your download link.

9. collar button cocktail dress by 4w25

image 256
If your sims prefer to walk the streets in body-hugging dresses that are both glamorous and comfortable, then this dress, created by 4w25, is for them! It’s called the Collar Button Cocktail Dress. It comes in 15 swatches. Here’s your download link.

10. VISION Outfit Set by ronaSims

image 260

RONA_SIMS is an excellent creator of ultra-fashionable clothing pieces for sims. Check out this Vision Outfit Set, which includes glam shorts and tops. The Vision Outfit Set comes in 10 swatches.

image 261

Here’s your download link.

11. VIP cC – 37 by mila smith

image 201

With this VIP 33 collection from CC creator Mila Smith, you can heighten the fashion taste of your sims. The pack includes luxurious-looking shoes, bags, tops, and dresses. The items come in 12 swatches each.

Here’s your download link.

12. Street style by Belaloallure

sims 4 cc clothes

Gain some street fashion credentials with this Street Style 2.0 Collection from creator Belaoallure! The set includes sexy-looking, body-flattering tops, dresses, and pants. The items come in 15 to 40 swatches, and all are HQ-compatible. Here’s your download link.

13. Rise, Rebel, Resist Collection by evellSims

sims 4 cc clothes

The Rise, Rebel, Resist Collection was launched by CC creator EvellSims. Clothing pieces from the set include dresses, tops, and pants that fit feminine-framed Sims. Each item comes in 20 swatches and fit teen to elder sims.

image 231

Here’s your download link.

14. Selkie inspired mini dresses by dreamgirl

image 2

These frilly and pretty dresses are the creations of CC creator Dreamgirl. There are two items in the set, the Two-Layered Dress and the Neck-Collar Dress. These items could be located under the full body outfits in CAS. 20 swatches are available for each dress.

image 3

Here’s your download link.

15. Love Feelings Collection by backtrack

image 182

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, BackTrack launched this steamy set of clothing items for your sims. Called the Love Feelings Collection, the set features the Puff Sleeves Button Polkadot Dress, the Cherry Sweater with Skirt, the Mellow High Heel Pumps, and the Love Gem Necklace.

image 183

Here’s your download link.

16. two different dresses by babyetears

image 187

More fab female clothes CC coming right up! For number 13, we have this Cardigan with Dress from CC creator Babyetear. The posh set comes in 30 colors and is HQ-compatible.

To download the first set, click here. Grab the dresses from this link.

17. Top & Skirt Raise by JINTI

image 153

Jinti came up with these girly outfits which include top and bottom clothing pieces that are all HQ-compatible. 16 swatches are available for both tops and bottoms. Our personal favorite is the strawberry skirt!

Here’s your download link.

18. bralessness top set by euno Sims

sims 4 cc clothes

Get this Bralessness Top Set from CC creator Euno Sims. There are plenty of braless pieces to choose from, as the set comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Here’s your download link.

19. Clothing Set CF01 by Simtographies

image 78

Fancy getting your sims a new set of fashionable top and pants? Then, dive right in to this Clothing Set CF01 by Simtographies! The top comes in 8 swatches, while the pannts come in 50.

image 79

Here’s your download link.

20. Two dresses by busra-tr

image 109

Want your sims to look both sexy and deadly at the same time? Then get them these outfits! These ultra-hip dresses are from creator Busra-Tr. They fit feminine-framed sims from teens to elders.

image 110

To download the first dress, click link. To download the second dress, follow this page.

19. Kassandra Fur Dress by BlueRose 3DFashion

sims 4 cc clothes

Look extremely chic while also feeling cozy with the Kassandra Fur Dress by BlueRose. This fashionable furry clothing item comes in 10 colors and are compatible with the base game. Our favorites are the black and white versions.

image 36

Here’s your download link.

20. Simchella: A 7 items set by caio

image 718

Help your sims to these sexy and attractiv clothing items from Caio! These are inspired from Coachella Festival outfits. The set includes 25 colors, including 10 clothing prints. There are 7 items all in all.

Here’s your download link.

21. holography by boonstow

image 162

Make your sims glow in style with this enchanting Holography Set from boonstow. The set includes a puff-sleeved dress, a ruch-sleeved dress, a satin mini dress, and transparent heels. Wearing these will make your seems feel magical!

Here’s your download link.

22. check skirt by san33 Sims

image 16

Here’s your download link.

image 17
It comes in a variety of denim swatches!

23. Sweatshirt & skirt Outfit by euno sims

image 39

If your sims prefer to wear comfortable clothing that are still oozing with style, then let them slip into these outfits by Euno Sims! The diverse range inlcudes plenty of graphic designs and colors your sims will love. Yep! The items look totally on fleek for street fashion!

Here’s your download link.

24. Leslie Set by MS Mary Sims

image 283

The Leslie Set, launched by CC creator Mary Sims, incorporate creative prints, patterns, and bold colors into a great number of fab clothing items for your sims. Choose from the selection of skirts, tops, and pants available!

image 284

Here’s your download link.

25. Arctic collection by savage sims

image 278

The Arctic Collection by Savage-Sims are all about postmodern fashion! The items look grungy yet totally chic. The collection features the Frostbite Corset Dress, the Subzero Sweater Dress, the Chilly Cardigan, and the Freezer Burn Skirt, among others.

image 281

Here’s your download link.

26. Belted Set by idsims

image 85

Polygon Couture released this high-fashion Belted Set, which contains jackets and pants that fit teen to elder sims. The jacket and pants set both contain 17 swatches. All are HQ-compatible.

image 86

Here’s your download link.

27. keek dress by ridgeport

image 21

The Keek Dress is something that your sims would want to wear on Get Together events with friends and family during summer! Created by Ridgeport, the feminine, laid-back Keer Dress comes in 7 patterns and 25 solid colors. Here’s your download link.

28. Urban Mood by seoulsoul

image 31

SeoulSeoul curated this ultra savvy Urban Mood Collection which features elegant clothes CC for your sims. Download the tops, dresses, and bottoms available and see how your sims will fit into them!

image 30

Here’s your download link.

29. Monster set by 1-800-CUUPID

image 67

The Monster Set is a clothes CC pack for The Sims 4 which features tops, dresses, and accessories such as wristbands and thigh garters, perfect for your feminine-framed sims who love street fashion. All are HQ-compatible. Here’s your download link.

30. Asymmetric Fold Cardigan by Charonlee SIMS

sims 4 cc clothes

Play with geometric patterns and symmetrical styles with these clothes CC from Charonlee Sims! The set includes 62 swatches of the Asymmetric Fold Cardigan and 138 swatches of brassieres. All have custom thumbnails.

image 60

Here’s your download link.

31. Starry by HuiEn

image 118

Do you love incorporating timeless fashion pieces into the style of your sims? Then grab tthe Starry Set from CC creator HuiEn. This female clothes CC has a great variety of plain and patterned items that wil look classy and glamorous on your sims.

image 119

Here’s your download link.

32. AxExS High Teen Collabo by euno sims

image 42

Our teen sims need a lot of motivation to perform well in school, and that includes looking great each day with cute outfits! With this High Teen Collection from Euno Sims, they’d definitely have access to a lot of great clothing items to upgrade their everyday teen fashion!

image 43

Here’s your download link.

33. lacy cross tank and dress by dreamgirl

image 6

These Lacy Cross Tank and Dress from Dreamgirl are sure to make your sims look both hot and pretty. The delicate details of frilly laces, pink patterns, and tiny ribbons are what make these outfits wardrobe staples! Here’s your download link.

34. Off duty model cC by Belaloallure

sims 4 cc clothes

Grant your sims the ability to turn any street into a fashion runway by letting them wear these mesmerizing clothing pieces from Belaloallure! Called the Off Duty Model, this clothes CC pack includes 15 to 30 swatches of beautifully-designed tops and bottoms.

Here’s your download link.

35. Bejeweled dress by beto_AE0

image 197

If you’re throwing a fabulous pool party in the neighborhood and your sim is the host, then let them sport this charming Bejeweled Dress from Beto_AEO! The snazzy piece is a one-piece suit encrusted with an assortment of jewels and gems. Here’s your download link.

36. SC Exclusive by slayClassy

image 302

The SC Exclusive Collection by Slay Classy boasts a set of outfits that are one part laid-back, and one part high-fashion! The set features the Ribbed Off-Shoulder Sweater, the Elegant V-Neck Sequin Skirt Dress, and the Medium Slit Shirt Ego Set. Here’s your download link.

The Best Male Clothes CC For The Sims 4

Next up, we’re bringing you the snazziest and hottest clothing items for you masculine-framed sims! These male clothes CC will surely provide your sims with the exquisite style upgrade that they need.

sims compilation male cc
Find the coolest male clothes CC here!

37. summer of june sets by BED & MUSAE

image 147

Let’s start off this list with the Summer of June T-Shirt and Track Pants Set from CC Bed and Musae. This clothes CC pack incorporate both shirts and pants in various meshes. All items fit masculine-framed sims.

Here’s your download link.

38. Ethereal Cardigan Set Redux by nucrests

image 133

Combine the power of class and street syle with this Ethereal Cardigan Set for your masculine-framed sims. The layered clothing set contains six items that are available both in plain and patterned meshes. Here’s your download link.

39. KK Basic set 14 by KK’s Creation

If your sims are attending an elegant ball or a night party, strut them in these suits! The KK Basic Set 14 by KK’s Creation includes fashionable and elegant clothing pieces for your masculine-framed sims. Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: 60+ Pieces Of The Best CC for Black & POC Sims!

40. Male set by lazy eyelids

sims 4 cc clothes

The Male Set by CC creator Lazy Eyelids include a combination of Loose Turteneck Shirts and Baggy Pants for your sims. You’ll have fun mixing and matching outfits with all the choices of meshes to choose from for both shirts and pants. Also, all of the items are HQ compatible.

image 143

Here’s your download link.

41. Lotto Sweater by plbSims

image 269

Feeling cold but don’t want to look uncool sporting those unfashionable and drab jackets? The n grab these sweaters from Plbsims! These ulta-cozy Lotto Sweaters come in 16 swatches that have bold, solid colors paired with logo designs.

image 270

Here’s your download link.

42. Sleeveless turtleneck top by BED & MUSAE

image 712

Like what we’ve said before, everyone can rock Sleeveless Shirts and Cropped Tops, because of course, any piece of clothing is not exclusive to any gender. Thus, for number 41, we want you to check this Sleeveless Turtleneck Top launched by Bed and Musae. These tops come in 10 solid swatches.

image 713

Here’s your download link.

43. am Busan Shirt by MMSIMS

Let’s delve deeper into exploring Korean fashion, which is all the rage these days! Now, your sims can also style themselves the Korean way, by wearing these Busan Shirts from CC creator MMSims. These open-button shirts are available in a large variety of 55 swatches!

image 101

Here’s your download link.

44. Deep V-neck Sweater by rona Sims

image 262

We’re giving you more Korean fashion! This time, we are delving into sweaters. This Deep V-Neck Sweater from RONA_SIMS is a highly fashionable piece of clothing perfect for your masculine-framed sims who love to show off their playful-yet-classy style ito the world.

image 263

Here’s your download link.

45. January 2021 by amelylina

image 424

Here’s your download link.

46. leather jacket by darte77

image 298

Another timeless piece of fashion that should never be absent from your sim’s closet is a leather jacket! Get a versatile, durable-looking one by downloading this leather jacket from Darte 77. These rocking jackets come in 15 swatches and are all base game compatible. Here’s your download link.

47. SEVENTEEN Anyone Set by Miro

image 91

Are you one of the fans of the Korean boy band Seventeen? Do you want to recreate their concert outfits for your sims? If yes, then you have to get this Seventeen Anyone Set from CC creator MIRO! This entire male clothes CC pack contains 30 outfit swatches.

image 88

Here’s your download link..

48. Looks like Mitchell by wistful Castle

Here’s your download link.

49. Denim Jacket (Hoodie) by darte77

image 297

Let’s admit it, we need more clothing items made for the cold weather in The Sims 4. The ones available seem okay, but they need a style upgrade! Luckily, Darte77 created this set of cool-looking Denim Jackets, Hooded Knit Sweaters, and Bubble Knit Sweaters. These pieces are not only good at keeping the cold away, but they look so on fleek as well!

image 300

Here’s your download link.

50. Sean Pajama by adrienPastel

sims 4 cc clothes

Here’s your download link.

51. The Black Beauty Collection by Simsplify

sims 4 cc clothes

Download the first set from here, and the second from this page. Grab the third one from this link.

52. Rustique CC pack by cowconuts

image 394

Here’s your download link.

53. Outsider Top by adrienpastel

image 392

Here’s your download link.

54. Velocity Outfit Set by rona Sims

image 264

In case the top and bottom clothing for masculine-framed sims available in the game still do not feel stylish enough for you, check out the VelocityOutfit Set by RONA_SIMS! This male clothes CC pack comes in 10 swatches and are all HQ compatible.

image 268

Here’s your download link.

55. VIP cC – 41 by mila smith

image 205

CC creator Mila Smith keeps creating the most exquisite clothes CC for The Sims 4. With this VIP 41 set that she launched, your masculine-framed sims can enjoy a new line of posh clothes, bags, and shoes that they can add to their wardrobe. Check the set out!

Here’s your download link.

56. Short Sleeve Oversized Shirt by Gorilla X3

image 370

Here’s your download link.

57. Gratuitous Men’s Leather Stuff Pack by verbatimsims

image 387

Here’s your download link.

58. Daniel Top by Kumikya

sims 4 cc clothes

Here’s your download link.

59. Galaxy collection by CAMUFLAJE

image 412

Here’s your download link.

60. Monday Morning Turtleneck sweaters

image 414
image 417

Here’s your download link.

61. Two sets by creamlattedream

image 415
image 416

Here’s your download link. To download the second set, click here.

62. BTS JIN Outfit by RIMINGS

image 419
image 418

Here’s your download link.

63. Logan Vest by Hooppiway

sims 4 cc clothes

Here’s your download link.

64. Layered T-Shirts by waekey

image 422

Here’s your download link.

65. Folie A Deux by adrienPastel

image 405

Here’s your download link.

66. Wild City – male Jacket by wistful Castle

image 390
image 391

Here’s your download link.

67. Skydive sweater by Trillyke

image 421

Here’s your download link.

68. butch collection by windenbro

sims 4 cc clothes

Here’s your download link.

69. Rope’s escale shirt by gvbe

image 420

Here’s your download link.

70. ArchiveFaction Menswear by TERFEARRENCE

Here’s your download link.

71. PLUSH SS18 Menswear Collection by PLUSHXSIMS

image 403
image 402

Here’s your download link.

Best Sims 4 Clothing CC Packs for Males & Females

We’re now down to the last section of the article! In the following, we included a fresh and chic collection of mixed clothes CC for all kinds of sims! With these great finds, your sims’ wardrobes will definitely get that much-awaited fashionable boost!

best cc packs
Find the best cc packs for the Sims 4!

72. Ultimate Jeans Collection Redux by by nucrests

image 134

To start off this next section, we bring to you the Ultimate Jeans Collection Redux from CC Creator Nucrests. The clothing set come in 23 versatile pieces of pants, skirts, and shorts—all available in a plethora of solid colors. Here’s your download link.

73. Red Carpet Set by Joliebean

image 116

Do you have celebrity sims who often strut the red carpet? Then let them further elevate their fame by wearing these evening outfits from the Red Carpet Set by Jolliebean! This mixed clothes CC set includes 10 dazzling pieces that are based from real-life red carpet events. Here’s your download link.

74. Physical: A 27 item collection by Caio

image 716

Your sims should not only look stylish during glamorous parties or get together events, as looking fab is a 24/7 responsibility! Thus, during their sports and workout sessions, let them wear items from the Physical Collection, which contains trendy shoes, accessories, tops, and bottoms.

image 717

Here’s your download link.

75. A huge collection of Clothing CC by marsmerizingsims

image 80

Marsmerizingsims launched this huge haul of clothes CC for your sims! The entire pack boasts a collection of turtlenecks, skirts, blazers, pants, scarves, jackets, and many other items! With these items, let’s proceed to giving your sims a major wardrobe makeover!

Here’s your download link.

76. The Greenhouse Collection by greenllamas

image 220

Next off, we have the Greenhouse Collection from CC creator Greenllamas. The set, inspired from the spring season, features 22 items of fresh clothing pieces for CAS. There are new hairs, hair clips, tops, bottoms, and shoes available. Here’s your download link.

77. rainbow collection by saurus

sims 4 cc clothes

To celebrate the Pride Month, CC creator Saurus released the June Rainbow Collection, which incorporates pride elements such as flags, rainbows, and pastels. With a total of 10 items, the collection is certainly a great addition to your sim’s wardrobes!

image 222

Here’s your download link.

78. Nuage Set by serenity

image 242

The Nuage Set from CC creator Serenity is a clothes CC pack that allows us access to 13 clothing pieces that are all base game compatible! With a range of the hottest jackets, pants, and tops available, your sims will definitely delight in choosing from all the offerings! Here’s your download link.

79. Serenity X Enrique – Back To The 60s Collection

image 244

The Back to The 60’s Collection is a collaboration from EnriqueS4 and Serenity. The set highlights 22 new items that feature the classic 60’s trends. Definitely perfect for sims who love the flair of psychedelic, colorful fashion!

image 247

Here’s your download link.

80. miracle cC pack by clumsyalien

image 258

Meet the Miracle CC pack! This set contains a variety of new hairstyles for male and female sims. It also includes sweaters, cardigans, skirts, and scarves. All items look perfect for the Holiday Season! Here’s your download link.

81. Fat cat attire by Raccoonium

image 301

One of the cutest sets in this list is this Fat Cat Attire from CC creator Raccoonium! Inspired from the Final Fantasy XIV game, the pieces featured in the set are slippers, leg warmers, jackets, earrings, and many others that have the fat cat design. Here’s your download link.

82. SC#122 EXCLUSIVE by SlayClassy

image 303

SlayClassy once again brings us fashionable clothing pieces. This time, meet the SC#122 Exclusive Set, which contain the Candice Moneyslip Top, Deku Jacket, Falcon Puffer, Ibiza Top, and Moneybag Dress, among others. Talk about high glam!

Here’s your download link.

83. My Wedding Trauma

image 307

This Wedding Trauma Set, a collaboration from two awesome CC creators, includes the Malborough Dress, the Elvis Jumpsuit, the Brandi Dress, the Goopy Suit Jacket, and the Newport Headpiece, among others. Here’s your download link.

84. REINA X HIYUT BARBIE&KEN Halloween Collab

image 310

Let your sims play the colorful lives of Barbie and Ken with this outfit collaboration set from CC Creators Reina and Hiyut! The ultra cute set includes a Barbie Suit, a KEn Suit, and Barbie Boxes!

image 312

Here’s your download link.

85. Free Spirit – a CC pack by Joliebean & DallasGirl

image 311

The Free Spirit Pack ia western-bohemian collection, which contains 12 standalone items that are all base game compatible. Some of the items include the Equestrian Hair, Clementine Hair, and the Arthur Hat.

image 343

Here’s your download link.

86. Suit with Stripe by rustySims

image 321
image 325

Here’s your download link.

87. wild ones collection by aretha

image 331
image 332

Here’s your download link.

88. First Fits Kit by adrianPastel

image 339
image 340

Here’s your download link.

89. Summer Olympics Set by MaI

image 353

Here’s your download link.

90. Thrift Shop Set by simstrouble

image 374
image 375

Here’s your download link.

91. Empathise, Queendom Merch by 2AM Entertainment

image 388

Here’s your download link.

92. “so casual” collection by aretha

image 359

Here’s your download link.

93. the teen collection by Vikai

image 351
image 352

Here’s your download link.

94. Sweater Weather Collaboration by oakiyo

image 376

Here’s your download link.

95. Happy Holidays Collection by AngelHoliday17

image 386

Here’s your download link.

96. Senior Year Pack by simcelebrity00

image 406

Here’s your download link.

97. Incheon Add-on Pack PART 2 by solitar

image 382

Here’s your download link.

99. Autumn Collection by AngelHoliday17

image 380
image 381

Here’s your download link.

100. toxic tracksuit by crypticsim

image 395

Here’s your download link.

101. the yearbook collection by imvikai

image 349
image 350

Here’s your download link.

102. Here & Queer by MapleSim

image 342

Here’s your download link.

Final Thoughts

Because we really love our sims, we always want to make sure that they don’t just feel comfortable, but they’re also well-dressed at all times! We hope that with this grand list of the best clothes CC that we have gathered for you, you’re able to find the ones that would go perfect with your sim’s overall style! As always, happy playing simmers!

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