Latest Accessory Tops Custom Content for the Sims 4


There’s no question or doubt that tops continue to be everyone’s go-to. And we could never get bored of exploring new prints or designs. Since accessory tops make our sims’ outfits come to life, we’ve decided to put together a list of the latest accessory tops custom content for you. There are plenty of cool trends that creators have been working on. Let’s unfold the list together!

Greatest Collection of Accessory Tops for Your Male and Female Sims


We’re starting off with these vibrant, cozy colors. These accessory tops are female only. But your sims from teen to elder can wear them. Head over to this post to install.

Accessory Cropped Turtleneck Top

There’s much to say about this package. Not only do you get awesome accessory tops but also a few pairs of overalls with a buckle belt. You’re getting 30 swatches for the accessory top. To install, click here.

Accessory Chocobun Tops

This is definitely a must-have. Your emo female sims will surely wear this on a daily basis. It’s available in 2 variations: lace and lace with transparency. To install, click here.

Rainier Accessory Shirt a recolor

A base game compatible accessory shirt. You can find 25 different patterned swatches which include: plaids, botanical and African textiles. Download from this page.

big fishnet accessory tops Custom Content

Accessory tops custom content

One of our favorites! This accessory fishnet top is available in both white and black colors. You get to choose between 12 swatches and it can be found under Gloves. Here’s your download-link.

Daybreak Accessory LS Top

Accessory tops cc

If you’ve been searching for slightly puffy sleeve accessory tops, you’ve come to the right place. It’s base-game compatible and comes in a variety of ten colors. For easy download, click here.


You get three versions from this set: accessory turtlenecks, tube tops, and tee-shirts. You could find them under Gloves. Check them out by visiting this link.

Sheer Brutality Accessory Top

Accessory tops custom content

A vampire accessory top is a great addition to our game. It’s categorized as Gloves. And if you’re wondering about its color options, you get the original EA swatches plus one that is pure white. You can download by visiting this page.

Accessory Shirts

Accessory tops custom content

This top comes with long sleeve and short sleeve options as well as a basic oval high-cleavage version of a tank top. Here’s your download-link.


Accessory tops custom content

This one is definitely worth checking -especially that you also get a skater style dress along with these accessory tops. Check it out by following this page.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the latest accessory tops custom content for the Sims 4. Check out related content below or head back to the main post for a variety of cool custom shirts for both your male and female sims. See you there!

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