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Did you ever dream of dressing your Sims as elves? If you are a fantasy fan, finding elvish outfits is just what you need. Now your Sims can look like Gladirel and Aragon from Lord of The Rings, or as characters from a fantasy game. There are many fantasy outfits available for The Sims but these hyper-realistic elvish looks are guaranteed to blow your mind. Here are the top 10 Sims 4 elven clothing pieces you will love.

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1. DSF Outfit male elves cisne elven clothing

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Elven gentlemen need to be dressed comfortably to show off their archery! This CC will allow you to not only dress them like Legolas and make them feel good in their skin but also look classy and mysterious. The set includes 35 samples of unique elven jackets and 40samples of elven paths. Additionally, you will be able to choose more than one color and make them really stand out from the crowd. If you are mesmerized by this CC, look it up here!

2. DSF Dress Elves Cisne Sims 4 Elven Clothing


This silky elven dress will leave you speechless. Thanks to DanSimsFantasy who is the creator of this bundle our female Sims can now charm others with a single glance. Elven long silk dress has golden fabric and gems. It not only looks gorgeous on young adults but is also available for elder sim ladies. There are 24 different color hues available, so you can get extra creative. If you are mesmerized by it as I am, check it out here!

3. Elvish warriors female elven clothing

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Now you can make an elvish version of Lara Kroft with ease! This CC pack features the best warrior female suits you can find on the internet. It comes in two main variations, black, and silver. The shoulder protection looks a nice touch of mystery. I love the top and it reminds me of dragon skin or snakeskin, which enhances the fantasy element of it even more. Feel free to browse and download it here!

4. Sifix Saga Dress for sims 4 elven clothing

SifixSagaDress 1

For Elf Sims or Sims that want to dress up like an elf, this classic elven dress with long sleeves is the one that will blow their mind. This female elf dress comes in four distinct colors. This is a perfect example of the finest sims 4 elven clothing. The dress is a long frock-style gown, with a long, slender tail. The front is distinctive, with lace details around the waist and cleavage. To dress your Sims ladies in the finest elven silk and lace, download this CC here!

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5. DSF Set black phoenix elves for male sims


For any critical occasion that your male elf might have to attend, comb their hair, show off their pointed ears, and dress in the Black Phoenix Suit. This incredible outfit looks like something a modern elf might wear. The look will make your Sims look both elegant and mysterious. This piece with stunning elvish embroidery for Sims gentlemen is available in 22 samples. Check it out on this page!

6. Tankuz elven dress sims 4 elven clothing


This elegant elven dress is everything. I love the suede-like material, as it gives a touch of softness to the gown. The dress is a nice mix of Celtic and fantasy fashion. The bell sleeves and embroidery make it a unique piece to have, and your Sims ladies will enjoy wearing it. My personal favorite is green, but you will be able to pick from 12 different colors for this model, which is awesome. Check it out here!

7. Vine Belt by Natalia auditore for the sims 4


The Vine Belt is exactly what it says: a vine-covered belt! These vines are made for both male and female Sims and go all around the waist. Looking incredibly realistic, this belt can give your Sims a real warrior-like appearance. This mod comes in 7 different colors to spice everything up. It’s practically saying, “I belong in the forest.”, and I love it! If you like it too, check it out on this page.

8. dSF set Elven dogun coat sims 4 elven clothing


I like how the mod’s designer managed to practically bring the “elven” look to perfection. This is precisely the kind of coat that you’d expect an elf to wear. The look reminds me of Baldur’s Gate elves and is one of the best Sims 4 elven clothing for men of Sims you can find. So, if elven clothing is your jam, this coat will make a great addition to your male Sim’s wardrobe. Not to mention that it comes in 22 samples, all in earthy, natural colors. To get one for your Sims, check it out here.

9. DSF black phoenix female elves costume

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Looking for some fresh Sims 4 elven clothing CC? Well, it’s time for some elegant off-shoulder flowy top with golden embroidery. This CC includes 22 tight, elegantly cropped-elvish leggings. These alone remind me of figure skating and performance outfits. However, they are perfectly paired with a flowy crop top with a cloak-like back to help you create a magical elven look. The top comes in 35 variations. If you are bewitched by it and would like to try it out for your Sims ladies, browse it here!

10. Dress elf modern elven clothing for female sims

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Who says that elves can’t be elusively seductive? This sims 4 elf clothes CC dress is perfect proof that modern dresses and fantasy clothing make a good match. The top part has a V neck with laces. The bottom part is shorter on the front, and longer on the back, which looks great on any Sims. You can pick purple, red, white, or beige variations, but whatever you choose, with this one you just can’t go wrong. Check it out here!

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