30 Pacifier CC for the Sims 4 (Cutest Toddler Accessories)

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Do you really wish your toddler sims could use pacifiers? Well, with this list of the top 30 pacifier cc you can do just that!

sims 4 pacifier cc
Sims 4 Pacifier CC

All toddlers need a pacifier. It is the best way to keep them quiet, after all!

It does not matter if you call them dummies, binkies, or pacifiers. They all do a great job of calming kids down and this is no different for toddlers in The Sims 4. In this article, we will go into the best 30 pacifier cc we have found. All of them are sure to bring a smile to your toddler sim’s face.

So what are you waiting for? Read on and see which of these options happen to speak to you!

30. BumiBébé Round Pacifier

Untitled 44

The BumiBébé Round Pacifier by Scarlett Bulckowisk is number thirty on our list. They are some simple pacifiers, but there is nothing wrong with simple. It comes with 6 swatches and will do a great job of calming your toddler down. Click here to download it.

29. voidcritters pacifier

Untitled 45

The Voidcritter’s Pacifier by Simiracle is a twist on the typical pacifier. It features little animal designs on the outside, all of which are adorable and unique in their own right. Your toddler sims will not be able to get enough of these! Click here to download The Voidcritter’s Pacifier by Simiracle.


pacifier cc

The Tommee Tippee Moda Pacifier by Theseprettylittlepixels features a total of six unique pacifier designs. Two of them are just cute images while the other feature sayings like ‘Stay Wild’, ‘Little Lady’, and ‘Dream-Big Little One’. Perfect for those little girl toddler sims out there! Click here to download!

27. Unicorn Plush Pacifier

Untitled 47

The Unicorn Plush Pacifier by Scarlettbulckowisk is a pacifier that comes with an attached uniform plush. Unicorns are especially popular among toddlers and children. Sims is no exception to this rule. With this custom content, they can use their binky but also play with a plush toy at the same time. Click here to download this pacifier CC pack.

26. Natursutten Pacifier

Untitled 48

The Natursutten Pacifier by Aimskarolajn might have an odd name, but there is nothing strange about the way it looks. In fact, it looks cute and perfectly adorable. It comes with a total of six different color swatches. All of them are a neutral and soft tone. Click here to download.

25. random pacifier

Untitled 75

The Random Pacifier by Simiracle is one that should not be judged by its name. It features thirty swatches, one of which is a heart as you can see in the image above. Curious about the others? Well, then you will have to download it to find out! Click here to download.

24. Unicorn Pacifier Clip

Untitled 50

The Unicorn Pacifier Clip by Simiracle is convenient and cute! It has a unicorn clip to attach to the toddler sim’s top so when the toddler does not want to use the binky, they can just let it hang there. Then when they want to use it, all they have to do is reach down. See? Convenient! Click here to download.

23. Nuk Pacifier

Untitled 51

The Nuk Pacifier by Simiracle has a total of twenty-four swatches. All of them feature popular cartoon characters like Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Eyeore, and more. This is great for those toddlers who love cartoons! Click here to download this pacifier CC pack.

22. Pacifier for Toddlers Accessory

Untitled 52

The Pacifier For Toddler’s Accessory by Soloriya comes with 8 different color variations. They are all in an animal shape and the colors range from patterns to solid colors. All of which, I might add, are cute as heck. Click here to download.


Untitled 53

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the more popular movies Studio Ghibli has released over the years. With The My Neighbor Totoro Pacifier for Toddlers by Mydarling20. This pacifier comes with a simple design that is for both boy and girl toddlers. Click here to download.

20. Lulu Pacifier

Untitled 54

The Lulu Pacifier by Feyona is a flower-shaped pacifier that has 25 color options. They include muted pastels, bright colors, and metallic swatches according to the creator. Even if your toddler sim is not a fan of nature, they will still love these flower-inspired pacifiers. Click here to download.

19. thermometer pacifier

Untitled 55

The Thermometer Pacifier by Rebekhanasims is probably the more practical binky on this list! It can tell the temperature of the toddler sim, which is useful for those who may have a fever. This binky is also cute so that’s a plus! Click here to download.


Untitled 56

The Minnie Pacifier Toddler by Mydarling20 takes the popular cartoon character and puts it on a binky. It has a total of 5 colors and is base game compatible. What more could you want? Click here to download.


Untitled 57

This custom content set comes with two items, but what we want to focus on is the Giraffe Pacifier. The Giraffe Pacifier by Redheadsims comes with a binky that has a giraffe plush attached to it. All toddlers will love that this comes with a toy! Click here to download this pacifier CC.

16. Crown Pacifier

Untitled 58

The Crown Pacifier by Simskarolajn is the most regal pacifier that your toddler sim will ever use. It has a simple design with little crown shapes in the corner. This comes with a total of five swatches so hopefully something for everyone. Click here to download.


Untitled 59

The Totshop Animal Pacifier by Redheadsims are binkies that feature cute little animal designs on the front. They come in multiple colors, which is always a plus. If you want to give it to your sim you can find it in the lip ring category! Click here to download.

14. Fancy Pacifier

Untitled 60

The Fancy Pacifier by Simtographies is yet another example of fancy binkies for toddlers. They come in different colors, two of which are gold and silver. Any toddler sim will feel like they are fancy with this binky in their mouth. Click here to download.

13. alphabet pacifier

Untitled 61

The Alphabet Pacifier by Simiracle is exactly as it sounds. These are binkies that have the letters of the alphabet on the front of them. Not only will it quiet your toddler sim if they are crying, but they also may learn something in the process as well. Click here to download.

12. Elephant Pacifier

Untitled 62

The Elephant Pacifier by Simiracle is a binky in the shape of an elephant. All kids love animals and even if the elephant isn’t a toddler sim’s favorite animal, they will still love to have this binky. Why? Well, look at how cute it is! No toddler sim would be able to resist something so cute. Click here to download.

11. Tweety Pacifier

Untitled 63

The Tweety Bird Pacifier by Simtographies comes in six different colors. It features the popular cartoon character Tweety on the outside of the binky. This cartoon character is a classic so chances are your toddler sim even knows who he is! Click here to download.

10. Raccoon Pacifier

Untitled 64

The Raccoon Pacifier by Feyona is a custom content set that can be found in the brow ring category. You can see the front of the pacifier has a cute raccoon on the front, which will appeal to all toddlers. It comes in 10 different and the best part is that it is available for boys and girls. Click here to download.

9. Cat Pacifier

Untitled 65

The Cat Pacifier by Feyona looks similar to the previous one we mentioned, but there is one big difference. Instead of a raccoon being on the outside of the pacifier, it’s a cat! All you have to do is tell by the rounded, pointed ears. This comes with 10 swatches and is for both boy and girl sims. Everyone can enjoy this! Click here to download.

8. KCat Pacifier

Untitled 76

The KCat Pacifier by Redheadsims is one of the most adorable pacifiers you will ever see. It comes in different colors and each of them has been styled to look like they are a cat. If your toddler sim starts to meow like a cat, don’t be alarmed. Chances are they are just playing. Click here to download it.

7. Mimi Pacifier

Untitled 70
Sims 4 Pacifier CC

The Mimi Pacifier by Feyona comes in many different swatches. There are 24 of them in shiny plastic, matter plastic, 3 iridescent swatches, and 3 metallic color type material. It’s base game compatible so that’s all you need to get this piece of custom content to work. Click here to download.

6. S-Club ts4 WM Baby Pacifiers

Untitled 73

The S-Club ts4 WM Baby Pacifiers by S-Club have a total of 10 swatches. They all have little, unique interesting teddy bear designs that will catch your toddler’s attention from the moment they see them. What are you waiting for? Get to downloading it right away! Click here to be able to download.

5. Angelas-Boutique Stars and Moons Pacifiers

Untitled 72

The Angelas-Boutique Stars and Moon Pacifier by Simiracle not only have a fancy name, but they also look it. With the stars and moons set your toddler sim will feel like they are a part of the night sky! They will look adorable while using these binkies. Click here too able to download this pacifier cc pack.

4. Pacifier Set by Simiracle

Untitled 71

The Pacifier Set By Simiracle is a simple set. It has a total of 30 swatches so there should be some options for everyone. When in doubt, consider getting your toddler multiple ones so they always have something new to use! Download this cc pack from here.

3. Simple Toddler Pacifier

Untitled 68

The Simple Toddler Pacifier by Love4sims4 proves that sometimes simple is the best way to go. Not everyone wants fancy and with this set, you don’t have to deal with that. It has eight colors and can be found in the head accessories category. The best part is that it’s base game compatible so that’s all you need. Click here to download.

2. Bow Pacifier

Untitled 67

The Bow Pacifier Simiracle is the perfect option for those girl toddler sims out there. On the outside, there is a bow shape and the best part is it comes in a total of 47 swatches. Yes, you read that right! 47! For this reason, it is number two on our list. Click here to download The Bow Pacifier Simiracle.

1. Lily Pacifier

Untitled 69
Sims 4 Pacifier CC

The Lily Pacifier by Feyona is our number one choice. All the lovely different shades make these stand out amongst the rest. It has 24 swatches that can be found in shiny plastic, matter plastic, iridescent swatches, and metallic colors. These are for boy and girl sims so all toddler sims can enjoy these binkies. Click here to download The Lily Pacifier by Feyona.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it sims, lovers! This is our list of the top 30 pacifier CC we have found. What are you waiting for? Start downloading and give your toddler sims some more accessories to add to their collection.

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