Android Skin CC and Mods You Didn’t Know Exist


We believe at this point, most of us have played Detroit: Become Human and we’ve fallen in love with their Android-like skin. So, it’s only natural that custom content designers of the sims 4 create artworks influenced by it. And we’re here to bring the best of it to you! Let’s unpack these beautiful android skin custom content together.

Coolest Android Skin Custom Content for the Sims 4

Women Android Skin-tone

android skin

Introducing a skin overlay that is cyborg-like by Yugoza. It can be found under Skin Details and is available in 7 swatches. To download, click on this link.

Female Robot Arm

android hand

You get this robotic arm along with 6 different shirt designs. Grab this one here. If you like this hair, check out more awesome hairstyles for the sims 4 by visiting this page.

Android Face

android face

Loving this one! You get both android eyes and face-paint for both your male and female sims. It’s available as black and white. Install from this link. We recommend giving makeup cc a look.

DBH Damaged Android Eyes

Although these eyes are set for damaged androids, they still kind of shine, don’t they? Get this one from here.

Alien Grid and Web body

We’ve honestly never seen anything like this before and we bet you haven’t either! The spheres inside match the eye color of your sim character. Head over to this page for installation.

Android Skin Edit

A stunning android skin that works for both male and female sims. To get this package, click here. Check out skin defaults and skin replacements here.

Glowing Android LEDs

You get these glowing android LEDs for your teen to elder sims. It’s available in 3 colors (blue, yellow and red). It can be found under Earrings. Here’s your download-link.

Android Eyes

This list cannot come to an end without at least a set of android eyes! This package offers you two different eye textures in default and non default versions. Install from this Page. Check out some of the coolest cyberpunk eyes here.

Check out Super Angel Wings Custom Content For The Sims 4

Plenty of awesome custom content is out there for you to try. Check out these amazing angel wings for your sims. Happy Modding!

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