15 Great Pieces of Homeless-Inspired CC For Your Sims 4 Gameplay


Have you, for whatever reason, wanted to make a homeless sim but you are unsure of where to start? Well, with these 15 pieces of homeless-inspired cc you’ll be able to make your sim look and feel homeless, which is never something you wanna be!

Hey, Even Sims can be homeless!

Homelessness is a problem everywhere. It’s even something that can happen in the sims. If you want to play around and have your sim experience being homeless, then you will need mods for that. With this list of homeless-inspired custom content, your sim will be able to experience homelessness firsthand.

Not great for them but fun for you!

15. CrapBucket: for the homeless sims

homeless-inspired CC

The Crapbucket For Homeless Sims by Kady301 is exactly as it sounds. A sim is going to have to go to the bathroom even if they don’t have a home. With this mod at least they will have a place to be able to relieve themselves. Sanitary? Probably not, but it’s convenient! Click here to download. This homeless-inspired cc is a must-have for any homeless sim.

14. Dirt accessories for all clothes

One problem that comes about when being homeless is that it’s easier to get dirty. With the Dirt Accessories For All Clothes by Velouriah, your sim can always look like they need to get themselves to a shower pronto! Even if your sim isn’t homeless they can use this mod. Hey, to each their own! Go here to download.

13. Box Chair

Every sim needs a place to sit and when your sim is homeless it’s not easy to afford furniture. The Box Chair by Jalorda is a box that doubles as a piece of furniture. In order to download this, you do need to have the Movie Hangout Pack. Go here to download this piece of homeless-inspired CC.

12. Homeless Dress

Even kids are homeless and The Sims 4 Homeless Dress by MissRatata makes your child sim look like they are definitely homeless. Is it the most hygienic of clothing? No, but it’s pretty accurate when you think of it. Click here to download this piece of homeless-inspired CC.

11. Adult Female Homeless Clothes

The Adult Female Homeless Clothes by MaiaMadness is a set that will make your sim look like they are instantly homeless– even if they aren’t. It comes with a sweater, dress, jeans, and boots. All of them look like they have seen better days. Click here to download.

10. Dirty Grey Hoodie

What’s that all over the hoodie you ask? Well, the Dirty Grey Hoodie by Matou is a piece of clothing covered in dirt. It’s available for female sims ages teen all the way to elder. Once your sim puts this on, they will instantly want to jump in the shower. If they are homeless, this may be difficult. Click here to download The Dirty Grey Hoodie by Matou.

9. homeless woman’s shoes

These shoes were made for walking! Or at least this was the intention when The Homeless Woman Shoes by Saabedrarb was made. It is yet another clothing mod for either homeless sims or one that will make your sim look like they are. These shoes are dirty and grass-stained, which do complete the look. Click here to download.

8. Social Services Career

The Social Services Career is perfect for sims who want to help sims who have a hard time of it. This includes homeless sims! Once you add this to your game, Sims will be able to have access to the following programs among many more:

  • SimKids Health Insurance
  • SIm Food Assistance Program
  • Transitional Sim Employment Assistance
  • Working Sims Medicaid
  • Aged Sim Healthcare

Click here to download.

7. Container Park

A place for that fills all a homeless sims needs! The Sims 4 Container Park by Mini Simmer is a container park that gives shelter for homeless sims. It has six houses, a community garden, a hangout area, a workspace, a cinema, and other outdoor activities. With this set, your homeless sims will have a good and safe place to stay. Click here to download.

6. homeless female set

The Homeless Female Set by Saavedrarb is the ultimate homeless outfit collection. All these pieces look like they are grass-stained, which makes sense if they are sleeping outside. Click here to download.

5. Default “Park Sleeper” Tank Tops

The Default Park Sleeper Tank Tops by Menaceman44 are custom tanktops that have a dirt overlay feature. With this outfit, your homeless sims are going to make it clear to everyone else that they are without a home. Click here to download The Default Park Sleeper Tank Tops by Menaceman44.

4. Welfare for Sims (Status Update!)

The Welfare for Sims by Spintherism is a great way to help homeless or poor sims. It can be found in the job menu and once you sign up for it, it provides help for these sims. Once your sim is on it long enough, they might even be able to afford a house! Click here to download.

3. Jungle Rustic Arbor Tent

Why is a tent here you ask? Well, a homeless sim needs to live somewhere and usually this is the best they can afford. The Jungle Rustic Arbor Tent by Serinion is a great tent option for homeless sims. It will do a great job of protecting your sim from bad weather and is only 300 Simoleans. Here’s your download link.

2. Carbon Tent

Yes, another tent but remember homeless sims can’t afford much! The Carbon Tent by Wondymoon is a simple and efficient tent for your homeless sims to live in. It comes in several different colors so there should be something to your liking. Click here to download.

1. The Ash Dress

The Ash Dress by Pepco is our number one choice on our list of homeless-inspired cc. There are other pieces of clothing on this list, but this particular choice really does emphasize and scream homeless. The only bad part about it is that it won’t keep your sim warm! Click here to download.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it sims, lovers! This is our list of the top 15 homeless-inspired CC we’ve found. What are you waiting for? Start downloading and make your sims live without a home! Good luck!

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