The BEST Sims 4 Aspiration Mods in 2022


Let’s admit it, The Sims 4 would be much more interesting if there were limitless options of aspirations available for our Sims! It wouldn’t only make our gameplay more exciting, but it would also diversify the day-to-day lives and experiences of our Sims. With this list of the best aspiration mods that we curated for you, we hope that you could find the ones that are perfect for your Sims!

sims 4 aspiration mods
The Best Aspiration Mods for The Sims 4!

Our Handpicked List of the Best Sims 4 Aspiration mods­­

In playing The Sims 4, we create our Sims to become distinct individuals that have specific characteristics and unique personality traits. Aside from these things, we complete their creation by selecting their ultimate dreams and goals in their lives. In this case, if you’ve ever found yourself stuck in choosing which aspiration is the perfect fit for your Sims, then the game probably lacks the right aspiration that you think will suit them! These handpicked mods we prepared for you would certainly help you in making the right choice for your Sims! ­

23. Lifetime Aspirations by NeedCoffee4That

sims 4 aspiration mods

This mod was originally created and launched by Ky-e, but as it was no longer functional with the latest versions of the game, creator NeedCoffee4That kindly updated it for us! Now, what does this mod do? The Lifetime Aspirations mod makes life goals in The Sims 4 more realistic. Instead of letting sims easily attain their aspirations, this mod makes the steps toward achieving those dreams more challenging.

The mod does not only add 38 new aspirations in the game, but it also lets sims fulfill a single goal despite having various aspirations. It also sets all Satisfaction Points to 5000 upon the completion of an aspiration. Get the Lifetime Aspirations mod here.

22. Social Media Aspiration Mod by KiaraSims4mods

sims 4 aspiration mods

Do you think your sim has what it takes to embrace internet fame and become a viral sensation? Then let them become a Social Media Star! This aspiration mod by KiaraSims4mods allows your sims to rise up to online fame through their social media profiles. The said aspiration has 4 milestones. These include the Social Media Newbie, Social Media Learner, Social Media Personality, and Social Media Star.

To complete the entire aspiration, your sim would have to have a whopping 2 million followers! For the mod to work properly, the City Living and Get Famous expansion packs are required in your game. Make your Sims famous with the Social Media Star aspiration mod ready for download here.

21. Nightlife Superstar Aspiration Mod by MissBee

sims 4 aspiration mods

If your sim is a night owl who prowls through the city looking for fun, this is the perfect aspiration for them. The Nightlife Superstar Aspiration mod will require your sim to dive into the world of DJ-ing, partying at nightclubs, dancing with friends, and drinking! Completing the entire aspiration will provide your sim with the Life of the Party reward trait. To do this, your sim has to go through the Nightclub Newbie, Rambunctious Raver, Hard-core Clubber, and Club VIP milestones.

Please note that this mod requires the Get Together expansion pack to work. Let your sims dance all night with this mod, available here.

20. Treasure Hunter Aspiration Mod by Simmiller

sims 4 aspiration mods

Would you like your sim to become the next Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, craft fully conducting their adventures into secret areas and lands, and seeking the most precious treasures that there are? Then you’re lucky to know about this next mod! The Treasure Hunter Aspiration has four milestones, which will require your sim to purchase treasure-hunting tools, excavate fossils, dig piles and sites, find artifacts and crystals, and increase fitness skill.

When the aspiration is completed, your sim will receive the Treasure Hunter Reward Trait which will allow them to find more rare treasures in the game. Obtain this valuable treasure of a mod here.

19. Programming Genius Aspiration Mod by KiaraSims4mods

sims 4 aspiration mods

Is your sim a techy geek who is interested in web development and programming? Perhaps they want to become the best computer programmer that there is. Then this is the right aspiration for them. The Programming Genius aspiration mod will let your sims focus on building up their programming skills, joining programming freelance and side jobs, and creating mobile apps and computer games.

The mod has four milestones. These are the Beginner Programmer, Intermediate Programmer, Senior Programmer, and Master Programmer. Ending the aspiration successfully would give them the Webmaster trait. Allow sims to start thumping on those keyboards and become a Programmer Genius by downloading the mod here.

18. Fabulous Farmer Aspiration Mod by JaneSimsten

 aspiration mods

We’ve been introduced to the marvels of rural life through The Sims 4: Cottage Living. If you’ve got that installed in your game, then this Fabulous Farmer aspiration mod is perfect for you! Creator JaneSimsten came up with this interesting farm-life mod, which sort of combines the Country Caretaker and Freelance Botanist aspirations from the game. The reward trait for finishing this aspiration is the Farming Fiend, which will greatly increase the lifespan of your sim’s animals on the farm and give your sim new interactions in tending to garden plants.

Let the farm life begin by downloading this mod here.

17. Apprentice Caretaker Aspiration Mod by Nephable

 aspiration mods

We’ve introduced you earlier to the Fabulous Farmer aspiration. Now, we have a cute little counterpart for it! This aspiration mod is for child sims who want to become an Apprentice Caretaker on the farm! With milestones such as the Agriculture Amateur, the Livestock Leader, and Farm Favorite, this mod will make your sim happily run around the farm tending to animals and crops.

After completing the entire aspiration, your young sim would receive the Child of the Countryside Reward Trait which will help them forge relationships with animals and gain gardening skills faster. Keep in mind that you need the Cottage Living expansion pack for the Apprentice Caretaker mod to work. Get the mod by downloading it here.

16. Vampire Slayer Aspiration Mod by Quaylin Sims

Ah, TS4 vampires. These blood-sucking creatures lurk in the darkest areas of towns and cities, always serving as an impending threat to our sims! If your sim wants to end the vampires’ reign, this Vampire Slayer aspiration mod is for them! This mod is under the Active aspiration category. Nope, this mod won’t make your sims become heroic killers of the vampires, but it will allow them to cure these guys, collect a lot of wolfsbanes, plasma fruits, and garlic, and do other wholesome stuff.

These will be able to make your sims help out in converting their monster friends back to normal. Pretty cool, right?  Say bye to blood-thirsty creatures of the night by downloading the Vampire Slayer mod here.

15. Platinum Artist Aspiration Mod by Adeepindigo

Make your sims belt out their high notes and release their best tunes to the world as they become a famous musical artist in the game through this mod by adeepindigo. With this mod, your sims can become a Platinum Artist by completing all the milestones of the aspiration, which are the Amateur Artist, the Rising Performer, the Recording Star, and the Platinum Artist. Once they succeed, sims will receive the Virtuoso Reward Trait which will make them learn performance and music skills twice as fast, gain fame quicker, and change license songs and lyrics cooldown from 7 days to 1 day.

All your sims have to do is write songs, release tracks, and of course, achieve a little bit of fame. Make your sims sing with this mod available for download here.

14. Dancer Aspiration Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

Does your sim love to dance and strut out their moves into the dance floor? 💃🏽 Make them move and dance to the groove with the Dancer Aspiration Mod from Kiara4SimsMods! The Dancer aspiration mod has four milestones—the Beginner Dancer, the Dance Lover, the Dancing Expert, and the Dancing King/Queen. All these four would require your sims to level up their dancing skills, bust out moves on the dance floor, and have group dances and dance battles with other sims.

The reward for completing the aspiration is the Glow in Funk Dance Floor and 5000 simoleons. There is no Reward Trait included. You can download the Dancer Aspiration mod here.

13. Blog Artist Aspiration Mod by Adeepindigo

This nifty little mod by adeepindigo not only introduces our sims to the interesting world of blogging into the game, but it also allows them to venture into the Blog Artist aspiration. They can become a Blog Artist by completing tasks such as writing blog posts, attracting blog followers, reaching blog star levels, and many more! The mod itself comes with lots of new interactions dedicated to blogging. The milestones of the aspiration mod include the Blog Amateur, the Featured Blogger, the Professional Blogger, and the Blog Artist itself.

For the mod to work, you need to have Get Famous and City Living installed in your game. Let sims blog their way into fame by downloading the Blog Artist aspiration mod here.

12. Self-Sufficient Aspiration Mod­­ by MissBee

The Self-Sufficient aspiration mod is for Sims who want to be able to recycle their everyday stuff, grow their own food in the backyard, contribute to an eco-friendlier neighborhood, and overall, live a sustainable lifestyle. If you have The Sims 4: Eco Living installed, this aspiration mod is a suitable fit for your environment-loving Sims! The Self-Sufficient aspiration has 4 milestones—Dumpster Diver, Finding Your Footing, Homemaker, and All the Essentials.

This mod will give your Sims new buffs such as the Dumpster Diver, the Fanciful Fabricator, and the Crafty Carver. It will also require your Sims to build on their Handiness and Fabrication skills. Go and download this mod here.

11. Sims 4 Gold-digger Aspiration and Trait

Let’s get straight to the point. If you think your sims are all about doing what it takes to get simoleons, even if it means climbing the social ladder and marrying rich old men, then this Gold-Digger aspiration is perfect for them! With this mod, sims get to have 14 new interactions and 16 new buffs in the game. It will require sims to build on their Charisma skills, become romantically involved with rich sims, and go dancing in bars and nightclubs to get satisfaction points and achieve their aspiration goals.

The Gold-Digger aspiration system belongs in the Love category and has 4 levels—Socialite, Fortune Hunter, Trophy Wife, and Bloodsucker. Download it here.

10. Hobby Aspirations by Ilkavelle

This aspiration mod by Ilkavelle takes your Hobbyist Sims into three new awesome routes—It allows your Sims to become a Hardcore Gamer, a Bookworm, and a Movie Maniac! All these aspiration mods are not really centered on a career or being famous, instead, these intend to let your Sims focus on having fun and pursuing their passions. These aspirations work even with just the base game. You have to install the current version of the XML Injector for it to work correctly.

It would also be helpful for the Movie Maniac Aspiration if you have the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack so you can watch movies. Download the Hobby Aspirations here.

9. The Culinary Librarian Aspiration by Keksdrache

Does your Sim want to master their culinary skills in the kitchen by getting to collect all the recipes in the game and cooking these, one by one? Then this aspiration is for them! This mod was inspired by the Culinary Librarian Lifetime Wish in The Sims 3. Having this aspiration will require your sims to go to various cities and taste almost every delicacy and dish that there is, in stalls and restaurants alike.

This mod has 4 milestones— Grandma’s Cookbook, Culture Shock, Dine Out, and The Spice of Life. The Reward Trait for this aspiration is the Fresh Chef trait. Go and download the Culinary Librarian aspiration mod here.

8. Aspiration Traits in Rewards Store by Shimrod101

Are you getting a bit bored with the available traits in the Rewards Store of TS4? If you ever wanted the reward traits from achieving aspirations to be included in the Rewards Store, then this mod is for you. Created by Shimrod101, this mod lets you obtain the 26 aspiration traits in the Rewards Store. You can get each for a specific price. Some of the traits are Webmaster, Potion Master, Perfect Host, Naturalist, Patriarch, Survivalist, and Long-Lived, among many others.

Try this Aspiration Traits mod by Shimrod101 to increase the fun in your gameplay. You can get it by visiting this page.

7. Random Traits & Aspirations Mod by Graycurse

Have you ever wanted a more realistic approach to the way the game handles the aspirations and traits of your Sims? Perhaps, it might be more authentic if traits and aspirations can actually be passed down from generation to generation of Sims down the line. This will make the game more interesting. Well, there is a mod for that now! The Random Traits and Aspirations mod by Graycurse allows the game to select random traits and aspirations for your sims when they age up.

These traits may be acquired from parents and grandparents. However, these do not affect the CAS randomizer in any way. Go and get the Random Traits and Aspirations mod here.

6. Living Life Aspiration Mod by FireFerret

If you ever thought that some of the aspirations in the Sims 4 are too grand and too overwhelming for your Sims, then you’d probably like this mod. This mod is called the Living Life aspiration. It has two milestones, the Humble Start and the Lived Life, which require your sims to live a simple life like having a few friends, becoming a parent, gaining a small number of simoleons, and becoming an elder sim. Some whims include complimenting someone, hugging someone, and dancing at the bonfire.

The custom Reward Trait that comes with the Living Life aspiration is the Life Liver trait. You can get this mod by clicking this link.

5. Expanded Rewards Store Mod by Frimlin

Just like the Aspiration Traits in Rewards Store mod by Shimrod101, this Expanded Rewards Store mod from creator Frimlin allows the aspiration reward traits in the game to be readily available in the Rewards Store for particular prices. This means that you can spend your satisfaction points on these traits, which could be purchased from as low as 300 simoleons and as high as 8000 simoleons.

The most recent version includes teen traits from The Sims 4: High School Years, such as Dauntless, High Flier, Iconic, and Untroubled. Toddler and child aspiration reward traits are also available! Have this mod by downloading it here.

4. Flower Arranging Aspiration Mod by Ilkavelle

 aspiration mods

The Flower Arranging Aspiration mod was originally created by Itsmysimmod and was updated by creator Ilkavelle. This mod is categorized under Creative aspirations. It requires your sim to master their craft of arranging flowers by building up Flower Arranging skills, taking photos of these flower arrangements, and giving these floral pieces as gifts to their friends and family members. This is perfect if your Sims are fond of nature and art.

The Flower Arranging Aspiration has four milestones—Starting with Some Flowers, Showing Creations, Please Others with Flowers, and The Masterly Design of Flowers. Have your hands on this mod by downloading this mod here.

3. UFO Investigator Aspiration Mod by Ilkavelle

Like the Flower Arranging Aspiration mod, the UFO Investigator Aspiration mod was the brainchild of another creator, R3m, and was then updated by Itsmysimmod and Ilkavelle. This stellar mod is categorized under Knowledge aspirations. It would require your sims to climb up the ranks in the Rocket Science skill, collect plenty of prints, rocks, and alien species, and even travel to the exotic world of Sixam!

There are four milestones for this aspiration, which consist of the Stargazer, Conspiracy Theorist, Contactee, and UFO Investigator. Let your sims start exploring the skies by downloading this mod here.

2. Famous Pastry Chef Aspiration Mod by Xbrettface

Have you ever wished for your sims to dabble in the world of baking and pastry making? With this aspiration mod from Xbrettface, they can now become a Famous Pastry-Chef known for creating the best sweets and goodies in town! With this mod, they have to achieve a high skill in baking, try their hands at the Cupcake Machine, watch lots of hours of Cooking TB, and also achieve celebrity status.

There are four milestones for this aspiration. These are the Half Baked, Whisked Away, Selling Like Hotcakes, and Life is Sweet milestones. The Reward Trait for this hard-earned aspiration is the World-Renowned Baker trait. Go and grab this sweet mod here.

1. Twilight Years Aspiration by KiaraSims4mods

This adorable mod is suited for grandparent sims who are reaching the golden years of their lives and would want to make the best out of it. The aspiration mod has four milestones, including Cooking and Baking for Family, Time with Grandkids, Maxing Skills, and Alone Time. These milestones can be completed by performing family-related events and bringing skills that are deemed valuable in life.

Please take note that this mod requires the City Living, Outdoor Retreat, Parenthood, and Spa Day Game Packs for it to work. You also need to download this event mod to complete one of the milestone tasks. Click this download link.


Aspirations in The Sims 4 not only make our sims feel more fulfilled, but it also allows us to develop a rewarding purpose for their lives. Download all these mods we handpicked for you so you can elevate the life goals of your Sims and make your overall gameplay more exciting. With these all-new aspirations that you can add to the game, you’d indeed have more fun creating your sims as well as curating their dream lives and aspirations!  Happy playing simmers!

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