How To Unlock The Sims 4 Grilled Cheese Aspiration?

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About the Grilled Cheese Aspiration

By now, you might have heard about the Grilled Cheese aspiration in The Sims 4. This is not a new aspiration by any means since it was added in a patch later on in the game, more specifically in 2016. But what makes it interesting in particular is that not too many players actually know how to unlock it and level it up. But why is this the case?

You see, Grilled Cheese is a secret aspiration in The Sims 4. And like other hidden aspirations, it can’t be easily found if you aren’t specifically looking for it. But even if you do, you’d definitely need a guide to tell you what to do where not to click. In any way, I’m here to tell you all you need to know about The Sims 4 Grilled Cheese aspiration!

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What is the Grilled Cheese Aspiration?

Sims with the Grilled Cheese aspiration differ from the rest of the Sims 4. First of all, they love nothing more in life than to cook and eat grilled cheese sandwiches. They love these sandwiches so much that it’s practically all they eat.

Moreover, if your Sim has this aspiration, they’ll often invite their friends to cook grilled cheese sandwiches for them too. Two of their biggest fears include burning the sandwiches while cooking and eating spoiled grilled cheese sandwiches. Huh… so that’s the life of a grilled cheese sandwich master!

In all seriousness, the Grilled Cheese is a small and hidden aspiration in The Sims 4 that allows your Sims to become experts in cooking these sandwiches!

How to Unlock the Grilled Cheese Aspiration in Sims 4?

How to get the Grilled Cheese aspiration in The Sims 4?

Unlocking this aspiration is actually pretty easy. You don’t have to do any crazy stuff to even start it, which is always a great sign. To unlock the Grilled Cheese aspiration, all you have to do is have your Sim eat 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in a row.

Preparing and eating 3 grilled cheese sandwiches shouldn’t be much of a problem to any simmer. In fact, you can do it in minutes. So, anyone can pick up this aspiration.

Keep in mind that the Grilled Cheese aspiration doesn’t have any bonus trait.

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Here are the 3 levels of the Grilled Cheese aspirations, as well as what you need to do in order to complete them:

Level 1: Gouda Greenhorn

  • Talk about Grilled Cheese with 3 different Sims – rewards 50 Satisfaction Points.
  • Eat 10 Grilled Cheese – rewards 75 Satisfaction Points.

Level 2: Cheddar Connoisseur

  • Eat 10 Grilled Cheese of Excellent quality – rewards 350 Satisfaction Points.
  • Prepare 3 group servings of Grilled Cheese – rewards 300 Satisfaction Points.
  • Talk about Grilled Cheese with 5 different Sims – rewards 250 Satisfaction Points.

Level 3: Muenster Maniac

  • Eat Grilled Cheese in space – rewards 750 Satisfaction Points.
  • Prepare Grilled Cheese of Excellent quality – rewards 500 Satisfaction Points.
  • Talk to the Grim Reaper about Grilled Cheese – rewards 650 Satisfaction Points.

Completing the Grilled Cheese aspiration in will reward you with the Melt Master trait. And Sims, with this trait, can paint various grilled cheese paintings and hang them on their walls.

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As you can see, unlocking and leveling up the Grilled Cheese aspiration in is actually pretty easy. If you have the problem of this aspiration not showing up, try preparing and eating the grilled cheese sandwiches a bit faster. They should be eaten one after the other and not with big breaks in between. And that’s how you play with the Grilled Cheese aspiration in TS4!

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