All The New Traits And Aspirations In The Sims 4 For Rent

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Want to have Sims who are nosy, yet also wise? Or maybe you have a Sim who wants to become a Five Star Property Owner? The Sims 4: For Rent has all these new traits and aspirations for your Sims! Read on to learn about these details.

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Introducing Five New Traits and Four New Aspirations for Your Sims

The launch of The Sims 4 For Rent has given us all-new features as well as thriving new locations, but another excellent thing about this Southeast Asian-inspired expansion pack is its infusion of new traits and aspirations into our gameplay. There are a total of five new traits and four new aspirations for your Sims to explore and experience. Read all about the details below!

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New Traits For Sims

These newly added traits in the game will give you even more control over the personalities of your Sims, and the goals they strive to achieve!

1. Cringe


Cringey Sims is now a thing. These Sims are the epitome of vulnerability and relatability, so get ready for some hilarious and relatable moments with their actions!

2. Generous


Do you want your Sims to give away their hard-earned money and time without expecting anything in return? Then, you can make them the perfect candidate for the new Generous trait!

3. Child of The Village

child of the village

If you want Sims to be deeply rooted in Tomarani heritage and proud to represent their community, you’ll love the new Child of the Village trait! These Sims are the heart and soul of Tomarani culture.

4. Nosy


A nosy Sim is not a good thing, but is definitely entertaining! These Sims are the masters of snooping around, eavesdropping, and even blackmailing to get what they want.

5. Wise


The new wise trait is for Elder Sims who can offer knowledge and understanding in all aspects of life. This trait will let them offer sage advice and solve problems with creativity.

New Tomarani Aspirations

Check out these four interesting new additions in the aspiration section!

1. Discerning Dweller

Discerning Dweller

Located under the Popularity category, the Discerning Dweller aspiration is for Sims who want to become the perfect tenant. They have to maintain their unit well, participate in neighborhood activities, and build a strong relationship with their property owner. They have to aim to become the most respected and seasoned tenants in the neighborhood.

Milestone 1 – First Time Renter

  • Live in a Residential Rental
  • Meet a Residential Rental Neighbour
  • Have the Property Owner Visit Your Unit

Milestone 2 – Seasoned Tenant

  • Fix Something during an Emergency or Maintenance Event
  • Host a Neighbourhood Potluck or Pool Party Event
  • Use an Amenity in a Shared Space

Milestone 3 – Respected Resident

  • Achieve Gold in a Neighbourhood Potluck or Pool Party Event
  • Become Good Friends with Your Property Owner
  • Successfully Break a Unit Rule
Discerning Dweller 2

The completion of the Discerning Dweller aspiration rewards Sims with the Neighborly reward trait. With this, your Sims will be able to negotiate Rent forgiveness, maintain a harmonious relationship with their neighbors, and host the best neighborhood events in town. As Neighborly Sims, they can spread kindness and compassion throughout Tomarani!

2. Fount of Tomarani Knowledge

Fount of Tomarani Knowledge

The Fount of Tomarani Knowledge belongs in the Location category. This aspiration is for Sims who want to immerse themselves in Tomarani culture. They will aim to learn about Tomarani customs, traditions, and cuisine. They will also try to explore Tomarani landmarks, earn the respect of their community, and become a local expert on Tomarani culture.

Milestone 1 – Regional Rookie

  • Leave Fruit or Incense at a Spirit House
  • Use Tomarani Introduction
  • Meet a Sim with the Child of the Village Personality Trait
  • Use a Squat Toilet

Milestone 2 – Culinary Connoisseur

  • Cook Tomarani Cuisine
  • Buy a Shirt from the Night Market
  • Prepare a Recipe Using a Pressure Cooker

Milestone 3 – Explorer Extraodinaire

  • Collect Unique Tassels
  • Explore Tomarang’s Cave
  • Explore the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary
  • View the Statue of Khun Mae and the Tiger
Fount of Tomarani Knowledge 2

The reward trait for the Fount of Tomarani Knowledge is the Tomarang Expert, which will make Sims a true Tomarani aficionado, giving them a natural knack for everything related to Tomarani culture. They’ll be able to whip up Tomarani cuisine like a pro, spot Tassels with ease, and strike up conversations with locals like they’ve been living in Tomarang their whole life. And if your Sims are planning on exploring Tomarani landmarks, they will have better luck than ever finding their way around.

3. Five-Star Property Owner

Five Star Property Owner

Sims who dream of becoming successful property owners can aspire to become a Five-Star Property Owner, an aspiration under the Fortune category. They will aim to buy and manage rental units, maintain their properties well, and satisfy their tenants. They will also seek to ultimately achieve a 5-star rating for all of their units and become the most sought-after property manager in the area.

Milestone 1 – Property Pupil

  • Have a unit occupied by a tenant
  • Handle a Maintenance Event
  • Perform an Inspection Pass

Milestone 2 – Shrewd Manager

  • Handle an Emergency Event
  • Have a unit with a rating of 3 or higher
  • Have 2 units occupied by tenants
  • Perform Inspection Passes on rentals

Milestone 3 – Proprietary Legend

  • Achieve a 5-star rating on a unit
  • Become Good Friends with a tenant
  • Have 3 units occupied by tenants
Five Star Property Owner 2

Completing the Five-Star Property Owner aspiration will grant your Sims the Home Manager Maven reward trait. With this, they will be a pro at handling maintenance and emergency events, and effortlessly keep their properties in pristine condition. Your Sim’s tenants will be so impressed with their skills that they’ll be begging to rent from your Sims.

4. Seeker of Secrets

Seeker of Secrets

Seeker of Secrets is another new aspiration, found under the Deviance category. It will allow Sims to be obsessed with uncovering the secrets of others. They will try their best to snoop around, confront neighbors with their secrets, and even blackmail them to get what they want. They will also aim to become the most feared snoop in the neighborhood, with a reputation for uncovering even the most closely guarded secrets. Eep!

Milestone 1 – Nosy Novice

  • Discover Secrets
  • Snoop for Secrets
  • Eavesdrop on Sim

Milestone 2 – Superior Pryer

  • Confront a Sim with a Secret
  • Keep a Secret
  • Discover Secrets by Eavesdropping

Milestone 3 – Snooper Extraordinaire

  • Break into a Home
  • Find a Tiger Inspector Badge
  • Blackmail a Sim
Seeker of Secrets 2

After finishing the Seeker of Secrets aspiration, your Sims will unlock the Pry of the Tiger reward trait. This will let them become a master of uncovering secrets and blackmailing unsuspecting Sims. They will easily extract a lot of information and gain access to hidden places. Plus, they will also get the Tiger Inspector Badge, which will make them the ultimate snooper!

Closing Thoughts: Enjoy These New Traits And Aspirations

New traits and aspirations

These new aspirations and traits introduced in The Sims 4: For Rent are sure to give you endless hours of fun while playing The Sims 4. With unexpected additions such as the cringe trait and the Snooper of Secret aspiration, you’ll surely find a lot of ways to mess around with your Sims.

What do you think of these new traits and aspirations in the game? Please let us know in the comments below. You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We are on on PatreonGoogle, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us. Happy simming, Simmers!

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