Breast Slider In Sims 4 – How To Create Perfect Breasts!

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Mods have always opened up new avenues of creativity in the Sims 4. And there’s a consensus that sliders are one of the best body mods ever. This article provides an overview of the breast slider; how it works, and where you can download it from.

sims 4 breast slider
The Perfect Breast Slider for Sims 4 – How To Create Perfect Breasts!

Slide your way to the perfect “pair”

Breasts—like any other adjustable part of a sim’s body—can be manipulated in several ways. The most straightforward method is by choosing a body preset for your sim with the desired proportions. If that’s not enough precision for you though, the game allows you to click-and-drag different body parts and slide them into various positions.

In the Sims 4 vanilla, there are two ways of changing the breasts on female sims via sliders. Sliding in/out will make Sims breasts decrease/increase in size and sliding up/down will make breasts perkier/saggier. As we’ve previously discussed, bodies come in all shapes and sizes and for many people, the two breast adjustment options aren’t quite enough if you’re seeking a very specific look. For that, we’re going to employ the help of a breast slider mod.

The breast slider that we’re sharing today is called the Breast Separation Slider and like many other popular sliders you might know, it’s developed completely by CmarNYC. We often feature mods by this creator on SnootySims, simply because we love using them. With a modding record of over 12 years, it’s easy to see why she’s so good at what she does!

Find even more sliders for your game by visiting the links below!

How Does the Breast Slider Work?

breast slider
There’s a Goldilocks joke in here somewhere…

This breast slider is a pretty simple mod and merely replaces how the breasts are affected when sliding them around in frontal-view. If your sim is standing in profile, you can access the vanilla slider options for size and sag by clicking-and-dragging, and the sag function works exactly the same from the front. Instead of changing the size though, sliding in/out from frontal view will push together or separate the breasts from one another. This feature essentially adds 50% more adjustability options for sims’ breasts and opens up a whole new arena of possible shapes and sizes, allowing players to sculpt their character’s torsos to an even more specific extent. If you’ve ever tried shopping for a bra that properly fits, you know that all busts are not the same!

Tip: if you want to try this breast slider mod on an existing sim, make sure to activate the cas.fulleditmode cheat before going into CAS so you can edit their body freely without any restrictions.

Breasts on masc body frames

CmarNYC has made the more recent version of the Breast Separation mod compatible with all gender expressions so long as the body frame being used is a femme one, which leaves out a lot of characters with non-binary or otherwise unique body shapes. Using the traits.equip_trait trait_Breasts_ForceOn cheat as outlined in this video by YouTuber Trans Simmer will equip masc frames with breasts, but unfortunately the breast slider mod will not work with them. You can still adjust the size and sag on masc frame breasts at least, but hopefully the mod will update eventually to properly include these body frames as well.

Note: in testing, I was unable to get the traits.equip_trait trait_Breasts_ForceOff to work at all on femme frames to test if the breast slider mod would affect bustless female chests. I’m unsure if this is due to the mod itself or another piece of CC.


In addition to the lack of functionality for masc framed sims with breasts, the Breast Separation Slider is not compatible with mods that also change or replace the frame of your femme Sims, due to the fact that the slider mod is itself an override to the vanilla body. The good news is that you can use it in combination with other body sliders for the Sims 4, including nearly all clothing mods and CC. Just keep an eye out on how other slider mods function; sometimes modders will attach extraneous slider effects to lesser-used areas of body adjustment (the feet are a pretty popular area, for example) so take care to avoid using any other sliders that are controlled by the manipulating the breast area.

Another thing to watch out for is how shirts and necklaces fit on sims with more extremely-adjusted breasts. Game functionality won’t be affected but if you really mess with the breast shape/size, check your outfits and make sure that everything still looks good! This goes double for CC content which may not be fully optimized for bodies of extreme proportions. Breasts might also clip during animations which again, is only a visual effect and won’t damage your game.


Using slider mods, you can really get into the nitty-gritty of tuning your sim’s appearance, and a breast slider is a significant way to do so as breasts are a very visually prominent part of the body that humans are hardwired to focus on. Case in point, I can think of several celebrities off the top of my head that are probably just as well known for their busts as they are for their talents. Regardless if you’re trying to recreate a real person in-game or just wanting to add variety and depth to the bodies that appear in your world, slider mods can offer a lot of flexibility and options for how they appear. The community is so fortunate to have talented modders who allow us to bring more realism and variety into our Sims 4 games!

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