SnootySims: About Us

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Who We Are

Our website, SNOOTYSIMS, has been operating since 2003. During our early years, our primary focus was to give the most updated news and essential guides about The Sims 2, a game that still holds a special place in the hearts of many Simmers. Back in those days, we also dedicated ourselves to building a deeply connected community of Simmers through the SNOOTYSIMS forum and chatroom that we had launched.

As our website continued to grow, we were lucky to obtain precious opportunities that further encouraged us. In September 2004, at an official Sims 2 launch event in Hamburg, Germany, we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Will Wright, the legendary creator of The Sims series himself! This encounter, although very brief, sincerely inspired us to continue our goal of providing valuable resources and information to our dear Simmers through our website.

What We Envision

Today, our website is known for being a one-stop source for the latest news and updates, game and mod guides, custom content (CC) finds, and vital information when it comes to The Sims. Apart from our website, we have also expanded our online presence to various social media sites to reach out to more Simmers.

Our greatest goal is to make our website the ultimate destination for all things The Sims. To help us achieve this vision, we will encourage more active community engagement with our fellow Simmers, and provide a welcoming environment for Simmers of all backgrounds and colors.

Where We’re From

Our SNOOTYSIMS team is composed of a small and passionate group of Simmers who are committed to providing the best resources and information for our fellow Simmers. Headed by our leader, Nicolas, SNOOTYSIMS has evolved into a global team, with a mixed set of members hailing from Serbia, the Philippines, Germany, the United States, and the Palestinian Territories. Being genuine fans of the entire Sims franchise ourselves, we try to focus on publishing excellent resources for Simmers of all levels, from new lovers of the game all the way to seasoned players.

What We Value

Here at SNOOTYSIMS, we believe in a set of simple core values that guide our work and interactions with the Sims community. We value:

  • The Satisfaction of Simmers: We believe that all Simmers should find fun and satisfaction through their Sims experiences. Hence, we strive to create content that brings joy and inspiration to our dear community!
  • The Power of the Sims Community: Being members of the Sims community ourselves, we also give importance to the power of community and collaboration. We want to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where all Simmers can connect and share their passion for the Sims, via the content that we produce. And since we want to be receptive to the requests, inquiries, and concerns of our Simmers, we have set up communications through our comments channel and expanded our presence to social media platforms.
  • Shared Respect: We respect the work of other creators, including CC and mod creators and developers. We always provide proper attribution and links to their works for them to receive credit for their work. Thus, we also advocate for our Simmers to do the same practice.

How to Connect With Us

We are committed to making it easy for every Simmer to connect with us. You can reach us via the SNOOTYSIMS contact form or you can find us on a variety of social media platforms and online accounts:

Our team welcomes all your feedback and suggestions. Thank you so much for being a part of the SNOOTYSIMS community and for your continued support!