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Are you tired of the same old boring suits? Stylish suits are absolute must-haves, and the more unique they are, the better. Since all Sims have their distinct formalwear, it is always a cool idea to expand the selection of suits. So, if you are looking for some chic formalwear, we got you. Keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 suit CC pieces!

sims 4 suit cc

CC Suits for Your female & male Sims in tS4!

Just like underwear, sportswear, or casual wear, all characters need us to tailor their formalwear. Because we are always looking for ways to make our Sims ladies and gentlemen pop, we can always expand our clothing selection with interesting CC. When it comes to formalwear, besides dresses, special attention comes to suits!

To enrich your wardrobe, we have prepared a list of the best Sims 4 suit CC for both female & male Sims. Welcome aboard and enjoy!

sims 4 suit cC for females

1. Belted Collarless Blazer by GorillaGorillaGorilla

Make way for all the boss ladies of Sims! Sophistication has never looked better, thanks to this stunning CC suit. Coming in five distinct styles and made with quality realistic texture, this stylish piece won’t disappoint. Belted suit jackets like this will certainly catch other’s attention. You can get this elegant piece here!

2. 70’S inspired ”Barb Suit” by tiptoptab

The ’70s are back in a big way, so make space in your wardrobe for this plaided two-piece suit. There are 22 swatches to experiment with, and you’ll enjoy how casual yet academic it looks on your Sims. And the best part? This vintage piece is available not only for elders and adults but also for teens! Browse and download it on this page.

3. Female Suit Blazer Top by yakfarm

Looking for an effective Sims 4 suit CC female outfits? Let’s take a moment to appreciate the simplicity and boldness of this look. If ”Men in Black” were ”Women in Black” for a minute, ladies would certainly wear a jacket like this. Is on point, it’s professional, and it shows that your Sims women mean business. Look professional in any occasion and download it here.

4. ”Gucci” Hipsack & suit by rimings

Do you love Gucci? If you do, then this suit CC is perfect for your closet! This one blends old-times elegance with a modern hip belt bag with a Gucci symbol. There are 20 variations to the look, and you’ll get to choose plaid or unicolor variants for maximum color and pattern variety. Look your best in these suits, and get them for free here!

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5. ”aubrie oversized suit” by plumbobsnfries

Do you want to look seductive, professional, and elegant simultaneously? Say no more, as we got you! This CC suit for Sims ladies includes loose pants in a matching baggy jacket with big decolletage. Your character will look like a Diva on the red carpet even when going out for drinks at a local Sims bar. If you love these fancy suits, check them out on this page.

6. ”Galena suit” Outfit for sims 4 by Madlen

A three-piece outfit like this one is all it takes to show up to a formal party with class and style. This look includes an elegant jacket, high waist pants, and a matching crop corset to complete the look. It comes in seven different variations, so you can enjoy rocking it in your favorite shade! Look your best in this suit and check it out on this page.

7. Ruffle Edge Twopiece Suit by rimings

A boss lady knows how to impress, lead and look composed. Luckily, with this suit CC, you’ll never run out of sophisticated outfits for business meetings and cocktail parties in the upper class. With thirty incredible patterned and non-patterned variations, you’ll always have a fresh set to show off. If this one clicks with you, download it on this page.

8. One shoulder suit dress by coolContentStar

Suits are not only about paints, jackets, and skirts. This fashionable dress blends classical suit sawing elements with a modern mini dress. The result? An elegant, showstopping look for your Sims. Play with 14 colors to find the right match for you! To get this must-have piece for your Sims closet, browse it on this page!

9. ”ySL” sims 4 suit collection by rimings

If you love Yves Saint Laurent stuff, you will surely love this set of classy CC pieces. In this collection, you will find a casual shirt with a vest, a mini skirt and a matching jacket suit, and a long sleeve jacket combo. On top of that, expect some authentic YSL jewelry to make your ladies’ outfits look even more luxurious! Enjoy wearing these stylish outfits and get them here.

10. ”nocturne set” suit by seoulsoul

Now this one is a casual look that every lady needs in her wardrobe. Although this is a suit, it can be worn for any occasion. The unbalanced baggy pants are matched with a cropped elegant jacket and a crop top for a more relaxed look. Besides black, the set comes in 9 other colors, including vibrant ones, like light blue and red. To get this Sims 4 women’s suit CC gem, go to this page.

sims 4 suit cC for Males

1. ”wyatt suit” by pixelette

LA and Las Vegas are calling, and it’s time to party with style! With this fashionable suit, your Sims men will look stylish yet chill – perfect for a night out or a private party. You can expect 56 high-end suit swatches to spice every event your Sims shows up on. If this one has caught your eye, you can get this colorful hipster suit for free here.

2. Sims 4 modern tuxedo by KK’s

With a suit like this, your men of Sims will not only be the most authentic to show up at an event. This look includes a few key details that make it so stylish – a turtleneck, an overshirt, a jacket, rolled pants, and a belt pouch. For the jacket, you can also choose the duotone variant to make this extra spicy. Get this showstopping suit for your Sims 4 gentlemen here.

3. Suit with Undone Bow Tie by darte77

Brace yourselves, the suit for playboys is now officially available for Sims 4 gameplay, all thanks to this CC! This Sims 4 suit CC male look is perfect for party boys who love to let loose at night and play the field after a long day in the office. This classic business suit with an undone bow tie will undoubtedly help him charm all ladies. Get this sly look here!

4. ”toddler suit up!” boys elegant suit

Let’s not forget the youngest gentlemen among our Sims. This look for toddler boys includes an elegant suit and a pair of stylish shoes, perfect for any formal occasion. You’ll get 13 suit colors. Not to mention that fluffy bow tie is a fine cherry on top! Dress your youngest the finest, by getting this CC here.

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5. suit jacket ”redux” by musae

Every fine gentleman knows the value of a perfectly tailored suit. If you want to dress your Sims like the boss they are, this tailored suit jacket with patterned ties is a choice to go for. The jacket also includes a handkerchief detail that adds a big bonus point to the whole CEO vibe. Get your Sims men to look like real leaders, and check it out here.

6. vintage professor suit by HoanglapSims

Intellectuals, brace yourselves, as this professor suit is about this charm you. The outfit includes a plaid vest with chain detail, a tie, pants, and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves to make it look more casual. Plus, you’ll get a jacket and an optional jacket on the shoulder. To look like a University professor, check it out on this page!

7. king everyday suit for sims 4 by bruxel

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how real this king suit looks! If you know how European royalty looks, you know how detailed this gentlemen’s suit looks. Military awards, decorations, and honor epaulets that reflect status are all here to help your Sims look like a real kind. If you’d like to try it out, go here.

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8. male ”mage suit” by chaessi

This suit is made for gentlemen who like to stand out and appreciate little details. A loose bowtie, classic vest, elegant pants, and a matching baggy jacket are all you need to create an aura of mystery and allure around your Sims. For more variety, you can opt for a powder pink or white shirt. So, if this unique look appeals to you, check it out on this page.

9. elegant suit for gentlemen by azentase

Not a big fan of bow ties, but a fan of casual suits? If that’s the case, this suit will match your criteria. These full-body looks come in five color variants – beige, gray, black, white, and dark blue. Your Sims men will look professional, but not too formal and stern, which is cool. If this one clicks with you, check it out on this page.

10. suit for toddlers by smeylar

If you are looking for an elegant suit for your little boys, this one is worth the look. Perfect for high-class families and special occasions, this cute suit will make them look adorable. There are a few swatches to experiment with. With an outfit like this, rest assured your toddler will be the most stylish kid at a neighbor’s wedding. Check this CC pack out here!


This was our list of stylish suits you can add to enrich your Sims 4 wardrobe. When we create our Sims, we always have a unique character in mind, and this applies to their individual styles so we tried our best to spice up the list with distinguishing looks. Enjoy your browsing!

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