Best Custom Glass Walls for the Sims 4

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One of the main health benefits of glass walls lies in the fact that they allow light to flow into buildings —providing more natural light into our sims’ lives. And since we care this much about our sim characters, we thought of going the extra mile to take care of the aesthetic side as well. So….. introducing a list of the best modern glass walls for the sims 4. Let’s take a look!

Modern Glass Walls Mods and CC

Inquinavi Set

glass custom content

We’re starting off with gorgeous custom content by Syboulette! This set definitely gives off mansion-like vibes. This contains 13 items; four models of stained glass windows and arch. To install this glass-work, check out this page.

Indust Glass Desk

glass sims 4

Glassy classy! You might be aware of the fact that this isn’t particularly a wall but you know you definitely need it in-game. So, go ahead and grab it from this page. Check out awesome custom clutter for the Sims 4 here.

Reflection Mirror

glass walls

We have yet another artwork by Syboulette. These glassy mirrors are functional as you can see which you don’t always get… so yay! Grab this mod by visiting this page. Oh and by the way, check out awesome furniture to elevate your sim’s house décor.


glass windows

Simple yet perfect! We’re loving the narrow windows that definitely give an edgy and contemporary look. Install here.

Aurore Windows & Doors Set

glass doors

Your sims will definitely appreciate this set. All items (windows and doors which you get 6 swatches for each by the way) are base game compatible. Download.

Pilton Construction

glass walls 4

You get fifteen beautiful creations from this set. We know for a fact we’ll be using these windows a whole lot. Make sure that your game is up to date for this set to work correctly in the game. To install this set, head over to this page.

Crystal Glass

glass walls 6

S4CC has been killing it with glass custom content for the Sims 4! This set contains 17 different items including doors and windows in such an elegant deco style. Here’s your download-link.

Sava Glass Doors

glass walls 2

This was reacted from an actual door seen on Instagram.. beautiful isn’t it? You get all the showcased variations in 8 different swatches. Go on and download it.

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You’ve just done your sim characters a good favor, way to go! Check out custom fire pits to enhance their outdoor experience too. Enjoy!

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