25+ Fridges CC: Our Best Picks For the Sims 4!

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Make food and drinks fresh in The Sims 4 with this list of our favorite fridges CC! Apart from their topnotch storage properties, these fridges also look excellent for your Sims’ kitchens. Download them all!

sims 4 fridges cc
25+ Fridges CC: Our Best Picks For the Sims 4!

Explore The Best Fridges CC For Your Sims!

Fridges in The Sims 4 are the first thing your Sims reach for when their hunger bar needs refilling. These kitchen appliances are crucial for keeping your Sims’ food and drinks fresh, preventing their leftovers from spoiling, and ensuring they always have something to eat. These also help your Sims store ingredients like fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood, making their meal preparations a breeze! With all these purposes, it is important to choose the best refrigerators that will match your Sims’ daily needs. It’s an added bonus though if the fridges that you choose for them, are also sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Go and select your next awesome fridge from this list!

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August 2022 Set – Morning Kitchen

1 2

This super adorable collection comes from creator Cowbuild. Called the Morning Kitchen, this set is inspired by farmhouse kitchens! There are functional appliances in the pack like fridges, toasters, ovens, coffee makers, and cooktops!

Click here to download!

Bunny Fridge Functional Added Slots

bunni 1

You can now place decorative food inside this Bunny Fridge Set! That’s totally cool especially if you have lots of food clutter like cakes, breads, packed food, fruits, and vegetables. Decorate the fridge as much as you want!

Click here to download!

Paradigm Fridge

InGame 1

In Sims’ homes, you can incorporate pretty refrigerators that can match the interior decor. Well, with this Paradigm Fridge pack from creator RoseaMarie, you have over 12 fridge swatches to choose from!

Click here to download!

Mochi Fridge

Mochi Fridge at KAWAIISTACIEv

Do you want a fridge filled to the brim with soft, sweet, and yummy mochis? Get this fridge from Kawaiistacie! You can choose from a variety of mochi flavors, including Green Tea Mochi, Strawberry Mochi, Chocolate Mochi, and Banana Mochi. You can also get larger servings for the whole family!

Click here to download!

Frokost Kitchen Set

tumblr c1aca6de69132c199b7c4014c8124abb 602e0af6 1280

This set not only comes with an amazing-looking fridge, but also other kitchen essentials like a gas range, a sink, counters, cabinets, cutting boards, jars, and so much more

Click here to download!

Jytte Kidsroom Toys Part 2: Kitchen

Screenshot 2023 10 17 154130

How about a play kitchen containing toys that are fully functional? Nice idea, right? With this set from Severinka, you will get 12 kitchen playset items that include a functional fridge, stove, and washing machine.

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Counter-Fit Mini Fridges

RVSN Sims CounterFit Mini Fridges 1024x1024 1

These refrigerators, which come in a regular or glass-front version, are not only cute, but they fit inside counters, too! What’s more, your Sims’ toddlers may also grab their own food inside these fridges.

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Simlish SMEG Appliances Recolors

tumblr 832f3e6921e6bedfdefd56b6573089b9 611b50e5 1280

Fridges offer quick access to snacks, keeping your Sims energized and ready for their daily activities. Make sure that you choose ones that are visually appealing, like these recolors from Lina-cherie!

Click here to download!

SMEG Appliances

SMEG Appliances scaled

Have fun using this full appliance set from Machaa Sims, which include a fridge and a mini fridger fo the different food storage needs of your Sims!

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LG Family Fridge CC

Screenshot 1661

Enjoy this large LG refrigerator for your Sims by creator Scodee Yodee! It is a family fridge that can fit a lot of food and drinks inside. There are over 6 swatches available.

Click here to download!

Aquarium Retail Fridge

cured reblochon

This innovative addition allows your Sims to store and sell fresh fish in tanks, allowing a real shopping experience for Sims to browse before buying. The lid brings the fish to life with animated swimming actions and adjustable decor.

Click here to download!

Wood Point Kitchen Set

wood point kitchen set nickname sims4

Check out the retro fridge, bar stool, stove, and kitchen counters from this great-looking pack! All in all, there are over 13 items in this collection.

Click here to download!

Mini Fridge 😀

mini fridge d sims41ife

This cute cube fridge from creator Sims41ife is fully functional! Add it to your game and create a colorful ~kawaii~ kitchen that your Sims will love!

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Flower Decored Kitchen Set (Counter / Cabinet / Island / Icebox Fridge / Sink) [MM]

cottage cor blimey kitchen in image spectra amoebae

Check out this lovely pack called Cottage Cor Blimey! It’s a recolor of the kitchen items in The Sims 4: Cottage Living. There are counters, cabinets, islands, sinks, and icebox fridges in the pack.

Click here to download!

Cute Fridge and Toaster with Tables [Alpha]

ryan fridge and toaster d sims41ife

Who can even resist this extremely adorable fridge and toaster set from Sims41ife? Both these two objects have a cute face on the surface.

Click here to download!

Beauty Fridge [Alpha]

Screenshot 3

Fridges are not just for keeping food and drinks fresh, but beauty products too! Go and download this Beauty Fridge available in 20 swatches!

Click here to download!

Contemporary and Rustic Fusion Kitchen Design Collection (Counter / Island / Cabinet / Fridge / Table / Chair)

halycon kitchen the complete collection harrie

Take a look at this pack! The Halcyon Kitchen includes fridges, fridge nooks (short and tall), dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools, and plenty of other stylish items for your Sims’ kitchens.

Click here to download!

Kitchen Furniture Set (Sink / Shelf / Dishwasher / Fridge) [MM]

rold skov kitchen mini kit pierisim

The Rold Skov Kitchen Mini Set features plenty of items that will help you build your dream wooden kitchen in the game. There is a fridge, sink, kitchen counters, dishwashers, ovens, and many others in the pack.

Click here to download!

Modern Style Kitchen Set [Counter / Island / Cabinet / Fridge / Bar / Bar Stool / Kettle)

back to basics kitchen set bgc madameria

This Back to Basics Set from MadameRia has five parts of kitchen essentials, including customized colored items, add-ons, and decorations. Our favorite is the Fridge Nook which fits most fridges in the game!

Click here to download!

Rustic Elegance Kitchen Designs Collection (Counter / Cabinet / Sink / Stove / Fridge)

munch stuff pack download charly pancakes

This Munch Stuff Pack has lots of great-looking items! These beautiful appliances and furniture will emit positive vibes in the kitchen, influencing the overall ambiance of your Sims’ households in a favorable way.

Click here to download!

Kitchen Furniture Pack (Stove / Fridge / Microwave / Blender / Toaster / Walls / Lightings) [MM]

spring six kitchen cc pack overview sixam cc

This pack is heavily inspired by mid-century modern kitchens, allowing your Sims’ households to look super sophisticated. There are functional appliances such as stoves, fridges, microwaves, and kettles in the pack, as well as other Buy Mode kitchen stuff!

Click here to download!

Eco Kitchen CC Stuff Pack ( Microwave / Fridge / Dining Table and Chairs / Stove / Fridge / Brew ) [MM]

the sims 4 eco kitchen cc stuff pack littledica

This pack boasts of different eco-friendly appliances and clutter. Special mention to the Green Eco Footprint Boosting Fridge, which helps your Sims save on their energy consumption!

Click here to download!

Retro Korea CC Pack Part 1 – Cabinet, Display Cupboard, Hood, Kimchi Container, Kimchi Refrigerator, Mini Boiler, Plum Extract, Rice Cooker, Seasoning Storage, Stove, Tableware Shelf, Refrigerator, Vintage Counter


KKB created old items inspired by the charms of Korea, such as cabinets, mini boilers, kitchen hoods, tableware, stoves, vintage counters, refrigerators, seasoning storage, rice cookers, display cupboards, kimchi refrigerators, kimchi containers, and plum extracts. And hey, the pack comes with 3-25 swatches! Screenshot 2023 07 29 234735 Screenshot 2023 07 29 234745

Click here to download!

Conclusion: Make Food And Drinks Last Longer With These Fridges CC!

Whether your Sims loves to use portable fridges, retail fridges, or good ol’ regular ones, it’s a given that these kitchen appliances are certainly essential for keeping all sorts of food, drinks, and ingredients fresh. Without these bulky babies, our Sims would not be able to prepare their amazing meals in the game. So go ahead and download these fridges, and let us know what you think of them! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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