No EA Eyelashes Mods & 15+ Amazing Lashes To Replace Them!

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Are the cartoony EA lashes making you roll your eyes in frustration? Tired of thick black lines flapping off their lids whenever they blink? Let’s get rid of them with an eyelashes mod, and then replace them with something better!

sims 4 no ea eyelashes mods
EA Eyelashes Remover Mod

sims 4 remove eA eyelashes mods 2022

From the moment the first trailer for the Sims 4 dropped, players have been divided over the stark difference in visual style compared to its predecessor, the Sims 3. One of the big sticking points for players who don’t like the cartoony style of the Sims 4 is that the default eyelashes look outdated, as they resemble the Sims 2 lashes far more closely than they do the lashes from Sims 3:

image 372 edited
Create-A-Sim from the Sims 2; don’t the eyelashes look familiar?

Whatever your opinion on TS3 vs. TS4, it’s hard to deny the resemblance. Fortunately modders have found ways to alleviate this aesthetic issue and given us a variety of replacement lashes from Maxis-match, to realistic, to over the top looks. And these aren’t just fancy eyeliners either, we’re talking 3D eyelashes that move with your sim’s eyelids! Keep reading to see what we mean.

No EA Eyelashes Mods

Before you can replace your sims’ lashes, we have to get rid of the defaults! Eyelashes mods will simply render sims’ eyes without long lashes and can even be used as standalone CC if you don’t like the default lashes, but don’t want to replace them either!

EA Eyelashes Remover by Kijiko

sims 4 no ea eyelashes mod

Kijiko is one of, if not the, best known CC creator(s) when it has anything to do with eyelashes mods. Naturally they have created one to remove the game’s default lashes so that you can use all of their other beautiful creations! You can download the mod here.

No EA Lashes by Cień z różą

image 352

This eyelashes mod is handy because you have the option of removing lashes for everyone, or you can pick & choose genders and age groups à la carte. The preview picture also perfectly illustrates the difference between using lashes with or without a removal mod. Learn more and download here.

Enhancing Eyes with Replacement Lashes

After you’ve removed the default EA lashes, you may feel that your sims’ faces look a little plain. Nothing a few mods and a coat of mascara can’t fix! We’ve gathered a selection of 15 sets of replacement lashes for you to try with your preferred no eyelashes mod, and there are styles for players of all style preferences.

1. 3D Princess Eyelashes by KikiSimLive

sims 4 no ea eyelashes mod

If you don’t really mind the original EA lashes and want something that’s got just a bit more dimension to it, you’ll vibe with these. There are 7 different styles from super cartoonish to finely detailed, and they are found in the glasses category of CAS. Download them here.

2. Maxis Match 3D Eyelashes by BED & MUSAE

sims 4 lashes

A set of 10 lashes in 2 colors that are Maxis-match while still looking somewhat realistic instead of just thick, chunky lines. You can find them in the glasses category after downloading them here.

3. Eyelash Maxis Match V4 by MMSims

sims 4 eyelashes

A Maxis-match eyelashes mod that comes in 45 whopping swatches; there are 15 lash styles with 3 colors each. You have the option of them being categorized with the eyeglasses, or with mouth creases, so your bespectacled sims can wear these lovely lashes too! Get this collection here.

4. 3D Lashes Version 2 for Kids by Kijiko

image 360

Younger sims don’t have the same selection of lashes as their older counterparts do, but they shouldn’t be forgotten about! This collection is available for toddlers and children, and they come in 2 versions. One version has a variety of colors, top lashes, bottom lashes, etc. and the other version is Maxis-match for the game’s standard kids hair color palette. They can be found in eyeglasses. You can download these lashes here!

5. PW 3D Eyelashes V1

image 355 edited

3 styles of lashes in black, brown, and white that you can find with the brow rings. A smart place to categorize them so you’re still able to use lots of different jewelry and facial accessories! Download them here.

6. 3D Eyelashes Part 3 by Miiko

image 371 edited 1

This collection features 3 hand-drawn, alpha-style lash designs in 4 colors each, and you can choose to have them in the eyeglasses or brow ring category. We love that this eyelashes mod gives us a choice of where to put them in the catalog! You can download the lashes here, and you can see Miiko’s other sets here.

7. 3D Eyelashes by Suzue

image 356

A more low-key but still impactful set, this collection of eyelashes is available in 3 styles with 5 swatches each. Found in the eyeglasses section, if you want a more subtle look that’s still striking you’ll enjoy these. You can download them from here.

8. 3D Lashes Uncurled Lashes Edition by Kijiko

image 361

We really could just do a list just about all of Kijiko’s amazing eyelashes mods! This collection is unique because while most CC eyelashes are curled and primped like they were done by a makeup artist, this set has a much more natural silhouette. If you want to amp up the realism in your sim’s appearance without them looking like a supermodel, check out this set. There are several styles in lots of different swatches!

9. Easy Design 3D Lashes by NotEgain

image 362

This collection of lashes has something for everybody! Simple lashes, extensions, and even some lacy looks make up 13 total styles divided between male and female-presenting characters. Each set is found in the rings category and you can choose between left & right hands for more catalog control. You can get them here!

10. 3D Lashes Ver 6 by Dreamgirl

image 364 edited

Looking for some dramatic eyes? Check out this set from Dreamgirl! 10 hand-drawn textures that you can get for either the eyeglasses or skin detail category that will add some flash to your sims’ faces. Snatch up this eyelashes mod here!

11. Hollywood Lashes by LeahLillith

image 365

21 long, thick sets of dramatic eyelashes that are impossible to miss! Bat your eyes and get all the attention in these babies (found in eyeglasses) which you can get from here.

12. 3D Mink Lashes by Badddiesims

image 368

Bigger? Check. Badder? Check. Bolder? Double check! This is the eyelashes mod you want for your G-L-A-M sims! There are 3 styles in deep black that you can find in the eyeglasses section. Go here if you want these super dramatic falsies for your sims!

13. 3D Mermaid Eyes by feyona

image 359

Switching gears into the mythical, this collection features a dozen sets of eyelashes in all sorts of funky colors that sims and mermaids alike can flaunt. You can find them in the eyeglasses section but you have to download them here first!

14. Halloween 3D Lashes by GiuliettaSims

image 363

For gothic, occult, or just incredibly theatrical sims, this set of 3D lashes are going to have all eyes on them. Fancy fans, lacy looks, and even spiderwebs can perch atop your sims’ lids! This dozen of fantastical lashes can be downloaded from here, and you can find them in the eyeglass category.

15. 3D Eyelashes F Snow by S-Club

image 358

Our final eyelashes mod is incredibly over-the-top but would look stunning in a wintery photo shoot or on a snow-bunny sim. There are 38 swatches total with a mix of lash lengths and snowflake densities that you can download here.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredible what we can do to our sims with the help of modders and CC creators! When this article started, our sims all had chunky TS2 lashes weighing down their eyelids. But thanks to the creative simmers in the community, our sims are now fabulously flaunting their new, natural (or not-so-natural) looking lids. We hope you enjoyed our list, and happy simming!

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