Resorts and Hotels Mod: Experience Ultimate Bliss in the Sims 4 (OBSOLETE)

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While the idea of travel isn’t new to The Sims 4, our Sims have never really been able to visit and stay in resorts and hotels. But that’s all about to change, thanks to this super cool mod!

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What Makes The Resorts And Hotels Mod Awesome?

Ahh, the thought of spending such a sweet day at a resort or hotel just to relax, is definitely a dream come true for our Sims! Fortunately, there is a popular mod, called the Resorts and Hotels Mod by KawaiiStacie, which makes this dream of leisure possible. With the said mod, our Sims can now visit resorts and hotels in the game, or even own and run them! Read all about the amazing features of the Resorts and Hotels Mod below!

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1. Sims Can Now Visit Resorts And Hotels.


In order to create a memorable resort and hotel experience for your Sims, you first have to place a specific resort/hotel lot in one of the worlds. Just make sure that the said lot has these requirements:

  • Bedroom (double beds, single beds)
  • Kitchen (stove, fridge, counters)
  • Front Desk (desk, chair, computer)
  • Bathroom (toilets, showers, tubs, sink)
  • Amenities (swimming pools, hot tubs, television, etc.)

As you edit this lot, you must then assign the “hotels & resorts” lot trait. Then, after placing the lot, your Sims can now visit the said accommodation as a guest!

2. As A Visitor, There Are Certain Perks Available!

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Once your Sims have arrived at the resort or hotel of their choice, they must then wait for two to three hours in order for the staff to arrive and check them in. Meanwhile, they can still use the facilities and amenities of the hotel. Throughout their stay, Sims can avail of perks, such as the following:

  • Free meals – Staff will cook meals for the guests. Sims can eat anytime.
  • Cleaning services – Expect the accommodation to stay clean as there are cleaning staff available.
  • Special requests– Some requests from guests such as certain food, birthday cakes, or wedding cakes, can be accommodated.

3. Make Sure To Follow The Specific Resorts’ And Hotels’ Rules.


During their stay at the resorts and hotels, the staff will charge your Sims an initial amount of 100 simoleons for the check-in, which already covers the perks stated above. Their succeeding days of stay will then cost them 50 simoleons per day.

  • Check-in is anytime– If they want, they can already visit the hotel by dawn, at 5:00 A.M.
  • Check-out is at 11:00 A.M. – If Sims are still on the lot during this time, 50 simoleons will automatically be deducted.

4. You Can Fully Customize Resorts And Hotels.


To make every Sim’s stay extra fun and exciting, you can further edit the resorts and hotels that you place in the world. You can keep adding amenities and miscellaneous objects. Just keep in mind not to assign the lot with the “generic” lot type as this causes errors with the Resorts and Hotels Mod.

5. Sims Can Become An Owner of Resorts And Hotels, Too!


Becoming an owner of resorts/hotels functions differently from visiting these said accommodations as a guest. To let Sims start managing their own resort/hotel, click on the calendar and add an event called, “Become resort owner.” By doing this, Sims can then participate in the management of their own accommodation by completing the event and getting a gold award.

5. By Managing Resorts And hotels, Sims Can Build Up Skills.


Sims that own resorts and hotels must spend 500 to 1000 simoleons for the staff and maintenance costs. This can all be earned back though! As they keep entertaining their guests, interacting with their staff, and helping around the accommodation in order to build up their resort, lots of simoleons will come pouring in and they can improve their Resort Skill.

  • Important note: The lots managed by resort/hotel owners are different from the resort/hotel lots that Sims can visit as a guest. Make sure that you don’t assign the “hotels & resorts” lot trait to the former, only to the latter.

6. Owners Will Also Get Certain Benefits.

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As an owner of resorts and hotels, Sims can also get nice perks. Especially if they bank in on their Resort Skill, owners can:

  • Have More Guests – More and more Sims will visit your resorts and hotels over time.
  • Brag About Resort – There is an interaction that lets owners brag about their resorts and hotels.
  • Earn Lots of Simoleons – More people equals more Simoleons!
  • Lead Their Staff – Owners can let their staff do particular chores, give them raises and bonuses, and much more.
  • Provide Customer Service – They can get feedback from their guests, which will allow them to further improve the management of the place.

7. Sims Can Also Sell Their Resorts And Hotels.


If your Sim no longer wants to own their resorts or hotels, they can simply sell these places. Simply click your Sim, wait for the resort menu to pop up, then select the “Sell Resort” option. The higher the Resort Skill of your Sim, the more simoleons they will get for selling the place! And, the good thing is that they would retain their Resort Skill even after selling their resort or hotel.

Conclusion: Ready to Visit or Run Your Resort/Hotel In The Game?


If you are raring to let Sims experience the memorable thrill of checking in and out of hotels and resorts in The Sims 4 or allow them to have the time of their lives in managing a beautiful little accommodation, then install this mod now to your game! Just head on to the Patreon site of KawaiiStacie, search for “Resorts & Hotels” click download, and add it to your Mods folder in the game. Trust us, this mod will give you a 5-star experience. Happy simming, Simmers!

An important notice: Mods for The Sims 4 are constantly being updated with compatibility for any new patches. Most of the time, mods get outdated or the creators decide to put them behind a paywall. Thus, we recommend that you download these mods at your own risk. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Resorts and Hotels Mod: Experience Ultimate Bliss in the Sims 4 (OBSOLETE)”

  1. Lina, thank you for your time for the article. The MOD that you wrote about had not been updated in over a year. Even in her discord, KS recommended not to use it. I used to use this MOD, but it had caused a lot of issues in game.

    I honestly feel that all of the article writers (not directed towards you) should, in fact, test out these links and MODs before writing about them. No disrespect intended.

    • Hi David! No disrespect taken, and we totally appreciate your concern for our articles! We apologize if this has caused any issues in your game. However, we have to inform you that this mod was indeed tested in 2023 before we published this article, but we used it on an older game version of The Sims 4. Moving forward, we will now place a note on each article about the compatibility of a mod in the game, i.e., which game version of The Sims 4 still supports it.

  2. Why is this mod still on the site if you have been aware that it doesn’t work since last year? I read all about how great it is, then see this at the bottom lol. First time visiting this site, and the last.

    • Hey Nicole,

      Snootysims is made up of a small team of writers who not only need to keep up with new content, but rework older content as well. We’ve had a few writers leave the team recently so it’s even a smaller group now trying to keep up with everything. I apologize for your frustration, there’s only so many pieces that can be written/edited in a given time and we tend to prioritize our reworks based on article popularity.

      In the meantime you can take a look at a few other hotel mods, but be advised that we haven’t had time to test any of them:

      Hopefully one of these mods will satisfy your needs.


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