Express Delivery Mod for TS4: A Nifty New App for Your Sims

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Too lazy to go out? No problem! With the Express Delivery Mod, your Sims can effortlessly shop for their fave products from the comfort of their own homes!

sims 4 express delivery mod
Express Delivery Mod for TS4: A Nifty New App for Your Sims

Express Delivery Mod: Here’s What You Can Expect!

Much like in real life, our Sims can now also utilize the Internet in helping them in their daily lives, such as ordering products conveniently online! Through this really nifty mod launched by QMBiBi, called the Express Delivery mod, our Sims can now have a cool app on their phone to purchase plenty of items and efficiently deliver them to their doorsteps. The Express Delivery app is available 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and depending on the shops, some offer discounts, while other shops have added taxes!

How to Use the Express Delivery

accept delivery
  1. Open your Sim’s phone.
  2. Go to the Shopping tab.
  3. Click “Shopping Apps”
  4. A list of participating shops will appear. Click on a shop.
  5. Browse for the items in the particular shop and select the ones you want to buy.
  6. For shops with a lot of products, you can filter items by category for efficient shopping.
  7. After ordering, you will receive a message saying, “Your order is being processed and will be delivered shortly.”
  8. After a few hours, a Sim will then visit your doorstep to hand in your package of ordered items.
  9. Click on the package and select “Open Delivery”, this will then allow the items to be stored in your inventory.

All Participating Shops in the Express Delivery

Check out the roster of amazing shops included!

1. Target

Screenshot 2023 05 14 at 6.27.26 PM

Target is a one-stop online shop for your Sims’ everyday needs. From groceries to clothing, electronics, home décor, and even furniture, Target offers a wide range of products that can enhance various aspects of your Sims’ lives.

Featured Products:

  • Shower Mat
  • Storage Bin
  • Trash Can

2. The Apple Store

Screen Shot 2022 12 23 at 6.26.36 PM

Your Sims can find all the latest Apple products at the online Apple Store! From the latest iPhones and MacBooks to AirPods for immersive audio experiences, and iMacs for creative projects, these gadgets can help your Sims stay technologically up-to-date and connected with the digital world.

Featured Products:

  • Apple AirPods
  • iPad
  • MacBook

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3. Toys R Us or Babies R Us

Screenshot 2023 05 14 at 6.28.23 PM

This virtual combo shop in the Express Delivery App caters to the younger members of your Sims’ households. Toys R Us offers a variety of toys and games for children, helping them develop various skills. On the other hand, Babies R Us offers essentials for infants!

Featured Products:

  • Lactation Cookies
  • Friendship Bracelet
  • Playmat

4. Chewy Pet Store

Screen Shot 2022 12 23 at 6.41.57 PM

The Chewy Pet Store in the Express Delivery App specializes in providing items for beloved pets in your Sims’ lives. From toys and accessories to essential pet care products like food, litter, and grooming supplies, your Sims can ensure their furry companions are well taken care of and happy.

Featured Products:

  • Pet Bowl
  • Ball
  • Litter Box

5. Michaels


Michaels is the go-to online shop for arts and crafts supplies. Your Sims can find a wide variety of materials here, and this shop allows them to express their creativity and create unique handmade items for themselves.

Featured Products:

  • Wool
  • Cross Stitch
  • Easel

6. REI

Screenshot 2023 05 14 at 6.29.35 PM

For Sims who love the great outdoors, REI is the ideal online shop in the Express Delivery App. This shop provides a range of outdoor gear, from camping equipment and hiking boots to kayaks and adventure clothing. Your Sims can prepare for exciting outdoor trips and satisfy their sporty cravings with quality products that ensure safety and comfort during their expeditions.

Featured Products:

  • Backpack
  • Tent
  • Bicycle

7. Sephora

pack 2

Sephora in the Express Delivery App offers a variety of self-care products that can help your Sims unwind and pamper themselves. From scented candles that create a soothing atmosphere to face masks that rejuvenate their skin, and incense that adds a touch of tranquility to their spaces, these items can contribute to your Sims’ overall well-being.

Featured Products:

  • Face Mask
  • Mood Candle
  • Perfume

8. 1800Flowers


Your Sims can choose from a wide selection of beautifully crafted flower arrangements that convey emotions and sentiments. Whether it’s for a romantic gesture, a birthday surprise, or just to spread some joy, these flowers can make any occasion more memorable!

Featured Products:

  • Flower Arrangements

9. Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble in the Express Delivery App offers an online treasure trove of books for your Sims to explore. Whether they’re into fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or cookbooks, your Sims can find literature that entertains, educates, and inspires!

Featured Products:

  • Books

10. Best Buy

Screen Shot 2022 12 23 at 6.42.33 PM

Best Buy in the Express Delivery App is a hub for various electronic gadgets and appliances that can enhance your Sims’ lifestyles. Here, your Sims can surely find a range of products that cater to their tech-savvy needs.

Featured Products:

  • Black & Decker Ice Cream Maker
  • GE Convection Microwave
  • LG NeoChef Countertop Microwave

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11. Home Depot

Screen Shot 2022 12 23 at 6.42.58 PM

For Sims looking to improve their living spaces, Home Depot offers a plethora of home improvement and DIY supplies. Through this store in the Express Delivery App, your Sims can transform their houses into personalized havens.

Featured Products:

  • Starter Herbs
  • Starter Vegetables
  • Upgrade Parts

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sims 0modspurple

How To Install the Express Delivery Mod

  1. You need to install the XML Injector.
  2. If you want the Apple iPhone (docked version) to work, you also need to install this Sunrise Alarm mod.
  3. Then, download the latest version of the Express Delivery mod by QMBiBi. Once done, place it in the mods folder of The Sims.
  4. You don’t need to download a separate mod for the items sold in the shops. They are all included in the mod pack.
  5. Important: if you currently do not have all the expansion packs and game packs of The Sims 4, particular products will not appear in your shops. In order not to encounter issues in the game, please refer to the bottom of QMBiBi’s post (Pack Recommendations section) to know which items to delete in your mods folder before running the game.

Final Thoughts: Get the Express Delivery Mod Now!

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The Express Delivery Mod is a pretty fun mod to have in The Sims 4 as it expands the options of your Sims when it comes to purchasing goodies for themselves, their homes, and their pets. For us, it’s a cool mod to add to the game, especially since some of the included products are functional, thus, the mod adds another layer of excitement to the game

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