30+ Store Mods and CC: Get These Best Finds For The Sims 4!

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Shopping has never been this exciting in The Sims 4, with these handpicked store mods and CC that we have for you! Your Sims will shop ’til they drop as they discover these coolest retail tweaks in the game!

sims 4 store mods

The Best Store Mods and CC for Your Sims’ Businesses!

Ever since retail businesses were introduced in The Sims 4: Get To Work, selling and shopping at stores has become a vital aspect of the game. Having our business-minded Sims explore a big, exciting world full of products and items for sale has helped them earn money, receive business perks, and make new friends through their customers. Alternatively, it has also given consumer Sims a chance to enjoy delightful finds and have some retail therapy by visiting these stores! Whether you have business owners or consumer Sims, you’ll enjoy a variety of store mods and CC for The Sims 4. Below, we handpicked our favorite ones, to share with you!

Go Shopping

2023 01 10 22 58 48 The Sims™ 4

This store mod lets your Sims enjoy a wide selection of all-new rabbit-hole stores in the game, letting them have the opportunity to visit shops such as the Mega-Mart Grocery Store, the Speedy Pharmacy, fish and farmers market, and many others!

Click here to download!

The Furniture Showroom [MM]


The Furniture Showroom Pack includes Maxis Match items for comfort, decoration, lighting, plumbing, storage, surface, and more, and also includes the well-loved heart-shaped hot tub and bed from The Sims 1. All in all, there are over 38 items in this pack!

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Apartment + Cafe + Bookstore

ts4 x64 2023 04 28 02 29 26

This retail mod sweetly combines three concepts: a bookstore, a cafe, and an apartment, all in one nice build! According to the creator, it could be a nice hangout spot for college students. We totally agree!

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Tudor Rose Flower Shop

curseforge tr flower shop front

The Tudor Flower Shop is a 30×20-sized lot located on Magnolia Promenade. With its refreshing and delicate interiors, this retail lot is perfect for selling your Sims’ blissfully-prepared blooms!

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Poco Bookstore


Building the best bookstore for bibliophile Sims? Better get this Poco Bookstore Set! This set lets your Sims enjoy 11 bookstore stuff such as large, medium, and small books, books on display, browsed books, etc!

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Witchy Shop Window Stickers


Go and plaster these super cute stickers on the shops of your Sims! These Witchy Shop stickers are exactly what your Sims need to drive retail customers into the business! All in all, there are 60 swatches available.

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Retail Street in Brindleton Bay

sims 4 retail venue 1

This cozy, 30×30-sized lot is a charming addition to Brindleton Bay during autumn! It has three adorable features—the Little Shop of Cowplants, the Halloween Costume Shop, and the Pumpkin Spice Cafe.

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Christmas Market

12 19 22 1 07 56 AM

Get ready to give your Sims a memorable Christmas season with this Christmas Market retail mod from Veronica’s Vanity! The retail mod introduces a 50×50 lot in Willow Creek which features a toy store, a candy shop, a Christmas Tree farm, a bakery, Santa’s workshop, and plenty of other surprises!

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7 Eleven/Check Cashing/Liquor Store


This retail mod incorporates functional food, an ATM, alcoholic drinks, cigarette machines, medications, and other personal items into your game through an awesome 7-Eleven and Liquor Store!

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Store Sign Decals


If your Sims are opening a business, they might need the help of shop decals that will help call the attention of customers or guide them in the shot! Let them display these sign decals from creator Cryptiam, which include open/closed signs, bathroom labels, and more!

Click here to download!

SimSim Online Store


If your Sims cannot physically go to retail stores in the neighborhood, then they can opt to order through an online retail store! Yep! Just install this SimSIm Online Store and let Sims get access to grocery, tech shops, wellness stores, and more through the SimSim Hotlinez!

Click here to download!

Thrift and Bubble Tea Store

tumblr 94327c63f317cb72ad717c6c08329bdf 318ac2ab 1280

Here’s another Thrift and Bubble Tea Store that will provide much-needed delight and retail therapy for your Sims. Make sure to refer to the CC stated in the list and download them, too!

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Barbie Store

2023 08 06 06 50 22 658 okruee kaleidoscope

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Go and add this Barbie Store into your game, which screams PINK all over! It’s available as a four-story 20×20 retail lot in Del Sol Valley.

Click here to download!

Retail Shopping Center


This Mega Retail Shopping Center is a 50×40 sized lot that fits three stores inside–a laundromat, a clothing store, and a liquor store. The store is wonderfully designed and it suits your Sims’ neighborhoods!

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Drag and Shop Kiosk


Sims can purchase all of their essential needs here, like craftables, harvestables, ingredients, upgrade parts, rare items, and other much-needed items! Plus, this convenient kiosk is open from 9AM to 3AM!

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Mini Mart Lot

08 30 23 6 43 49 PM

This Mini Mart is a great 40×30 build from creator Wicked Pixxel! Downloading this and setting it as a retail store will allow your Sims to sell convenient and essential products for other Sims.

Click here to download!

5-Star Beauty Supply Store

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Treat your Sims to a beauty shopping spree with this 5-star Beauty Supply Store from creator Coolwhipp22! Take note, this mega retail store filled with lovely products is fully functional! Just make sure that your device can handle the load as this pack features heavy CC.

Click here to download!

7-Eleven & Gas Station

2023 07 21 04 22 44 577 neecxle bohodreams

Build this iconic 7-Eleven + Gas Station in your Sims’ neighborhoods, complete with all the snacks, drinks, and essentials they need (some are functional, most are deco). Plus, feel the fun gas station vibe of the lot!

Click here to download!

Junes Department Store

05 13 23 1 34 54 am

Incorporate this large retail store into your game, known as the Junes Department Store! This stunning retail lot features grocery stores, convenience stores, book and magazine racks, elevators, and many other interesting stuff!

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Apple Store

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Are you a fan of using Apple products, or maybe just fond of visiting the shops of this tech giant? Well, go and add the Apple Store so your Sims can experience it for themselves, too! In using this lot, make sure to activate the move objects cheat for everything to work properly.

Click here to download!

Convenience Store Ads


If you are planning to build a convenience store for your Sims, decorate walls with this set! This pack contains various designs, including a Hot Dog Poster, a Coffee Ad Poster, a Soda Poster, a Lottery Poster, a Popcorn Poster, and Movie Theater Posters.

Click here to download!

Crate and Barrel Retail Displays

6be105 e6830a2471ec43ad9e3c2934fb523884mv2

These barrels allow your Sims to display perishable products in their retail stores while keeping them fresh at the same time. From time to time, Sims will restock the products and spray water on them to keep them fresh.

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Aquarium Retail Fridge

cured reblochon

This innovative addition allows your Sims to store and sell fresh fish in tanks, allowing a real shopping experience for Sims to browse before buying. The lid brings the fish to life with animated swimming actions and adjustable decor.

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Core Retail Mod

6be105 f92ef2283ace4f36a72d09d34d42ee6bmv2

Are you taking part in a lot of retail-related gameplay? Well perhaps, you need this mod! This is a core mod that you need in your game if you would like to use other retail store mods from creator BrazenLotus.

Click here to download!

Crystal Shop Advertisement Posters

tumblr 5677e6ea900481549ea626d42798b4ff efd0ad43 1280

Shine bright with these Crystal Shop Advertisement Posters! Give your Sims’ stores a mystical vibe with these enchanting posters, and let the energy flow in their lots. There are over 25 posters in this pack!

Click here to download!

Sims 4 Retail: Reloaded Mod

retail checkout

The Retail Reloaded Mod overhauls the entire retail system in The Sims 4. The mod offers better shop convenience, smarter customers, cash registers, the Retail Craftery Lot Challenge, and other exciting tweaks!

Click here to download!

Cutie Cakes Bakery And Ice Cream Shop

20230623222421 1

This 2-story CC functions as a retail store in San Sequoia. It’s furnished with delectable pastry and ice cream decorations. But honestly, you can sell anything in here since it’s a retail lot!

Click here to download!

Flower Shop Set


Do you have a florist Sim who’s psyched about building a nice and pretty flower store? Then, incorporate this lovely set into their shop! This set has display stands, flowers, and buckets.

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Rosebud Bakery & Flowers

ts4 x64 2022 12 16 22 34 26

Visit this charming establishment where Sims can get their dose of delectable pastries and purchase beautiful bouquets. The lot is filled with plenty of yummy baked treats and beautiful blossoms. There’s even a cozy living room too!

Click here to download!

Grocery Market Anywhere


In-game grocery stores are the perfect place for your Sims to stock up on fresh ingredients and culinary delights! They can get an array of items, from farm-fresh produce to gourmet treats. Yup! And with this mod from BosseLadyTV, you can have grocery markets anywhere!

Click here to download!

Thrift & Bubble Tea Store

ts4 x64 2023 06 29 04 44 04

Score cool finds at the thrift store, from vintage outfits to quirky decor, then, sip on delicious bubble tea at the chic tea shop on the side. Yep! Double the fun for your Sims with this Thrift & Bubble Tea Store from creator Simmersed!

Click here to download!

Final Thoughts: try these Store Mods and CC!

So that’s it! If you’re going to run a retail store for your Sims, we hope that these store mods, builds, and CCs can be useful for you! Download them all, and let us know how your gameplay goes! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can simply leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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