The Best Retail Store Ideas For Entrepreneurial Sims

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Would you like to open a store in Sims 4, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, as we have prepared a list of the best retail store ideas you can try out. Read on to find creative options that will grant you profit and fun!

retail store ideas

What expansion packs do you need to open a retail store in Sims 4?

To run a retail store in Sims 4, you will need the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. Because you can sell almost anything, the more expansion and stuff packs you have, the better in terms of options and items you can sell.

The retail system allows you to create a retail shop ground up and set up every detail in your store. You can fully customize, select objects you want to sell, set the theme of your store, and get creative little details, such as decor, or the interior. You’ll not only be the one to design the shop, but also the one who owns and manages it. And the best part? Retail store ideas are almost limitless!

what can you sell in a retail store?

Sims can open shops and sell all kinds of stuff, so you really get to explore various retail store ideas. No matter if it’s clothes from CAS, something they’ve made, or stuff from the Build/buy menu, there is almost no limitation as to what can be sold. The list doesn’t stop with these objects, as Sims can sell collectibles, plants, and even artifacts. If you use cheats, you can also sell stuff from the debug menu, such as craftable robots. To unlock all items available in the game, follow this guide.

Can You Sell CC Stuff in a Retail Store?

In theory, custom content that was successfully added to the game should work just fine, and you should be able to sell, most of your CC stuff just like you would any other item. So, for example, you should be able to run a retail store where you sell CC from CAS by selecting it via retail store mannequin. Still, the best way to try it out is to experience individual CC items while in the game.

How to Buy a retail lot in Sims 4?

To start a business, you will need to make some investments, just like in real life. Purchasing a space or an empty lot where you can build your little empire is the first step.

Regardless of what you chose to sell to customers and retail store ideas, the lot type has to be retail. However, you are not limited to choosing only the existing ones (such as those in Magnolia Promenade), as any lot can be turned into a retail lot simply by changing the lot type to retail. You can build your store from scratch, redesign an already existing one, or leave an existing store as it is, and just add items for sale.

To purchase a lot and start experimenting with retail store ideas, go to your Phone>Buy a Retail Store. From there, you can choose to bulldoze, buy a furnished or unfurnished space, as usual. If your Sim is wealthy, you can have not one, but a few retail stores. Every store is funded separately, so watch your finances before you jump to expand your business.

how to set up a retail store?

Once you’ve found your perfect location and bought the retail lot, you will need to have some starting capital to redecorate and purchase items you’d like to sell. To do that, simply transfer simoleons from your household funds to your store account, and start building. You can do this any time if you find the amount you transferred isn’t enough by clicking on a transfer sign next to household funds info.

Once funds are transferred, you can start placing items from the build/buy menu or your Sim’s inventory on shelves and stands. To set an item for sale, just click on it, and select ‘’Set for Sale’’ and you are ready to go. This is when retail store ideas start becoming reality! The item will then be browsed and hopefully purchased by one of your future customers. You’ll have to interact with customers, too. Note that some items need special stands and displays, such as baked goods or books, so check if you need any of those!

how to set prices and start selling?

Now, let’s say you have a spectacular retail store idea. To start earning, you’ll need to set up your business properly. You’ll find store options in the bottom right corner. Simply click on the cash register icon to open a store menu, and here you can play with prices, hire employees, track spending and earning, etc. It’s always wise to start with lover price margins and raise them slowly as you work your way up and build a reputation for your store.

You’ll find more tweaks and store options by clicking on the cash register you have to purchase from the Build menu. From there, you can run a retail store, set stuff for sale, advertise your business, manage employees, or transfer funds. As an owner, you get to decide work hours, when you open or close the store, which is great!

What are the most profitable business?

No matter what you sell, you will need to invest in restocking to keep the business going. However, some items generally bring more simoleons than others, so not all retail store ideas will bring you fortune fast. Selling kid’s toys won’t bring you as much profit as selling high-tech stuff. So, if profit is your main focus of owning a store, then opt to sell pricier items if you have some extra simoleons to spend.

So, for instance, if you set the highest rate for a toy and a PC, you’ll surely get more money from selling a PC. Regardless of what type of store you choose to open, the process of running one will always be pretty much the same. If money isn’t the priority, you do what makes you and your Sim happy!

Creative retail store ideas you can try now

Now that we are all set and have covered the basics of opening a business, let’s cover some interesting retail store ideas! Feel free to mix them up, take what you feel inspired by, and use these ideas to create your unique version of a retail store. Let’s go!

Make a space art lovers will enjoy and earn money by opening an art gallery! This is a perfect opportunity to sell your masterpieces and quality artwork. Exhibit your artwork for sale on walls, place some easels, and a few chairs, provide good lighting, and you are good to go. Or, simply use artwork from the Build menu and earn a living by selling pre-made art! This retail store idea will be a dream spot for snobbish Sims and those who love collecting art. Selling their unique artwork will be more profitable, as you won’t have to restock, and you’ll add new artworks once old ones are sold, which costs zero simoleons.

2. Health & Wellness Shop

Healthy lifestyles are always trending, and now your Sims can keep up with worldly lifestyle trends by opening a wellness shop. This is one of the retail store ideas that allows Sims to come and purchase all kinds of healthy stuff such as herbs, fruits, and plants. This is where you can sell serums that boost their health, energize or help them improve fitness, such as Slimify, Spark Drive, or Ox Strength. And, if your Sim has some mixology skills, you can also sell healthy drinks like protein shakes or teas. Add some incense burners, play some zen music, and wait for customers to flock to your store.

3. Witchcraft & Wizardry Shop

If you have Sims 4: Realm of Magic installed, you can run a retail store a shop for witches and wizards. Here you can sell all kinds of witchy stuff, including potions and ingredients for potion-making, serums, herbs, broomsticks, cauldrons, and magic wands. You can add crystals and metals, interesting collectibles like frogs, candles you make, and familiar orbs.

4. Fitness Equipment Shop

Here comes one of the retail store ideas jocks and fitness buffs will love – a well-equipped fitness shop. In this shop, you can offer treadmills, weight machines, punching bags, balls, climbing walls, and everything else they need for their home gym. If you have some extra fitness CC, feel free to include those as well, we are certain gym enthusiasts will love those. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can also add sporty clothes by creating sporty outfits in CAS by clicking on special retail store mannequins.

5. Outdoors & Adventure Shop

This one is for adventurers, campers, and extreme sports enthusiasts. Outdoors & Recreation shop is a place where Sims can get tents, machetes, deodorizing creams, picnic baskets, insect repellents, and similar camping essentials. If a Sim is into extreme sports like rock climbing, skiing, or snowboarding, this shop is the place to be. They can purchase deco surfboards, snowboards, climbing gear, and skis, as well as winter sportswear, like ski jackets and pants.

6. Pet Store

This is a great retail store idea if you have Get to Work and Cats & Dogs installed! If you love pets and enjoy making them happy, you can earn a nice sum of simoleons by sending pet supplies. You can sell toys, beds, and pet bowls. You can also sell all other essentials, like litter boxes, pet carriers, and scratch trees for cats. Besides cats and dogs, you can sell aquariums, fishbowls, and fish. If you have My First Pet Stuff, you can add tanks for small animals like hamsters, or rodent cages.

7. Music Shop

Talented Sims need instruments to develop their gifts. Music shop has all one needs to start singing or playing? Here you can sell not only guitars, violins, organs, microphones, and pianos but all other music essentials. This includes stereos, radios, and speakers. If you find some music decor that would go well with the theme of the shop that would be a cherry on top.

8. Selvadorada Artefacts & Gift Shop

Some Sims just want the artifacts, and shun the idea of battling mosquitoes in the jungle of Seladorada! Digging and excavating take time. Selvadorada Artefacts & Gift Shop is a retail store idea that’s all about collections and rarities. It’s a place where adventurers can expand their existing collections, and collections can get artifacts fast. This is where you can sell treasures, assembled relics, relic bases, tops, or crystals!

9. Maternity Shop

Welcoming a newborn is a happy event for all Sims, so how about opening a retail store for future moms? The maternity shop is here to provide all essentials for moms, babies, and toddlers. If someone needs a crib, a baby highchair, potty trainers, and other stuff for nursing and baby care, this is the shop where they’ll find what they need. And, of course, let’s not forget the toys, which are essential for early skill development!

10. Themed Clothing Store

Thanks to special mannequins, Sims can sell any clothes from the CAS panel they want to. Besides selling stuff for different age and gender groups, which are incredible retail store ideas (e.g. women’s clothes, clothes for toddlers or children, and men’s clothes), you can add some special spice and open a themed boutique, or focus on specific styles. These are some ideas:

  • Punk-Rock, Emo & Goth Clothing
  • Costume Shop
  • Kawaii Shop
  • All black clothes
  • Swimwear shop
  • Formal attires, gowns, and suits
  • Vintage clothes store
  • Lingerie shop
  • Branded clothes (chose signature patterns and design styles)
  • Urban & streetwear clothes
  • Girly girl store

11. DIY Crafts Shop

Crafty Sims can make money by selling stuff they craft not only from their inventory but from a specialized shop, as well. No matter if they are making candles or wooden crafts, anything with selling they make at the Fabricator, Woodworking Table, or Candle Making station can bring profit. You can also sell paintings or anything else your Sim handcrafts. If you have the Sims 4:Nifty Knitting stuff pack, you can also sell knitwear. All you need to start making wool stuff is a yarn basket you can obtain from the Build mode. This retail store idea will bring your creative Sims so much joy!

12. Home Decor Shop

The decor is important as it not only beautifies the home but also has a positive impact on Sim’s moods. If your Sim doesn’t have time to craft things, but you love the idea of having a decor shop, you can sell decorative items available in the Build mode. includes in-game paintings, wall and floor decor, clutter, statues, and other stuff that makes a difference in one’s home. If you vibe with this retail store idea, you can also include objects like mirrors or decorative lamps. The focus is on elevating the interior, so you can sell pretty much any pretty thing that makes the room look better and goes with the theme of the shop.

13. Flower Shop

This is a retail store idea for nature lovers, romantic souls and plant moms and dads. If you have the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack then you are likely introduced to the subtle art of flower arranging. To start this business, you will need a nice little shop with a little garden, a flower-arranging table, and some flower arranging skills. Once you make a nice bouquet, just place it for sale and you’ll be earning simoleons by doing what you love in no time. Additionally, you can also make a section where you sell decorative plants from the buy menu to fill up the space and earn extra money.

14. Gardening supplies

Similarly to the previous, the gardening supplies shop is all about plants, but in this case, the focus is more on gardening itself. Here you can also sell plants, be those common, uncommon, or rare, or even sell seed packets. Gardening supplies is a retail store idea for green thumbs, and a place where Sims can get flower pots, decorative plants, and beehives, as bees are incredibly useful for keeping plants healthy. If you have extra time to decorate, you can build a nice greenhouse on the lot to make the shop look even more appealing to plant lovers.

15. Bookstore

Let’s not forget the bookworms! This retail store idea is all about selling your written word. Sim can now not only master writing and earn through royalties, but they can also open a bookstore where they can sell written gems! There is a special stand for written books called ‘’Omibul’s Omnibus Bookshelf Display’’ which is used to help you showcase your novels and stories. Sims can only sell books they wrote. However, you can fill up the space in your shop, you can add magazine stands and bookshelves to make it look like a real bookstore.

16. Furniture Store

If you have a large lot and would like to make your tiny Ikea-like heaven in Sims4, you should open a furniture store. Since Sims can sell almost anything they want, you get to pick whichever furniture piece you want. Furniture retail store idea is all about bedroom essentials like beds, night tables, closets, or sofas and dining tables for the living and dining area. Sims who know how to make unique furniture pieces on the woodworking table can also sell those!

17. Tech Shop

This is a retail store idea that ties well with the previous one, but instead of selling furniture, you’ll be selling tech essentials and appliances for the home. Include computers, TVs, stereos, ovens, fridges, microwaves, and anything else that runs on electricity, and wait for tech-hungry customers! You can section the space into a few categories. For instance, you can have special sections for kitchen appliances, lights, and computer stuff. Or, you can use these ideas to make a completely separate business, as there are a bunch of tech categories in Sims 4! Imagine how extra a store filed with funky lights would be!

18. Gaming Shop

Although it kinds fall into the tech category, this one deserves a special place. After all, a gaming shop isn’t only reserved for selling PCs and video game consoles, but many other things a gamer needs. The retail store idea includes computer desks, chairs, drones and video stations for ambitious streamers who’d like to expand their skills. Shanls96 on The Sims Forum also suggested selling My Sim trophies like gaming figures, so why not explore that possibility, too?

19. Toy Store

No matter if it’s toddlers or children, toys play a crucial role in developing social, motor, and creative skills in young Sims. This retail store idea is all about filling up space with all kinds of objects that spark creativity and ignite their playful spirits. You can add functional toys, but also decor that looks like something kids would love. If you have a Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff pack and some interesting CC, that is a plus.

20. Futuristic Shop

Make way for advanced retail store ideas! Robots are super handy, but not every Sim can make them! If your Sim is no stranger to robot salvage parts, workstations, and computer chips, they’d be a perfect owner for the shop. A futuristic shop is where masterminds can sell robots – Munchiebot, Servo, SentryBot, HydroBot, CleanBot, and even toy robots. You can sell anything that you deem fits into artificial intelligence, future, and robot categories!

21. bakery

Let’s add something sweet to this retail store ideas list, shall we? If your Sim has refined baking skills, cooking and gourmet cooking skills, and they are patient enough, your business can be more than profitable. Besides skills and fine cakes, you just need a display where you’ll put the tasty stuff you make, a few tables and chairs, and a kitchen corner with cupcake factory for your Sim to bake fresh delicacies! The higher your Sim’s skills, the more profit they will get, as we all know most food in Sims can’t sold for much. Who wouldn’t like to have a cute local bakery?

22. Thrift Shop

While you can’t have second-hand stuff in the Sims, you can create a storyline that allows you to pretend you are selling second-hand stuff. How? Well, fill the space with a bunch of different stuff, and set low prices. Thrift shop can be a general store, like those you have in small towns, or you can sell specific types of merch like household items or clothes. Make it as chaotic as you like!

23. Party & Celebration Supplies Store

Birthdays, parties, and weddings require special preparation. This retail store idea revolves around making a shop where you find all essentials needed to make a special occasion even more special. Balloons, champagne bottles, flower decorations, buffet tables, special lights, and wedding arches are just some ideas. Stuff from Sims 4: My Wedding Stories is perfect for this!


This was our list of creative retail store ideas and suggestions! We hope we gave you something to start with. These are just some ideas you can expand, adjust and improve as you see fit. Of course, a lot will depend on which expansion packs you have, so try out suggestions that resonate and leave the rest if you don’t have the packs needed. Have fun and happy swimming!

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