Awesome Belly Piercing Custom Content for the Sims 4


Being a Sims 4 fan, we are pretty sure you would be interested in collecting unique resources for your game characters —be it accessories or jewelry pieces. Belly piercings are an amazing addition that can build on to your character’s appearance and looks. Because – let’s just face it – true beauty lies in the details. And well, they are really fun to try out! Let’s find out some of the unique belly piercing cc that you can download for Sims 4.

Valentines Belly Piercing Set

Belly Piercings for Teen & Older

Sims 4 Belly Button Piercing

We are starting off this list with this piece of perfect work! It comes in 19 different styles and shades. You can choose the piercing that matches your outfit. The colors that come in this set include red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, green and many more. You can download this one from here.

Bellybutton Piercings

This piercing is definitely going to be your favorite. It includes 4 silver piercings in different designs and styles. These pieces look really modish and complement your look. You can get this set from this page.

Mia8 ts4 Piercing F03

This belly button piercing is another amazing addition to the piercing collection. It’s pretty simple, yet quite fascinating with its various color designs. You can grab this piercing by visiting this page here.

Cascade Belly Piercing Custom Content

Another set that we absolutely love is this one. It is available in four colors that include golden, silver, black and white. To install this one, head over to this page.

Star Belly Piercing Custom Content Set

Your female sims will surely come to like this one! You could tell by the look of it that is quite simple yet it saved itself a spot on this list because it’s worth it. This comes in white and goes with all types of outfits. You can download this piercing from here.

Mandymayari Tummy Ring

A heart shaped belly chain will turn your character into a diva! It is a perfect addition if you want to give a fancy look to your Sims 4 characters. You can get this set by visiting this link.

Heart Belly Piercing

The heart shaped piercing is an out of this world piece of work. Watch it add some glam to your sims’ looks. For easy download, click here.

Star Piercing Pack

Just like the heart piercing pack, this one is as glamourous. The star piercing come with a belly ring that hangs a shinning star. You can get this resource from this page.

Belly Button Piercing

This is a unique unisex piercing set that can be used by both male and female sims. It is available in ten different color combinations and can be found under Rings. You can download this custom content piece from here.

Tear Belly

Zara Belly Piercing

Butterfly belly rings

Triana Threes V1

Triana Threes V2

Triana Threes V3

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