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What we love about the Sims 4 community, is that there are endless options of custom content to choose from. Whether you are looking for royal clothes too, or you want to transform your Sims into your favorite Bridgerton characters, there is a CC pack for you! Now, if you are a fan of Bridgerton or The Crown you better read this post till the end. Because in this post, we will be highlighting the best Sims 4 Royal CC on the internet. And, well, there might be a few surprises in store!

Sims 4 royal CC

Sims 4 Royal CC: Clothes & Poses

Have you ever wished that your Sims 4 game could transform into a Kingdom? We certainly have, and luckily for us – now it can! Thanks to countless incredible CC creators, the internet is now packed with regal CC for your Sims royalty! Whether you want to dress your Sims up as fictional Kings, Queens, Knights, Princesses, and Princes. Or, if you want to create a Sim version of the British beloved Royal Family, the following CC got you covered!

We are extremely excited by the idea of dressing our Sims up as royals. And we know a lot of you are too! Therefore we are happy to share our favorite Sims 4 Royal CC in this article. Huge shoutout to the incredibly talented cc creators we will highlight below. Make sure to send these creators some nice messages after you install their packs. They more than deserve it!

Royal Uniform – Sim Monarchs royal CC

Sims 4 royal CC

Calling all The Crown fans! If this Royal Uniform does not scream young Prince Charles to you, have you ever watched the show? Well, if you have not, you should give it a try! Now, whether you are a fan of The Crown, Prince Charles or the British Monarchy does not matter. What matters is that you seek quality royal CC, and here you have it!

This Royal Uniform created by BATSFROMWESTEROS comes in 2 models: black and red, which are equally stunning. Furthermore, these two versions come with 8 swatches each, so you have options when choosing your monarchy color scheme! The brilliant uniform can be installed in two different versions: V1 with AIGUILLETTES mesh, and V2 without this mesh. So, get your Royal Sim Family started now by installing the Royal Uniform from this Patreon page!

Princess Margaret Pack – BATSFROMWESTEROS

Sims 4 royal CC

Staying with The Crown theme, what better way to add a regal look to your game, than with two looks inspired by Princess Margaret herself? And yes, the Princess Margaret Pack is yet another beautiful creation by BATSFROMWESTEROS. As you can see on the photo above, this breathtaking pack includes the Princess Dress, the Golden Jubilee Necklace with pearls, and the Call My Sister Dress.

The Princess Dress comes in 17 swatches so your Princess Sims will have enough to choose from. Furthermore, The Call My Sister Dress comes in 16 swatches, using CUBERSIMS Vintage Love Palette. So, if you’re a fan of The Crown, Princess Margaret, The Monarchy, or Royal Clothing what are you waiting for? Go download this incredible pack now!

Bridgerton Season 2 Lookbook – BATSFROMWESTEROS

Sims 4 royal CC

Calling all Bridgerton fans! Yes, we are aware that the Bridgertons are technically not royalty. But the show does revolve around the British monarchy. And the pack includes dresses the characters wear when meeting with the Queen. So, that counts doesn’t it? We’re going to count it, because the clothing is phenomenal we just need to mention it.

Just look at these incredible pieces! Imagine your Sims just walking around in these, they are stunning! Whether you want to recreate the whole Bridgerton cast. Or, just use these pieces to create your own wealthy family – this pack is a must! The pack includes the character outfits you see in the photo, but that is enough in itself. We are absolutely in love with this royalty mod. And if you are too, you better go add it to your mods folder right now!

Princess of Wales Set – Crown Royal

Sims 4 royal CC

God Bless The Princess of Wales, whose life ended way too soon. We will forever remember her loving free spirit, kind heart, and impeccable fashion style. Whether you are a fan of The Crown. Or just want to honor Princess Diana by dressing your Sims in her outfits, this is the CC pack for you! This pack includes the beautiful Princess of Wales Dress, which comes in 6 stunning swatches. Beyond that, you also get the Princess of Wales Necklace, which looks incredibly beautiful. Our hearts simply cannot handle the beauty in this CC pack.

We believe this is such a beautiful way for simmers to honor Princess Diana’s memory. And we are so grateful to BATSFROMWESTEROS for giving us the opportunity to do so. So, if you want to create your own kind-hearted, and beautiful Princess Diana Sim, download this pack here!

Diana Dress Empress – BATSFROMWESTEROS

Sims 4 royal CC

When we thought our hearts simply could not melt anymore, BATSFROMWESTEROS has come to prove the opposite. Yes, the title says it all, this is the Sims 4 royal CC version of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. What else is there to say? This is perhaps one of the most iconic wedding dressed of all time, if not the most iconic! And to get the opportunity to install this beautiful look into our game, in CAS, is almost too good to be true. We are actually a bit afraid that we are dreaming, because what in the actual world?

The Sims 4 has its version of Princess Diana’s wedding dress! With this CC pack simmers can dress their royal sims into the most iconic wedding dress of all time. So, whether you want to honor the Princess of Wales. Or simply desire a beautiful royal wedding dress in your game – this pack has got your back. Download the Diana Dress here.

Majestic Dress & Hat – Sims 4 royal CC

Screenshot 2022 05 09 at 17.09.31

If you loved the Sims 4 CC inspired by The Princess of Wales… We are certain you will love this CC pack too. Now, if you have not caught on already, this pack is inspired by Queen Elizabeth II herself. With this regal outfit, your sims will look more royal than ever. The Majestic Dress comes in 4 bright swatches, inspired by the Queen’s colorful wardrobe.

Furthermore, the pack includes a hat, which also comes in 4 bright swatches, matching the dress. Whether you want to recreate the royal family, or you are just a big fan of The Crown… This pack is certainly the one for you! So, is you are wondering if your sim can pull of a Queen Elizabeth II look… Download this pack to get your answer!

Majesty Greetings – Sims mods 4 Royal CC

Screenshot 2022 05 09 at 16.44.29

Lastly, what is an article about Royal CC without the mention of some quality royal greetings? Yeah, we just had to include this. MADEBYCOFFEE has created a Royal Greetings pose pack, which comes with 12 poses. And within those 12 poses, you have got the following: 2 single poses for adults, 2 single posepack CCs for teens and children, 5 poses for 2 adult rigs, 1 pose for 1 adult and 1 child rig, and 2 poses for 1 adult and 1 toddler rig. This pack really just is the perfect addition to your Sims 4 Royal gameplay.

Whether you are playing with a royal household, or just have a royal household placed somewhere, this pose pack will really help you bring the Royal realism to life! So, treat your Sims 4 kingdom by installing this pose pack today!

Thank you for reading this post! Make sure to check out related content by visiting the links below, you certainly aren’t regretting that. See you soon!

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