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Although the internet has a lot of different hairstyle options for your male child sims, it is still difficult to find something that works perfectly for your kid’s character. So, if you are looking for the best Sims 4 male child hair custom content, look no further because we have compiled a stunning list for you in this post.

Sims 4 Male Child Hair

Sims 4 Male Child Hair you Need to have

Sims 4 has always been popular among game enthusiasts who are fascinated by the high-quality graphics and micro-management that allow players to control everything from their characters’ emotions to their levels of hygiene. With this level of detail in mind, it’s no wonder that there is a large market for customized content like hair styles and color schemes in order to make your sim as unique as you are or to transfer your own style onto someone else.

Sims 4 has a wide range of hair options but when it comes to hairstyles for kids, there are less choices. Luckily, there is an ever-growing market for Sims 4 male custom content. There are literally thousands of options and it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best one for your child. Let alone that children can be very difficult to dress for. They are often embarrassed about their hair, so it is important to experiment with different hairstyles on them. With the introduction of custom content, you can now create unlimited styles for your children.

Some hairstyles come with really cool features like curly edges or longer bangs. This is an exhaustive list of all of our favorite hair cc available for your male kids. We hope you enjoy!

Wings TZ0224 hair for kids at Simiracle

sims 4 male child hair

Do you want your little Sim to have the best hairstyle possible? You’re in luck because there is nothing as charming as this one. And since hair is everything, you need to make sure that it suits your kiddo’s personality.

And just for the record, you could have it for both your toddler and child sims. Download.


sims 4 male child hair

When it comes to the best hair cc for your male sims, there are a ton of options that stands out. But this mod is a killer and it includes 6 different hairstyles for your child sims.

So let your little boy go wild with a chin length bob, or a half-up half-down style. They’ll set the bar high and never look back!

To install this one, follow this page.


sims 4 male child hair

If you are worried about what your little sim will wear and how they’ll appear to the world, try this classic hairstyle that will have them looking amazing!

It is base-game compatible and comes in a total of 16 swatches. To install, follow this link.

lloyd hair age conversions

sims 4 male child hair

Bold, modern and fresh. That’s what your kiddo is with this hairstyle. It is available in 9 different colors including black. On the plus side, it comes with a hair accessory (bandana).

To install this haircut, follow this page.

Romano Vargas Hairstyle for Kids

sims 4 male child hair

Customized hair for your sims can be a way to express yourself and let your creativity shine!

This well-kept hairstyle can be a reflection of your kiddo’s personality. Whether it’s a busy day or an evening, kids need to look their best and stay updated for whatever event they might be attending.

It comes in 18 unique colors to choose from. To install this one, click here.

wrecker hair conversion

sims 4 male child hair

The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good idea about the type of hair that would suit your kid’s personality and style. But let’s be honest, this one has the potential to look cute on all of our little simmies. So, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Download.

sims 4 male child hair

sims 4 male child hair

Let’s all agree that kids and curly hair go hand in hand! Although curly hair is like a challenge, we are definitely always up for a good challenge. It comes in 16 different color variations.

Now your child can have curly hair with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Coupure Electrique: Shine hair- kids version

sims 4 male child hair

When it comes to hair, kids are all about options. Black hair should be your boy’s go-to hairstyle because it’s ridiculously easy to style. But even when you’re bored of black, there are a ton other colors to choose from in this set. Check it out by visiting this page.


male child hair sims4 cc 3

What’s better than looking at a cute Sims 4 male child? Looking at a cute Sims 4 male child with a stunning hairstyle! Don’t forget to grab the mesh first.

Let your kid’s hair be as unique and stylish as they are. Here’s your download-link.

caesar hair converted for both ages

male child hair sims4 cc 16

This is what we think of when we hear ‘cute hairstyle ideas for male kids’

We think of this one, because it’s so simple. But beyond that, it’s a lot of fun to play with and find new and interesting ways to style!

For easy download, click here.

Luke sims 4 male child hair

male child hair sims4 cc 6

An adorable, fluffy and cuddly little kiddo is the best thing for your family. What could be more precious than a tiny bundle of joy that loves to cuddle?⁣⁣ Just take care of them with this wavy hairstyle!

There is a total of 24 swatches for this haircut. Download from this page.

Short Hair With Heavy Bangs

male child hair sims4 cc 11

The new trend is a short, tight crop with side-swept bangs and full fringe. This style can be playful, edgy, or business-like. It’s all about the attitude you put into it!

To install this one, follow this page.

Nightcrawler Cody sims 4 male child hair

male child hair sims4 cc 17

Simmers, your kids don’t need long hair and dresses to sparkle. You can definitely show them that they can be just as good with a shorter haircut. This new ‘short-ish’ haircut for your male kid sims is one to watch out for.

Head over to this post to download.

asahi saiba hair conversion

male child hair sims4 cc 4

Did someone say manga? Your child deserves an anime hairstyle, too! Take a look at this awesome hairstyle by Maytaiii. Don’t be afraid to try something different. At the end of the day, anime-influenced hairs are the height of fashion.

Check it out by visiting this page.

Derick sims 4 male child hair

male child hair sims4 cc 9

What’s the craziest hairstyle you’ve created for your Sims? Let your little one’s hair do the talking with a cute and cool hairstyle for all ages.

Your child can now feel brave and confident with this DERICK HAIR by Redheadsims. Download from this page.

Jonas sims 4 male child hair

male child hair sims4 cc 12

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our boys’ messy heads. Sims are neat by nature. But sometimes that neatness can be a little too much for smaller children. So why not let them get into the messy nature of life with a little help from this hair? Here’s your download-link.

spring advent day 2 everett by clumsyalienn

male child hair sims4 cc 15

It’s never too hard to find a new haircut for your kiddo. Still, there are some styles you may not have thought of until this time, exactly like this one here. This is a new look that will surely get your kid noticed.

Available in 9 swatches to choose from, here’s your download-link.

Hair for the game is a tough job but it is a really interesting accessory for your sims to wear. There are so many different hairstyles, colors and textures to choose from. Just imagine your sims running around with their best hair on!

These male hairs are perfect for your child sims and can be a great way to customize their looks. There are a lot of decisions to make, especially when it comes to hair colors and styles, but we hope this list was helpful to you. Make sure to check out related content by visiting the posts below. And as always, see you later!

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