Sims 4 Starter Homes That You Will Love and Afford

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Sims 4 starter houses are a great way to start your gaming experience. It gives you something to build during your first few hours of play and it allows for customization for those who want to get creative with their builds. So, if you’re looking for the best starter homes, this list is for you!

sims 4 starter homes

Biggest collection of Fancy Starter Houses for the Sims 4

We all know how much fun playing the Sims 4 can be. As the game has evolved, so have its starter houses. You can either make your own house or use one of the premade houses. You can also use premade houses and customize them to your liking. And one of the best things about playing the sims is that it lets you create homes pretty much however you want them to be.

There are many ways that players can customize starter homes; they can paint walls, add pools, build new rooms, change furniture, change flooring, choose a theme of their choice and much more! This allows players to have an amazing home without having to spend hours building it.

We’re pretty sure you’re bored of the Sims 4 starter houses that are already in-game. And it can be daunting to find a starter home that fits your needs. Luckily, there’s a ton of custom made houses out there that you can download. There are designs for new house types like a cabin, mansion, and more. Here are some of the best creations on the market for the Sims 4. Enjoy!


starter house sims4 cc 6

What do you think of this simple two-story home?

We’re excited to add this new starter home to our collection because it’s so gorgeous, and easily upgradeable. It features a large kitchen and plenty of natural light. The modern interior design and neutral color palette will set the tone for your sim’s next stylish venture.

Here’s your download-link.

Starter Cottage Living

starter house sims4 cc 4 1

The Sims 4 Starter Cottage is perfect for a Sims 4 getaway!

It is a small living space with plenty of open room to explore. The cottage comes with all the necessary amenities that you’ll need to get right into the game, including beds, desks and chairs, a kitchen and bathroom. And if you ever feel adventurous, there’s even room for creativity.

Go on and grab it from this page.

Starter House for your sims

starter house sims4 cc 7 1

So you’re looking for the best way to go about finding your dream home without spending thousands of Simoleans. We know how frustrating it can be, so we’d like to help you out with this build by Moniamay72!

Your family deserves a budget-friendly home that fits their needs. At the relatively low price of just 18,000 Simoleans, you are sure to find everything you need to make your home more comfortable and stylish. And don’t worry about overspending on décor – this starter home has it all!

To install, click here.


starter house sims4 cc

This is just the place to start off your new life in Oasis Springs! Everyone deserves a little bit of peace and tranquility, so make sure you take a look at this gorgeous 2-bedroom Oasis Springs starter home. The front garden will make your sims feel like they are in the country while still being close to town.

Head over to this page to download.

sims 4 starter homes

starter house sims4 cc 5

This starter home is a unique design with a sleek, modern look! But don’t worry, it has plenty of room to expand and grow with your sims family. It’s fully furnished but you could rearrange everything the way you see fit, or you can start from scratch completely and make it your own.

But honestly, we love that the home is already furnished, because we know you’ll have the time to enjoy your new home with friends and family before you start decorating.

What are you waiting for? Download!

Tiny eco starter home

starter house sims4 cc 3 1

When you’re committed to a greener lifestyle, sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and thinking outside the box.

This is your chance to buy a cozy home at an affordable price! This tiny eco starter home is perfect for those of you who are new to the game. It’s also ideal for your Sims 4 furniture collection and it’ll only set you back 18k Simoleans!

For easy download, follow this link.

Cowplant Greenhouse – Starter tiny home

starter house sims4 cc 8

This starter home is just too cute! From the outside, you can’t even tell that it’s a functional home. But it surely is!

All the spaces in this tiny home are uniquely crafted with love and it shows! Your sims can enjoy a cozy-feeling living space. It is an environmentally-friendly living spaces are popping up all over the world.

You could also start your journey by planting a cowplant in it. Head over to this page to grab it.

sims 4 starter homes

starter house sims4 cc 9

We are on the hunt for the cutest tiny starter home for your sims! It is not just for show—your new home will actually serve a purpose in your sims’ lives. It is easy to decorate, but still doesn’t take up too much space.

Follow this post to install.

La maison coquelicot

starter house sims4 cc 13

We’re very excited to share this exotic modern starter house for the Sims 4 with you! it. This sleek, chic and unique house is truly unlike any other!

With an all-red and clean design, this space is perfect for any of you who love a clean and contemporary aesthetic. This house seems to have all the latest modern upgrades, including a nice view. Click here to grab

Tiny Lemon Starter House by Meisiu

starter house sims4 cc 16

A new home isn’t just a house. It’s a place to welcome your Sims in, where they can find peace and comfort. When you dine on pretty dishes you make, when every room is comfortable and clean, when you’re surrounded by family who love you and care for you.

We are excited about this lemon-color starter house for your sims. It is a colorful, spacious, and affordable option that you will be glad to have in your town!

Head over to this page to download.

sims 4 starter homes

starter house sims4 cc 2

Brick homes are so in style these days. Whether you’re just starting out, or planning for the future, this homey brick starter house for your sims is the perfect place to start.

You’ll love the cozy feel of this design, from the open floor plan to the clay-tiled roof. Plus it’s hard to find a comparable house with similar features and pricing (under 20,000 simoleons).

Check it out by clicking here

rural Scandinavian starter home

starter house sims4 cc 11

We have always loved Scandinavia, the people and their art. As we learned more about the region, including its simplicity, we fell in love with this tiny starter house.

You are going to love your rural Scandinavian starter home. From the rustic log cabin to the farm-to-table delights and the view from the front door that will surely take your breath away, this house will be a new life worth savoring for your sims.

To install this one, click here.

Raised Abandoned House

starter house sims4 cc 10

It is about time we make an escape for our Sims. So pack up their bags and head to the abandoned house for a little adventure!

This abandoned house was built just for our sims who can sense and feel the pain of an abandoned lot. It is a place of refuge and solace for the broken, a place where they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Here’s your download-link.

Mars Starter Tiny Pod

starter house sims4 cc 12 2

Who says a tiny pod can’t be the next big thing? This Mars Starter Tiny Pod is the perfect starter craft for any aspiring interplanetary explorer sim. Here’s your download-link.

starter house for your sims

starter house sims4 cc 14

We’ve all seen the amazing Sims 4 mods that show the world through a variety of colors, and we love them for it. But sometimes we wish we could just go back to life, before it went so modern—for real.

If you are ready for the minimalist life of your dreams, this is the house to get! Sometimes wanting to live in a tiny eco-friendly starter house means that you would leaving behind all the cool items. But that’s where this house comes in. It will show you how you could make everything seem sufficient and gorgeous at once. Install.

Lux Lane Starter House by Meisiu

starter house sims4 cc 15

How about a house for your sims that looks like its filled with colorful balloons? Move in and start living up the good vibes. This bright interior, and cool exterior are just begging for you to call it home. Go on and download it.

Fifi’s Café House

starter house sims4 cc 17

If you are looking for something to start your sims’ day off right, this is the house to get. Your simmies deserve to live in a place that is not only cozy and inviting, but also built for your them. Get it now in the opening of Evergreen Harbor!

Just click the button to download and start playing!

Small Ancient Greek House

starter house sims4 cc 18

It’s the small starter houses that make a big impact. There’s something about this charming little house that really resonates with us. It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s ancient. It’s the perfect starter home for your sims to live in while they build something bigger and better.

You can find in it everything a household needs to start growing your own family, including some of the most iconic Greek parts of architecture. Download.

Maison pour un couple house for a couple Base Game

starter house sims4 cc 19

This is another house that we’re absolutely in love with!

Who says a newcomer needs to always start with a tiny little house? Create their very own home with this base-game exotic starter house, and create a one-of-a-kind space for them to call their own. Install from this page.

Sims 4 starter homes

starter house sims4 cc 20

Last but not least on this list is this starter house by Rope’s Workshop. With this modern-looking starter house, your sims and their family can start their life in a home that they can build memories in.

There’s no better way to bring your characters into the present than with this house. It’s a beautiful place for them to start their life together–or even just for one of them to have that stress-free start.

To download, click here.

We believe that every game deserves a beautiful place to call ‘home’. No matter what game you’re playing, you want to make sure your ‘home’ is an amazing experience.

This was a list of the Sims 4 starter homes custom content that you can download and add to your game without having to do any work yourself.

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