The Best CC Sliding Glass Doors for The Sims 4!


Interesting architecture can take a basic building and really elevate its style. Creative textures, unique details, and trendy windows & doors are all ways you can really update the look of your house or business. A door in particular can really elevate an area, and with the right style you can completely change the dynamic of a space. Sliding doors are a perfect example of this.

The Best CC Sliding Glass Doors for The Sims 4!

A typical door opens into a room, and serves as a barrier between the two spaces when closed. Its main focus is to keep things in or out, which is why they’re the most popular style for the front doors of homes and businesses. If you want something more flowy and welcoming, though, a sliding door is where it’s at. They don’t impose or take up extra space when being opened or closed, they have a much lower profile, and they can serve as an additional decorative element. Adding glass can bring versatility, making the door double as a window and making the separation of spaces less apparent.

Sliding Glass Doors for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 didn’t get a sliding glass door until August 2018, and since then there haven’t been many others added. Fortunately there are CC creators who have alleviated the problem and provided us with several alternatives. Take a look at our list of the best CC sliding glass doors for the Sims 4!

1. Medium & Full Height Glass Sliding Doors by Illogical Sims

When the Sims 4 base game finally got sliding glass doors, they only came in short & tall sizes. Why, EA?! Illogical Sims stepped up and gave us an additional 2 door sizes, Medium and Full wall height. These additions totally elevate the usability of this door!

2. Cha Cha Sliding Doors Recolor by anastacia Love

Anastacia added 31 bright and bold colors to the base game sliding glass doors. What a perfect entryway into a colorful back garden or bright and fun deck space! You can get this collection of colors here.

3. Full-Sized Sliding Door (Moschino) by Illogical Sims

EA doesn’t always make the best calls when it comes to matching content, and this door from Moschino Stuff is no exception. For whatever reason the door in this kit is not the same height as the windows (the back of the door is higher due to the sliding mechanism and that’s what they chose to height-match), and Illogical has remedied this for us with this simple mesh edit that makes the heights all match.

4. Ava Windows & Doors by Mincsims

This is a collection of open & closed sliding glass doors and window segments that enable you to change entire walls into glass! They all come in 6 neutral swatches to match whatever style you’re aiming for. See the set pieces and download here.

5. Sunset Sliding Doors And Windows by Mincsims

A collection of sliding glass doors and windows in various states of openness, great for a breezy beach house. There are even some windows styled to look like doors so you can really play with your door placements! You can get this collection on CurseForge.

6. Bafroom Doors by House of Harlix

Part of a massive bathroom collection, these doors from the Bafroom collection are folded to the side, granting your sims an incredible view. Whether you use them in your own fancy bathroom space or a completely different part of your build, your sims are sure to appreciate the scenery!

7. Levitas Doors by Mincsims

The Levitas collection contains 2 different accordion door styles in 3 heights, with unique details on the frosted glass. It adds a bit of a modern twist to these simple but stylish sliding glass doors.

8. 2t4 Nelphaell Hyde Fake Glass Set by daerOn

As the name suggests this set doesn’t contain real, functional doors, but with a little imagination they will surely suit your needs. There are several “sliding” doors in this set in addition to windows and other pieces to make some pretty cool glass accents. Check out the rest of the set and download it here.

9. Glass Panel by NICKNAME_sims4

This is another decorative set with a number of glass panels that you can use to configure your own custom sliding glass doors. They look good with all sorts of decorative styles from airy white homes to brick-and-beam loft apartments. Download this nifty set here.

10. Love For Barn Doors by SixAm

Barn doors are a more modern style choice in sliding doors, that hang from a rail instead of sitting in a track. They have the advantage of not needing to modify the floor to use them (which your sim’s feet will thank them for), and they can be styled to look like a piece of wall art in addition to functioning as a door. This could be a cool sliding glass door for a wine cellar or trendy bubble blower bar. If you agree, you can snag the collection here.

In Conclusion

Putting sliding glass doors on a build can totally change the feeling & flow of a space. Sadly the Sims 4 has very limited offerings, but custom content makers have come up with a variety of ways to solve the lack of doors. We hope you’ve found something new to try and your builds are better than ever, happy simming!

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